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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialAll information – packed 3 days, which I as a ‘budding entrepreneur’ found most interesting and, on occasion, inspirational. A most impressive list of industry – leading speakers (nearly lost the will to live with some of the sales-pitches though!)Paul Shaw testimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed the boot camp and although I have not brought any of the products I feel reinvigorated to pursue ‘my dreams’ There were some fantastic presentations and I ‘d love to spend just 30 minutes with any of them as I’m sure they’d sort me out! Was looking forward to hearing you speak more as I’m currently reading your course. If you ever need the ultimate challenge of taking a relative novice through the process to prove that ‘anyone’ can do it- please tell me where and when or perhaps we sell the DVD! Thanks very much & look forward to the rest of your modules.Paul Gilberttestimonial

testimonialVery inspirational. It has enabled me to take a big leap forward in my dream. We purchased Randy’s Package and believe that we have the tools now to really make it in internet marketing. The venue was excellent but the overhead screens were more of a nuisance, light in out line of sight of the clear screen at the back.Mike Wilbytestimonial

testimonialComing to the Boot Camp I received a DOUBLE BONUS – I contributed to Great Ormond Street Hospital and at the same time learnt excellent stuff about internet business!! The improvement for future seminars would be printed slides to be given out before the presentations – so we could just concentrate on listening and absorbing rather than being distracted by taking rush notes. Andrew thank you for giving me this excellent offer!Sanaullah Khan testimonial

testimonialAlthough I couldn’t afford to purchase any of the speakers offers, I picked up enough interesting information and useful strategies to have made the visit worth while – both from the speakers and some audience members in the breaks. Armand Morin and Derek Gehl were particularly generous with their ‘free tips’ I now feel I have enough knowledge to take those first steps.Cliff Lancaster testimonial

testimonialWell done Andrew, Not only have you done a big thing for a worthy charity, you have also entertained. As well as educated a great member of people looking for a better way of making a good living. I am also delighted for the distance you’ve travelled since the early days (remember Showcase Pro?) As a budding (wanna be) entrepreneur and full time techie/logical type, I find it difficult to write in a way that expresses the excitement & enthusiasm generated by this event so if you’d like to contact me with a view to tweaking this text, I’d be more than happy.Kelvin Eastgatetestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic 3 days Thank you for the opportunity it was well worth it. I spoke to you in a few days before the boot camp about how nervous but you reassured me I would be ok. Again you were right. There were a lot of references to opening your eyes to what is out there in the big wide world of internet marketing and product development I feel now with the info that I received I have the tools to achieve my goals and dreams and in the next 3-5 years we will be playing golf somewhere hot for a free lesson from me. Once again many thanks.Lee Mccauleytestimonial

testimonialAndrew you have already assisted me personally to take action to improve my life for better I have learned so much from the experts, the Gurus most of whom have come from humble beginnings like your self. If someone like Stephen Pierce who have been twice bankrupt could do this very well. I will surely dot it, I can not wait to travel to America next year to learn more, because it is never too late or too much to learn. God Bless you Andrew for helping the community across the globe. I wish I could write more.Christopher Coker testimonial

testimonialOnce again you have excelled in your ability to stage a most entertaining informative & inspiring event. You never fail to showcase some of the most amazing professionals in this line of business. One suggestion I do have for next year is to call the event The Entrepreneur’s Back Cramp. Joking aside, congratulations for the work with Great Ormond Street and all the best in the future.Ian Hannafordtestimonial

testimonialI think a little time in small group discussion would be useful where both could talk over stuff they’ve just heard. Altogether I found the workshop a real eye opener and I got many ideas on how to implement my goals. Thank you.Geoff Bone testimonial

testimonialTo arrange for such legends to arrive at Wembley and introduce cutting edge material is simply amazing – what an event to retire at!!A Boultontestimonial

testimonialIt has been a very useful and profitable three days. The collection of speakers are the big names that I have come to recognise over the last two years and it has been good to see them in the flesh. As an oldie I have found the high pressure approach will not work for me. However, I believe I will at last get going. I guess this replicated to the USA seminars that you keep trying to sell me!Maxted R Leeson testimonial

