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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialI can only say why is this the first conference I have attended excellent all the information I require. The first million should be easy. P.S. Thanks for this tip, on avoiding the wingoms. We British are certainly professionals at that. Thanks for the opportunity Andrew.Stephen Almond,testimonial

testimonialInformative and passionate speakers – Ted was especially inspiring! Some Speakers lacked detail however this was counter balanced by very detailed and informative speakers over the 3 days. Very cleverly constructed course with no speaker agenda. Conference would have benefited form peoples selling products not just the speakers selling the internet marketing products. Wembley was a great venue and facility.Nathan Gould.testimonial

testimonialVery interesting first 2 days I was looking forward to listening to yourself as I feel as I have prescribed to cash on demand you would be energising us with your own success story. I felt I was at complete overload point Sunday mid-morning. I am very pleased to continue cash on demand course because I feel you are a very genuine person really hoping to help others. To be honest I do struggle with American Hype Type speakers but understand they must be very successful. I hope one day to be able to stand up and relay my British success thanks to you good luck.John L Willmotttestimonial

testimonialI would not have missed this Boot Camp for the world. I could have listened to Ted Nicholas alone for a whole day, what this Guy knows changes your whole view or Philosophy. Well worth the trip. Please keep up the good work you are doing. Do not under estimate how much help, focus and strategy people who have turned up are learning about.J Crouchtestimonial

testimonialWhat a Great Boot Camp! The energy of the presenters and their passion and commitment to wanting people to succeed was super. Everyone I spoke to was really enjoying themselves and learning tons. Thanks Andrew!Chris Paynetestimonial

testimonialGreat! Very inspirational all the speakers were very good. They put their message across in a way that was very easy to understand. Ted Nichols was my favourite, what a guy, what a great and courageous spirit.John Clements testimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the Boot Camp and it was for a very worthy cause. I did not realise however, that I would be one amongst 2,600 people. I thought I may have got to speak to you personally. I did try but to no avail. I thought your sales letter was slightly misleading. Despite purchasing a number of products. I have still not managed to speak to you personally.Patrick Flanagantestimonial

testimonialExcellent – educational and very entertaining.Peter Collinstestimonial

testimonialFound all the presentations very useful and the trainers were of the hugest calibre and obviously some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs. I am a businessman made redundant recently and would make a ambitious student to mentor and then use in your marketing materials.Paul Richardstestimonial

testimonialA truly fantastic opportunity to meet so many great people. It would be useful if an agenda could be displayed at the beginning- this would enable us to manage our time in regard to the speaking to the presenters outside the presentations and reduce the risk of doing it at the wrong time and missing critical information.M Aldridge testimonial

testimonialI found the boot camp excellent and the quality of the speakers first rate. My only comment would be that I expected the seminar to much more an update or personal tuition for the cash on demand course that I am following and would have liked to have more from Andrew. As a complete beginner I feel a lot of the information was above my head. I need to dip my feet in the water with a simple start.N B Hulmetestimonial

testimonialAn Absolutely inspiring weekend. I have found every speaker to be fascinations to both watch and listen to. If any one cannot leave this seminar and start to take immediate action on what they have seen and heard then they never will. I cannot wait to get home and get started. I have already formulated the steps I need to take when I get home. When I come back to another seminar I want to be in position where I can talk to people about my successes.Edward Priestytestimonial

testimonialFantastic is understatement to describe this weekend. So much information so so many choices. Thank goodness you are recording this and I look forward to being at the bootcamp again. I am only a ‘beginner’ on the internet but hope to be able to join the wonderful world of the move enlightened ones and enjoy all the benefits that an internet income will provide in the very near future. Thank you Andrew for this weekend.Margaret Hendersontestimonial

testimonialThis was my first time at an event like this so I did not know what to expect. It was a fantastic 3 days with great speakers. I managed to get lots of ideas and tips throughout the 3 days and I also helped raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you Andrew for giving me this opportunity.Lisa Sungtestimonial

testimonialI have gained a ton of valuable information at the boot camp and feel it has been very worthwhile 3 days. I found some speakers more useful and relevant than others, but managed to get several useful hints and tips form each and everyone so none of the sessions were wasted. On the positive side some of the speakers were truly inspirational and gave information with a great deal of clarity. On the negative side a couple of the speakers targeted the information at too high a level of experience and so a lot of the messages were lost.Lee Betteridge testimonial

