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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialVery informative and interestingGerald Johnstontestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was excellent it game me plenty of ideas to make my first million.David Ramanauswastestimonial

testimonialAndrew, after searching for a change and looking to improve my relationship with my bank manager I fell mow is the time for action not only has this bootcamp given me different ideas but what’s more important has given me the confidence to change. I look forward to more bootcamps and who knows I will one day have enough pennies to actually pay for the products on offer hereI Robertstestimonial

testimonialYour modules have encouraged me to make a start in the information publishing business. I have purchased products from other people but your simple system is the only one to inspire me to go ahead. The seminar was fantastic and for a great cause, the speakers were excellent. My only negative was that with some speakers the information cam at me to fast. I would have preferred a little more help with the basics ie setting up a website, creating traffic. Although I realise that you realise that you provide a website for us. I would still like more information for creating one myself.Peter Ferrintestimonial

testimonialWell done all! I have found the presentations both informative and clear, I like many others have a dream, a dream of independence for myself and my family. Thank you for filling in the blanks in that dreamGina Wilsontestimonial

testimonialAndrew, the event was extremely good, it was a shame I had to miss one day. However, you have had some fantastic speakers. I know this was for a specific purpose, Great Ormond St, but it was well worth the donation. We will definitely be moving forward with this. A huge thank you for the event.J Boswelltestimonial

testimonialInformative, interesting fun. Information overload. Some fantastic ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed but not fully digested.Pete Kaufmanntestimonial

testimonialPhenomenally good and eye opening experienceBent Kragtestimonial

testimonialFantastic, lots of insights lots of new information and lots of contactsAnthony Crawleytestimonial

testimonialMy first seminar, the amount of information was incredible, the quality of the speakers exceptional. I certainly come to another event for the wealth of knowledge you can obtain. It can only help to get me motivated to succeed in this business.Richard Bennetttestimonial

testimonialVery informative, great speakers, very interesting.William Hopkinstestimonial

testimonialLoads of valuable powerful information useful too. The best speakers there could be.Mylees Bevistestimonial

testimonialINVALUABLE SEMINAR – extremely worthy charity. A sheet of speakers and agenda would have been useful. Some of the speakers went through very quickly. No time to write down important information.S Jawaidtestimonial

testimonialVery enjoyable weekend and potentially very profitable if only I implement 10% of what was learnt. Thank you very much for assembling the best marketers in the industry and a very big well done for combining it all with such a good cause Great Ormond Street Children Hospital.Alan Paul Walkertestimonial

testimonialThere was so much excellent information that it was imperative to order the DVD – saved all the note taking. The offers were good but, if on a limited budget (and having already spent a great deal, way out of reach! I will watch and watch again the DVD. Good idea if smaller less expensive chunks of info available from guests please. Then we could get a bit of each.Irene Stephensontestimonial

testimonialCongratulations Andrew, you put on a super conference with top class marketers. Some good content. Maybe too much pitching – but hey that’s what I was expecting. Well DoneChris Frevilletestimonial

testimonialThe quality of the presentation is very high and so is the quality of the speakers. I learned quite a lot and the seminar is most worthwhile. It is a shame that the speakers did not take questions from the audience but good that they were around at other times to speak to. Disappointed so far that it is so hard to speak to Andrew!Steve Kayetestimonial

testimonialI have never been to a Bootcamp before never expected to gain so much information the speakers are absolutely marvellous so many friendly people never expected so many people here 2600 that’s amazing. Thank you again for inviting me Andrew looking forward to the next time.Jamos Taylortestimonial

testimonialGreat ShowI.D Taylortestimonial

testimonialI was totally overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of the presentations. Comforted by the honesty, sincerity, knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism of all the presenters. Just wish I had a spare £20,000 to purchase everyone’s products.T Crowhurst testimonial

testimonialExcellent programme of speakers, training aids, supportDavid W Clairetestimonial

testimonialWell presented and very informativeKarim Kinchtestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew – Superb event – fantastic information, and a large donation to a good cause. Well doneKevin Browntestimonial

testimonialExcellent event, anyone who cannot leave here and start making money from the internet was either sleeping for three days, or they are DEAD!!Ian Grahamtestimonial

testimonialWorth every penny, Absolutely life changing I am stuck for words. One thing for certain I am more confident and is ready to take on the worldS Serranttestimonial

testimonialWorth coming just to see and hear Ted and ArmandC.A. Brookstestimonial

