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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialThe 02 was a very well organised venue. I’m happy with the information presented and the opportunities introduced.Thanks.Ivan Peneltestimonial

testimonialI was moved by Andrew Reynolds so much that I have started teaching others.Amazing!Prince Johnmaria Anyanhutestimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds is a top marketer who over delivers at his seminars.Ken Saunderstestimonial

testimonialI would like to thank you for holding such a wonderful event. I am a student of the cash on demand system and have already managed to generate income from it. I have also seen other opportunities that I would like to invest in. Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to expand my business.Neville Mujikwatestimonial

testimonialI have been to lots of sales conferences. I need to do it all again when I have put into practise what I have learnt at Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.Now I’m ready for the next level.Jennifer Kenttestimonial

testimonialEntrepreneurs Bootcamp was an inspirational event with a multitude of insightful tips from those who have been there and done it.Alan Geetestimonial

testimonialThe workshop was superb, very diverse with all the speakers leaving me with something that made sense for my business.The overwhelming theme from all of them was attitude of mind which was something that struck a particular note with me.Paul Warnertestimonial

testimonialI would like to thank Andrew for giving me the opportunity to be here at this spectacular event. Whilst I had already decided that I am worth much more than my current job is paying me. I want to fulfil my dreams of becoming financially free. I believe Andrew’s course is the spring board I need to launch my journey to a new life of fulfilment. I have gained many new ideas from the various speakers over the course of this weekendI also believe in helping towards children’s charities so thank you for getting me started.Raj Bhullartestimonial

testimonialBeing a new user of computers and particularly the internet, much of what has been said is difficult to comprehend. I have just reached module 5 of Cash on Demand and hope that when I finish I hope to be able to reach other levels and attend another Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.We spend several weeks a year with our daughter who lives in Johannesburg and we know of the problems and help where we can with people in townships. We also collect unwanted school books and send them out through SchoolAid.R Parkertestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, after 1 year as a full time online marketer, with 15 websites and more to come.What I found at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp was inspiration on a magnificent level. I now know there is a diamond inside me.Peter Murphytestimonial

testimonialAn excellent event that delivers.As I have come accustomed to, Andrew always delivers relevant information that can and will make you money.I think his ethics and professionalism are second to none.Thanks for a great event and the ability to participate in your personal dream.Rudy Poonwasietestimonial

testimonialThe first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp I have been to and not the last. They are long days but I wouldn’t miss a minute. All the speakers have been fantastic especially Andy Harrington, I signed up immediately. I know I have to change myself, then I will achieve.Malcolm Elliotttestimonial

testimonialAlthough other speakers were brilliant, Andrew, you were outstanding. Your life story touched my heart and everything you said makes a lot of sense. I 100% believe that you can change my life for good. I am already on your course.Vijay Kumar Rattutestimonial

testimonialThe beauty of this conference is the total win/win outcome. Sick children and their families have benefited and budding entrepreneurs on a tight budget have been helped to achieve their full potential with an abundance of practical and inspiring information and ideas.Thank you.Carole A. Catlingtestimonial

testimonialThe speakers have been fantastic, they know their stuff and I have learnt some information just from their presentations over the past few days.Many of the presentations moved me in some cases to tears. The work Andrew does for Make-A-Wish foundation is fantastic. I would attend this event again just to give the entrance fee to the children. I would recommend this event. Amazing content and speakers.Gregory Parketestimonial

testimonialI was very impressed with the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp it was better than I imagined. The speakers that were onstage were brilliant and they taught me plenty of things. I will put in practise what the speakers have taught me.E. Gambletestimonial

testimonialIn all honesty this was the largest and best seminar I have ever attended. I am so blessed and motivated. I have seen in reality what you guys are made of. This event has made me believe in myself.Thanks a lot for this amazing opportunity.Taiwo Kayodetestimonial

testimonialThe more I learn, the more impressed I am with Andrew Reynolds and all he has achieved, especially the fantastic charity work. This is truly enlightening and I honestly believe that everyone here has been educated and empowered to leave the 02 and make money instantly, with massive income growth potential for all. I am so grateful to and inspired by Andrew and I can’t wait to get started.C.C. Davison Langleytestimonial

testimonialThis was a brilliant Entrepreneurs Bootcamp with plenty of opportunities. There were many different methods of teaching the ultimate goals to suit everybody.Ruth Sladetestimonial

testimonialEntrepreneurs Bootcamp 09 has been a real inspiration to earn more in the future and improve my life.Dinesh Popattestimonial

