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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialA very informative and will structured three days – I have learned a awful lot, however feel rather depressed that I cannot afford £2000-£3000-£4000 for some of the stuff that I found absolutely fascinating. I just hope that I can soon put ideas & instructions on the CASH-ON-DEAMAN modules so that I can make some money to buy products like the UNDERCHIEVE COURSE, or Armand Morin or Derek Gehl’s systems.Heetain Vadhertestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp provided great insight to many aspects of internet marketing. Ted was truly great & inspirational. I still strongly believe that I wish to get the Business up and running generating revenue for me after which I am sure and would like to invest in the products that would be on offer in future.Balden Dedyal testimonial

testimonialIt has been 3 very inclusive days. I feel blasted! It has been eye opening and giving a lot of people new hopes of changing their lives and get to live the life of their dreams. But – it was also overwhelming and a lot at taking in, – also a must to take quick decisions with considerable amount of money involved. After every speaker we would like to buy his offer and then a new speaker came with an even better offer.Gerda Grundttestimonial

testimonial Would have liked to see ‘smaller areas or possibly stage related areas. The thought of receiving some of the big boxes would be overwhelming. Have to say all the deals were brilliant if it was what you were looking for.A Pearson testimonial

testimonialA tremendously stimulating week-end which has bombarded me with lots & lots of ideas. I had no idea that there was just so much material available to enable successful web-marketing. In fact it has almost been too much. One thing that has struck me is that the main opportunity seems all to be generated in the US. I would have liked more input from Andrew angled more at the UK and dare I say it an English way of thinking! Well done Andrew for coming the vision for this charitable event.Tim Kenchtestimonial

testimonialExcellent collection of speakers, well illustrating the many revenues available. However, I feel that they were many of there who were not in a financial position to take advantage of any of the opportunities presented. I would like to have learnt from anyone who has started with less that the £3 thous that your speakers required to get on board with them. Hopefully your ‘cash on demand course will be my way forward!’ Otherwise a great 3 days.Bruce Barkertestimonial

testimonialAndrew was awesome enormous and great. Although much of the information went straight over my head, some of it has stuck in my grey matter. I hope to use what I have learnt coupled with your monthly modules to gradually improve my knowledge. Each and everyone of your guest speakers were brilliant and very free with their knowledge and information. My favourite speaker was Mr Stephen Pierce and I am thinking of becoming an affiliate of his but my main wish is to join you Andrew in a joint venture if that is at all possible. Many thanks for such a super entrepreneur boot camp.Ronald James Thomastestimonial

testimonialA very ‘awe’ inspiring and yet highly motivational ‘3’ day seminar. All presenters were knowledgeable, charismatic and easy to listen to. But the most important thing for me was that they all expressed a genuine heart-felt interest in helping other entrepreneurs to achieve their great goalsKevin Thompson testimonial

testimonialAndrew this has been a very clever concept. For people like me who cannot afford the massive bargains at the ‘back of the room’. Your speakers reveal enough to get started so that at the next Boot Camp I shall be one of those ‘high taking’ to the back of the room bargains.Derick Pentland testimonial

testimonialExcellent conference – A little overpowering for some of the starters. Brilliant content – probably this would have been better had we been in the game. Made stacks of notes – gained excellent web addresses particularly from Armand overall could not be faulted – you & your staff have done a first class job in a very way.Geoff W Headlay testimonial

testimonialDo you remember when you first started looking for the button to turn the computer on ?? Well, these guys have mind – blowing stuff alright but rather like the computer- wizards who showed you how and made it look ‘quite easy really’ in the beginning, I’m afraid this hasn’t improved my confidence that I am the one can do it – astonishing yes, but so far above my head all I can see is sky!! Perhaps next year it would make a lot more sense – when & if I’ve managed to get started myself!.T J Denyer testimonial

testimonial Generally very interesting – As an absolute beginner in their industry, a lot of the presentations were well over my head, however, its and excellent opportunity to familiarise myself with the state of the Art I was looking forward to being able to discuss my needs with a copywriter as indicated in your own copy. The event was far too big to facilitate this, I guess. I thought there would be a lot of copywriters here who would be familiar with your successful formula and willing to work with a rookie like me – Also, people selling licences to products- what happened to them?(apart from Randy Charach)John Turner testimonial

