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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialExtremely informative three days, in fact, so much information my head is buzzing with ideas. To have gained so much knowledge and to have helped Great Ormond Street at the same time is just brilliant. Thanks for organizing the event.Nigel Locketestimonial

testimonialWow! This was an amazing conference. Around five years ago I went on another internet marketing conference organised by Andrew Reynolds. I took an internet idea, and using what I learnt at the conference- I created a website which is now bringing in about 40,000 per year. The entrepreneur boot camp has given me lots of new ideas, which I intend to apply to my existing business to fast-track it to earning 1 million + per year. A big thank you to all the speakers and congratulations to Andrew raising 325,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.Mark Jerramtestimonial

testimonialI would like to thank you for the invitation to the boot camp at Wembley Conference Centre in order to raise funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.The quality of the speakers and information they shared with us was first class, and was a worth while 3 days spent in the company of these Entrepreneurs. I am going home with a vast amount of knowledge which will help me to succeed in the info product business.Billy Duddytestimonial

testimonialI have been very impressed with the quality and quantity of presentations at this boot camp. So many conferences open for registration at 9.00am and finish at 4.30pm. Although the length and number of sessions was tiring the substance was such good value. As a novice a lot was going over my head but some presentations were so clear even I was following and was quite blown away but the thoroughness and knowledge of the presenters in particular Dereks step by step guide and especially Armand who didnt just talk about it before our eyes. One of my best memories will be of the generosity of the speakers and audience. Thank you Andrew for your invitation and inspiration.Wendy Clarktestimonial

testimonialOne idea would have been a good result – half a dozen would have been super- but dozens and dozens of excellent ideas was far in excess of what I had expected, What a result! What a bargain and what success for Gt Ormond Street Hospital. Well DoneGil Coxtestimonial

testimonialThe speakers were clearly chosen to appeal to the complete cross-section of the audience. From Established Marketers to complete Novices. You obviously gave a lot of thought (As well as effort) into choosing which internet marketers to invite to speak at the Boot Camp, And what a talented knowledgable bunch they were! Self-Limiting obstacles stop people from taking action so you also included speakers to identify those debilitating beliefs and strategies to over come them. Another professional seminar from the leader in the field. Well done and thanks.Steve Nashtestimonial

testimonialThe entrepreneur boot camp was the most information filled work shop I have ever experienced. The speakers were absolutely world- class and clearly experts in their fields, and very approachable. I also felt incredibly proud of the money raised to help Great Ormond Street and grateful to have been a small part of it.Jim Kerrtestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for making this weekend that my life will take a new course. I already made my first $ 25 last night from one of the speakers tips, just have some fun on line. It took me 20 minutes. I will be one of those that make it, and you have given me the kick up the backside to realise my potential. I now have no excuses. Youve done your part and now its up to me.Colin Jagertestimonial

testimonialExcellent 3 days got out of the bootcamp much more value and useable information than I ever expected to. Thank youSteve Barbourtestimonial

testimonialExcellent, but overwhelming at times. Where are the lady speakers?Helen Broomfieldtestimonial

testimonialA truly comprehensive assembly of people who shared their successes and how to do the same to succeed. The key to the event is action. Thank you for putting this together for us.Monika Wingrovetestimonial

testimonialVery intensive 3 day course- very informative and well presented. A lot of very useful information and contacts! If you dont get something from this Bootcamp then you are in the wrong building. Andrew- THANK YOU. Thanks for a fantastic 3 day. Picked up so many tips that will no dout make me a lot of money. Again thank you very much for an amazing weekend.Stephen Brownleetestimonial

testimonialIt was a great conference, great and jammed packed with very useful information, which will last me a lifetime. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and meeting the great internet marketers.Wsam Nazli Vatantestimonial

testimonialA superb weekend full of extremely informative information, excellent speakers and a great range of products available at significant discountsMarlon Greavestestimonial

testimonialGreat seminar Andrew. I dont know how you managed to put this together. I have been online working on the internet for 4 years now, yet I have learned much from each of your speakers. A great effort for Great Ormond St and a great effort on behalf of your clients.I. D Majortestimonial

testimonialThanks a lot for setting this Bootcamp up! As a newbie it was a great opportunity to hear from a great set of real experts guys who have been in the trenches not theorists. The insights + knowledge was terrific. Now the action.Garrick Stevenstestimonial