testimonialIt was great. Tons of new information new contracts and very useful for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. Most of the speakers are well known to you but never met them before. Get to know them and learning new strategies and tips are invaluable.M R Ayoobtestimonial

testimonialI came to the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp as I am just starting out at 71 yrs of age. I have picked up so much information and have seen already changes I have to make to the things I am doing. The information given at the Seminar was mind boggling. I was amazed at the things that are possible on line. It was a fantastic weekend.John Lestertestimonial

testimonialThen Derek Gehl came on. At the end of the second session there was so much in my head I could not cope with his offer. By the end of the afternoon session I wandered down to the desk if hypnotised and signed on for the full £4000 package. I then wandered back to my seat in complete shock at what I had done! When the shock wore off my mind started racing a result of the kick in the pants that acting, rather than sitting back, had given me. Ideas flowed and I now can hardly wait to get started. Happily I resigned from work nearly three years ago with the sole intention of finding how to make my living via the internet. So when I say I am returning to ‘normal’ life I am wrong. Nothing can ever be the same again. Please do ensure you pass on my greatest thanks to all the speakers.Kevin Ellis testimonial

testimonialFirstly congratulations on organising a very successful seminar which I was fortunate to attend. I especially enjoyed Randy Charach’s input and took advantage of his sales package. Fortunately during the afternoon session on Saturday, I received a phone call regarding a home emergency, which demanded my attendance. The best laid plans and all that. I subsequently missed the latter ort of Saturday and all of Sunday due to these unforeseen circumstances. From Talking to other attendees during breaks, there seemed to be quite a buzz about the licences you were to give regarding products you had sourced. Would I sill be in a position to acquire these? At my stage of this venture, the very beginning, any help from seasoned campaigners such as yourself is greatly appreciated and I would hate to miss the boat so to speak. If you would find the time to reply regarding this I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for your anticipated correspondence.Chris Jarman testimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was thoroughly enjoyable and opened my eyes to the potential out there internet marketing. I have gone ahead and purchased a couple with one of the speakers and will let you know in future if I got on. I feel that some of the speakers were repeating each others materials. This should be avoided in the future as precious time could be devoted to other field. Keep up the good work and many thanks.Muzaffar Ali testimonial

testimonialGlad I came, very inspirational lots of tips. I would definitely attend another boot camp. Fantastic potential for massive incomes.Lilian Blundelltestimonial

testimonialCongratulations on putting on a first class seminar, with top class speakers. It really was a hugely enjoyable & uplifting event – with lots of humour! My Guest enjoyed it as well, and it was her fist introduction to such a seminar. Congratulations too on raising £325,176 for Great Ormond St Hospital. I give generously to charity already, & whereas do not feel I could go to £67.00. I do enclose a Christmas present cheque of £20 to alignment the cheque you have already given to say Thank you for such a good seminar. You worked us such long hours, that even with the breaks I could not take in the full imprint of all the offers – at some stages my notes gave out & I just listened in awe! It would be good if at some later stage when we have digested more of the input we could come back & take advantage of some of the offers we had to refuse at the time. Thanks again & well, well done.Sheelagh Ruse testimonial

testimonialFirstly please accept my sincerest congratulations on this superb event. ( The most mid blowing 3 days of my life) and your wonderful generosity towards the charity by making the event so affordable to many people who would not normally be able to attend. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to each of the wonderful speakers who have given so generously of their time to make this boot camp the unique event it has been.KF McDonnelltestimonial

testimonialI would like to congratulate you on putting together a brilliant E- Boot Camp, at Wembley. The speakers were excellent, it was good to see the peopled like Armand Morin, Derek Gehl, etc in person. Thank you also for making this boot camp affordable. Whilst I can’t afford to buy a lot of the products, it’s has been very informative and I have some new ideas to take away and try. Thanks again to everyone involved, both on stage and off.Lynne S McDonnelltestimonial

testimonialAs a 40 year old technophobe with very little experience of working online I have found a lot of the advice and information invaluable, while some of it goes completely over my head! I have a sales background and so the potential to make huge amounts has bowled me over! And I can now see how I can apply what expertise I have and start selling on the internet. I found Ted Nicholas an inspiring character but for sheer weight of information that was pure gold and spoke to non-geeks such as Armand Morin was top man. Derek Gehl is halfway through is presentation and I have to say has been excellent too. I will unfortunately have to leave 4pm today but have ordered the DVD so I can catch up. Thanks Andrew it’s been great.Des Ingramtestimonial

