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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialEach speaker was exhilarating and had an emotionally motivating impact on my life. I cant wait to get started by re-arranging some of my focus. Not only in my company but also in my life. A big thank you.Yvie Greenwelltestimonial

testimonialFantastic!!! The three days have been insightful and thought provoking the ideas and strategies of all the speakers is of the highest order. Great ideas, great products, brilliant 3 days. Thanks to your speakers, your staff and yourself.Rod Greenwelltestimonial

testimonialA most inspiring three days which will motivate me to take the next steps in my business. Every speaker gave me information I needed from writing the business plan better to moving forward with the IMC. Thank you AndrewMargarettestimonial

testimonialVery, very informativeFrank Colin Taylortestimonial

testimonialThanks it was eye openingMafora Masealeatestimonial

testimonialGreat weekend can not wait to get going. Thank you very much.Ken Mitsontestimonial

testimonialThis seminar has been electrifying my head is now buzzing, but I do feel Ive been supercharged with ideas and enthusiasm.Brian Evanstestimonial

testimonialWell done in getting this together. Seen some very motivating speakers who know their stuff. I hope in the near future that I can emulate them and be successful also.Darren Shawtestimonial

testimonialAn interesting and informative weekend.S Taylortestimonial

testimonialGood value, learned lotsMike Scotttestimonial

testimonialGood Quality information in a short space of time thank you.SD Wintletestimonial

testimonialAmazing Andrew you have over delivered on content. Than you for all the great speakers.Tony Mc Gligantestimonial

testimonialVery interesting event, with genuine life changing potential. A great thank you to Andrew Reynolds, all speakers, organisers etc. An excellent weekend, thoroughly beneficial and would definitely attend further events.M Concktontestimonial

testimonialThis is my first attendance at a bootcamp and the amount of information and resource materials received from the speakers have been invaluable. Every entrepreneur should attend one as knowledge gained here cannot be quantified.Femi Koikitestimonial

testimonialAll very informative, the other speakers were extremely thorough in their knowledge of internet marketing.Geoff Greentestimonial

testimonialAn excellent seminar, very well set up with first class speakers. With the products tolls and know how, being offered it would be very difficult not to be able to set up your own business and make money.Richard Gosstestimonial

testimonialWow, information overload, absolutely fantastic. Thank you Andrew. I want to change my career, I have defiantly been shown the way.Anthony Plamertestimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers mind blowing information superb 3 days conference. Jam packed with valuable information.Yvonne M Abou Nadertestimonial

testimonialExcellent, practical, informative. You come away knowing you have something.Matthew Shofoluwetestimonial

testimonialThis seminar has been very valuable and I am leaving with many new ideas to explore. Finding out how much I didnt know about internet marketing is a very valuable lesson.Steve Ellistestimonial

testimonialA great opportunity to see what is available.Seamus Cusacktestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for this excellent three days Boot Camp. The speakers have all been first class and the information I have received has given me a more positive and mental attitude, to getting started and making money on the internet. Three cheers to you all for giving your time free for Great Ormond Street.Yvonne Haleytestimonial

testimonialExcellent seminar providing loads of information and ideas. Worth coming just to hear Ted NicholasP.W.Ruddtestimonial

testimonialThe three days went far too quickly. The whole event was very well organised and all the speakers were Top DrawerDavid Anglintestimonial

testimonialHigh quality speaker show know their stuff and walk their talk. A must for anyone looking for both new ideas and tried and tested methods. Nice one Andrew, thank you.Joanne Coleytestimonial

testimonialMind BlowingDerek Hallinetestimonial

testimonialAnother great seminar, still finding new info and ideas. Thanks especially for the software for automating websites.Valerie Macleodtestimonial

testimonialA great experience thank you!Peter O Flinntestimonial

testimonialAn extremely informative weekend that I am certain will lead to a very prosperous future with perseverancePaul Whickertestimonial

testimonialThe quality of the speakers at this event has been outstanding each of them has delivered several pieces of information any one of which was worth the price of entry and it is only day 2!Duncan Brassinotontestimonial

testimonialJust fantastic the best place to start.Marc Engalltestimonial

testimonialI enjoyed the event. Lots of good stuff and good to meet other like minded people.C. Lancastertestimonial

testimonialFirst class value for money -well done and thank you.Stephen Murraytestimonial

testimonialVery comprehensive, very detailed, excellent information, very professionally managed.James Holdentestimonial

