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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialWith the continuing help of Andrew Reynolds, I hope to have my own business. Ed Heaney testimonial

testimonialGreat day, best decision I could have made to come along today, many thanks. Andrew Chastney testimonial

testimonialGood day, lots of information, a little confusing but Andrew Reynolds gave my confidence that I could do this. Andrew Reynolds delivered everything he said he would. Brett Potter testimonial

testimonialAs usual I have enjoyed the day very much & you have provided first class information, all you promised in the sales literature. The day sped through & not one minute was wasted. Andrew Reynolds humour, hospitality & advice is very much appreciated. All the very best for your future. Peter Clare testimonial

testimonialAs a guest at Andrew Reynolds seminar, it’s been a pleasure, a privilege & fantastic start to our future success. I’m impressed with your material but most of all I’m moved by you as a person. Thank you. Here’s to our first million! Kevin Ashbridge testimonial

testimonialExcellent content & structure to the days training & a great step by step action plan to get up & running. Paul Hansford testimonial

testimonialHaving seen the length of the day, I thought it had the potential to drag. In reality it was an insightful & inspirational day that has urged me to start the ball rolling. In the past I have been inspired but I haven’t really known how to take the first step. The list of things to do is very helpful. Stephanie Potter testimonial

testimonialThank you so much for an inspirational & motivating experience. Your training & coaching opened up my way of thinking & ambitions for creating a more prosperous & worthwhile life for me & my family Roy Derrick testimonial

testimonialI found the day exceeded all of my expectations & the information was both useful & inspirational.I’ve used a number of Andrew Reynolds products over the last 5 years & have increased my personal income significantly & as a result I’m enjoying a lifestyle I love. Thank you Andrew. Paull Newsome testimonial

testimonialExcellent training. Andrew Reynolds is honest & a real inspiration. Chris Gryce testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds course was a goldmine of insight into direct marketing. I feel the information given is of great value & I can’t think who else could have provided it in such a clear & entertaining way. Steve Wells testimonial

testimonialI would like to thank you for the professional & sincere way in which you made your presentation today.As well as the meeting being incredibly informative, I also found the experience a very emotional one as I could relate to your journey. We are currently experiencing financial problems as we run our own construction company. I therefore found it particularly poignant to hear that you too started your business from a housing background. You have given me great hope for the future after today’s presentation, something that I have sadly lacked recently.I sincerely hope that we can be successful in this business, not only for our needs but also it would be an absolute pleasure to be able to reward you too via our efforts for entrusting us to be part of your successful business. Many thanks again. Julie Derrick   testimonial

testimonialVery enjoyable meeting today. Andrew Reynolds gave multiple ideas & loads of info plus future help in promoting the company. Am sure we shall be doing much business together in the future. He’s a great guy & very approachable. Robert Dufty testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds training was thoroughly prepared & delivered everything as promised in an utterly professional, sensitive & clear way. He has an engaging & pleasant manner & I have the upmost respect for his business acumen & charitable involvement. It has been a privilege to attend, many thanks. Charles Whitehead testimonial

testimonialI’m very encouraged & feel more confidence. Now to develop a successful publishing company with Andrew Reynold’s detailed training materials & ongoing coaching. Thank you very much. Highly recommended to other people with dreams to realise. Betty Moore testimonial

testimonialThe day far exceeded all of my expectations. I am now inspired to go home & begin a new era in my life. Christina Walsh testimonial

testimonialAfter meeting Andrew Reynolds in person, I am even more inspired to take action than ever before. Just like the O2, a truly life changing event. Sarah Booth-Henry testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds courses always make the process of starting up your own business simple, straightforward with no nonsense or flim-flam. He provides clarity to each step, he tells it how it is!I am looking forward to working with Andrew Reynolds over the next few years & making a lot of money for both of us. Thank you Andrew. Marcia Holah testimonial

testimonialVery informative day, takes this work to a new level. You’ve given us all the information & tools we need to succeed & I look forward to us working together. David Lorimer testimonial

testimonialThis is a very exciting opportunity & was a very enjoyable day! All information is relevant & the delivery great. The most impressive features were the honesty, the clarity & the simplicity! Russell MacDonald testimonial

testimonialHaving attended Andrew Reynolds O2 Bootcamp & learnt so much about internet marketing, today’s course has continued to give me more training. I have launched 2 products already & didn’t really take things as seriously until this year. Today I was invited as a guest & have now decided to proceed with my projects with a full focus. Andrew, the course today was a good prelude to what lies ahead for the main attendants. On my part, I would like to sign up for this course with monthly training, many thanks. Susan Ellis  testimonial