testimonialWould like another hour of Ted Nicholas – to fill the book. The packages offered at the end of each talk are very expensive for most, particularly with fears of not being able to fully use them due to ignorance with a computer for instance. Could these packages with offered in smaller, therefore less expensive so that most of us could go home with something, or a little from each presenter.Valerie Dancertestimonial

testimonialMy fiancé didn’t think it would be her thing and it took me 2 weeks to persuade here to just try it. After the first two speakers she was hooked! She cancelled her Christmas shopping trips so she could attend the whole event. As usual Andrew over-delivers: this Boot Camp is brilliant no matter, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced hand. Lots of ideas, angles, and motivation, just one could easily turn you into a millionaire if you action it.Jon Martintestimonial

testimonialThe speakers had obviously made money and without doubt, even though they had not charged a fee would make money at this event – TRUE ENTREPRENEURS. Frank Kern, Armand Morin, Randy Charach and Ted Nicholas were absolutely outstanding and I would definitely come back if they were appearing again. DEREK GEHL – AWESOME – MORE THAN A HEADFUL OF IDEAS!Pete Cochranetestimonial

testimonialIt has been a very informative weekend. But just worried that we were exposed to so much offer that you get confused which one to get involved with. But I am sure that any of the offers will have the potential to make life change. Free coffee or tea on the house would have been appreciated.Barry Hyacinth testimonial

testimonialThank you forgiving me the opportunity to attend this boot camp. I hope that I will remember what I have learnt- even if it’s fraction of what I’ve been told . It is still most valuable – My one problem with the speakers was their accents and speed they spoke. I will have to make a similar donation to York Hill Hospital in Glasgow, as it is the same problems as Great Ormond Street.John Gordon-Hannahtestimonial

testimonialThank you for the invitation. A great weekend. Content excellent – speakers very good/inspirational even but came looking for Nuts & Bolts type help and found a lot of it over my head.Margaret Holttestimonial

testimonialThanks for laying on this event – some of the strategies explained are simply awesome. It’s certainly opened my eyes wider to the potential benefits of creating and selling products on the internet. Developing a database of clients etc. I also felt empathy with the underlying ethos behind the event, helping unfortunate sick children who get treated at Great Ormond Street. I especially liked Ted’s attitude, doubtless influenced by his successful fight against cancer. I am at the shallow end of attendees as far as sourcing products to trade on the internet is concerned. But intend to get moving as soon as I can. Very best wishes.Michael Downing testimonial

testimonialWhen I first arrived I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I soon found the whole experienced to be very enjoyable. The speakers were very entertaining and informative. I particularly enjoyed Ted Nicholas who was obviously very knowledgeable, but also very clear and precise about what he was describing as I have very little knowledge of the internet some of the information seemed a little hard to follow, but I’m more than willing to learn so hopefully in time I will be able to make something happen with what I have learned so far. As I said Boot Camp was well worth coming to and as time goes by I hope to enjoy many more to come.Michael Brown testimonial

testimonialWe all know the key to success is action. The main reason for most peoples in ability to act comes form the real or imagined difficulty of moving forward with their own project. I have in the past fallen into the same trap and joined the Big app hoppers and seminars/uncies. The entrepreneur Boot Camp has finally switched on the bulb in my head and made me act. This seminar has finally introduced speakers who make nice things simple. Easy bit size steps for fast results. I will have products online this week. I will earn money this week. My heart felt gratitude for your help. My external respect and admiration for your £325,000 fund raising. P.S. Can I be a speaker, next year!!!Mark Gardiner – Emerson testimonial

testimonialMy guest, Son and myself have found the boot camp very entertaining and informative. I with the aid of your Cash on Demand Course (of which I was initially very sceptical) I’m 100% sure my son and I can go to start a very lucrative business (or several). Without having to buy any of the products offered, at this time. I think we have gained enough information hints and tips for free, and can only Thank you for enabling us to do so. Well done for make the idea donating the proceeds of the event to Great Ormond Hospital. Many ThanksGraham Cook.testimonial