testimonialIt was simply fantasticOmar Rashidtestimonial

testimonialAn internet education in three days.Michael Staffordtestimonial

testimonialGood quality presentations, my take away is that I know I can do it.D Christmastestimonial

testimonialSwitch on, get ready, just hope you can take in all the information. The next time I give a comment it will be telling you about my success.Manifield Atestimonial

testimonialWell managed; excellent series.Ishrat Pashatestimonial

testimonialJust fantastic, inspiring, emotional experience. A host of talented experts and an opportunity to meet interesting people. Learned a lot of information.Robin Chapmantestimonial

testimonialWow! What a fantastic 3 days actually feels like 3 weeks, just simply loads of ideas and spectacular mind-blowing facts, here to a lucrative future.Mr Gary Haywoodtestimonial

testimonialThe three days have been a real eye opener giving me an insight into what is actually happening on the internet today. I am quite excited about going home and getting started. Heres to the good life, Ill keep you posted.Gill Haywoodtestimonial

testimonialGreat stuff for 3 daysAbraham Olorensholatestimonial

testimonialGood presentations done by exceptional speakers.R J Mooretestimonial

testimonialIt was well worth the time spent to pick up al the information, tips and websites that could be used to start or improve internet marketing activities.Chris Roytestimonial

testimonialAstoundingSteve Froohtestimonial

testimonialExcellent overview if various concepts of getting started in lucrative business. An essential first step, and perhaps all you will ever need.Jack Ecclestestimonial

testimonialVery intense, stimulating and information packed 3 days, I found it VERY useful and inspirational especially when hearing from top industry experts who have actually done it.Vinden Gracetestimonial

testimonialThis was my first conference related to Cash on Demand and it was Fantastic, wonderful training and great inspiration. Looking forward to the next one.Antony Harrisontestimonial

testimonialIve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and learn from marketing professionals well all be celebrating next time we meet up, and now we have the tools, so its up to us.Paul Sheridan-Chernaytestimonial

testimonialGreat stuff! My head is buzzing with ideas.Edward Rushtestimonial

testimonialAndrew this weekend has been a real insight for me to focus and made me more determined to succeed. With your help and guidance it will happen for me. The speakers youve had have been inspirational.Darren Hortontestimonial

testimonialFinest weekend Andrew and loved every minute.Bill Halltestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was brilliant I learnet a great deal over three days. I will be putting some of the strategeys into action straight away.Karamjit Singh Dhillontestimonial

testimonialI thought this was a great event and excellently organised.S.J Hamlyntestimonial

testimonialExcellent bootcamp for me. Great speakers were informative and gave real content. And what a treat to see Ted Nicholas! Great show Andrew, keep it up.Jane E Morristestimonial

testimonialAndrew, If there was one word to describe this meeting it would be ODD. Its ODD there was only 2600 people there! We were blown away. Absolutely FANTASTIC.Mark and Jeanette Andrewstestimonial

testimonialVery useful information. Very nice to meet Andrew and Nick.Rachel Farncombe-Smithtestimonial

testimonialJust like to say thank you for inviting me. So much information to take in, I hope soon I can be that successful.Krishna Kumari Malltestimonial

testimonialIt was great, very helpful and the speakers were easy to get to talk to and get info from. Do it again real soon.John Ronald Stevenson testimonial

testimonialFantastic weekend, so much information, so many ideas. Ensure speakers dont speak too fast. Brilliant, many thanksSue Ward.testimonial

testimonialAlthough the 3 day session produced a vast amount of inspiring and essential data which would need deciphering. The whole session was very inspirational and building extreme confidence to start building sound businesses.A & A Doubletestimonial

testimonialVery impressed! As a complete beginner invited along my father, I have found the seminars incredibly informative & motivational. I am looking forward to digesting it all & then making my first 100,000!!!Clive Samways testimonial

testimonialA Truly fantastic event. Definitely given me a turning point in the industry.Paul Hanson testimonial

testimonialThis was my first boot camp and I am a complete beginner to this business, but I am so very glad I came. I have learned so much and brought two of the packages offered. I regret not yet having enough money to by more. I want to thank you for bringing together all these inspiring teachers and showing us just what is achievable and by what it means. I am very excited. I will start as soon as I get home.Angela Noyestestimonial

testimonialThe seminar has certainly been an eye opener. The range of topics and presentations of systems and strategies has certainly refuelled busy internet in profiting in the highly lucrative field. Quality presentations, quality speaker.Anil Kaushal testimonial