testimonialExcellent stuff now down to me!Lawrence Stainbanktestimonial

testimonialIf I could have wished for any better speakers to attend any conference/workshop I dont think it could have come ever true. Top marks extremely enjoyable and can’t wait for the next one (should it materialise?).Steve Abbotttestimonial

testimonialFantastic! Only Andrew could pull such an amazing array of guest speakers.CD Cobbtestimonial

testimonialThank you for a very informative 3 days with excellent speakers. Excellent value,can not wait for the next one.Mark Haywoodtestimonial

testimonialIt made my brain ache. Normally I would have had to sell my wife and a kidney to see these people speak. It was fantastic value for money and the best 3 days Ive had in ages. Almost too much information-simply excellent.Mark Baldwintestimonial

testimonialAs a novice to the internet, I found the seminar a mind opening experience and picked up great ideas for my own business to promote it. A great weekend.T Barkestestimonial

testimonialI have found the Bootcamp informative and exciting. A great opportunity to meet others and exchange views.Sue Rosshursttestimonial

testimonialVery informative and ready to use products to help build a powerful and steady income. Had an enjoyable time listening to some humorous speakers. Thank you Andrew!Harpinder Singh Sokhitestimonial

testimonialA very informative event, massive amount of useful information and resources given, An unexpected bonus was the sheer number of new ideas I have had during the conference. I fully recommend anyone new to this business to attend Andrews next event. Great Value.Gordon Fitchtestimonial

testimonialI have had a fantastic time, enjoyed myself and cant wait to take action. It has been very insightful and helpful training. Thank you very much for your effort!!Charles Gabulatestimonial

testimonialThe GOSH charity Bootcamp was an eye opener. There was an abundance of information for both the beginner and the more experiencedJ. A Mitchelltestimonial

testimonialAndrew, Andrew, Andrew what an amazing and inspirational experience I have had this weekend. For me, this is a start of a new beginning that can only be described as un-measurable.Alex Podestatestimonial

testimonialThe 3 day weekend was enormously helpful and inspirational. All the speakers were extremely humble and instructional on all aspects of the business from A-Z. I cannot wait to apply this new found knowledge and make some significant changes in my life.David J Leonardtestimonial

testimonialGave me ideas about the potential for designing and selling products for niche markets and the marketing techniques that are used to support them.Paul Westtestimonial

testimonialOutstanding. Well Done Andrew. The finest collection of entrepreneur experts I could have ever imagined. My head is spinning with ideas and information. Everybody is a winner. Top quality.William Vintontestimonial

testimonialBrilliant came with an open-mind and left with a closed deal on an affiliate program. Amazing- my first conference. Cant wait for the future.Gillian Wintertestimonial

testimonialI have learnt a lot and got many ideas which I will be looking at shortly. I didnt realise how many people would be here. After reading about it in the modules it is good to see it for myself and talk to other people in the same situation on myself.Mr C Dryertestimonial

testimonialA very good Bootcamp. As a novice at times I suffered overload. But the DVD/Video offer is certainly going to be a boon. Good luck and prosper.Robert Taylortestimonial

testimonialThe course was great. The speakers were fantastic and its good to see that its an industry where anyone dedicated enough can greatly succeed and reach that coveted status financial freedom. Many thanks to Andrew for putting this together.Renier Erasnustestimonial

testimonialBrilliant!Michael Pavidtestimonial

testimonialGreat event. Picked up loads of events to accelerate my success on the internet. Fantastic to be part of an event that has raised over 300,000 for Great Ormond Street. Well done for arranging.S Cotontestimonial

testimonialA massive amount of information almost too muchDon Blacktestimonial

testimonialI came to the seminar with a lot of content already, looking for a way to process that into an on-line business. I left the seminar with firm ideas on how to do this and even more great information about on-line marketing. ThanksShaun Fallontestimonial

testimonialI have learn a lot in this 3 days. All the speaker are wonderfull. Thank you so much. Hope to see you next Bootcamp.Sochan Tantestimonial

testimonialA huge amount of very relevant information, if you remember just 20% of it , it was worth attending.PR Lovelltestimonial

testimonialExceptional undoubtedly some of the best marketers on the net.Naseem A Naquitestimonial

testimonialInspiring, great mind opener, fantastic, look forward to another bootcamp! And really pleased that I can give to a charity @ the same timeA Symmonstestimonial

