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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialMind Boggling,Thrilling, Awesome! These guys are Brilliant Dynamos of Info. I could listen to them share their knowledge endlessly. My world has been rocked and Im excited!Simon Munntestimonial

testimonialVery inspiring, I feel ready for action now. Great speakers, tons of information on that I can use right away.Gordon McQueentestimonial

testimonialThe weekend was also absolutely fantastic. Excellent speakers and so much information being delivered. I came away very inspired and looking forward to getting my business off the ground. Well done.Stuart Pricetestimonial

testimonialA real eye-opening experience as a novice internet marketer, this event has revealed many avenues to pursue that would never occurred to me prior to attending. My biggest problem now is as simulating all of this new-found knowledge and utilising it within my own business models. I am currently suffering with information overload but its nice affliction to have to deal with.Mark Seerytestimonial

testimonialThe weekend was packed with useful and exciting new information, some of which I could start using straight away my only real gripe was that there was almost too much information to take in!M Bradytestimonial

testimonialThe most comprehensive Entrepreneur Boot Camp that I have ever attended. Great core information and key strategies to help build my internet business. I am sure within the next 12 months I will dramatically increase my internet income as a direct result of my attendance at the Wembley Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2005. Thank you Andrew.Michael V Brookingtestimonial

testimonialOverall I got a lot of valuable information which was very helpful. For me there was a clear split between very helpful and not very helpful presenters. Some were very content rich (Derek, Armand) and some were very low. There was too much spent on the motivational, take action speeches which would have been better spent on content and how to do it. A little bit of effort on Stephen part to Anglecise his presentation would have improved his pitch, but that is a minor point. Richard Thomas testimonial

testimonialThanks for a superb three days. All of the best speakers in the World gave their time for us and each made superb offers to the group. I’ve got two tremendous deals, both of which I am very happy with. I look forward to the best event. David Baird testimonial

testimonialFantastic. The information tips, resources and speakers were totally, completely the real deal. Dr E Johnston testimonial

testimonialMind blowing! So many opportunities. I feel confident about my future success. Craig Johnston testimonial

testimonialGreat free information from all speakers without purchasing their main products. S Ali testimonial

testimonialI feel fully charged and ready for action. So much information to bite into. More than expected form what the whole event began from generating money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. David Miller testimonial

testimonialYou have set up a wonderful event! Top-Class speakers, giving a real insight into the world of internet marketing. I came expecting something and I received beyond my expectations ( nice the start up package of resale right: a wonderful gift!!). I am convinced that the E boot camp will change my life forever. Thanks Andrew for over delivering. Romuald Navigue testimonial

testimonialVery good camp informative and helpful. Value for money. Richard McKenley testimonial

testimonialThis event is billed as being potentially life-changing. Without a doubt this is true. The quality of the information supplied by each speaker is exceptional. There is enough for people to start successful businesses, which will change their lives. The event is fantastic value & it is brilliant to know that the proceeds are going to such a worth cause. I am now equipped and motivated to be successful. Paul W Thornton testimonial

testimonialI have found the course content very informative and have enjoyed the many speakers that have been on the platform. The information & content they had to deliver was very good, although I feel this was more towards the intermediate/advanced marketer. As I am only just beginning in the industry, from my point of view it would have been good to have someone speaking on a very basic level. But none the less still a very good event. Martin Hatton testimonial

testimonialExcellent 3 days. Thank you for the invitation. Ted Nicholas was first class – explained points to the audience could understand. Derek Gehl gave a lot of information of all aspects of the system & was very astute. Ash Rawal testimonial

testimonialFantastic event, with so much information I don’t know where to start. However, it has unlocked for me the potential of this fantastic market. Biggest plus for me is the money raised for G.O.S.H. Well done to you for having the insight and skill to organise all of this for charity. Ashley Burn testimonial