testimonialI liked the fact that we were surrounded my mentors who knew what they were talking about and are among the best in their respective fields. The delivery of the information was right and the touch of personal stories allowed me to relate to them at a certain level and be inspired. The overall organisation was great and the crew was fabulous.Alex Kajubatestimonial

testimonialI attended this Entrepreneurs Bootcamp with my wife and we both found it totally inspiring It has given us more ideas and opportunities to explore. We received a huge amount of highly valuable information which we are positive will take us to the next level.I look forward to working with you in the future.Paul Williamstestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, my wife and I both attended this amazing Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and heard from all the great mentors and guru’s. We are on your cash on demand course and I have a new hope and desire to do what you have been teaching and become a millionaire.Thanks & Regards,Dimesh Akultestimonial

testimonialThe organisation was excellent, and each speaker very motivational. I shall take away from the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp tremendous motivation and eagerness to put into practise all the ideas I have acquired. I believe that all that I have experienced here over the two days is going to change my life dramatically. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity you have given me and I will be forever grateful.Russell Franklintestimonial

testimonialThis Entrepreneurs Bootcamp has something on offer for everybody.Arthur Walshtestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp seminar and I have enjoyed it and I have learnt a lot on this two day event.Dennis Baldwintestimonial

testimonialAn inspiring event which has fully engaged me and helped me to decide how to move forward and achieve my dreams.K Stanbrooktestimonial

testimonialThis seminar has absolutely blown my mind and opened my eyes to the hundreds of thousands of ideas that are out there. Thank you, Andrew from the bottom of my heart.Daniel Owerstestimonial

testimonialThank you for giving us the opportunity to meet all these great people, and for teaching us your knowledge. I’m hoping to put the information we’ve collected over these two days into action so we can move onto the next level.I’m really touched by your charity work as well. I think it’s incredible what you do for those who really need it.Klara Owerstestimonial

testimonialMuch, much better than previous years! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Andrew and Happy Birthday!Enrique Ariastestimonial

testimonialThanks, Andrew for a mind blowing two days. It will take two weeks to get over it. Amazing speakers, fantastic offers and brilliant information. I wish I could buy them all.Thanks for the flower and please thank Golden for all his hard work. I wish him well. I will treasure my gold rose.I hope to come to another seminar as soon as we are able to.LoveJill Tansertestimonial

testimonialI really enjoyed the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp at the 02. It was a very powerful experience. The speakers were polished, professional but also varied in their approach to making money online.I’m looking forward to next year already.James Taylortestimonial

testimonialWe found it extremely interesting and informative. The boot camp gives you the determination and positive thought to succeed.Andrew has organised a brilliant event with speakers that have been fun inspirational and thought provoking.David & Helen Taylortestimonial

testimonialAndrew, what can I say, amazing seminar.I found this very informative. All the speakers were amazing, Brett McFall – brilliant, Simon Coulson – excellent and Tom Hua – very informative. Of course you were brilliant as always.Very well done and I’ll see you next year.Steve Fletchertestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 09 immensely. All of the speakers and their content were excellent. Top notch. I found Brett McFall, Simon Coulson and Andrew Reynolds to be a fantastic help in helping me to understand how everything works.Andrew is a great inspiration to others who want to achieve improvements in their own lives. Your charity work is amazing. Thank you for inviting me.Keith Stuarttestimonial

testimonialThis was an excellent Entrepreneurs Bootcamp with excellent speakers, your training programme VIP Special was the cream of the crop.. I did not win the Bentley but I know your Cash on Demand course will help me buy one in 1-2 years time.Devon Westtestimonial

testimonialMuch of the material was very helpful especially the info about how to get started.P.J Kellytestimonial

testimonialA truly informative event and an eye opener that such levels of income can be generated through internet technology.O. Kassimtestimonial

testimonialAndrew, you are amazing. When you first wrote to me about the boot camp, I just put the letter down somewhere. You did not give up. You sent another letter to remind me. Honestly, I got inspired by Make-A-Wish foundation and decided to buy the ticket.Andrew, thank you so much you have opened my eyes and motivated me. I will now take action.Thank you and God Bless.C. Tettehtestimonial

testimonialVery good information, very inspirational and uplifting. I am looking forward to being able to drive the business forward and by next year being a success story. Thanks very much for all your help.Best wishes.Michael Branckertestimonial

