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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialThe boot camp has provided me with the information to get me started, and was very informative. ThanksP Friswelltestimonial

testimonialVery informative, excellent speakersM.Harristestimonial

testimonialThis stuff is amazing, cant wait to get started.Enoch Awodeyitestimonial

testimonialExcellent. Learnt a lot ThanksDr M.G Stantontestimonial

testimonialExcellent. Enjoyed most speakersP H Ecclestontestimonial

testimonialVery informative its good to hear it all from the horses mouth and see the speakers in the flesh and not just on the copy letter.Malcolm Pratttestimonial

testimonialGood day- great speakers- fantastic information.Douglas Campbelltestimonial

testimonialMy first boot camp and it was mind blowing. You get an unbelievable overview of what internet marketing can mean, be it small or large. Plenty to think about, helps you put your ideas in context so you can decide a sensible way forward whether on a full time business or as a hobby.John Greenfieldtestimonial

testimonialVery informative, lots of excellent information gained, fantastic speakers, wonderful new ideas to start a new business, everything made easy to understand, great new niche market avenues to explore. Brilliant weekend.Glenys Mcdonaldtestimonial

testimonialVery good, lots of excellent information.M.Mc Donaldtestimonial

testimonialI am suffering from information overload but it has been an inspiring course, and I fully intend to make my fortune in the next few months.Charles Bartletttestimonial

testimonialVery informative weekend with a great deal of useful contacts and links. Inspirational speakers providing invaluable information.MJ Gallachertestimonial

testimonialInformation OverloadMurray Hamiltontestimonial

testimonialA mass of internet business opportunities. Brilliant speakers who blow your mind.Michael Taubtestimonial

testimonialToo much to take in all at once. The Topics were Brilliant, so were the speakers. Enjoyed every minute.Ralph J Elyardtestimonial

testimonialAndrew, The Bootcamp was the best UK has experienced. Please continue to have this UK Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Us in the UK definitely needs it. Special thanks to all the wonderful speakers that graced this wonderful occasion.Kelvin Ugbodutestimonial

testimonialA very enjoyable intensive training boot camp there was someone wonderful information from some very highly motivated trainers.Simon Olivertestimonial

testimonialThe three days were totally life changing. It is almost tragic for anyone to fold their hands and do nothing following these series of teachings. I hope that by the time we meet again at the next Bootcamp, I will be able to show you with positive proof how much I have made doing the internet business.Patricia A Osagietestimonial

testimonialWell Andrew, another winner great weekend, so much info, so glad I came, what a way to raise money for charity and start a new business too.Mike Taylortestimonial

testimonialA very good positive 3 days which generated a lot of ideas and ways forward. Great to support a charity + great work Andrew!Wendy Howardtestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely fantastic. I could have listened to the speakers for a week. Very informative and constructive. If anyone gets the chance to get on a Boot Camp of this magnitude is very lucky. Keep up the good work, brilliant.David Byrontestimonial

testimonialFantastic WeekendK D J Huggetttestimonial

testimonialIn a word AwesomeMichael Barrowstestimonial

testimonialAndrew: Thank you for this great opportunity. Especially as my payment is going to such an important and special cause as Great Ormond Street. Also your product gift has give me the tools to move on. The quality of the speakers is incredible and their offers were outstanding.Alastair Mastertontestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time that I have attended one of these conferences. The information and knowledge of techniques that I have gained from the speakers is far beyond anything that could have learnt from books. Also each speaker have been entertaining in their own right.John Frankstestimonial

testimonialThey were all good speakers at the Bootcamp but Armond Moran was excellent, he shows you lots of possibilitys and quite a few tricks. It was well organised and there a great atmosphere. Well worth going toStewart Becketttestimonial

testimonialI have heard things that would have saved me the last three months of messing about on the internet on my own. I have also come away with buying a program that has been promised to get me on track to producing and income within next year. Thank you AndrewKevin Limtestimonial

testimonialThis was a superb effort. Excellent presentations. Superb technologyJohn Duffytestimonial