testimonialLots of useful information. Rather too many American style presentations.Robin Mc Cellandtestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp has re-kindled my enthusiasm for getting out there and doing the business. Thank youRigby Andrewstestimonial

testimonialThank you for the weekend and for giving the proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital. I have learnt a lot of things this weekend.Allison Summerstestimonial

testimonialSeminar was great, top stuff Andrew, Well organised, great set up.Wayne Fitzpatricktestimonial

testimonialSo much information from so many speakers a mine of ideas for a novice. Using this new knowledge will enable me to go forward and create my own online business.George Howardtestimonial

testimonialAll very good, Derek Gehl sounded exceptional, sorry to have to leave early.Lavina McRaetestimonial

testimonialAction packed informative three day experience, providing the information and tools required to make a successful online business.Garry Jacksontestimonial

testimonialThought provoking, fascinating, so much information I don’t know where to start. Thank you Andrew so muchKevin Hamertestimonial

testimonialThis conference has been a most riveting and rewarding experience delivered by consimate professionals. I will be here next yearM.O Rogerstestimonial

testimonialVery professional and well deliveredPeter Crouchtestimonial

testimonialNo one but Andrew Reynolds is bringing the worlds top internet professionals over to the UK. Don’t miss the next one.Tom Conetestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely brilliant, great weekend learn a lot. Thank AndrewMark Swalwelltestimonial

testimonialThis is my first seminar and I totally enjoyed it, I was bombarded with so much information.Jennifer Lindsaytestimonial

testimonialWow- what a lot of information. I will go home and work through it and distil it and see if I can find a new lateral angle.JR Paynetestimonial

testimonialHad I known about this event and not attended – I would be know kicking myself in the teeth and going on line and searching for a dentist.Anthony Adeyemitestimonial

testimonialA fantastic seminar – but you have to be quick, some of the speakers are like machine guns, but the content is superb.Donald A Graytestimonial

testimonialJust one thing Andrew wow lets do it all again soonNigel Barkertestimonial

testimonialVery informative, excellent speakers and great products can wait to put some of what we’ve learn in to practise.Dermott Elliotttestimonial

testimonialIt was enjoyable, Very useful and great value. Perhaps fewer speakers would have been better. How about boot camps for beginners, ditto those up and running, ditto well established – i.e. targeted audiencePeter Gregorytestimonial

testimonialIf you have seen what I have seen you would understand that the internet is an absolute goldmine for anyone who wants to make money.Patrick Blackman-Jordantestimonial

testimonialThis is the most fantastic conference I have ever attended.Micheal Shoyeletestimonial

testimonialSuperb line up of speakers, I have learned more than I learned at seminars costing a small fortune. Just one of the techniques freely shared will have a major effect on my business and its turnover. Many Many thanks.Andrew Hardytestimonial

testimonialHad a great time, I’ve learned so much. Thank you. The most inspirational weekend of my life.Gary Waintestimonial

testimonialThe information was very valuable and I am sure I can use it to increase my income.Paul Stevensontestimonial

testimonialGreat MeetingRoy Beckertestimonial

testimonialI have been bombarded left, right and centre with positive, wealth creating information. WOW well done.Leo Williamstestimonial

testimonialAndrew- Thank you for THE most informative weekend, I have had the privilege to be part of – and giving me the confidence to not just get started but really believe that this can change my whole lifestyle going forwardSteve Johnsontestimonial

testimonialThe weekend was the greatest – But there was too much of the greatest information and ideas for me to get it all down on paper. Thank heavens for a video of the event. Three days – it could have filled three weeks. More grist to your mill, Andrew – Thank the presenters for me.C.E. Mc Henrytestimonial

testimonialIf you ever run out of cash you will make a brilliant symposium organiser!! Regards and thanksDes Cassidytestimonial

testimonialAndrew, I found the boot camp most interesting and informative. It has opened my eyes to why I have been having trouble being successful selling on the internet. When I arrive back home I will be putting into action what I have learned and will very soon be letting you know my results. Many thanks for enabling me to attend this Boot Camp.Derek Kenleytestimonial

testimonialI found the seminar most instructive, the speakers new their topics very well. The presentation was excellent. My only sadness was that due to the time constraints it was not possible to ask questions.C.S.A Birkgrangtestimonial

testimonialSome fantastic speakers, well worth coming, I have learned so much. If I had known the content before I would have paid £3k to attendAnthony Wardtestimonial