testimonialAlthough I have only been to 1 previous seminar held by Andrew Reynolds this was by far the most Exhilirating. I am fairly new in this industry of Marketing, but as a consequence of this boot camp I have had not only the opportunity to learn from the Best of the Best but also meet some of them personally. This experience has truly become Life Changing Books, Audio and Video do not always provide the charge up atmosphere which a live boot camp like has provided. Very informative. Many thanks Andrew,Mr Ritesh Shahtestimonial

testimonialVery Interesting covered a wide range of marketing ideas. Enjoyed it very much. Very sorry that Andrew did not talk to us about the products he was giving us. Would like to have heard about using mailing lists, etc.Sheila Lee- Starrtestimonial

testimonialThank you for an excellent event which has no doubt taken many hours of planning. I have taken Course notes and learned quite a lot from the event. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement, but no doubt will fall into place in the coming Weeks and Months. I intend to get up and started and have a TV in mind. Thanks again for an excellent event.Clive Billinghamtestimonial

testimonialAndrew, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this event. It has been inspirational. I have learned so many things about Marketing and the Internet That I would not have learnt on my own, and in my own time. Your speakers have provided me with the knowledge and insight that gives me the confidence to go ahead and apply this knowledge in my own business. I was so confident that this was going to be a life changing event for me that I packed in my job a few weeks prior to the event. Keep up the good work.Michael Stephensontestimonial

testimonialI came to this boot camp not knowing who the speakers were – and have been absolutely amazed at the calibre of the people who have made the presentations. These people are world experts in their fields – people who can normally only be seen at very expensive conferences in the USA. They have delivered training which is comprehensive, structured, comprehensible – and immediately usable I have a list of specific things to do – starting on Monday morning – which I am confident, will turn my business around. Many Thanks for the invitation.Bernard Howes testimonial

testimonialVery Enlightening presentation! Very Powerful material! Inspirational! Anyone who wants to make a great deal of money in their own internet business or any other business for that matter needs to attend this seminar. If you miss this, you have missed out high quality production. Andrew Reynolds Is The Man.Abdur-Rahman Alitestimonial

testimonialFound the whole weekend very well organised. Speakers very passionate about the subject and products. Wembly staff very courteous and polite. Mr Reynolds had time to talk to us many people as he could between breaks. Very pleased with the whole set upMr Doug Reid testimonial

testimonialReally inspired by Bootcamp. Reinforced the concepts already learned. If this doesn’t change my life to the life style I want nothing. Fantastic speakers if anyone wants a successful Internet, Marketing, Business, these people will make a success. Now have so much knowledge and different ‘mind set’! Need to action and just do it. Many, many thanks Andrew for your invitation, I cannot recommend it highly enough I am lost for words.Ann Carringtontestimonial

testimonialI enjoyed all the speakers at the conference. I would have liked to speak to you (Andrew) personally about the C.O.D. system whilst I was at the Conference. I have a few questions I would like answered. Would you be happy for me to email you with my queries?D K Melvin.testimonial

testimonialAs you had not published a list of speakers, I was a bit apprehensive as to what would be presented with. I need not have worried because the line up of speakers was Top Notch & World Class. I was especially pleased and surprised to be able to see and hear Ted Nicholas a legend in the industry. I have attended a few of these type of event and I have to say that this was indeed Head & Shoulders above the rest. The most powerful influence,. However was to be able to help raise over £325,000 for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. We suffered many heartaches with our elder daughter, now 17 and its good to be able to give something back to the medical profession for all the help we received.P Nolan testimonial

testimonial12 months ago I was foolish enough to have a Heart Attack and Life Saving Open/Still heart Surgery. The Banks punished my foolishness by moving me form Triple A Credit Status to Bankruptcy. At your Book Camp a presentation by Armand Merlin has given me enough Free Information to be able to start my Financial Recovery. The clear, precise information has started ideas flowing in my head that I feel will put me in a financial position to take more advantages of the help packages offered by your other speakers in their respective presentations. In the words of Arnie I will be back.Many thanks for the inspiration as well as a couple of timely kicks in the pants.testimonial

testimonialCongratulations on the success of your Ormond St Charity Contributions. It is my intention to do the same for the people who saved my life last year at the Manchester Royal Hospital Cardiac Unit with some of the Profit I generate from your inspiration. My sincere thanks.Paul H Stensontestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp has opened up potentials which I other wise would have been unknown to me. It’s given me insights into a market that’s given me unlimited scope for growth. The idea of running an online business is of particular interest because I have a visual impairment and the advance in technologies to access electronic material is now available through access technology (ie the P.C. tasks to me selling ie hard copy books is obviously difficult.)Jason Spencer testimonial