testimonialWhat variety and quality – outstanding. The variety of speakers allowed you to,identify with a select the style & mentor/role model of your choice. Hell you could even take the best of each, and model yourself on the imagined model/person you would like to become the content was top quality and covered numerous opportunities to develop your own multiple streams of income. Definitely inspirational & life-changing. I leave focused and totally committed to passionate action. Thanks Andrew & thanks to all the speakers for their valuable time & effort. Mike Parsons testimonial

testimonialThis is day one – The final push to put ideas into practise – A life changing event. Thanks Brian Egerton testimonial

testimonialI learnt so much at the boot camp & know my business will never be the same again as a result. Thanks so much to Andrew and all the amazing speakers for a fantastic weekend. Dave Baker testimonial

testimonialExcellent. Great Motivation. Michael Graham testimonial

testimonialVery good content. I left some areas of the presentations were not fast, but I will have the videos to refer back to. Pauline Quest testimonial

testimonialVery good content. Phil Quest testimonial

testimonialThis is my first boot camp I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. I have seen and heard so many wonderful ideas and business opportunities my head is just buzzing. I’m now just thinking where to start when I get home. Collin Harrison testimonial

testimonialThe weekend’s seminar were a valuable and useful compliment to what Andrew Reynolds has taught us in his Cash-on-Demand Course. Between the speakers have covered a wide variety of internet marketing topics and the whole event was very worthwhile. Richard Cole testimonial

testimonialThank you for three days of exhilarating stuff. It has been engaging and exceptionally informative I found it opened up a whole host of possibilities for myself and I would think for the whole of all those who attended the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp. The speakers were excellent. Clifford Lindsay testimonial

testimonialA real eye opener. Useful to identify what you know and, more importantly what you didn’t know and need to follow up on. Mike Schnierer testimonial

testimonialExcellent information especially from Ted & Armand. Although I have not brought any products, I now feel confident to pursue my business venture with a new found optimisms and some excellent new ideas! Truly worth every penny. Carl Mason testimonial

testimonialVery much enjoyed the event, content vast. Must order the DVD to grasp the full content again, I hope it will be beneficial as I can’t afford to buy any other opportunities that so called needed to get started and succeed. I hope I can get enough out of the DVD to get me started in conjunction with the Cash-on-Demand Course. (very positive, just no funds) A lot to take in one go even with taking notes. David Leyland testimonial

testimonialVery informative. Time has certainly not been wasted.P Edge testimonial

testimonialPlease reserve me a place for next year! I am going to start tomorrow. I have been buying stuff for 10 years but have never known what to do with it. I now feel that I can master the internet and use my website. I will succeed and next year will have the money to buy every thing on offer. Ruth Olivia Muxworthy testimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew. A very stimualating three days. Sorry I was unable to meet you. It was good to see on stage speakers like Stephen Pierce what an inspiring man he is. The seminar has made me realise that I already have everything in place needed to create a successful web business. Can’t wait to get home and get started. Peter Bassingham testimonial

testimonialThe whole event, all three days have been phenomenally educational, inspirational and exciting. I am bursting with ideas now there really is not any excuse anymore to be successful in this industry. Jacqueline Edivale testimonial

testimonialThe quality of speakers and real opportunities presented here were far beyond what I expected. It can literally change your life! What ever held you back from starting a business is no longer there. You can walk with a business in a box, support and hope! Paul Halesworth testimonial

testimonialAgain over provision of content. Brilliant Speakers. Admiral performance for St Ormonds. See you in action. V H Williams testimonial

testimonialI thought that the boot camp was very very informative. The speakers are all very professionals in their fields. I’ve been overwhelmed with information. The Venue is well organised, a lot of planning involved. Camera crew very professional, I’m impressed. I hope to see more of these venues at such affordable prices. The information we acquired on the boot camp far out weigh the value of the ticket. It’s amazing. Thank you very much. D Jonas testimonial

testimonialGreat ideas generated. Time went so quickly. Sorry its finished, enjoyed being taught.Anthony Haslett testimonial