testimonialAs always, Andrew Reynolds’ training & inside tips were superb. He always over-delivers. Andrew gives a lot of different strategies but the individual must pick the one & go with that. Thankfully, I’ve been able to think through & pick a simple strategy today but the Action List helps! Michelle French testimonial

testimonialVery impressed with the amount of knowledge & expertise that has been put infront of me to absorb. I do admire you for your openness & honesty with your presentation of the seminar. It was a pleasure for me to be here today, thank you very much.Eugeniusz Zazulintestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed this event today. Andrew Reynolds was helpful in answering questions & he explained every detail of the business. I am very pleased I came to this event. An excellent day. Jill Holland testimonial

testimonialClear, concise & excellent information, debunking much in the marketing world. We are excited about the prospect of changing our lives. John Logsdon testimonial

testimonialVery good presentation. Very satisfied. A lot covered. Phanuel Dartey testimonial

testimonialI have found this training very encouraging & helpful. All the sessions were very good & did change the way I see things. Now I am ready to go out & put everything into action. Grace Khumalo testimonial

testimonialI have found this quite informative, although I still have a lot of work to do. Hope we remain in touch & you continue to help me, thanks to Andrew Reynolds. Caleb Dube testimonial

testimonialVery good training program, Andrew Reynolds was polite & helpful. J B Krsmanovic testimonial

testimonialI found the time I spent training with Andrew Reynolds a very interesting & rewarding experience. It was informative & also humourous & I feel very confident about the future we have together. Peter Edwards testimonial

testimonialThis was the most detailed offer ever made to the budding marketer & all questions raised were explained in clear, precise details by Andrew Reynolds. Nothing was left unexplained. Never have I seen anything remotely approaching this offer, fantastic! John Crouch testimonial

testimonialLoads of useful information given clearly, an entertaining presentation too. However, I am very pleased that Andrew Reynolds will offer instruction often as I am sure my memory will fail me during the coming weeks. Francis Wilcockson testimonial

testimonialVery clear & illustrative language & indeed inspiring & motivating. Great job from Andrew Reynolds, if I may give any rating, it is a 10. Nuhu Akawu-Irmiya testimonial

testimonialI thought I was in for a heavy day but it was very helpful & interesting, much better to hear it in person than on DVD I thought. We are looking forward to getting our business up & running so that we can leave our day jobs! A very informative & enjoyable day that will open up a whole new avenue. Christine White testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds – we thoroughly enjoyed your training today. You have provided me with a live business model that is tried, tested & very successful. I’m looking forward to following your model & achieving outstanding success! Many thanks for all your efforts today, look forward to becoming an inner circle member. Scott White testimonial

testimonialFantastic day. All the information was explained to us in a down to earth format for everybody to understand. Covered an enormous amount of subjects with good information. Andrew Reynolds was always willing to answer any questions fired at him. Mark Baggott testimonial

testimonialAn insightful & informative day. Andrew was (as usual) brilliant. He is genuine, friendly & really seems to want to help others to succeed. My son Russell & I both look forward to working with Andrew. Thank you so much. Jan Hawkins  testimonial

testimonialI was very happy with the presentation. Andrew Reynolds was very warm & welcoming, very factual & helpful. Mark Spence testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds has delivered way beyond my expectations today. The training has been clear, comprehensive & gives a clear & detailed way forward towards creating a successful company. It has also been very inspirational. Thank you so much Andrew. Lorna Chesney testimonial

testimonialHad a great day in the presence of Andrew Reynolds. Very informative day, covered a lot of ground & learnt a great deal in a short period of time. Looking forward to working with Andrew & to making a profitable business together. Many thanks. Allister Goldsmith testimonial

testimonialBesides the day being extremely informative, it was also most enjoyable. Although there is a lot of work to do, we look forward to doing it, having been given inspiration by Andrew Reynolds. We look forward to a very profitable, working relationship. Nigel Turner testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds provided a great day of learning & what information he gave was excellent. Ultimately it’s up to me but I have the tools to move forward. James Parsons testimonial

testimonialVery clear & relevant information, given the short time period. Andrew Reynolds was very patient & answered all the questions thoroughly. The venue was excellent with plenty of coffee breaks & a tasty lunch. Here’s to a long & successful business partnership. Edward Aspinall testimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew Reynolds for all the information you have given today. I’m ready to work hard to make us millions. Kelly Biston testimonial