testimonialI thought the boot camp was excellent with many varied speakers who knew what they were talking about and were very happy to import their knowledge freely. Although these have been very long days I can honestly say that they have flown by and I personally have not been bored by any thing. I go away from here with loads more knowledge than I came with and for that I thank you very much Andrew and would very much like to attend any future boot camps.T J Smith testimonial

testimonialFound most of the presentations V interesting (though some what over my head ) and I I’m sure when I see it all again on DVD many of the ideas in my head can be put into practise.Mark Eastley testimonial

testimonialThanks to the invite to this seminar and your cash-on-demand system course. I can now look forward to a better life. A more secure life. It has changed everything for me. A lot of information to take in over the three days – glad I am buying the DVD of the event. So I can re-run again. I would say though that some of the sessions a bit hard to follow. Bottom line is – it will change my life!Mr P Coxtestimonial

testimonialAndrew always delivers more than promises, how he managed to get all these amazing inspirational speakers to attend his boot camp I’ll never know, the quality not to mention the quantity of information is just outstanding. Everyone will go away with a ton of new ideas and inspiration – best weekend I’ve spent in a long time.R J Henderson testimonial

testimonialThe idea was fantastic & the organisation superb. Some of the presenters were incredibly generous with their information, and or two spent too long selling – that I fully understand they are justified having given their time. The venue was (no Sunday trains) & overall I spent far too much – but am hopeful to be up on the platform next year. Basically, thank you for a brilliant opportunity Andrew & great charity, made me feel good. Brilliant opportunity – very well planned, even for extra timing. Motivating & great opportunities if you have the cash.Liz Horder testimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic three days it has been. Although I am by no means a beginner in the internet marketing world it was great to be there and take board various other strategies that I am currently not using, but that is set to change! Being there also got my creative juices flowing with the new ideas, do watch this space!! Once again thank you very much!Malcolm Barrytestimonial

testimonialThanks Andrew, it’s been brilliant! A really useful and helpful 3 days. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a go of it – it doesn’t matter if you have ideas or none at all – you’ll leave with your head full of things to do and follow up – I have learned so much this weekend. For anyone thinking of attending a seminar – bring pen, paper and an open mind and much of your hard earned cash as you can. Some opportunities are just too good to miss and they won’t be repeated anywhere else. Buy what you can afford and work with it,Lynne King testimonial

testimonialMy first seminar. It’s very good with top speaker who have excellent products.M. Dar testimonial

testimonialThank you for teaching me one of the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned! The lesson I’ve learned can be yours of only £197.00 + vat!Dave Tippertestimonial

testimonialThe highlights of the weekend were the sessions by Armand Morin, Ted Nicholas and Carl Galetti. As well as being entertaining speakers they provided useful practical information that I am looking forward to put to work. Despite the long sessions long days, & comfortable chairs I had no difficulty in staying awake. The text on the over head screens was sometimes too small/unclear to read.Mark Andrews testimonial

testimonialI found that all the speakers give good value on the back-end sales, that they offered you at the work shop, boot camp. They gave a lot of information on how they make money in their niche of the market. If you were looking for a business to start online, and have the money to pay on the day, you always get a very good deal and the help to get up and running plus most will also give you personnel access to them for a set time. This alone is can be a factor in whether you start up a very good business or just go home and take no further action!!John Donovantestimonial

testimonial3 days of intense mind blowing information. Just about any 5 minutes of which gives ideas to make money big time. Has made me realise why my fears of starting up this business are groundless and I now have the confidence to make it happen. Many thanks for an excellent boot camp.David Songhursttestimonial

testimonialAndrew this has been mind blowing the best seminar I have been to in 20 years I set a target for what I wanted out of the seminar. I have achieved this 100% & loads of brilliant ideas. I will be happy to keep you posted on my success. This will be achieved by excellent contacts I have received and made during these 3 days. If you are new and reading this you need to get on Andrews next course – you cannot, fail to propel yourself into a fantastic Financial Future – that can only bring lasting happiness.Keith Gidlowtestimonial