testimonialFirst boot camp I have ever attended. I was very impressed by all of the speakers who showed me excellent ways to expand my business. The boot camp has given me the confidence to move forward and become highly successful at internet marketing. Thank you Andrew for the invitation. I would highly recommend anybody who is interested in internet marketing to attend your conferences. This information was mind blowing. Thank You.Alan J Fearnstestimonial

testimonialHuge amount of valuable information for different levels of experience. Amazing line up of speakers. Wide range of good value offers. Considering the prices the offers, I think a substantial number (maybe majority ?) of attendees could only realistically choose one offer, if any. A lot of offers were only available on one day, and I understand the reasons for this, but I would have preferred to see all the offers and then chose one. Would be best if all offers were available all weekend. Obviously people would still have to act quickly for limited number offersSteven Hampton testimonial

testimonial Congratulations on a job well done. Not only for the money raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital. But for opening my eyes with your excellent services and showing me that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just someone with a torch bringing me some phone work but the downside I can see my dreams.David Powelltestimonial

testimonialTo learn secrets from the number 1 people in the industry has been amazing. The information on changing your mind set to focus on being a success, has been enlightening.Carl Morgantestimonial

testimonialVery good on the whole, some much better than other. Many of the early speakers insisted on starting with 60mins ra-ra-ra how would you feel with £100K extra? Waste of everyone’s time! Ok! I suppose to do it once as each one repeated it, but thereafter a complete waste and increasing annoying. But let’s not be negative!. Amazingly good speakers (nearly all) once they’d finished the unnecessary rara bit. Very inspiring- nearly all – especially Ted Nicholas. Worth the £££ on his own! Many thanks for organizing! Do it again – I’ll come!John Scott testimonial

testimonialVery interesting! I recognised a lot of the speakers and was – shocked that such well know internet marketers were there. After seeing them on DVD it was good to meet them. Loved the beginning of the seminar, with the sentences that represented ‘Freedom’ – very good introduction. I and a lot of people I spoke with wanted to hear more from Andrew. I enjoyed the insight he gave into his fathers shop & his early life. We would have liked to hear more from him & have a FAQ session as that would stop the hoards of Emails that will now undoubtedly come to him.Natalia Munoz-Rodrigueztestimonial

testimonialFantastic idea that’s raised well in excess of £300K for Great Ormond St Children Charity to give children the potential of a future & full life and bringing the world leaders in internet marketing to London that has truly given us life changing potential. All of the speakers have given so many ideas, strategies and the knowledge to build the future we choose. No other business seminar I’ve previously been on has opened my eyes to the enormous potential we have our hands on. Thank you!!Allen Woodingtestimonial

testimonial Fantastic! My mind is buzzing with all the brilliant information we have been given over the weekend, Saturday alone was monumental with four of the top internet marketers in the world sharing their knowledge with us. Andrew if you ever do another Bootcamp count me in. I really look forward to emailing you within the next few weeks with the results gained from just one or two of the tips received this weekend. Once again, many thanks, and let us not forget the reason for the event over £350,000 for Great Ormond Street. So I guess this is the true meaning of a win-win situation!Rosemary Woodingtestimonial

testimonialHaving attended a bootcamp. I would recommend such an event to any like minded individual /entrepreneur to attend an event such as this. I am determined to start my internet business so that I can come back a year to let people know just how easy it can be to achieve your goal once you make the decision to move forward in life and take back control. Hopefully I intend to return next year to people that I have succeeded.Michael Bondtestimonial

testimonialGREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I have enjoyed it very much indeed. My past life I was a professional wrestler and this is a new ground for me. I have a lot to learn but I believe with the quality of people you have around you Andrew I will fight 10 X 5 min rounds everyday to succeed. Through me career I did not invest for the future, thinking I could last a long time in my profession, but injuries put paid to that.I would have this to be a success for me and my wife and young daughter to be able to provide a great future for them. I am also a charity worker for MENCAP – Children with learning difficulties. Well Done Andrew for your great work.Henry Shirlowtestimonial