testimonialSome interesting ideas, food for thought. I have learned a lot particularly about the WWW.V L Betts testimonial

testimonialVery informative 3 days. Very interesting and informative speakers. Good ideas and suggestions. Colin Betts testimonial

testimonialVery good value and huge amount of good information. Maybe a few more UK Speakers would be beneficial. Although it was good to hear from the top names in internet marketing. I find the knowledge areas I lack are the basic skills of website designing/ finding a host/ getting the website uploaded to the internet/advertising etc. Could not fault weekend though the items of value and content has definitely motivated me to make a definite start! Thanks a lot. Stephanie Cooke testimonial

testimonialVery interesting to hear about the different avenues that can followed in this type of business. Even though I am at quite an early stage in this business, and some of the information seemed to be advanced for me at this stage. I have been able to come away with extra confidence knowing I can make some worthwhile gains from it. Tony Di Pasquale testimonial

testimonialBrilliant event. Excellent speakers information a huge amount of accumulated knowledge. Anyone whatever level of internet literacy should benefit from the information being shared. B Ward testimonial

testimonialAbsolutely Brilliant!! This was the far the best seminar I have ever attended in any field. The problem of covering various levels of experience was well handled. Trevor P Dutt testimonial

testimonialThe entrepreneur boot camp has been very informative. The best way I can describe it is, over value for money. It’s been a wonderful feeling to donate to a worth charity and to get in return wonderful speakers and opportunities. Emamoke Idehem testimonial

testimonialAll speakers excellent although Stephen Pierce delivery & accent made him indistinct on occasions. J Wilton testimonial

testimonialThank you for the opportunity to attend such an informative and inspiring 3 days. I look forward to putting into practice as much of what I have learned as possible. Hope to be among your Success Stories before too long. Ann Wilton testimonial

testimonialAndrew thank you for a wonderful informative weekend. I was not involved in Marketing in any way before this weekend, but now I’m definitely interested with all this specialised information that you have organized, I do believe that I will do something with it. Many thanks for opening my mind to the fact I could have a better life if I get focused. Miss Sharon Lewin testimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers, excellent content. Could not be improved. D R Keene testimonial

testimonialGreat seminar, lots of information & potential ideas, great to meet the legends like Ted Nicholas – highlight of the weekend!! Only event I’ve been to where encouraged not to network – very strange odd. N Brookings testimonial

testimonialFirst seminar of this nature which I have attended – thoroughly enjoyed the event. Presenters & Presentations were top classand obviously experts. I have many ideas and options now available to commence development of the potential benefits. Thank you. Craig Boswell testimonial

testimonialThe boot camp has been absolutely brilliant! The information from all the outstanding speakers is invaluable. Right now I am in information overload but I look forward to getting the DVD ‘s going through it all again and start putting it into practice bit by bit. Learning from the best is what it is all about. Congratulations Andrew for putting such an amazing experience together and to top it off – it’s all for charity.!! Jennifer Carr testimonial

testimonialMy brain hurts – so much information. An awful lot to think about – without the DVD to review the three days, most would be lost. However, it is very encouraging to see how it can be done, a lot of people tie up with previous knowledge and this is a promotes confidence- but I still fee swamped with information. One point for a beginner the super packages are really too big – not only price wise but physical content. B O’Sullivan-Sharig testimonial

testimonialInformative presentations!P Duncan testimonial

testimonialIt was terrific to be introduced to all these wonderful clever people. .As a newbie however, a lot of it went over my head. But never the case learned a lot. I’ll stick to your cash on demand courses!! Great time. Many ThanksBill Ferry testimonial

testimonialExtremely useful and inspirational to those of us who are just starting out in the internet marketing business. If I had to single out one of the many excellent speakers and presentations, I would have to say that Derek Gehl was superb, providing a massive amount of highly useful and valuable information with far more emphasis on actual content than the more attitude and mental positivity approach , which for me was less beneficial.Jules De Barshamtestimonial