testimonialBrilliant, thanksTony Simpsontestimonial

testimonialMy first time at such an event, what can I say, but brilliant. Keep up the good work, I bet you don’t retire now!Peter Wardtestimonial

testimonialAn excellent, excellent seminar, Full of very useful information. Well informed speakers who made it not only worthwhile but fun.R Jonestestimonial

testimonialThe seminar was extremely informative and exciting.Fahad Kalathingaltestimonial

testimonialA very good weekend, I learnt a lot needed to write very fast!R. Alfordtestimonial

testimonialInspirational, thought provoking, eye opening, can’t wait to get started. Many thanks AndrewGraham Curtistestimonial

testimonialThe seminar was dynamic and very informative. It’s a hands on seminar sets you thinking and into action.Joseph Mititestimonial

testimonialAs a complete novice I came to this weekend not expecting much but how shocked I was the information given was dynamite!!Andrew Alfordtestimonial

testimonialLearned some good things, hopefully be making money in the next few weeks.Michael Walkertestimonial

testimonialStunning, what an eye openerPaul Edwardstestimonial

testimonial3 days of pure enlightenment. Great Stuff.Mustafa Usmantestimonial

testimonialThis is the 1st bootcamp I have attended and must congratulate Andrew on the very high professional standards and quality of the speakers. Those who have done it who walk the walk inspiring genuine peopleAlana Searingtestimonial

testimonialExcellentJ V O’Sullivantestimonial

testimonialVery informativeM. Wilsontestimonial

testimonialWhat a mind blowing experience the last three days have been at Boot Camp in Nov 2005. Oh to have the brain power to take everything in and to have the money to buy the exclusive offers to purchase well worth the time spent listening to the superb speakers.Herbert Lynchtestimonial

testimonialGreat event, great speakers, good cause. More in the future please.Ian Wakefield testimonial

testimonialI certainly increased my knowledge of marketing by the presentations of a whole host of great products, or tools. My focus is now more exact and the way forward is clearer.Sven Patterssontestimonial

testimonialExcellent presentations. Difficult to know which product is best for my purposes so much to choose from. Too little money – at present.Jim Lowtestimonial

testimonialIt has made me think off the material I have already at home. I have really enjoyed the bootcamp. To much to absorb all at once, unfortunately I have to leave early many thanks for the invitation.S Whitetestimonial

testimonialArmand was amazing. Andrew, thanks for setting this up it was stupendous. Time more than well spent. You are the man.Barry Chamberstestimonial

testimonialA fantastic three days, such a wealth of information and something for everyone who had any aspirations of becoming wealthy…David Jonestestimonial

testimonialI was amazed by how powerful the internet marketing business is especially as this was my first seminar and had no idea what to expect.Brian Humphreytestimonial

testimonialExcellent conference – speakers were excellent learned a lot of useful strategies and tools that can be put into practise.Azhar Rafiqtestimonial

testimonialSpeakers were excellent and provided invaluable information.Amjad Rafiqtestimonial

testimonialAn excellent break into the processJohn Lacytestimonial

testimonialVery useful, excellent content from industry leadersPaul Jarvistestimonial

testimonialBrilliantZak Adamstestimonial

testimonialBrilliant! Inspirational!Richard R Evanstestimonial

testimonialBrilliant experience. I will go away with lots of new ideas to work on. This event has so much life changing potential I am cannot wait to get started.Allen K Lloydtestimonial

testimonialIt’s opened my eyes to new ways of making money. I love that anyone can do it if they make the choice to do so. Thank you for the opportunitiesP Constanttestimonial

testimonialGreat weekend, great presenters, well organised, Well done!Ian Constanttestimonial

testimonialAndrew, the boot camp has been most helpful and informative. I hope and fully intend to carry the information gathered into a fully formed and immediate plan of action. Many thanks & seasons greetingsRay Paynetestimonial

testimonialVery well put together and presentedAluin H Barratttestimonial

testimonialExcellent content – thank youIan Jonestestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed being here at the boot camp event, I have found it very informative and educating.Morei Samueltestimonial

testimonialAndrew, you have created a fantastic event that was worth easily 10 times the price and even then the speakers over delivered. It was a who’s who of internet marketing.Ross Cowardtestimonial

testimonialI found the weekend extremely interesting and educational. All the speakers were obviously knowledgeable and successful. I would also say that the event was well organised and ran very smoothlyAngus McPhersontestimonial