testimonialThe cause – very worthy – please repeat. All speakers gave the most interesting talk. Amazing claims but all proven and genuine great new ideas. Plenty of good advice.No speakers on ‘ego’ trips all had both feet on the ground. Very confident very knowledgeable very bright (all speakers) aware of trends in the market place. 1st Class presenters especially Ted Nicholas. Opening captions were excellent – We all need reminding of this from time to time. Wembley – ideal venue. Very motivational. A ‘top notch’ show.Tim Evans testimonial

testimonialSuper speakers, Top quality information. Great offers. Very professional presented seminar. Very enjoyable, although I got brain overload. I have not purchased any products here, as being new to this, I need to build my business on a shoe string first, using CASH-ON-DEMAND Course. Next year’s Bootcamp, and I will be in a position to buy any products.Roger E Chapmantestimonial

testimonial Fantastic Week-end Invaluable information came across from each and every speaker experienced or newbie, you cannot help but learn something new that will propel you forward in your quest for prosperity I will most certainly recommend any similar event you hold in the future. Thank-you Andrew for the invitation I am looking forward to thanking you personally when I make my 1st Million.Royston Summerelltestimonial

testimonial The whole weekend experience was fantastic and I felt privileged to be spoken by so many great internet marketing experts. Obviously some speakers found more relevant than others, but that was expected before, I arrived. I can confidently say that I look forward to putting a lot of these into practise. A few of the speakers got me very excited and proved to be the calalyst for many ideas flowing through my head. Many thanks.Nick Farinatestimonial

testimonialGreat Weekend full of great ideas for internet marketing but as you said in your sales letter promised a fast track to your cash on demand System which I have not heard much of in the three days it has now 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. The information I was hoping to hear was about fulfilment houses and a greater list of copy writers.. As I have already brought resale rights from you I want to fast track my project ie internet super conference But with time limited information you are providing in your monthly course I feel I am getting know where. I need names of fulfilment houses.Richard Flinntestimonial

testimonialAndrew such a wealth of information from the very well know speakers that you have managed to get together for us. I think you should be congratulated for getting them to attend and give us the information necessary to get our own internet based business up and running – Well Done!!Graham Billingetestimonial

testimonialBrilliant Event Wish I didn’t have a really bad cold & cough this weekend but it could not spoil the mind exploding, jaw dropping information (which was free) Can not wait to get my own business into warp drive and switch from IMPULSE DRIVE or PARK. I have been a student of Andrew and the ‘CASH ON DEMAND SYSTEM’ for 5 months and have learned more from him and this weekend then in my whole life before. Thanks for the opportunity (and the opportunity to help Gt Ormond St Hospital (too) Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. P.S. Derk Gehl is one of my HERO’S. It was great to see him too.Stephen Vincenttestimonial

testimonialA lot of content, enough to get you started on a new web-based business without having to buy further information, unless you wanted to shortcut the process. Even though I have attended the seminar, I am really looking forward to the release of the DVD (of the seminar), firstly as division on the details presented (which will cause even more ideas to be made)’ but also so that the topics that I did not quite’ get’ first time around can be reviewed and understood. An excellent springboard to progress from.P N Hipwelltestimonial

testimonialVery informative all genuine speakers offering professional services. All best at bargain business prices we found choice element had been taken away from us – considering we came with a limited budget some of Best left till last and were disappointed. You would think on this scenario we could have had push button pads at seats to select our interest and at the end of the day select and buy your considered packs?Lillian Herontestimonial

testimonialI congratulate you on your accomplishment but I think overall I am very disappointed. All your guest speakers were basically talking about was internet, internet, internet. Whilst I realise that one would have to use the internet, I am far more interested in what you are doing yourself and I am for one am disappointed that I/We didn’t hear more from your good self. As for the products For Sale I already know 80% of what I was being preached and although I m ay well have been interested in buying some of the newer products individually the packages on offer were so overpriced and padded out with junk that it just put me off said to say. However some of it was interesting but I don’t think I would do it again.Alan Bryantestimonial