testimonialCongratulations on an excellent weekend. Everything has been great The Speakers are wonderful. The information varied so useful. There has been something for everyone, whether newbie or professional, for online and off line businesses. Its great to hear people who practise what they preach and actually share their methods (proven Ways) with you in detail that you can follow and copy!! How refreshing. Your hard work should be applauded will done and thanks.Ruth- Eda Talbot testimonial

testimonialAll though I knew the internet. I use eBay, Paypal and have a domain name. I’ve been on line for5/6 years. I know nothing. When I sat down on Friday and looked around I wanted to go home, I found that it works. I know now that this is the way I want to go. The money going to the children is great.Ian Grundie testimonial

testimonialTo have the opportunity to hear Ted Nicholas and Armand Moran speak has been tremendous. The venue was excellent. If I could make one comment on what I would have liked it would be Andrew having a bit more time to go through the licences but I am so glad we had time with Ted & Derek, as well as Armand Moran. Thank you so much I know I know what to do now.Amanda Wardalltestimonial

testimonialI would like to thank you Andrew for a wonderful time the conference was absolutely mind blowing something I will remember for life and also I want to thank you for what you have done for charity and I am so pleased it is going to a good cause to help those in need. Once again thank you Andrew.Arron Murphytestimonial

testimonialThanks Andrew for the invite to another great Seminar and all the money is going to a good cause which I commend you for, I myself will be donating to the Blind Society when I start making money as I have a blind daughter myself. All of the information I have received over the last 3 days will give me more direction into my new and exciting life.Ray Murphytestimonial

testimonialAn awesome event Andrew, many thanks for making it happen. My pen is smoking from all the furious note taking and it is going to take ages to make sense of it I will. I have entered into a deal with one of your speakers and am positive it will assist me in reaching my goals. I am amazed at the calibre of the people you managed to get here to educate us and offer my sincere congratulation. I look forward to the day when I can get up on stage at Wembley and tell the audience that I can dot it, you can do it too. Again, well done and thank you.Lawrence Nelson testimonial

testimonialI found the boot camp very helpful in many ways. It is difficult to specify anything in particular because each speaker was excellent in his own way dealing with his subject. Unfortunately there was not enough time to take proper notes but even so it gave me greater insight into internet and a lot of ideas.Z S Okolskitestimonial

testimonialFascinating and very informative boot camp. Well worth the money. More ideas and data you will ever need to make millions. One of the best ever seminar I’ve been to, great speaker, in depth info and run very professionally,Mr Hasmukh Mistry testimonial

testimonialA valuable opportunity to see internet marketers in action and to see and hear reiterated what I am learning from Andrew Reynolds course – Cash- on – Demand. I had my 66th Birthday this Sat 25th Nov and 3 days and so many hours in these seats is some what testing but the wealth of material available is very encouraging. I am looking forward to licences mentioned by Andrew and moving forward – yes !!Eric Shale testimonial

testimonialIt has been a very enjoyable experience attending the boot camp, and have picked up quite a bit of information.Zahid Yakcobtestimonial

testimonialExtremely stimulating weekend. Before coming here I had no defined strategy. Now I’ve got more strategies than you can shake a stick at! Excellent speakers who have clearly walked the walk! Many, many thanks to Andrew Reynolds for providing a gateway to a new life.Andy Mackay testimonial

testimonialWhat an Eye-opener! Totally surpassed and (surprised) my pre- conceived notions about selling on the internet (& else – Where). Great Speakers – almost without exception. I learned a lot, but best of all, my enthusiasm level is at a new high, look forward to the next one!J Graham Parkintestimonial

testimonialI am one of your inner circle numbers currently researching to do my first campaign in January. I also attended your June Seminar in Heathrow last year. This is my first seminar of on line and to be honest to say I am extremely impressed would be a huge under statement. I was hoping to meet you and touch base and ask a few questions – sadly if any criticism is necessary then its only that you were not able to clone yourself to cover every one! An excellent highly enjoyable weekend Andrew – well done!William Morlais James Jones testimonial

testimonialFantastic program – But too much too fast for me as a beginner! Really impressive list of speakers. I feel honoured to have seen so many industry speakers on stageK G Cartwrighttestimonial