testimonialSeems to be a very well organised and attended seminar. I have learned a considerable amount of info. But, no one has shown me the very first rung of the ladder. Where a beginner like me should put his first foot.Charles Alan Cooketestimonial

testimonialMindblowingJohn Harbourtestimonial

testimonialVery informativeMalcom Watsontestimonial

testimonialLots of comprehensive, enlightening information. Well worth participating I look forward to attending the next Bootcamp.Velma Durberrytestimonial

testimonialAndrew, this has been very informative and look forward to putting ideas in motion. More over is the cost at which all this was made available to us at just £150 for Great Ormond Street is just fun. THANK YOURene Iacopinttestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely fantastic is my first observation. The information gleamed at your first seminar is full and extremely valuable – perhaps too much for me as a beginner.M Saunderstestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time I have attended a boot camp and found the whole experience mind blowing. All the speakers where excellent and products look fantastic for anyone wanting to start a internet business. Fantastic Seminar! I have learnt so much these three days and have tons of ideas to choose from. I know many of the presenters from DVDs of similar seminars but nothing beats experiencing the live event. Thank you Andrew in all the work you have done organizing the boot camp and congratulations of raising on raising the huge amount for Great Ormond Street Hospital.PAUL HYNDMANtestimonial

testimonialVery informative – not too complex looking forward to making money from these unique ideas looking forward to next years SeminarDean Hudson (Market-It Direct Ltd)testimonial

testimonialWow! Very impressed with the speaker. Everyone was very, very detailed in their systems and all the steps to take. I expected them to skirt over the info just show that some stats on their income,J Sehjaltestimonial

testimonialFantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Wow! I learnt so much and enjoyed myself a great deal. It was just fantastic we had to get up in the dark early in the morning and in the freezing cold. But we did not mind as we were looking forward to every second of the boot camp. Thank you for arranging such a super event and giving us the chance to meet and joint venture with some of the top internet marketing on the planet. We are now so excited about out future we cannot sleep. Knowing our life is about to change for the better.Kevin A Jones testimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the 3 day seminar and feel it has been excellent value for money. There are many pieces of information and valuable tips that I have picked up and will be using in the future. Above all else it was fantastic to see so money raised for Great Ormond Street. Very well done.Mr Phillip Kemptestimonial

testimonialI think the content of the weekend has been enormous. I had no idea that there were so many income stream potential available on the internet. I am a beginner but I found that I feel a lot more comfortable starting on Monday. I wish my friend had been able to come. The information available has been amazing. Many Thanks for inviting me and for putting on such a wonderful program.Tessa Graytestimonial

testimonialOutstanding but found some speakers talking to quickly and screens changing too quickly to make proper notes. Content all exceptional with awe-inspiring so planned for the good event – Ormond StreetP. Luthrie testimonial

testimonialAlthough time is king, I felt that Ted would have been better with two seats so that we would have all his info other than that very good.Brian Brambleytestimonial

testimonialWhat can be said other than a huge thank you for being such a nice guy! The Seminar has been nothing start of fantastic with explosively energetic speakers well timed breaks and great offers on the wide spectrum of interests regarding business on line. I have learnt a huge and very valuable amount and only wish it had been longer. A triple thumbs up with a standing ovation to Boot for ‘The Entrepreneurs Boot Camp’. You have re-ignited my burning desire to succeed. Thank you again!Ajab Khantestimonial

testimonialI used pretty much what spare money I had to attend this Event and I am glad that I did. Probably the best investment I have made this year. The presentations by Ted Nichols and Armand Morin alone were worth many times the ticket price. Thank you Andrew for putting together a fantastic event and allowing me the change to attend.Paul Sutherland.testimonial

testimonialIt has been an amazing experience these past 3 days. It has shown me by the coaches how easy to source products that people want and make so much money into the bargain. I absolutely believe that the more you give to others you get back so much more!. Incidentally The Bible said this Thousand Ago in the Book called Luke Chapter 6 verse 34 (I think). I need to be corrected!, Thank you for letting me come to this Boot Camp I really do appreciate it. The coaches including yourself were absolutely awesome and so passionate about what you all do!Rosemary Copsontestimonial

testimonialI am really delighted of what when on for the charity and the effort the people in the Boot Camp really helped me to super charge my efforts. Andrew you have done a very good job!Tasvinder Singhtestimonial

testimonialAn incredible high-value event. A tremendous opportunity to learn from the best experts on the planet. I would recommend Andrew Reynolds Seminars to anyone who is serious about taking trading successfully on the internet.Stuart Balltestimonial

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