testimonialA million(aire’s) thanks. I received your letter of invitation a week after it was dated and sent out. Immediately I responded and my daughter Denise assisted with the credit card payments for Great Oromond St. I waited and used the Law of Attraction meanwhile waiting and getting ready for your call. On Wednesday 23.11.05 Richard called and said two persons had cancelled that day and would I like the opportunity. I did not have to be asked twice. I also wanted to purchase Randy’s offer and did not have enough money and a man behind me asked if I would care to join him and we worked together. We put our money together and brought the product on offer. I look forward to becoming a millionaire. All the speakers were wonderful.Karen Scotland testimonial

testimonialI never knew that internet marketing was so varied, interesting and with exciting possibilities. It has opened my mind – it’s frightening. It’s legitimate, it didn’t get that before and it can do a lot of good. Especially Great Ormond Street Hospital. I’ve got a lot to learn. Thanks Andrew.L Morris testimonial

testimonialAndrew I would like to thank you for all your hard work and investment in this great weekend. I find all the information too much to assimilate, obviously but the over all picture has been very helpful & exciting. I’m sure for people further along the deals are brilliant. I shall look forward to receiving your promised licences etc and really getting started. I am finding our course very helpful and clear. My main comment I guess re this w/end perhaps trying to pack in too much. Brilliant result for G.O.S.H.Barbara Lycett testimonial

testimonialMy first Reynolds Seminar. Very impressive presentations. Would happily attend for 14 days as so much information to assimilate, nice to hear SUCCESSFUL Money Makers who provide valuable information which doesn’t overlap. Exciting wonderful experience.Christopher O’Connor testimonial

testimonialIt would be almost impossible to improve upon the standard of the speakers and the quality of the information given out. The choice of venue and facilities was superbMike Oscroft testimonial

testimonialThanks for an incredible event, superb speakers and excellent facilities(minus the queues for everything), There was so much high-quality information flowing constantly from the stage through out the whole three-day event that it was literally mind blowing. Exhausting but very well worth it. Personally I would prefer it future event’s had few speakers. I found the differing rang of approaches confusing (both emotionally and intellectually) e.g. some speakers detailing the product creation process with others adamantly stating never create your own product It was also frustrating not being able to hear all of the presentations before committing to any purchases (but I can see how deterring sales to the end of the event is unlikely to be favoured by your speakers)Stevie Levanetestimonial

testimonial1st Boot camp – although I have a copy of a Bill Meyers one. Excellent – both speakers and content. There is now no excuse!! Only problems was – presenters should have had more time most seemed to rushBryan Powistestimonial

testimonialFor an individual who never grew up with computers and started on his 68th year this boot camp has been very enlightening. The opportunity of seeing the ‘Pros’ and their systems, which hold hands so to speak of the green ones, and push them forward learning it to the individual to say, I am started. Great Show, Andrew. Thank you,R F Noytestimonial

testimonialA great seminar – the best I have ever been to – many thanks for putting it all together – I have picked up so much knowledge from the superb speaker’s – I have brought the Underachievers Course and look forward to getting more advanced courses as I gain experience – thanks again Andrew. An excellent seminar – a good venuePaul Temple testimonial

testimonialThanks for the opportunity to meet yourself and your fellow companies of the internet marketing industry. I am only at the infancy stage of my business and still have lots to learn. Having the opportunity to buy into the several schemes the speakers had was great. My idol is yourself and would do and thing to continue my guest and apprenticeship with yourself, rather than your colleagues. What do I need to do to replicate your success and for your to become my personnel MENTOR.Shaun Smithtestimonial

testimonialMy husband only came to keep me company – Wow now he has woken up – so its all systems go now. Training was brilliant – learnt so much. Can’t wait for our first million – plus. See you on stageJean Rontreetestimonial

testimonialThe best seminar yet great up to date information. I have now got to match the information over load. Time will tell.R J Wrighttestimonial

testimonialThe 3 days has bee full of useful information and tatics to make money both off and on line. Speakers were very clear & Professional enjoyed the whole seminar and would recommend to anyone.Mark Goochtestimonial