testimonialWe have gathered so much information from this event and now our knowledge is great. Putting all of what we have learnt into action is a very exciting feeling and to succeed is even more thrilling. Thank you for sharing what you have with us.Michelle Buckmantestimonial

testimonialBloody good Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, it was very emotional for me.ExcellentN.D Messengertestimonial

testimonialThe whole event has been a fantastic opportunity for success.Thank you for the opportunity.Andy Wedmoretestimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. The speakers are excellent and know their stuff.David Eggletontestimonial

testimonialI thought I knew about the internet but this weekend has opened my eyes.First class and well worth the journey.William Whitetestimonial

testimonialI though all presentations were of excellent quality and value.C. Franeytestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, the 2009 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp was the best. Even though it was very intense, I still enjoyed it immensely.C. Busuttiltestimonial

testimonialGreat, I’ve learned more in two days than I did in all my school years. Many, many thanks for the ticket. Your charity work is great. Many thanks again.K. Ilmanetestimonial

testimonialI’m really impressed by the quality of the speakers and the products on offer. It can be hard work taking it all in as it’s so intensive. I was pleased to see the coaches, their input into changing how I think is invaluable. Most people I spoke to seemed to feel like me, they were a bit overwhelmed with so much information. Thank you so much for the flower and letting us see how hard Golden and the ladies were working in your videos to improve their communities. It’s humbling. Thank you for all the efforts you’re making to help them and us, to improve our lives.E Coral Smithtestimonial

testimonialWhat an inspirational weekend. When I saw the Australian and the American I though it might be too happy clappy – but I learnt something from all of them. Fab weekend, learnt loads and I have signed up for a seminar.Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Your charity work makes me realise what should be on my wish list.Christine Dantertestimonial

testimonialThere was so much advice and information on offer. I left the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp with a renewed sense of purpose.Adam Kemptestimonial

testimonialThis is the first boot camp I have attended and these was so much useful and inspiring information. Some covered areas I already knew about but there was always something extra to learn. I have taken copious notes.I loved the videos of Andrew’s work in South Africa and the gift of the tin can flower.Hilary Dickinsontestimonial

testimonialI thought the course was very good with excellent inspirational speakers who you brought in to talk about their experiences and pass on their knowledge. I purchased a course and hope to put it to good use.Jerry Manselltestimonial

testimonialHaving attended Brighton last year and listened to some of the same speakers, it was amazing to see how much has changed and how quickly the internet is developing. What better way to get inspired and learn, at the same time as helping very needy charities.First class and refreshingly positive.Bill Bureytestimonial

testimonialGreat event – very knowledgeable speakers who gave us the incentive to make our business a success. Very motivational.Pauline & Steve Bishoptestimonial

testimonialThe whole experience has been amazing and beyond my wildest dreams.Keep up the good work – I’ll join you before too long.Paul Langetestimonial

testimonialAll the presenters were experts in their field and well worth listening to. I can’t wait to get home and try to put this knowledge into practise.David Frighttestimonial

testimonialAndrew, thank you for putting on such an exciting performance at this year’s Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. The speakers were very inspirational who all produced a breathtaking package of inspiration for a beginner.Very, very practical even for a beginner.Colin Dwellytestimonial

testimonialThis was my first ever Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and no words can explain how intrigued I was with this experience. I strongly believe in Andrew Reynolds and hope to learn a lot from my experience and accomplish my goals. Thank you very much.Vikesh Bhundiatestimonial

testimonialA very interesting two days. Masses of information covered.I was particularly pleased to see what you are personally doing for charity. It is a good way of giving back and makes sense of making a lot of money.R.I Hesloptestimonial

testimonialAttending the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp was one of my goals this year. I must say it has lived up to my expectations. The speakers have been fantastic and the information/tips provided are brilliant.Lastly, I feel in a position to start earning money on the internet.Roger Mbugatestimonial

testimonialI came here slightly sceptical, more to support my husband than anything else. However, I have come away feeling a lot more positive about where my life is going. I will be reading up on the cash on demand modules so I’m up there with my husbands thoughts and demands.Carol & Dave Woolmertestimonial

testimonialGreat selection of speakers. Excellent venue and technical support. Re-enforced previous knowledge. Good time for us to buy a few products to continue our businesses development. Good balance of content and charityTerry Greggtestimonial

testimonialI came to the event a little unsure as to whether making a viable income from the internet would really be possible for me. I go away inspired and full of confidence that there is indeed a viable future selling products on the internet.This event was superbly organised and clearly no expense has been spared on the presentation and attention to detail.Overall though, a fantastic event. Well done!Phil Marstontestimonial