testimonialWe came to your boot camp even although Maleah only got out of hospital 2 weeks ago. Although we didnt buy from any of the speakers we heard some great ideas. The 3 days has stimulated us so much it opened our eyes to products we already have I hadnt done much about it not until today. Thank you for the time everyone gave to us.Jan Meanwelltestimonial

testimonialI think the charity donation of 300,000 + was wonderful! Overall a worthwhile experienceDavid Milford testimonial

testimonialI found the seminar very useful. All of the speakers knew what they were talking about. I would recommend the seminar to all internet marketers to be.M Karagoztestimonial

testimonialI found the seminar really useful. Ive been to many top-site conferences in my job and this rates amongst the best. Well done to Andrew and his team.Jon Kendalltestimonial

testimonialI have found the boot camp very informative. The speakers certainly know what their business. I would like to recommend you on your mission to raise all this money on behalf of Great Ormond Street Hospital. It must have taken a great deal of time, effort and money to assemble such an array of top level speakers. God Bless you.C R Frenchtestimonial

testimonialThank you for providing me with genuine, well presented information which I will definitely put to immediate use. I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that the things I have learned this weekend will change my life forever.Karl Rayner testimonial

testimonialThe seminar helped fill in some blanks, dot a lot of Is and cross a few ts link them together and provide products and an Action PLAN. I am now confident and have already started the research on a product and an affiliate program. Must get the DVD because you need to listen more than write, and you cant write fast enough.David Mogfodtestimonial

testimonialAs a complete novice in the internet marketing world I fee that this weekend conference has provided me with a great wealth of opportunities that the internet offers. A selection of top public speakers who provided valuable information made this a thoroughly enjoyable weekend to attend.Craig Pulleyntestimonial

testimonialA very enjoyable experience. Well organised professional and very well co-ordinated event.Would have liked the one session on starting form absolute zero detailing how to get a website up & running and follow through from initial enquiry through to order processing, including exactly what a fulfilment house does and the cash involved. It was very easy to stay alert for the whole event even though it was over 10 hours per day. Congratulations on giving such a wonderful experience.Graeme C Roetestimonial

testimonialBefore my first boot camp, I knew very little about marketing, let alone the internet! However, I have learnt so much this weekend, that I still know little about either. Such is the size and potential of the systems and opportunities out there. But eventually and with the help of the modules supplied by Andrew Reynolds Step by Step Guide, I will in my own time take on the world.Malcolm Simpsontestimonial

testimonialAs the cost of the boot camp was going to such a worthy cause, it meant that anything!! Gained from the Boot Camp would be a bonus. However, at the end of the first day I felt that. I had already received 10 times the value and it just for more inspirational and informative. It was great to put a face to some of the internet marketing Gurus that I have heard of. A truly top class professional seminar, well done and many thanksC J Shutt testimonial

testimonialVery enjoyable and informative. Long days I found a little tiring but am certainly glad I came. I did however find the sales persons a little intense, but would not have missed it for the World. Glad to be of help to GOSH. THANK YOU ANDREW FOR THE INVITE.Alan Jones testimonial

testimonialI am the Guy who met you the night you were putting the finishing touches to the Conference. This weekend got me thinking about why I am in Corporate World, because I came away after day 1 telling myself that with all the opportunities Ive squandered money on how come your name have never come up on my radar. I should be telling every one about you, but for those who know you fine, but for me your now my mentor because I have learnt from you & your colleagues more in the 3 days than at any or all of the Seminars Ive attended in the last 20 years. So now I will put all into practice having invested in Randy & Steves products and next year you will have a success story to talk about.G J Francis.testimonial

testimonialThe event was very informative and really gained a lot of information which I could not have acquired anywhere else. The speakers were all great and I learned a lot from them which have me more confidence. Then I would have imagined. Ill apply what Ive learned from this event to be more successful in my business.Abenaiwe Timothytestimonial

testimonialI fully enjoyed the three day. The speakers were fantastic and if any body is thinking of starting a internet business this boot camp is a must. I am very confident I will have made money on the internet and replace my present income before I attend the next boot camp next year.Balbir Singhtestimonial

testimonialI congratulate you on putting together a weekend of superb speakers and content. My only frustration was that I was in no position financially to take up any of the packages offered by the speakers. Atany similar future event I would make sure beforehand that this was not the case. Many thanks for a great weekend.K Besford testimonial