testimonialExcellent Thank you very muchArthur Ralphtestimonial

testimonialYeah Andrew wicked Boot Camp, the info alone was worth thousands in itself. I learned loads of stuff and hopefully soon I will become a millionaire and join you up there on stage!Wesley Perkinstestimonial

testimonialMy first seminar it was staggering!Geraldine Holmestestimonial

testimonialIt was very informative I was amazed the potential of the internet is mind blowing. Thanks Andrew.Steve Gardnertestimonial

testimonialThe one big thing I have gained is the motivation to get started. A lot of detail has been useful but clearly the important thing is to start somewhere and I will go away determined to do this.Malcolm Burtontestimonial

testimonialThis was the first seminar I have ever attended and I have really enjoyed it. I have found it very interesting and enlightening. I have picked up a few ideas and if I can put even one of them into action, it would all have been worthwhile.Azam Choudhrytestimonial

testimonialExcellent 3 days with friendly and informative speakers suitable for the technologically nave to the internet marketeer expert.James Fryertestimonial

testimonialVery well presented, I would recommend it.Moronke Williamstestimonial

testimonialVery informative. Definitely gets the grey matter racing. Although a lot to take in in 3 days. I will soon be a millionaire!!J Champney-Warrenertestimonial

testimonialThree things sum it up for me. Educational, Inspirational, InterestingPhilip Fishertestimonial

testimonialA thoroughly enjoyable event, with some excellent speakers who have actually delivered, and are making a living on the internet. The tips received are invaluable, with some fresh ideas to help grow my business.Paul Daveytestimonial

testimonialThanks for a great weekend, the quality of the information given by some tremendous speakers was of great help. These systems do undoubtedly work, they just need put into practise! Thanks againChris Sawyerstestimonial

testimonialExtraordinary. Impossible without the DVD of the Boot Camp. Will be my bible.Anthony Rowlandtestimonial

testimonialI found the weekend very informative and cant wait to try my new found information out.Paul Shepherdtestimonial

testimonialExcellent seminar giving people the chance to select the support level they require dependant on the level they are at experience wise.C. Wrighttestimonial

testimonialSome great info but still missing some of the nuts and bolts. Very well presented.D. Triggletestimonial

testimonialVery well presented, many many ways to become successful its not only been a learning Bootcamp but an entertaining one to.Colin Whitetestimonial

testimonialInteresting and mind opening 3 day seminar.Hamish Keltietestimonial

testimonialWell done Andrew, excellent weekend you truly over delivered.Phil Knoxtestimonial

testimonialIt was a really worthwhile experience. I have learnt so much that I cant wait to put into practise all my newly learnt skills.Dennis McGuirktestimonial

testimonialFantastic EventKam Singhtestimonial

testimonialGreatRoger Dias-Pateltestimonial

testimonialI have been making a living full time online for 5 years. I learned tons of new knowledge. I would recommend that everyone should ensure they attend the next Bootcamp.D. Ryantestimonial

testimonialYes, very good.Robert Kellytestimonial

testimonialA great idea to get us to give some money to Gt Ormond Street and then to provide an informative gutsy weekend with lots of new ideas and I met good contacts. Thanks, Andrew.Marguerite Hegleytestimonial

testimonialLots of great information, very successful speakers.Ken Saunderstestimonial

testimonialVery informativeD.M Jonestestimonial

testimonialInternet marketing is a massive industry with vast earning potential, bur you need the help and guidance of Andrew Reynolds to get you anywhere near breaking into itPatrick Ledwidgetestimonial

testimonialHi Andrew, First let me thank you for inviting me. This weekend has been brilliant to see so many people willing to give so much money to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The speakers are all just mind blowing. I have learned lots of new information that I can use in my business. Once again thank youBaljinder Malltestimonial

testimonialExcellent, speakers, content and full of ideas superb. The speakers made it sound so easy, as long as you have a positive mental attitude you can succeed. The potential for succeeding is unlimited and never realised just how easy it is to make money.Neil Pickardtestimonial

testimonialAn excellent enjoyable 3 day conference. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to listen and learn from so many speakers on the numerous subjects associated with INTERNET MARKETING.James Mc Cahilltestimonial

testimonialOverwhelming these guys are so clever.Brian Dorantestimonial

testimonialMy mind has been blown, time to reassemble it and start earning the money and lifestyle I want and desire. ThanksSean Chaplingtestimonial