testimonialNormally it would cost three times as it has and even then its money well spent with just one day where as we received three, and so you can see as I can why the price is usually higher.Steve Martintestimonial

testimonialIt gives me great pleasure to emphatically proclaim that this has indeed been one of the eye opening seminars and real food for thought, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire seminar.Jonathan Ofeitestimonial

testimonialTremendous line up of speakers; exciting, and inspirational information; and superb follow-up opportunities that should allow anyone to follow their dreams of wealth and freedom.Alex Goodalltestimonial

testimonialA truly inspiring weekend. Some great speakers, Ted Nicholas and Armand Morin were awesome. Besides everything else, an education in public speaking. So many life changing ideas. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so muchGeoff Searletestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed my 3 days here I have learnt something I never newRachel Hoggetttestimonial

testimonialThoroughly enjoyable experience, Great Speakers. However, I feel like there was too much information to take in.Steve Jewitttestimonial

testimonialAn excellent 3 days. Many thanks to all who helped put it together. Lots of useful relevant information.M Sennitttestimonial

testimonialHello Andrew, being around like minded people has galvanised me, invigorated me and given me the enthusiasm to keep going on what can often be a lonely path being an entrepreneur. Thanks for the seminar Andrew.George Hartleytestimonial

testimonialVery well done. A great and invaluable seminar. Truly inspirational, educational and motivational!Chris Dorantestimonial

testimonialExcellent, professionals, millionaires, receptive audience, responsive audience, massive information, thank you all.Mario Cabrinnitestimonial

testimonialVery informative, learnt a lot I must now learn some computer work. I have purchased a video of the Boot Camp which I feel will be of benefit.Peter Goslingtestimonial

testimonialGreat Boot Camp: Now I need to digest it , sort out priorities and decided what comes first for me. Impressive speakers with information beyond value.Rosemary Jumatestimonial

testimonialAndrew, Thank you for arranging this event and making it affordable for me to participate. I now have a clear picture of what I can do with the wealth of information I have gathered over. I will not disappoint myself any more and I will make you proud when you get to know me personally.Sam Okaitestimonial

testimonialYou have managed to put together a very respected team that I can say where not only clear to listen to but really wanted everyone to learn and do something with their lives. Well done you!Andrew Chamberstestimonial

testimonialSuper content, super speakers, lots of valuable information. Very slick presentation, a whos who of the internet marketing world. Very enjoyable.Angus Ryantestimonial

testimonialA very enjoyable event and a good chance to see and to listen to some of the nest in the business in person and to become aware of what is possible. An inspirational 3 days and the money going to a good cause. Well done Andrew.Joseph Patakitestimonial

testimonialVery good eventJenny Strongtestimonial

testimonialI came down to London from Yorkshire to attend this seminar to find out how I could start a new business with my computer there was so much to take in I could not make a choice at this time, boy will read my notes.Mike Allenbytestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic 3 days. This is the first seminar I have been to and I will definitely be attending another one. I am new to the business but I have learnt so much and have so many ideas from the 3 days. I am sure we will do business againLynne Tysontestimonial

testimonialI have learned some great things however it was very rushed to encourage us to buy the big expensive products.Oliver Hawkinstestimonial

testimonialI was expecting a smaller event and rather more in the way of training. To me it was very much an event for each expert to showcase their products for sale. Although I enjoyed the weekend, because the presenters had a limited time most of them rushed through their part, it was difficult to make notes.Norman Hawkinstestimonial

testimonialWhat an amazing and inspiring weekend!My mind and notebook are full of ideas sparked by the incredibly detailed and generous information delivered by such an array of the quality speakers that it is hard to believe that it was only the one conference. Frankly though the greatest inspiration of all is you. What better inspiration could there be to become a millionaire in this business than to be able to arrange an event of this quality and magnitude in support of such a worth cause. P.S. I spent time as a child in Great Ormond Street Hospital. They were wonderful to me then and I am sure they are still wonderful. Michael Tudor-Hall. Really Great Event, very informative weekend.Stuart Craventestimonial