testimonialAndrew, today has been an amazing experience & I always felt it would be like this. Looking forward to sharing a lot with you very soon. Richard Standen testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds training has been vey insightful & helpful to me. As my success story evolves, I will owe a big thank you to Andrew for sharing so much selflessly. Joyce Ochie testimonial

testimonialLife is like a penny, you can spend it any way you want but you can only spend it once. Attendance on this Andrew Reynolds workshop has been a day well spent, offering the opportunity to enjoy making lots of money & a prosperous lifestyle. Anthony Adeyemitestimonial

testimonialI think the day provided excellent value, it was at a good pace. All in all, excellently presented & easy to understand. Andrew Reynolds makes you believe you can do this & make money in internet marketing.Kojo Ofosuhenetestimonial

testimonialEverything that was promised was delivered & then some. Andrew Reynolds covered every detail in a very down to earth & easy manner, a most enjoyable & informative day. Tom Brown testimonial

testimonialIt was indeed a very informative day, I now have a clear idea of what to do to set up my business. Andrew Reynolds has a very clear strategy. George Thanickal testimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds gave us lots of good information, I have learnt a lot. Anon testimonial

testimonialI felt it was at a steady pace even though we covered a lot of detail. Andrew Reynolds seems a very genuine man & above all, trustworthy. Susan Blower testimonial

testimonialI thought the course was very informative, easy to understand & comfortable to be in. Andrew Reynolds was very at ease & therefore made me feel at ease. The content was very good & the whole day was excellent. Mary Roberts-Elliott testimonial

testimonialThe information I’ve received from attending Bootcamp has opened my eyes to the many opportunities that exist outside the normal hum-drum 9 to 5 day at the office job. I’ve always told myself that there’s got to be another way to succeed and Bootcamp has provided that alternative to the hum-drum. I now feel it’s time to change my life.Charmaine Hantestimonial

testimonialBootcamp was excellent – hard work but excellent. A rollercoaster of emotions; excitement, enthusiasm, sadness, pride, impatience and a whole host of others. I now realise that the stunningly uncomfortable seats were deliberate; anyone ‘nodding off’ would miss valuable, life-changing information which would be unforgiveable. You have furnished me with the tools; the rest is up to me!Andrew Wallistestimonial

testimonialMany, many thanks for yet another fantastic Bootcamp. You have surpassed every expectation I could have ever had. If the attendees do not do anything with this intimate knowledge they may as well be walking backwards. I have said it before but you are a genius. The fact that you have laid bare your whole system plus the all free products puts you in a class above the rest. The amount of charitable work you carry out is incredible and the presentations for this had me in tears! Included in my Wish List is to be able to support my own charities, as you do yours, when I reach millionaire status. My family and my world is about to change forever!Barry R. Chamberstestimonial

testimonialEntertaining, educational, emotional and enthusiasm are four words which sum up the Bootcamp for me. An excellent investment of both time and effort.Peter Fordtestimonial

testimonialHaving attended numerous seminars in my current profession, I was blown away with what I witnessed. I have been a busy fool for the past 25 years. My mindset is changed and I look forward to banking millions from now on!P. Marcustestimonial

testimonialI went to Andrew’s Bootcamp not really sure what to expect. What I got was amazing! So much packed into the three days; fantastic speakers, so much valuable information and opportunities. Andrew is such a genuine guy, not only a true winner but a generous patron to many charities. My life and legacy are important to me – NOW STARTS MY NEW LIFE. Thank you, Andrew!John G. Williamsontestimonial

testimonialWOW!!! What a weekend! I travelled 250 miles to be here and it was worth every penny. You were truly inspired to put this together and the results were amazing. We lost a grandson at 23 days old and he never had a chance to make a wish. I was in tears to see the wishes granted to so many children. The information gained this weekend will help me to make a go of it. The speakers have been tremendous. I am buying the DVD’s so I will be able to re-live this fabulous weekend.Brian L. Turnertestimonial

testimonialI feel privileged and proud to attend Bootcamp 2008. Your genuine care and consideration to help those less fortunate together with educating people who are looking for a better way to live their lives is an inspiration! Your guest speakers that you brought in from around the world have been an eye opener for me, each with their own story to tell. Pat Mesiti’s mindset development really got to me! I can’t wait to start on my VIP Business Accelerator Program and come back next year to prove I can make this business work for me. Thanks, Andrew, for the opportunity!Stephen Loofetestimonial