testimonialI have seen a whole new world, and now have a new set of ambitions, a new outlook on life. Driven to move forward, no looking back. Electrified by the speakers and changed forever.Kenneth Smithtestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp is very good.Norman Daggertestimonial

testimonialCongratulations for the first class organisation of such a large event and for getting together such a professional team of presenters.Paul Molleytestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew Thanks its been a very informative Bootcamp. All bestJim Hacketttestimonial

testimonialVery enjoyable and informative its been a great eye opener. All speakers excellent. Will definitely come again.Susan Sixsmithtestimonial

testimonialGreat seminar, excellent enjoyable informative content with top quality speakers who are at the top of internet marketing.Frank Lewistestimonial

testimonialInformative entertaining- Huge amount of content many thanks to all of the speakers in short The BizDavid Fostertestimonial

testimonialFantastic event it was a steep learning curve for me and it DID push me in the right direction, now I am ready to take ACTION.M. Korovivatestimonial

testimonialThis weekend was amazing. The quality of the speakers was excellent, The information we received is priceless. What a fantastic opportunity.Gerry Smithtestimonial

testimonialAn amazing three days that has shown me the huge potential that is available by using the internet marketing strategies. A week-end I will never forget!Peter Skinnertestimonial

testimonialThe entrepreneurs boot camp is even better that the May 2001 Wembley I came to. Its amazing.John W Daviestestimonial

testimonialSo many ideas, so much choice, any one would mean success!Stephanie Wintertestimonial

testimonialMind BlowingMichael Callawaytestimonial

testimonialGreat! Give me my brain back its just left the building.Denise Tristramtestimonial

testimonialIt was a wonderful experience in my life. I hope it is going to have great impact on my cash-on-demand course.Francis Yeboahtestimonial

testimonialThree days of essential marketing information delivered by the top people in the business. Plus free products to get you started what more can I say?Peter Mooretestimonial

testimonialA fantastic three days.Tim Goldingtestimonial

testimonialSo much information my head is spinning.Jeremy Coxtestimonial

testimonialExcellent introduction the world of internet marketing. ThanksMark Dunbartestimonial

testimonialExcellent weekend, I have now got so many ideas for products and marketing strategies that it would take me three life times to start and implement half of them.Grant Dempstertestimonial

testimonialFantastic! Very inspirational, I have load of ideas for businesses, thank you for focussing my attention.Paul Wilsontestimonial

testimonialExciting event, full of mind blowing ideas many of which will be cheap to implement and profitable to boot. The only problem will be which direction to go in first.Trevor Dumbletontestimonial

testimonialA very useful three days with plenty of insights into internet marketing and e- business.Dr AO Ogunbiyitestimonial

testimonialVery interesting and entertaining weekend.Gerald Pricetestimonial

testimonialVery easy to understand, informative motivating seminar.Sharon Price testimonial

testimonialA treasure trove of new and very useful information.Clive Thompsontestimonial

testimonialThe best thing about the Bootcamp was meeting like-minded people.Jean M Archertestimonial

testimonialThe event was bigger than I imagined. The information gained was invaluable being the first event that I have attended like this.David Harristestimonial

testimonialInvaluable experience every speaker cam up with ideas and insights that be profitably applied.Martin Flinttestimonial

testimonialFantastic weekend. Most enjoyable.Mr G Tizzardtestimonial

testimonialTHE BOOTCAMP of Bootcamps.Anthony Frieltestimonial

testimonialThanks Andrew- a very useful 3 days.Dave Tippertestimonial

testimonialI have learnt about things I didnt know even existed. Presenters terrific. Deals offered truly amazing value.M Bartletttestimonial

testimonialThe seminar is best for anyone who wants to make money using the internet.Parbat Kanbitestimonial

testimonialAfter spending a large amount of money I am finally seeing the light.M.J Lezartestimonial

testimonialSo much! Incredible amount of information. Wonderful 3 days, Many thanks!Jane Stevensontestimonial

testimonialLoads of ideas, Inspiration, very glad I came!Robert Pearcetestimonial

testimonialYes! It made sense.A J Plumbridgetestimonial

testimonialThree days of valuable information which should prove life changing if you take action.P.Sandercombetestimonial

testimonialSome fantastic information thanksAndy Martintestimonial

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