testimonialVery informative. Lots of valuable information has been picked up lots of great speakers.Very intensive, lots of info to take in, at times confusing as the individual speakers contradicts what the other has said, due to their different methodologies. Need to take time to assimilate info and then act on it.S Hinshelwoodtestimonial

testimonialThis event has showed me the largest concentration of marketing information to present. It was full packed with quality information. Thumbs up!Juan Pablo Mattenettestimonial

testimonialThoroughly enjoyable and very informative. I know that the information received will certainly help me with the ideas my partner and I have. Congratulations on raising 325,000 for Great Ormond Street Charity and for the opportunity of attending my first boot camp on this field.Jack C Sawyertestimonial

testimonialCurrently, suffering from total Brain overload but wouldnot have missed any of it! Have learnt lots taken tons of notes, and tomorrow will be starting to put it into practice, Enjoyed some speakers more than others but then everyone is different and has different targets. If I had to choose my favourites for information and presentation then I guess Ed Dale, Armand Morin, And Derek Gehl get the votes. The only presentation I did not enjoy was Stephen Pierce, and I am setting up a regular denotation to Gt Ormond Street!Pamela J Wilsontestimonial

testimonialWonderful speakers and event so full of genuine help. Thanks Andrew.Graham Cullentestimonial

testimonialA crash course into making money on the internet.Alan Tobutttestimonial

testimonialI came unaware of what to expect. I am about to leave with a whole host of ideas to try myself. And to think I only came to interpret the information to my Dad!T Harmsworthtestimonial

testimonialThe speakers showed me so many opportunities that I previously hadnt even heard of, that it made my head spin.Roman Nizinskyjtestimonial

testimonialBrilliant and inspirationalM Lanetestimonial

testimonialThis has been a truly mind blowing experience for me. I am only 17 years old and came to this seminar with my dad as hes been following these internet marketing schemes for some time now. I thought he was wasting his money I did not believe any of it for a second but I gave it a chance. Im glad I did, everything that these speakers have said just makes sense to me and sounds as it could actually work! Ideas have been sparkling in my head like never before and now Im just itching to get out there and give it a go. WATCH THIS SPACE!David Tudor-Halltestimonial

testimonialHelpful and useful seminar.Mr P Cohentestimonial

testimonialA great event with great opportunities to achieve financial independence go for it!Abu Khantestimonial

testimonialLots information but too long a day to appreciate it all. Time management was very poor with all the speakers. Lovely venue – view,comfort and ability to hear was all brilliant. Staff and all speakers very approachable and helpful.Patricia Ann Elliotttestimonial

testimonialAll the speakers gave good information and I will certainly take what they talked about and put it into good use. I guess action is the key to benefit from the Boot Camp. All the talks were really polished and totally enjoyable. They were given by people who obviously enjoy what they are doing and are knowledgeable about their subject.Alan PrudHommetestimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers with a tremendous knowledge of their operation and able to put it over to us the audience.David Piketttestimonial

testimonialI came here at the start of the weekend with very limited internet knowledge, however I found the boot camp extremely helpful, the speakers very approachable and am leaving with my head buzzing with ideas. I cant wait to get started!Joanne Longtestimonial

testimonialWow! I came to the seminar not knowing anything about internet marketing. I will now leave very confident that I will be as successful as the guys I listened to on stage.Phillip Longtestimonial

testimonialThank you for a really enjoyable weekend I have learnt so much that I am determined to start work for just an hour a day starting on Monday. As Tesco says every little helps. By the way my hand hurts Ive written so many notes. One day Im going to be on that stage.Stuart Cockburntestimonial

testimonialLife changing experience, so much choice and all necessary information. Brings one up to day and stimulates focus, thus saving time and accelerates launch time.Howard Batetestimonial

testimonialAwe inspirational. I will leave here today having gained more information and in sight into this business in a mere three days than I have gained over the past 5 years. It has been a fantastic experience to learn from those who actually walk the walk. Thank you for this opportunity Andrew.Wesley Thornetestimonial

testimonialVery interesting programme with brilliant speakers each specializing in their own field. They have provided thought provoking ideas and methods.J Musgrove- Pursertestimonial