testimonialA fabulous venue, wonderful speakers, heart warming stories. I feel motivated and activated. Watch this space!!Jill Greggtestimonial

testimonialVery inspiring! I brought my cynical husband along for him to see what I have been so excited about doing and after hearing Simon Coulson he didn’t hesitate in saying – you need to do that seminar – go!I have signed up for his October workshop & ambassador course. I really enjoyed all the speakers as they brought humour to the sessions, especially Pat Meseti and Simon Coulson.Natalie Carrolltestimonial

testimonialI was totally blown away by the whole event – total information overload!I’ve signed up for the covenant and can’t wait to receive the books on Monday. If I had more money right now I would have signed up for some of the seminars offered. I can’t wait to get back home and start working despite already having my own jewellery shop and working 30 hours a week as a registered nurse. I will have the time so thanks.Lindsay Welshtestimonial

testimonialAndrew did it again, a great seminar and what information we all received. I am a better person for what I have learnt.Peter Stunelltestimonial

testimonialWonderful weekend, lots of new ideas to take to my goals and lots of inspiration to do so.Dave Evanstestimonial

testimonialI enjoyed the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, learnt a lot and have renewed energy to take projects that are half finished through to completion, also to look forward to working with you in the future.Hugh Birdtestimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the last two days I have learnt lots of hints that I am confident will help me build a successful business. The quality and diversity of the information covered over the past two days is invaluable.I cannot wait to get home to start working on my internet business to achieve my goals on my 5 year plan. The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp has helped me to learn skills and meet new mentors that I can follow to be successful.I will be back next year for Entrepreneurs Bootcamp ’10 to continue to meet new mentors and develop my skills further.Thank youCarla Eberstestimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the last two days. Watching the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp on DVD and attending the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, there is a difference. I really feel energised and confident that I can do this. I am ready to do this. I have spent the last year reading all the cash on demand books and DVD’s and now I finally get it! Everything has fallen into place listening to the experts. I can and will do it!I want all your lifestyles, I don’t want mine anymore! As of tomorrow I am going to succeed, I want and will have the lifestyle I want within 2 years, that is the time I have set myself.If anyone asks me was the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp worth it? I would say you would be a fool not to attend.Carry on with Entrepreneurs Bootcamps and I would defiantly come again to listen to the experts, proven experts.Pamela Eberstestimonial

testimonialI enjoyed being part of the audience, all the speakers were great. They know their stuff. The two days were well worth my while. It’s very commendable of Andrew and the rest of the speakers to have come to speak to us and impact others knowledge on us so that we’ll become like them.Temple S. Sambotestimonial

testimonialYou’ve proved, like mathematicians; it is a real business and it is the most profitable legal business in the world.We are lucky because we have the internet, we met you and became your students and we are earning and learning at the same time.I spent my life studying up to get a PhD, and I am teaching people mobile communication. But you taught me how to make money.Ali Al-Sherbaztestimonial

testimonialThe speakers were brilliant and the event was inspirational. Philippa SettleI am so very excited to have attended this Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. Thank you very much for the outstanding event.For me, it’s been a superb experience and I feel ready to take the plunge and start. I’m buzzing with so many ideas from the various speakers and I will definitely be starting.Thank you immensely.Dave Dushyanttestimonial

testimonialI have found this Entrepreneurs Bootcamp invaluable. I know I can make a positive change in my life. This is not now an impossible dream. This is something that I know will be achievable. Thank you for this great opportunity.Carol Ann Healtestimonial

testimonialI was not going to attend this year’s Entrepreneurs Bootcamp having been to the one in Brighton last year! However, I am glad that I decided to come as it has been very useful to get up-to-date information on internet marketing from world renowned speakers.It has also given me fresh impetus to progress the projects I am currently working on, and to ensure they succeed in the coming weeks and months.Paul Cahalantestimonial

testimonialThis has been a fantastic two days, very motivational with all the speakers bringing something different each time to the stage.R. Mastburytestimonial

testimonialThis is a very frightening and exciting time. I am 45 and have just given birth to my third son. My husband and I believe that following the cash on demand course has given us the tools to change our lives.With my maternity leave lasting until June 2010, and my husband leaving his full time job in November 2009 for agency work, we are using the time to invest in our own business.Thousands of ideas are now buzzing around in my head just from being here.Thank you.Debra Greentestimonial