testimonialGood cross section of people on stage shame the products are as expensive but I understand once you have made them you should get your money back quick. I am enjoying your CASH ON DEMAND Course Andrew and hope I can do as you advise on my own with your help.Dave Croombstestimonial

testimonialIwas totally gob-smacked by this week-end. The planning, the quality of the teaching, the experience of the teachers its all just overwhelming. The Boot Camp week-end over-delivered what it promised even though it was free and a good cause. Andrew, I think youre setting a new idea/pace regarding how to run seminars. This is a week-end of winners. Everyone who participated got something out of it. I really want to commend you for such a brilliant idea. May god continue to bless you!Bob Oni testimonial

testimonialAmazing! Its my first ever Entrepreneurs Boot Camp it wont be my last. It was very enlightening and great to meet and hear some of the worlds greatest marketers. Thanks for the opportunity Andrew. Very best regards.T Haslam.testimonial

testimonialAbsolutely incredible! The presentations were electrifying. If I could pick out one it would be Armand Morin. I learned something new A lot new, which was worth the whole 3 days from him. Im still buzzing following his presentation.Chris Harris testimonial

testimonialA fantastic load of information – albeit brain boggling. Even if you didnt get with all the speakers, you couldnt fail to find something you could do.Paul Napptestimonial

testimonialFor my 1st Boot Camp it has been a real eye opener and a real booster. To be here brought everything into the real world instead of sitting at home with my modules thinking I was the only one. Ive invested in a package with Ed Gale as it seemed suitable for me being a novice but I also taken out bits form all the speakers which have all been brilliant. Thank you my mentor, Andrew.Rob Townsend testimonial

testimonialAn excellent experience truly awe-inspiring. The amount of ideas here is unbelievable its a gold mine. Id go to everyone if I didnt have school. But a great experience a must do for any entrepreneur. Thanks for a great experience.Seth Allentestimonial

testimonialExcellent ideas, information and people. This boot camp has given me some great ideas to boost my business which I will launch in the next 2 weeks. Thank you Andrew for making this weekend a reality.Ray Allentestimonial

testimonialThe past 3 days is just awesome. Great training and marketing techniques that when applied would increase your profits in any business. A big thank you to Andrew and your Cash-on-Demand Course. All the speakers at this event.Fred Tagoe testimonial

testimonialI have found the boot camp interesting & it has generated some great ideas.. We have set up our website using the material you have sent us and we are just looking for the right product to market on it, but it has all been enjoyable so far and we are looking forward to a better future and achieving our dreams with the help and assistance from your programme.David Pimmtestimonial

testimonialReally enjoyable packed full of help and advice all the speakers involved where excellent although I could not afford to purchase anything at the moment I hope to in the future especially ARMAND MORIN. Thanks for the invite.Kevin Loundstestimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds has brought together under one roof the brains of earning vast amounts of money through internet marketing. There is! The saying A flying bird always finds food. Andrew certainly did this in the U.S.A. with amazing results both to himself and his many students. An achievement in seeking out markets all over the world. Well done indeed.Thomas Richard Pearson.testimonial

testimonialI found the course to be credibly informative and was both time and money well spent. All of the speakers offered great tips and advice that I will be able to put to use during the weeks and months ahead. I thought Ted Nicholas and Armand Morin were particularly inspirational.Nick Staples testimonial

testimonialIve watched you grow your business since the beginning and in the seminar youve genuinely give back a mountain of value to both the children of GOSH and the aspiring business folk attending a stupendous 3 days. I am going away with a much clearer vision. The hardest part is knowing what treasures of marketing resources to use first.Peter R Padfieldtestimonial

testimonialHi Andrew, this is the first conference of this style that I have attended and wow what an experience it has been! The whole event has been amazingly well and has a totally professional atmosphere, I have been amazed at the quality of the speakers and the way they have put their various ideas to us. I look forward to the next one.Mark Brigousetestimonial

testimonialI am being new to all this! I have never up to now realised what a big opportunity the internet business can create for me to increase my income my life style. I earn a salary of six figures a year, but have very limited time for my family and hobbies, and I will group this opportunity to change that and not decrease my income, in fact I can probably increase it. Thank you for a great weekend.Henry Bothatestimonial

testimonialI have found this boot camp totally inspirational. I now feel with commitment and work, along with determination I will become successful in internet marketing. I feel the only thing stopping me will be me not acting on what I have learned. I feel so inspired to listen to so many expert speakers, who have all themselves been successful. I think the boot camp itself is sufficient motivation to spur me on.David Rogersontestimonial

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