testimonialAn excellent three days! Masses of information and masses of ideas. Time for action!J.A.Treweektestimonial

testimonialThe information provided by each of the speakers has been comprehensive and extremely useful.The quality of presentation by each speaker was First Class. Pace at times has been too fast to absorb all the valuable info. This has presented a unique opportunity to learn about such a wide range of very relevant aspects at one time, in one place.Kenneth Bartertestimonial

testimonialCould not believe the quality of your speakers. To be in the same room as Ted Nicholas, Armand Morin, Randy and all the others was truly inspiring. For the very first time in my life I believe I have been given the keys to my wildest dreams. Thank you so much for showing us all The WayMark Denton Bevenstestimonial

testimonialLots of nuggets, but the real challenge is organising and acting upon them beyond the Boot Camp.R S Greentestimonial

testimonialSome really good info/learning – would ideally have liked some presentations to have been slower. Overall excellent.Russell Sidebottomtestimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers! Superb offers! Every thing you could possibly need. All in one place over a intense and inspiring weekend. I am bubbling with ideas and raring to go! Thanks Andrew!!N McDonaldtestimonial

testimonialVery good 3 days spent which has added a lot too my knowledge. This will help in my business in terms of short-cutting the time to set up on internet as well as to avoid common mistake.Suniz Pateltestimonial

testimonialThe most informative seminar I have ever attendedBradlee Ruskin-Wyertestimonial

testimonialBrilliant – almost too much information – but Im sure it will all fall into place.Judith Richardstestimonial

testimonialI could only attend Sundays sessions, so I can not comment on Fri/Sat. Dereks presentation has been informative and will hopefully lead to improve my on line business.Norman J Moulsleytestimonial

testimonialThe seminar I found fascinating. The speakers all highly motivated were very informative in their respective fields. Their enthusiasm was infectious and I certainly believe that this is an avenue that works. I am new to all this but I really feel that this is a sector I can really succeed in. I am a head hunter by profession but have been looking for something else also to get into. The seminar was factual and quite mind blowing. Well done Andrew – Heres to the next millionaire! The money raised for Gt Ormond Street was fantastic.Karen Dwarftestimonial

testimonialEven though I had to leave early on Sunday, I have found the boot camp totally up lifting and inspirational. The speakers have all been incredible and I have gained a wealth of knowledge far greater than any price. I feel much more confident and able to actually start my business. The products on offer were amazing value, and even though at this time my Financial Situation has meant I couldnt buy any. I feel I have enough info to start making money. Thanks Andrew for all your hard work, and for being a man of your word, providing all you said you would and I am looking forward to my fortune wealth and freedom.Karen Katintestimonial

testimonialVery well organised, quality of the speakers expert! Lots of useful advice and direction. Hand outs of some of the speakers ideas would be useful. As the speed they work at makes it difficult to write down a lot of what they are saying. (I know buy the DVDs!) A program of events would be good. Generally wonderful, lots to think about and take forward.M. Augusttestimonial

testimonialI have never attended such an event like this before, conferences etc yes, but nothing like this.Overall I would say – you could not fault anything except the overhead projectors – they were very hard to read as they were out of focus. Two speakers really impressed me – Ted Nicholas and Armand Morin. All information was good but sometimes a little drawn out you take out of it what you need. I have ordered the DVDs for this event and when played back over again as my knowledge increases I am sure the other information will stand me in good stead. Thanks Andrews for making this event available to me – WELL DONEMargaret Fauretestimonial

testimonialVery informative 3 days – learned a lot of information about systems and products that I thought I already knew.John Anthony Majertestimonial

testimonialThe three day was packed with a lot of information only one thing for some one just about to start. The cost of the price of starting some to be out of reach.C Moggtestimonial

testimonialThe event raised a great deal of money for Gt. Ormond St Hospital – very well done! An exhausting event, very tiring, but gave several moment of inspirationTony Darbyshiretestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp was a kaleidoscope of ideas ready to pick and chose by any attendee.Anna Ajinatestimonial