testimonialVery impressive presentations! Ed Dale, Armand Morin & Derek Gehl deserve a special mention. My only reservation is that most of what was seen would need to be tweaked to fit UK market & I’m not sure that I could do that successfully. However that remains to be seen as I will certainly be giving many of the tips go! Overall a very worthwhile weekend & definitely worth repeating.Amy Bland testimonial

testimonialI have been to a few seminars in my life, no too many considering that I am only 23 years old. But this is by far for the best. Very honoured to have listened to such great speaker I have personal financial goals to achieve by 25 and they are made me feel it is possible. Unfortunately the product were just to expensive for me dispite the unbelieveable packages. I was hoping they would offer smaller useful packages (more affordable) A starter pack. Andrew just want to thank you for everything. It is all very much appreciated and I am looking forward to my follow up modules.Marc Carsontestimonial

testimonialThank you for inviting me to his great weekend. I have enjoyed it very much. I came here on a shoe string and would have liked to have the finance to purchase some off the items, unfortunately I lost everything I had in loos, and I am broke just got the money to get here I did have enough to buy the seminar CD so I may use data.Stanley Brewertestimonial

testimonialVery, very informative. Good to hear from different successful people and their ideas. On the downside some of the presentations where to fast to take note & digest information. Brought package from Derek Gehl. Hope to make loads of money. I realise you had to work to a tight schedule, maybe next time one less speaker may make the whole seminar less hurried. Enjoyed it very much, going back to work tomorrow for a rest.John. R. Lloydtestimonial

testimonialYour willingness to donate your time & resources, and to persuade so many others to do the same, for such a worthy cause, and as a great informer and motivator for your clients certainly impresses me! Having seen your video of past workshops for 50-100 people, I was amazed at the scale of this event. I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the sheer variety of ways to market on the Internet, being an absolute beginner. I can browse & send an Email, but not a lot more. The more I see, the more I recognise the need to get e-literate & i-literate! – and to get started. I hadn’t planned to start up until January 2006 – and am now even less sure how to start. So these next few weeks are a welcome opportunity to digest your materials and the thick wad of notes on this Seminar, and try to focus on my plane of action. My heartfelt thanks for a weekend of great inspiration – in lots of areas. – Not just how to make good money – but how to make life something to celebrate.Roger Horton testimonial

testimonialIt was a superb event, inspirational speakers especially Ted Nicholas and Armand Morin were more motivated – concise and insightful. The organisation was great – we were lucky – we had great seats in the lover circle in front of the stage and were staying at the Plaza Hotel literally two minutes walk away! This is the last day and there is sense of almost sadness to be leaving such great company! I brought my partner to this event. She had never encountered internet marketing before – nor could see have ever conceived or believed the potential to be earned. She is now a convert!Simon Everington testimonial

testimonialDidn’t know what to expect – especially number attending! So much information – but the most important thing for me is Take Action Very helpful to actually put faces to Emails! Interesting to hear thoughts of other attendees. Congratulations to you (Andrew) for extreme charity. Thank youRodney Smithtestimonial

testimonialNever been to a conference like this before – fantastic event content of speakers presentation was extremely helpful with lots of usual web addresses for further research – very important. Very professional, factual, worthwhile event, thanks! P.S. You could not have selected a better charity.Julian Bickerstestimonial

testimonialI found that the Bootcamp to be famously informative& the most value of the course that could ever be had my problem was not the workshop but with the hall itself my ticket was for block 18 Row E & of the presentations I could hear nothing of and I had difficulty reading the screen in the centre of the hall. I was not alone & many people sitting near me actually left the hall during the presentations. Regarding the speakers all of which were excellent (those I could hear anyway) They all had very highly priced sets for sale. The comments I hoard and my own view is that the collections should be split up as most of us could not afford the high capital cost.R F Bickerstestimonial

testimonialEnjoyed and found useful. Lots of great speakers and many tips picked up. Look forward to another one!Keith Joycetestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has been interesting, inspirational. There is a possibility of information over load, but I am determined to take what is relevant and utilize it and be a success. Some of the information given me a variety of ideas. I like some off the basics given as I am just new to this and gathering information and all the best in the future.P Jamestestimonial