testimonialJust a quick note of thanks, this weekend has changed my life, by being at this boot camp has made me change the way I think. I no longer have any fears to accomplish my dreams in the opportunities on offer. I have been impressed and motivated by your speakers anyone can do this business and no matter what background they are from I can’t wait to start my business on Monday I will take the information I have learnt use my time wisely and create my own product to sell in my chosen topic., Thanks AgainTracey Morrisontestimonial

testimonialYes! Thanks for a great event. It’s my first such seminar and I’ve gathered a lot of useful information and ideas. But because its my first and the speakers recommendations have, not surprisingly, sometimes been conflicting, I’ll be thinking and researching some more, before I take the plunge. But I will do it!Nick Chamber testimonial

testimonialWow! What a fantastic boot camp! Andrew Reynolds has out-excelled himself in getting these super successful internet marketing experts together for this event. All the speakers were phenomenal. They really packed their sessions with masses and masses of information helpful, fascinating, usable information. Very valuable information. Really cutting-edge stuff. And all these guys are not just super successful- they are also outstanding presenters. Life changing potential? DEFINITELYMs B Naleznatestimonial

testimonialExcellent, brilliant & Definitely worth the trip from Jersey. Just wish I had more money to buy the product being sold by each of the speakers American & Canadian speakers were fantastic some more British speakers at the next boot camp would be great.Trevor Carrretestimonial

testimonialVery inspiring. I have been impressed by all the speakers especially Ted Nichols and Armand Morin. I found Stephen Pierce sometimes difficult to understand due to his accent and fast speech, I have gotten the most of speakers who went thoroughly over 1 topic than those who tried to cover many topics quickly. I have an idea which I will Email you separately. Thank you very much for putting it together.Christine De Bledtestimonial

testimonialI liked the boot camp very good, well done. You should consider that some people including me, are unable to partake of all the lovely offers. I am here to make money, (sorry I am Broke) when I make it (money) I will spend it with you. So it’s a good relationship.Andrew Simpson-Laingtestimonial

testimonialUnbelievable! I have learned so much in 3 days – from people who have been there & done it. On the basis of this, I have rethought some key aspects of my business strategy. My Company is just going live & I have much greater confidence in the way forward in what is a new area to me. Key Lesson to me is JDFA or JFDS – Just flipping do anything or – something. Thanks for the opportunity to attend & learn. Life changing potential sums it up and raising money for charity as well. Brilliant.Jim Meikle testimonial

testimonialThis entrepreneur Boot Camp has been informative creative and has lived up to any expectations I had prior to attending the boot camp, I believe this weekend will transform my life, not only for me but also for my family. Well done Andrew.Alan Sherringtontestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the three days very much. The speakers were excellent and I have learned so much. The boot Camp has shown me something of the potential of this business & that I am at the beginning of a very exciting journey. I believe Andrew that you have staged an event that delivered far beyond my expectations. Thanks so much.D M Johnston testimonial

testimonialProbably the most comprehensive – informative – and ultimate look at how to get going professionally on the internet, with speakers offering great advice, support and ongoing help to beginners, intermediates, and really good nuggets of information for experience marketers. If Andrew Reynolds stages another boot camp do not miss it, its life changing. The professional presenters and quality of speakers are second to none. Real workable info you can make money with – realistically – within 7 days.Steve Scullytestimonial

testimonialA superb event and a real eye opener. I’ve always known that the internet is a bottomless ‘goldmine ’but needed the know how and motivation to become a ‘miner’. The last three days have given me that and a whole lot more – The range of speakers were inspirational, professional and leaders in their fields.Steve Palmer testimonial

testimonialThe boot camp was excellent they had excellent speakers and I learned loads of stuff, it was even better than expected. I also know that the ticket money will be sent to a good cause to spend on Great Ormond Street Hospital, the three days were hectic and excellent. Once Again thanks Andrew,Sadekul Islamtestimonial

testimonialThis has been a fantastic weekend! I’ve learnt a heck of a lot of information within the last couple of days that I’m now so fired up to get my direct marketing/online business up and running. The speakers have been excellent and the info they’ve provided is downright priceless! Stephen Pierce, Armand Morin, Ted Nicholas – All in the same room – UNBELIEVABLE!Al Adenoletestimonial

testimonialDue to our Postal Service I almost missed out on this great event. But with a fantastic stroke of luck was allocated a seat at Wembley. To have missed this event would have been to have missed something special. Not only Great Ormond Street Hospital gained from this event – we all did. Many thanks, Andrew.H J Leigh testimonial