testimonialAs an absolute beginner to internet marketing I found at the end of the course I understood the jargon and will hopefully be able to set up my own business shortly. The speakers were excellent. The seats uncomfortable! Would have like more time to interact with speakers and more opportunity as crowds to great.Karen Newton testimonial

testimonialI would just like to congratulate you on a fantastic seminar which not only helped Great Ormond Street Hospital but has provided everybody who has attended. Information which is priceless and bought by the best in the world, at showing people how to be successful in selling information products. I’ve been given enough ideas to last me a lifetime. I truly believe that everyone who has attended have every chance to succeed. If they don’t, they never will because they will never receive this inside knowledge anywhere else. I would also like to mention that in Andrew we have the best teacher who has created the path for us all to follow. I look forward to an exciting future.Nick Jarvistestimonial

testimonialThank you for inviting me to the Entrepreneur Boot Camp at Wembley. This event really has opened by eyes to all the opportunities there are out there. All the speakers were inspirational and motivating. Having purchased one of the programs I hope to be well on my way to achieving my dream of Financial Freedom.Michael Craw testimonial

testimonialThank you so much for inviting me to your Bootcamp. I truly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to get back to try the programmes into practice. This is a very exciting opportunity for me and look forward to future seminars all over the world. The speakers over the weekend have been phenomenal and I look forward to making fortunes just as they have over the past ten years. Thanking you once again for giving me the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.Elizabeth Creamertestimonial

testimonialYou claimed Andrew that this was a call to Action. Firstly to support a worthwhile cause for the children. Secondly to help people like myself take the action we need right now to start on the road to success. It will do both. So thank you and well done. Great eventIan Harold Birch testimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Boot Camp’ Experience. And the wealth of opportunities that been opened up for me .Have given food for thought it was great to see ‘in the flesh’ Those internet Guru’s whose products either have purchased or have knowledge of when I have started to enjoy. Hard work I intend to put into this – my first port of call will be to attend The Stateside Seminar. Thank you Andrew for this seminar – Keep up the good work & hope to meet you in not too distant future as a fellow millionaireNigel Pitt testimonial

testimonialGreat 3 days packed full of information from amazing speakers. I will be leaving on Sunday & Setting up my business Monday morning!John Blachfordtestimonial

testimonialCalibre of speakers first class. Staging & Presentations excellent.Mr G L Henderson testimonial

testimonialThe weekend was an excellent experience information overload but I came away with more that a few Aha’s Congratulations on such a success. Please inform me of future Bootcamps,Kate Pirietestimonial

testimonialTo be given the opportunity to listen and meet the professionals in any industry is rare and to be able t do this over 3 days at Wembley by simply offering £150.00to Gt Ormond St Hospital is unbelievable. This has been an unforgettable experience and my heartfelt thanks t Andrew for organising and putting off a fantastic 3 days. Every session has produced nuggets of invaluable information. This has been a serious 3 day seminar with excellent speakers and information. Anyone not having this information is certainly at a disadvantage.Mark E May testimonial

testimonialVery Good speakers the event just seem to fly-by. So many good pieces of information given for free.E Griffintestimonial

testimonialExcellent! So much to take in I will be watching the DVD’S for a very long time. Can’t wait for the next boot camp!!J A Palmer testimonial

testimonialI was unaware that so many would attend the entrepreneur boot camp. The whole 3 days was so useful, in the amount and type of information was beyond expectations. I look forward to using the products purchased. In furthering my dreams into reality, this can be done through using for example Stephen Pierce product. Three Excellent days.Stan King testimonial

testimonialI would like to express how delighted I was having chosen to come along, with my husband to this extraordinary weekend. It has increased my knowledge 10 fold. Initially I had no wish to come along. Then the more I thought about it the more ideas came to mind. Now I have decided to partner my husband in our conquest! We have both worked all our lives for an average wage. Now we would like to improve our income by another method. We have all the up to date computer systems, so we thought why not put all it to good use. Hence, here we are. Using our new found information we intend to work heard together with what technology we have and earn some more money for use and our families. My self and my husband will no doubt keep in touch. We thank you for inviting us on this weekend it’s changed our lives for the better. Thank you.Teresa Sarah Richards testimonial