testimonialExcellent seminar with lots of very useful and thought-provoking information from all the speakers, a lot of which I will be using. Please ask Stephen Pierce to speak a bit more slowly! Because he spoke so fast it was often impossible to catch fully what he was saying! Well done for raising some much for Gt Ormand Street Hospital.H Frowdtestimonial

testimonialGenerating the money to charity was a great idea- ideal for the charity and useful to delegates who would not be able to afford this type of function otherwise. Seeing, hearing and getting to meet yourself and other speakers, up to now only Many thanks for the course, and opportunities, which I know at the end of the day need me to take action.F Masontestimonial

testimonialThis boot camp has given me the emphasis and tools to get started. I have learned how to turn 3 days ideas into products make these for profit. I am looking forward to consolidating and implementing with sufficient form the profit on Demand systemChris Johnsontestimonial

testimonialI thought this weekend was a great idea, I liked the principle of what you give out comes back to you. The speakers were all amazing- but to be helpful to them I would comment that Stephen Pierce came across as very aggressive and patronising , although the content was excellent. Todays speaker Derek Gehl is AMAZING but hes given me a headache by his shouting. But later someone wisely turned the sound down. I thoughly enjoyed every presentation and Im glad I came. We have picked up some very helpful suggestions and brought several great tools to help us. Thanks for the opportunityGeorgina Blocktestimonial

testimonialAs I am a complete beginner and new to information marketing it was a great opportunity and a big eye opener for me to participate in this boot camp, this weekend. However, as a complete beginner I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of choices, ideas and speakers at this 3 day event. As many of the speakers today emphasised , I have to start with small steps and do a small risk test- run at giving this whole concept a try. Would it be possible to either put together a small educational package I could buy or visit a future one-to-one Masterclass that covers that – the first small steps for a test run – first ever information test project. I have put my name and address on a masterclass list which was started today 27.11.05Dian Ivanovtestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew, for a really benefice weekend. I appreciate the way your speakers ranged from basic learning and motivational psychology, through ethics to the dynamic heres how speakers. The benefit to me is incalculable. I suffer from very poor hearing and poor eye site, so I am glad that I can re-live the weekend on DVD, probably more beneficial than the first time. I did find the lighting dark for taking note-taking, I was in block 18 in the gods, and the relay screen was out of focus (just a couple of comments) Over all this exceeded my expectations considerably. Once again, thank you very much, and god bless you.David Bickertontestimonial

testimonialI found the seminar very useful. Extremely useful in all the aspects, the presentation organising and deliveries of all e subject matters to be very professional. Unfortunately it was not all from a financial stand, picking the order any product material on the day, although I was desperate to get info on a couple of the programmes but I am hoping that in the not to distance future from the information I was able to get and form my notes and handout info. I can still sent my own package and get online USA !! Anyway want to thank you for this opportunity to do this.L Shawtestimonial

testimonialTed Nicholas – beyond excellence! Lots of content and handouts to help us. The only one who did this. Armand Morin and Derek Gehl – Both very good indeed – lots of content but would have been so much better if they too had provided hand-outs. Randy Charach and Ed Dale – Too much me – too little meat. Stephen Pierce – Booming with attitude.Ian Wernertestimonial

testimonialWow! – What an astounding quality of material presented and offers made!IIsak Ottotestimonial

testimonialI attended one of Andrewss seminars 4 years ago and was completely blown away by what I had learned. I started my website back then and the technique I learned have completely revolutionised my business. I cant even begin to imagine what I will achieve by using what I learned at the entrepreneur boot camp over the past three days.John OHaratestimonial

testimonialBeing a retired person and having the time to research the internet I have found the speakers on your seminar (boot Camp) so informative, Its a fascinating concept.David Feldmantestimonial

testimonialAt last I have found a product that will get me started and I wouldnt or couldnt have found it without coming to the boot camp.William Kaytestimonial

testimonialThanks for three wonderful days.Terry Hudsontestimonial

testimonialVery professional – excellent speakers. Very well organsied – my head is buzzing with new ideas. I cannot wait to get started.Natalie Chalonertestimonial

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