testimonialIt has been a completely mind-blowing experience for me. Especially to have the opportunity to listen to the top professionals in their own specific field actually giving free advice to all who attended. My intention was to listen to Andrew Reynolds and finally make a move into this business and I thought the whole weekend would be about Andrew’s business. I had no idea of what was about to happen! It has literally shaken me to my roots. I live a very sheltered, quiet life in Brecon, a lovely old market town, and this has been a bomb blast and really woken me up at last. I did my Wish List on Friday night and today it looks impossible but I am determined to get there.Richard Lawrencetestimonial

testimonialAfter reading the Cash-on-Demand books and attending this Bootcamp, I think that I have enough information to go out and make myself a million. Andrew has made things so simple and easy. At the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, Andrew has shown us how simple it is to do certain things. He is such a generous person; helping so many people that needed that help. Thank you so much, Andrew.Jane Anjanie Sugrimtestimonial

testimonialI think that Andrew Reynolds is a real inspirational role-model and a true leader in showing people the way to success. The programme he runs is easy and well worth its value.Devina Persaudtestimonial

testimonialAn excellent event which opened my eyes to endless possibilities. Thank you.Melvyn Jonestestimonial

testimonialAndrew, a great experience and learning event. I came with the aim of getting started in the Cash-On-Demand business immediately after Bootcamp and now with your help I am able to do this.Phillip Webbtestimonial

testimonialIt was a privilege to be at the Bootcamp. It was exciting, encouraging, informative and entertaining. It has given me more confidence to go ahead with our business. Andrew has been my mentor for a while and his encouragement and supportive work through his course is second to none. Yes, I would come again.Emmerl Velasqueztestimonial

testimonialI have found this years Bootcamp extremely inspiring and motivating and would like to congratulate you on your support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the total success of this event. I attended last year’s Bootcamp at Bournemouth which resulted in a successful internet business.Keith Franklyntestimonial

testimonialThank you for the invite to another Bootcamp to beat last years charitable donation, it was a wonderful achievement. Last year at Bournemouth was a very new experience for me which I did thoroughly enjoy. The speakers once again have been enlightening. It was especially nice hearing you speak.Mrs J I Franklyntestimonial

testimonialWe found the Bootcamp very informative and empowering and can’t wait to get started.N Bothatestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed every moment of the Bootcamp and I believe the three days have made a very big impact to my life from now on. When I walked into that Bootcamp auditorium, something kept ringing in my mind It is now or never and I am here to take advantage of every opportunity that will be presented to me. The fire in me to take off kept burning more and more day after day. Then there was this two sides of your life, the one now and the one previous that touched me. Especially when you were looking out of the window and the estate agent was putting the sale sign on your previous house. So if Andrew was in that situation then and is where he is now, there is nothing impossible. The speakers you bought were marvellous. Thanks a million Andrew and I assure you my life has changed from Brighton 3 Day Bootcamp forever. God bless you with the charity work you are doing.Aggrey Mwawanatestimonial

testimonialThis event was absolutely brilliant. I have learned a lot from the impressive line-up of speakers. Andrew definitely pulled out all the stops!Leroy E Lawsontestimonial

testimonialThank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be with you and the guest speakers. I work with young people with learning disabilities and I can apply some of the tools to help my local charities. May God bless you for bringing me here.Ashok Nathwanitestimonial

testimonialThis is the first ever Bootcamp I have attended and I am very impressed. The sheer volume of information was astounding. The guest speakers were all top class and internationally acclaimed and had a wide range of different expertise in a number of business fields. A very nice venue with state of the art video and audio. The Bootcamp has given me a lot of food for thought and I can’t wait to get home to start.Ebdon Btestimonial

testimonialIt was an eventful three days. I was awe-inspired by the positive mental attitude of those who did each presentation. I have learnt one thing if nothing else, to ‘open my mind’ and think outside of both the box and my comfort zone.Martin Strestontestimonial

testimonialIt’s my first Bootcamp and didn’t know what to expect but I can honestly say I really enjoyed every minute and also each speaker. I know in the bottom of my heart that my life has changed forever and nothing will be the same anymore and it’s for the best. So much to say about this event but thanks for changing my life and my family’s life. What a wonderful person you are. God bless you.Jean-Luc Arnaudtestimonial

testimonialA very positive experience, great speakers, great songs. It was my first time at one of these events so it is always difficult to know what to expect. GO, don’t miss it.Terry Younghcsbandtestimonial

testimonialAs a marketing consultant, I believe that this is the best marketing technique and the easiest in terms of efforts and performance and most importantly the fastest in terms of generating cash.Waheeb A Alitestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Bootcamp and every second of every day was well worth it. Thank you for all the people behind the scenes for making this Bootcamp so successful and for making me PROUD of being here and PROUD of being able to be a student of yours and the biggest PROUD of all is what I am looking forward to giving and doing for charity financially.Sharon De Smittestimonial