testimonialAndrew you have done a fantastic job. You’ve got 2,500 people together, who between them raised over £25,000 for a well deserved charity, ie at the same time have got together top experts in the market/internet marketing held, who have given us all 3 days of jam packed and very interesting information, which will help anyone of us start a business what has the potential of being very successful. ThanksPeter Nicholson testimonial

testimonialI thought your 3 day of Conference was very successful. I was greatly impressed with your cheque for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Overall I was very impressed. One criticism was the coloured gentleman he was boring. I brought Life form and a recording of the conference. It was difficult for me as I am in a wheel chair and came down on the Thursday by train. The train from Larcs was late and I missed my connection but got the late one. Overall I was very pleased I made the effort.John Mellontestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed the 3 day boot camp, and feel I have come away with a lot of ideas and information that I can try and use to make money on the internet. Also it was nice to see other real people face to face also interested in business ops like myself and to see the real Person in the flesh who complies and sends out the monthly courses. A truly memorable weekend Bootcamp. Also inspirational to be in Millionaires Company.Michael Spellertestimonial

testimonialI found the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp very helpful and inspiring. As a result I have found the confidence to create and market my own products. The Speakers gave some invaluable information, and I really appreciate being given the opportunity to be here. Thanks Andrew.Samuel Akinsanyatestimonial

testimonialGood Fantastic, brilliant but so much so fast. I will need to review and take out what I need now but I know what I need and I did not know that before I can. Where are the UK experts besides yourself? Mind you it means there’s spare left. Thanks for the opportunity it was an experience!Ron Blandford testimonial

testimonialAfter investigating internet business for many years and not feeling that I could confidentially beat my current income, I can now confidently say that it is possible & once over the initial learning period, should be achievable in fewer hours/week.Geoff Attewelltestimonial

testimonialI have attended this conference on behalf of a friend and it is a wonderful one. I am working out of the hall in great spirit gong out there to carry out what I have learn with this few day. I hope to give a testimony next year.Olu Popoolatestimonial

testimonialUnfortunately I couldn’t make the first day so will have to watch it on DVD when I get the chance. However, yesterday was beyond my expectations. I found wealth of information over whelming. There must have been something for everyone. There was so much information it was impossible to take in but I’ve taken copious notes. Ted Nicholas was amazing. It was worth coming just to get his ‘lesson’ on copywriting. I found Steven Pierce’s accent a bit difficult to understand so did not get all the information. It would be nice to just have had some basis info on the 3 days i.e. name of the speakers, their specialist areas i.e. websites.Cynthia Muirtestimonial

testimonialNever had an idea so many Gurus at one event. I will email you with my comments after the event. WOW!S Greenwood testimonial

testimonialThis was a great event, extremely well organised and put together. Andrew is a truly great man and the guest speakers were all top drawer in not only their own field but beyond. I would like to sincerely thank Andrew for inviting we have and hopefully meet him again soon, with my new business well on the way.Liam Gormleytestimonial

testimonialI would like to say thank you Andrew for this Amazing opportunity. I think what you and the other Great Internet Marketers are doing some AMAZING. I have learned enormous amounts of GOLD Information and Marketing techniques from GURUS who are making Millions doing what they teach. I have been so inspired and feel highly motivated become where I want to be. I am so grateful for this opportunity again I thank you. I am only 19 year old single-mum. I now know I CAN DO IT!Jade Thomastestimonial

testimonialI thought the information given at this course was invaluable. All speakers were very knowledgeable in their field. Although I did not have the funds to purchase your products, the free advice I received is an excellent starting point. The other comment I’d make is probably to have a bit less speakers next years so they could take a bit more time to explain the process. All in all, I’d like to thank Andrew for this opportunity to improve myself and raise funds for a charity. My 3 minute talk to myself in the morning would now be that I will be successful in this. Business in the name of Jesus, whilst being grateful & counting by blessing.Karam Vidaltestimonial