testimonialInspirational!! It has motivated me enough to actually go out and do something (I admit I’ve been thinking about it for years!!). Just one comment (not sure how others at the boot camp felt)- Wouldn’t it be better to bringing fewer speakers both to give them more time (or allow attendees to take in the information) & taking pressure off them to cover everything they’d like to say.Peter Buley testimonial

testimonialVery stimulating, informative and exciting three days. Nobody has any excuse not to take action after listening to these inspirational speakers.Gwyn Martyntestimonial

testimonialA great insight into the internet marketing entrepreneurs world.Gary Young testimonial

testimonialMind boggling weekend!! Thank you for inviting me this weekend, Information was extremely helpful. I have notes as thick as the war and peace novel.G.Mc Gheetestimonial

testimonialA most interesting and very informative 3 days. Very confident we will start a lucrative business.Shuan Hartytestimonial

testimonialIt far exceeded my expectations. There was so much material presented bu the top gurus of the industry.K.J. Ellistestimonial

testimonialCame away with some real nuggets of info that I think will be really really helpful.Duncan Belltestimonial

testimonialTons of information, ideas and strategies packed into 3 days of presentations from 10 of the top gurus in internet marketing. A great long weekend.M.C Hookertestimonial

testimonialCongratulations, excellent, great weekend.Roger Goodwintestimonial

testimonialGreat!!! What more can I sayKen Parlestestimonial

testimonialA very good seminar with excellent speakersCharles Alan Cooketestimonial

testimonialA very interesting and enlightening seminar, with very good speakers.Alex Mackaytestimonial

testimonialVery informative material, it was too fast and too much material to assimilate in 3 days.Dave Leitchtestimonial

testimonialExcellentSteven Rajatestimonial

testimonialExcellentM Hadfeildtestimonial

testimonialMany good presentations. I am convinced that there were a large number of £1M ideas that can be followed up. I know that I can do it. I now believe I can do it. It’s now up to me. Ted Nicholas Presentation was worth the weekend on its own and has given me a number of ideas that can be followed up. I now know that I can do it. I now believe I can do it. It’s now up to me. Ted Nicholas presentation was worth the weekend on its own and given me a number of ideas for my business. Thank you for organising the camp, which has given me new hop, purpose and determination.Lew Wilkinson testimonial

testimonialFabulous venue with excellent speakers and a must for any entrepreneur – a real eye opener!Neil Coulton testimonial

testimonialIncredible! Fuelled my brain ready now for a fantastic future in business. I now have so many ideas I can’t wait to get home and start.David Mooretestimonial

testimonialGreat! Worthy Cause.Richard Daytestimonial

testimonialThe quality and enthusiasm of the presenters was uniformly excellent. All offers from the presenters represented excellent value. While (obviously?) being unable to take up all of these, the contact details to these people’s organisations should prove invaluable in future. Robert Soden testimonial

testimonialGenerally the boot camp was great! Although some of the speakers gave the hard Sell for their products, the informative map was very useful. The products on offer, or the packages/bonuses, were a bit over the top in quantity in price. More specific information available would be of better value.John W Marooneytestimonial

testimonialThanks for the opportunity to enjoy such an awesome event. As a novice on the internet, I have been awakened to the huge potential of creating a dynasty for myself, family and others.Patrick Crillytestimonial

testimonialAn excellent & very thorough seminar I would highly recommend any future similar seminar promoted by Andrew.Peter Hilltestimonial

testimonialEnjoyable & most important opened my mind to the endless possibilities. My two main concerns prior to this weekend were sourcing product and opportunity both of which were covered. I have been to one of Andrews Seminars before, came away & I did nothing but I am 100% confident that the time is right for me now. I have to leave early today 2.30 so am looking forward to reaping the products. Thanks very much Andrew.Barry Cummipstestimonial

testimonialI have been on a Seminar before but this is the ultimate experience to meet all these people and be around the smell of success. It just gave me such a buzz and makes the adrenalin flow. That I could not wait to get started. I now realise it only takes you to pick one thing for all this information and don’t go over into overload. Walk before you run and make the first sale,Tony Rogantestimonial