testimonialI didn’t know exactly what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect the event to be so inspirational. I expected the informative and technical content, but I didn’t expect to feel ten feet tall! My mind is on fire right now! The idea that you can make your life so different, help others and do it all so simply is fabulous.Grant McConnachietestimonial

testimonialThe event is brilliant. It will be life changing. I am determined to turn things around.Brandon Smithtestimonial

testimonialExcellent, very professional. Something for the beginner as well as the professional.Mr M D Scollard.testimonial

testimonialA mind-blowing and overwhelming set of information backed up by hardcore proof which can be implemented by anyone to change their life forever.Devereaux Harry-Barnwelltestimonial

testimonialThis event has been an eye-opener for me and my brother. I knew some of these opportunities existed but I just did not know how to go about it. Thanks a lot for giving me and my family this life changing opportunity.Oluwabumms Ogymremitestimonial

testimonialInspirational, fantastic and life changing.Mr Jagdish Nayeetestimonial

testimonialThis has been an exciting, heart-stopping, breath taking weekend. I have to truly congratulate you on what you strive to do for others and your Karma-like belief system adopted in your attitude to life, which is clearly reflected in your approach to business. Your guest speakers were FANTASTIC.Pamela Haynestestimonial

testimonialI have found the event very interesting and informative and in parts moving and funny. As soon as I get home I can’t wait to start earning some proper money. Many thanks, Andrew.Andy Breffittestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp Andrew put on was sensational. The speakers at the event are the experts in their field and have all made at least £1million. They give you all the information you need and also free tips. I would not hesitate to attend another Bootcamp event and would recommend that anyone wanting to start a business attend a Bootcamp event in future.Nigel Jealtestimonial

testimonialMy first Bootcamp, in a word… incredible! Great presentation, inspirational speakers, my head is buzzing with many ideas and much excitement as I look forward to creating a better and brighter future for my family.Peter Chapmantestimonial

testimonialMy wife and I were honoured to be invited to Bootcamp. We found the experience very overwhelming. All the advice given by the speakers was incredible. We learnt a lot about the internet business to help make a better life for us and my family. A big thank you to Andrew Reynolds and all the speakers for your advice and support. I recommend anyone should attend one of Andrew Reynolds seminars. They won’t regret it. 100% excellent.Mr Robert Haywestestimonial

testimonialExcellent information delivered by experts in their own fields. All of us must be able to benefit from what we have learnt. It restores my faith in human nature to see how the likes of Andrew Reynolds can look outside themselves and give so generously to worthwhile causes. I hope Andrew and his associates continue to be successful and shape that success.Anonymoustestimonial

testimonialOnce again you have put on a mega seminar! The guest speakers were informative and the delivery was very polished. Congratulations, every time I come to one of your seminars you have raised the presentation once more.Marion Cloetetestimonial

testimonialI have been very impressed by all the workshops which have given me much to think about and take action with. My decisions are to use the materials you have sent us together with the cash on demand booklets, plus notes taken this weekend and make a start with those. All in all a very positive 3 days. Brilliant to raise so much money for a very worthwhile charity. Thank you very much Andrew.Robert Taylortestimonial

testimonialA set of thoroughly professional and targeted presentations designed to inspire and motivate. Many, many congratulations on a magnificent event.David Tarrytestimonial

testimonialVery professional – really enjoyed all presentations and even cried at some! Looking forward to developing new businesses. Andrew, you have every reason to feel very proud of this event.Jacquie Tarrytestimonial

testimonialThis seminar has opened our eyes to the bigger picture.John Daviestestimonial

testimonialVery informative, challenging and motivating.Anonymoustestimonial

testimonialMy main goal for attending the seminar was to become a millionaire and make a better life for myself. Now I want to be a millionaire so I can give something back. I will get there!Peter Shergoldtestimonial

testimonialInspirational, informative, helpful. This weekend has made me more positive in making me become who I want to be. Thank you.Simon Shergoldtestimonial

testimonialThe speeches were inspiring and motivating, there were golden nuggets to be found. I also very much appreciated Andrew Reynolds giving website details which means when I go home I can make a start by going to my computer.Eileen De Gannestestimonial

testimonialFour years ago I received your first flyer. I thought “Here we go again, another one of those get rich schemes”. If I hadn’t thrown that flyer in the bin I could well be a multi-millionaire by now.Rosalindtestimonial

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