testimonialFantastic opportunity for complete beginners to learn how to get an internet business off the ground or for small businesses to learn how to market effectively on line. Thank you Andrew for letting the little people in on all these great secrets at such an affordable price and for such a good cause. Congrats on your success. P.S. I would be interested in a licence to sell the DVD – can you help with this. I have purchased a copy at boot camp.Nikki Tunbridge testimonial

testimonialGood selection of speakers. Frank Garon and Ted Nicholas Excepted, the American (and surprisingly the Canadian) Speakers made absolutely no attempt to tailor their presentations to a British Audience.John Frewen-Lordtestimonial

testimonialI found the whole weekend very well organised and extremely informative. Your choice of speaker was super. There was an enormous amount of information to take in but luckily I shall shortly have the DVD’S to reinforce the memory. Thank you for having invited me.John Eabrytestimonial

testimonialThank you for an amazing few days. I am not sure how I am putting this together as my brain is reeling from the amount and value of the input. I do know that it has changed my life (for the better). I look forward to future Boot Camps but ‘as someone who made it or at least is well on the way, rather than a beginner, as now. Thank you too for what you have done for Great Ormond St. As trustees of a small charity my wife and I do really understand its value of efforts like yours.Brian J Stevensontestimonial

testimonialIt was a great weekend, & the information gathered very valuable even overwhelming at times, but this is only because I am such a beginner. I am looking forward to going home & making a start tomorrow. Brian and I really appreciate the opportunity you have given us especially as we could not have afforded any of your previous courses. The fact that so much money was raised for Great Ormond St Hospital also was to us a great bonus. Very much in line with our own dreams of helping others when we too are in a position to do more of it. Really grateful thanksJackie Stevensontestimonial

testimonialWow. What a wonderful weekend. The speakers were inspirational & the content was dynamite. I came this weekend believing that I could make the life I want via the internet but not knowing How To Make It Happen. Now I know how. What really struck me was the speakers desire to help us succeed & their passion for what they do. Thank you.Richard Stevensontestimonial

testimonialMore internet base than no anticipated being a ‘cash on demand’ subscriber but so informative never this list. As a computer novice it was opened my eyes to a whole new ability to form additional income streams to compliment my visiting business interests. New one for me charity effort also – I hope one day to be in your position and be of some substantial benefit to me causes we are all so passionate about.Andy McKectinie testimonial

testimonialHaving studied material in the past, I already knew what I should do to start my internet business. This seminar taught me how and has given me the tools and, more importantly, the confidence and motivation to do the hardest thing – take the first step.Martyn Boadentestimonial

testimonialI came along with a friend who invited me. I had not a clew what I was about to experience. I came with an open mind. What I found was that after each and every speaker, my mind was opening wider and wider. This Boot Camp has inspired me to start making changes to my life, NOW TODAY. Already I am writing my dreams, goals & business plan and I have not left the building. I will see you at the top.Andrew Smithtestimonial

testimonialAs far as buying products is concerned there where a lot of people who didn’t have the funds to purchase whole packages the speakers were selling it would have been better if they could have also sold individual items on the day.Clive R Jacksontestimonial

testimonialQuite an interesting seminar! The boost to the fortunes of GOS Hospital is fantastic. You have done very well for putting all these together. But I hope the next event will feature a talk by a Tax Expert to inform attendees on the avoidance of tax liabilities emanating from the profitable schemes,A Obasen Esqtestimonial

testimonialWell informed and balance Seminar.Wonderful opportunities to be had if one could only take advantage of them. Having spoken to some of the delegates. Comments were that the seminar was aimed mainly .at the more advanced internet user. I personally am only at the beginning, having had my computer a matter of months. A concensus of some delegates including myself wanted to know more of the start up pro cess. I am determined to overcome this by obtaining more information i.e. exactly which buttons to actually press to literally start the process. A lot of the speakers were way over my head. But thank you for the monthly Cash on Demand System fantastic. Here I can find what and how to start. Unfortunately I can not afford the speakers boxes after their sessionGeorge E Ashcrofttestimonial

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