testimonialI came along to support my husband, but will be joining him in turning my life around!Very good speakers – would like to see more examples of ordinary people making £500k and learning their stories.Well worth the visit and thank you for the rose.S Evanstestimonial

testimonialI came as a guest of a friend who has just started your cash on demand course. I am helping him with this as he is 87 years old and is still learning how to use his laptop. His name is Tom Fisher.Hopefully we can become as successful using your free gifts to eventually attend further courses.Keith Clarktestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp despite being involved with Andrew Reynolds for a few years. I have been very impressed with the content and wish I had made the effort to attend before.Fascinating insight into Google, great speakers and inspirational concepts. I would certainly come again.Alan R Jamestestimonial

testimonialA most inspiring event once again…..what you take away is enthusiasm, commitment and imagination. This should give you the ability to change your life and those of others around you.Thank youP.G. Mitchamtestimonial

testimonialEntrepreneurs Bootcamp 08 was brilliant, Make-A-Wish & charities mean a lot to my family, as in 2005 our mentally and physically handicapped daughter passed away at the age of 30. Full of enthusiasm to make a start in the demand system after the 08 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, this was not to be as in September my mother passed away and I was diagnosed with cancer.After major surgery in April and August, I was able to attend the 2009 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp at the dome. The speakers were very informative in their teaching and instructions.Anyone would enjoy these informative sessions, roll on 2010, I’ll be there for more information and hopefully beaming with success.Thank you, Andrew and the speakers.Mr J. Colliertestimonial

testimonialThank you, Andrew for putting on a fantastic weekend. I have certainly picked up a few great ideas. My current employer is having cash-flow problems which has caused me to be two months behind in wages and I have never felt so vulnerable in life as I do at present. I really want to take action now, but I can’t take advantage of your fast-track (this year.) Despite being broke, I found the £149 to come, it’s a very good course.Thank you for everything, keep up the charity work.Darren Hawkinstestimonial

testimonialI love your vision and have always wanted to give, I am writing my impossible goals down. Thank you.My flower will take pride of place by the computer.C. Haynestestimonial

testimonialI am impressed by your heart and enthusiasm to help many people in the world especially the poor.I enjoyed Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, it has made a huge difference in my life and I can’t wait to make a start.Thank you so much for inviting me.I can truly say that you have helped me and my young daughter have a great future.D.A. Whitticktestimonial

testimonialAmazing! A wealth of information and motivation. I am truly glad I came. I was a cash on demand student who believed in the system but was stuck on a few issues, but after this event I feel invigorated and informed with a new drive.All the speakers were amazing and Andrew has done a great job both for the seminar but also for the charities he raises money for.I am truly grateful for being a part of this wonderful event.Jason L. Davistestimonial

testimonialThis has been an extraordinary event with such wealth of information. Second to none.I leaves me believing that if I take action, it is impossible for it not to be life changing.William Howardtestimonial

testimonialAnother excellent Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. When I reach my goals, I want to follow in your footsteps and help out these wonderful charities. Not only have I learnt a lot, it’s also been like an emotional journey.Once again, well done.Robert Chenerytestimonial

testimonialOverall, the speakers were excellent and in terms of value for money, it’s great.Only thing now is for me to take action and see where I am in a year’s time.Paul Graytestimonial

testimonialGreat event, very insightful, speakers are inspirational and very knowledgeable. More than anything, I think the work Andrew does for charity is exceptional.I will be looking forward to joint venturing with you Andrew within the next year or so!Mark Wallacetestimonial

testimonialIn one word, wow, absolutely the most motivational event I have ever attended. Two days packed full of incredible ideas and opportunities. I would definitely recommend this event to anybody who is serious about making a genuine change to their lifestyle.Girish P. Malkantestimonial

testimonialI am very pleased to have attended the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. It has enthused me to make a success of my life’s business.All the speakers were excellent and the atmosphere was brilliant.I am hoping my wife and I will become very successful in the future.Thank you in advance.Jim Gallaghertestimonial

testimonialExcellent Entrepreneurs Bootcamp that has given me lots of positive ideas and motivation.Paul Nicholstestimonial

testimonialMost of the event has been very informative and motivating. There is plenty of information to take home with me and make a start..I will return, but I will be one of your speakers in two years time.Thank you.Satu Harjutestimonial

testimonialTerrific. Truly inspirational and motivational. Tons of great content and tips. We take so much for granted until someone shines a light on the darkness of others lives.Thank you for the generosity you have shown in helping people.Maurice Robertstestimonial

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