testimonialI would like to thank you for organising this seminar I have really gained enough information for the past three days. The speakers are fantastic they are up to the point good informative products, good presentations I now would like to attend future seminars well done Andrew you are a genius most especially raising funds for charity. God bless you. Thanks once againOluwasentgun Ajaytestimonial

testimonialA huge project, well executed, as always, congratulations. Ted Nicholas of course was the star turn, three days would be too short. Other speaker excellent, information overload, but something for everyone. I look forward to receiving the no.11 Cash on Demand.Anne Geetestimonial

testimonialOverall a brilliant and inspirational event, my head is buzzing with ideas. I’m sure I will leave the boot camp with enough information to start on my own business. Ted Nicholas was, for me, the most inspirational speaker. All the other speakers were excellent, although the speed of delivery by some was too much to take in at times. I look forward to the next event.John Gashtestimonial

testimonialVery enjoyable weekend some topics went through very quickly and I think it went above a lot of peoples head. When I spoke to people in the breaks if more time was taken to actually breakdown the steps involved. Very heavy on the sales pitches, and as this event was held in relation to Great Ormond Street Charity It would be nice to know if any of the sales or percentages of would have gone to this charity. But did meet a lot of interesting people in networking.Simon Hunt testimonial

testimonialMore great ideas, backed by real practical advice, than I could have imagined. And all from visionary professionals who have achieved top performance.Roger Haywood testimonial

testimonialMy first visit but not my last. Thank you.Stephen Hilltestimonial

testimonial Really excellent three day – the speakers were amazing & I am thrilled to hear how the experts in person having seen them so many times when surfing the internet. All aspects were all ideal & if you can’t make a start or your business now then you probably never will. Many thanks to you Andrew for organising this & to all the excellent speakers who gave their valuable time for noting.Ian R Glovertestimonial

testimonialIt has to be appreciated the professionalism the dynamic powers sent out by every and each one of your gallant lecturers and of course Andrew your good self you are a very caring person.Roy Moverley testimonial

testimonialWow! An excellent combination of information and guidance at all levels of experience. Plenty for novices and plenty depth for those already regardng successful E-mail businesses. The knowledge and the enthusiasm of the speakers and their ability to keep going for so long without stopping was incredible. Material in one of these of the lectures went over my head but there’s not a complaint It was necessary to cater for everyone. For me (and I know of some others) it would have been helpful to have at the start an on line at least & of what each speaker would be offering. An excellent three days.Neil Rumbol testimonial

testimonialCongratulations & many thanks on bringing together the Daddies of internet marketing. To watch Nicholas,Gehl, Morin, & Co over the past few days has been a real genuine Free/Low cost education – I couldn’t quite believe it when some of those names were introduced. I’ve resisted buying on impulse as well – which is my only criticism- If I’d forked out £3,000 on day one, only to find out Gehl was coming on day 3 I would have been annoyed – but that’s the game I guess. I’ve pieced together all the stuff & ideas & will start by trying to sell the products you are providing ( and if I may test with some public domain products). I will contact you by email for assistance (and will try keeping my questions to a minimum)!Paul Maguiretestimonial

testimonialWhatever hesitancy I had about coming to this conference, soon vanished.All great speakers Stephen Pierce in particular, when he bellowed Today your life will change forever by god he want it, it and I will!!Edmund Kazmiersktestimonial

testimonialI will be blunt I came to the Boot Camp for 3 reasons; Andrew Reynolds allowed me access for £149.00 not £5,000, he is making available £6k products, he is giving one to one (by E-Mail). My history is I am 64 years bankrupt and trying to climb back via ‘cash on demand System’ I would like to join with Andrew on a TV Program for up to £160K and the rest I would donate to Great Ormond Street. Andrew I will keep in touch.Norman Wardlawtestimonial

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