testimonialWhere do I start? So many golden nuggets of information, tips & tricks that I hardly know where to begin. Learning directly from the Daddies in the Internet Marketing, Direct Mail & Copy writing world has been PRICELESS and all for a massively worthwhile cause! Many thanks Andrew – Top Man !!Paul Faghytestimonial

testimonialI found this Boot Camp very beneficial. It has provided a concrete direction in which to go to the knowledge & confidence to go down that road. I found the speakers very thorough & motivational. I look forward to starting & growing a successful internet business.Balraj Dhillontestimonial

testimonialAs always received as a lot of great information form Andrews workshops, but this supersedes the lot! Fantastic content from all the speakers. Got tons of ideas! Andrew knows his marketing stuff by having some of the best internet people on the planet explaining their products & services. This will turbo charge my business.Peter Rose testimonial

testimonialSeminar was full of fantastic information given by a lot of great speakers. In fact I would say perhaps their was too much info! (if that’s a silly thing to say then it’s probably because my head feels like exploding). However, it has been a very enjoyable and I expect to be a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. Thank you for this opportunity. Stephen G Berrytestimonial

testimonialThis was the first seminar that I have been to and the information is invaluable. Some of the information went straight over my head (information overload) and other information has triggered off ideas and plans for the future. If I had the money I would have probably bought all the sets of info form all the talkers it help me along the way to my riches. So my pen has been on fire trying to take many notes as possible. All the speakers have been considerate and patent and listen to as many students as possible. The variety of speakers has been great so people at all stages of this business can take something from the seminar and use in their business inexperienced or expert. Thank you Andrew for inviting me to this seminar and raising a substantial amount of money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and thanks to all your staff and Wembley staff for this event.Craig Sowerbytestimonial

testimonialI am grateful for the opportunity of attending this seminar especially as it was virtually free. All the speakers haven been inspirational, some more than others. The one I found more inspirational were the ones who provided the nitty gritty, the nuts, and bolts of doing what they were talking about. For a number of speakers I felt that I was given a sales pitch for the goods at the end. Unfortunately I am green as far as computer and especially the internet are concerned and I need more basic information of actual processes needed to actuate the ideas expounded having said that I have enjoyed the weekend.Lawrence Hope testimonial

testimonialI have been wanting to attend one of these type of events for some time now however I was not able to afford the ticket price to go when Andrew mailed me but the details of the seminar I literally jumped at the chance to go, My computer was not working at the time and I mail to my sisters house to register for the seminar .I am really glad to attend, the speakers have been fantastic giving us some great ideas which we can apply to our business whatever that may be. I can’t wait to start implementing some of the things I have told about! Thanks Andrew for the great opportunity. I hope I make the most of it.Elsie Campbelltestimonial

testimonialIt just got better by the day and the emphasis on the fact that everybody present was capable of success as well as being destined for it (depending on individual actions/follow up) was good. Any eye opener to know that it was no rocket science but a system that has to be in place and thought process. Etc. To have the knowledge yet not to put it to practice is to ones own failure. Action by trying whatever initial steps followed by continuation in applying the follow on will now be in the requirements for the stage at which I am now at.Roy Wilsontestimonial

testimonialAfter going to Boot Camp, I don’t feel so alone out there! My wife thinks I’m a nutcase chasing rainbows but I always knew it was out there if I could pursuit the correct way. Your speakers have given me a better insight of what I can achieve. Like most of them I lost every thing & my company went solvent overnight but never lost sight of the opportunities out there for me as long as remained focused on my dreams for myself & my wife – who would rather I do slowly , methodically but without the financial returns I know I can make. I already had an idea for a major subscription website but also after listening to your speakers I have a further project immediately for me to go for. Thanks for inviting me & giving me & the 2599 others of the opportunity to succeed & go forward.Mr John Hodskins testimonial

testimonialThe atmosphere at the central hall is magnificent most conducive to concentration for 2000 persons taking note. You certainly have built up a tremendous amount of information in these three days. Your guests were very enthusiastic about their expertise. Some times somewhat forceful but providing us the information we wanted. I would have liked to know which coach number they corresponded. I realised that coach 3 corresponded to Randy Charach that Ed Dale corresponded to coach 6 etc – But that was not important after all. I travel a lot but it is a great event for me when I am in U.K. if only to update myself to new technology.Mr Jean Guillaume testimonial