testimonialYes, I found the entire weekend very informative and I have gained a lot of new information and it has changed my thinking in several ways, to the extent that whereas before this weekend I thought I might be able to make a good living at this, I now know that I can and will make a good living by using what I have learned. Thanks for the opportunity to attend, the content was worth more than the price of the ticket.W D Richards testimonial

testimonialAn honour & privilege to be in the same room as the biggest names in the business. Not only that being able to talk to these people in the breaks & in the evening & bounce ideas is simply priceless. One presentation alone gave me one idea that worst case will make £400K in the next 3 months. Andrew I’ll be in touch to J.V, with you on this! Seriously the seminar had one fault time! So much content – ideas – Tips I could not write fast enough! See you next year. A great, great ‘Boot Camp’ that everyone should see.James McConnell testimonial

testimonialI have found the boot camp to be enlightening. I didn’t realise the huge opportunities available. For a long time I have been seeking a new business – and I think I have discovered – in fact I know I have it!! Thank you for putting this together.S I Harper testimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for giving us this Boot Camp for myself I can say these 3 days have been well spent. I have learned a great deal and am looking forward to making use of the information and building it into a profitable business. I am also anticipating the rest of the Cash On Demand course which I think is excellent value. Looking forward to the other materials you have promised.Clive Mellortestimonial

testimonialA Very productive Seminar, a great opportunity to see professionals who have established & learn from them. An intensive & educational seminar. As able to discuss with like minded people.Jay Parmar testimonial

testimonialVery good. Worth the travel from Lincolnshire, gave me a few more pieces to the Giant jigsaw, yet still left me slightly confused. In talking to a number of cash on demand subscribers I couldn’t help but feel a little left behind, as all had and turned down a private one to one invitation with yourself by modual 3, I am now on module 5 and eagerly awaiting an invitation to take up your one-one training. The Money is now in the bank ready.Tony O’Donnelltestimonial

testimonialTed Nicholas was fantastic, a really good communicator, & teacher. Armand was great with some really useful info on marketing & creating digital products. It’s got me really inspired to really do something.James Girdwood testimonial

testimonialA very enlightening 3 days, a great inspiration. To have the opportunity to hear so many successful internet gurus at one event was tremendous. It was really useful to experience the different styles of the speakers and the various ways you can be successful. Hoping the motivational aspects thrown in was great.A Mellortestimonial

testimonialLiked most of the speakers especially Derek Gehl who gave insightful advice relevant to whatever business anyone is involved in. Overall, well done and thank you.Michael Pearcetestimonial

testimonialThank you for organising such an excellent event! It has been wonderful to see all those people here, who came to this really life-changing weekend! The most amazing thing was obviously the fact that we all contributed to the hospital charity. Helping and giving hopes to all those sick children! Meeting all the speakers has been extraordinary! Up until this event I did not know any of them. Now I feel I have gained a valuable experience. I am going away with tones of priceless information! This weekend has really been an eye-opener for me. I will make sure I will take on board what I have learnt here and put it all into the practise very soon! Many Thanks.S. Saibtestimonial

testimonialOne of the best seminars I’ve attended. Chris Payne starting it was a brilliant idea as he’s got everyone in the right frame of mind. A few home truths hit a nerve as well Ed Dale was superb. I’ve always said to Kevin that multiple websites could create multiple streams of income. We are going to work on that. Randy Charach – very entertaining speaker, I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and was tempted to get his products. However, Carl Galletti won our hearts and we have joint ventured with him. Watch this space, Frank Garon & Stephen Pierce were excellent and what can I say about Ted Nicholas, but that I was completely bowled over by him as well as Armand Morin, I wish we could afford to buy both their packages, but having taking out a loan to buy Carl’s package, we would need a second mortgage for. Also the info and can’t wait to get started. I know this weekend is the turning point in out lives and fortune.Rosa Jones testimonial

testimonialA very informative and enjoyable three days – having established some good contacts and with several new ideas triggered off from the material presented. Good overall offers of packages of information and software to bring away – although perhaps needed smaller ticket packages too – with so many just starting out and having an eye warily on cash flow. Time keeping for starting sessions was not so good on days 1&2. On Friday in particular most sessions started 10-15 minutes after time intended.Nigel Bentleytestimonial

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