testimonialAfter making a bad investment with Storesonline I was desperate to supplement my income (next year it will be my pension (All credit cards maxed out and a son in Texas I would like to help. I grew despondent throughout the first day & half because I couldn’t afford 3-5 thousand pounds for the products on offer – THEN I STARTED TO SEE THE LIGHT. I now have enough information to go home and start earning real money – ok, slowly at first. Next year I will buy the products I would like.Roger Sampson testimonial

testimonialNot just glad – but grateful I attended this mind blowing, confusing and enlightening – How’s that for a contradiction of terms Seminar. Andrews integrity has now been, in my view restored by this worthwhile Info, worthy cause.Duncan H McGibon testimonial

testimonialI am very grateful for having had the opportunity of attending the boot camp. What a joy to learn step by step successful strategies! I left with a wonderful feeling that I can achieve whatever I want in life. I started believing in myself and have no doubt that I will make my first million in 2 years time the latest if I apply all the techniques presented to me and I can’t wait to get off my backside and start taking action tomorrow. I feel so energetic and confident that I will change my life beyond recognition very shortly!! Keep up with the good work Mr Reynolds. Best Regards.Jocelen Silvestre-Harvey testimonial

testimonialI consider this to be one of the most motivational and impressive seminars I have ever attended. The speakers were all very informational and very humorous!! I can truly say that my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Wembley and can’t wait to get home and to get started on our ‘road to wealth’ in Internet marketing and putting all this valuable information to work!! Many, many thanks to you and the speakers for inviting us to this event.Derrick & Diane Varleytestimonial

testimonialVery good, full of information. Some very interesting internet business’s, I’ve got so many new ideas to try out in the next few weeks.Mr A G Sherd testimonial

testimonialAs a beginner (Absolute) and with little internet experience, I found it very much a eye opener to possibilities but also a little marketing. I need to buy the DVD of the event to review a very hectic 3 days.R.J. Oakleytestimonial

testimonialIt has been valuable to see a wider community of successful people demonstrating the same simple principles in their own individual way. Derek Gehl and Ted Nicholas were particularly functionally educational and accessible form as too Armand Morn. I now feel more confident and informed both at no to low start up and in the advanced stages how to go about this. Look forward to the licences and products you promised.Richard Duesbury testimonial

testimonialThe conference has been very informative and helpful in the sense that there has being information for me that I would not have found out from any other source. Not all but some speakers will hopefully benefit in some way in the information that they have provided. One slight drawback is that the seminar day has maybe being a couple of hours too long.Yacoob Amejee testimonial

testimonialI am still fairly new to the internet marketing but I feel I have learned more this weekend than over the previous 18 months that I’ve been studying. My first website & product will be live shortly which will hopefully be successful & allow me to create many more thanks to your help this weekend.Adam Freretestimonial

testimonialI would not normally have come to such an event as I am currently focused on a different area altogether but the offer was irresistible (£199.00 donation to charity) that I could not refuse! However it was very informative and entertaining and may well inspire me to finally do something in this field! I liked most of the seminar with Ted Nicholas – it was really something special to hear live. Apart from the great information to hear him talk about his rich life and experience was quite moving and uplifting! Stephen Pierce is also a great source of inspiration on a personal level.J R Benson testimonial

testimonialThe seminar was full of info reaching out to different levels of knowledge. I will take away the motivational aspect of the seminar possibly more that the info aspect. Now retired but coming from a background of business, training & teaching, I would suggest that 50 min and a 10 min break would be easier to digest. The Lord blesses charitable gifts – great offeringLeslie Hutchinson testimonial

testimonialBrilliant 3 days of information and enthusiastic speakers. They know their stuff, are very successful, and give us ways to be successful too. By following their success strategies and more so if we brought their products. Each day got better and better. Thanks Andrew for a great 3 day Seminar.Brenda Reynoldstestimonial

testimonialThis is the first seminar I have ever attended and I’ve found it quite mind blowing – so much information and shared knowledge my head is just spinning – However more importantly it has opened my eyes and my mind to the tremendous possibilities open to me. I’ll be leaving on a high with the promise to take this forward.Les Horsefieldtestimonial

testimonialIt was just fantastic to see there internet superstars in the flesh, I just wish there had been some cheaper course for use poor folk (or maybe smaller monthly payments say £100 a month). But I have to say it has fuelled my imagination and I have gone away with 2 or 3 great ideas to try out right away.Steve Portertestimonial

testimonialFantastic overview of may key elements to develop and implementing an internet marketing business. Need to grab some products and get going! A thought – perhaps people would be more ready to jump in without capital outlay – eg: some kind of commission/royalty??Mike Smith testimonial

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