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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialI am one of your inner circle numbers currently researching to do my first campaign in January. I also attended your June Seminar in Heathrow last year.This is my first seminar of online and to be honest to say I am extremely impressed would be a huge under statement.I was hoping to meet you and touch base and ask a few questions sadly if any criticism is necessary then its only that you were not able to clone yourself to cover every one!An excellent highly enjoyable weekend Andrew – well done!William Morlais James Jonestestimonial

testimonialFantastic program But too much too fast for me as a beginner!Really impressive list of speakersI feel honoured to have seen so many industry speakers on stageK G Cartwrighttestimonial

testimonialJust a quick note of thanks, this weekend has changed my life, by being at this boot camp has made me change the way I think. I no longer have any fears to accomplish my dreams in the opportunities on offer. I have been impressed and motivated by your speakers anyone can do this business and no matter what background they are from I cant wait to start my business on Monday I will take the information I have learnt use my time wisely and creat my own product to sell in my chosen topic., Thanks AgainTracey Morrisontestimonial

testimonialYes! Thanks for a great event. Its my first such seminar and Ive gathered a lot of useful information and ideas.But because its my first and the speakers recommendations have, not surprisingly,sometimes been conflicting, Ill be thinking and researching some more, before I take the plunge.But I will do it!Nick Chambertestimonial

testimonialWow! What a fantastic boot camp!Andrew Reynolds has out-excelled himself in getting these super successful internet marketing experts together for this event.All the speakers were phenomenal. They really packed their sessions with masses and masses of information helpful, fascinating, usable informationVery valuable information. Really cutting-edge stuff.And all these guys are not just super successful- they are also outstanding presenters.Life changing potential? DEFINITELYMs B Naleznatestimonial

testimonialExcellent, brilliant and Definitely worth the trip from JerseyJust wish I had more money to buy the product being sold by each of the speakersAmerican and Canadian speakers were fantastic some more British speakers at the next boot camp would be great.Trevor Carrretestimonial

testimonialVery inspiring. I have been impressed by all the speakers especially Ted Nichols and Armand Morin. I found Stephen Pierce sometimes difficult to understand due to his accent and fast speech,I have gotten the most of speakers who went thoroughly over 1 topic than those who tried to cover many topics quickly.I have an idea which I will Email you separatelyThank you very much for putting it together.Christine De Bledtestimonial

testimonialGood variety of speakers covering the whole range of subjects. Very good introduction for the beginner internet marketer. Lots of useful information to take forward an start my own marketing business.John Owentestimonial

testimonialAndrew is an entrepreneur, hes a great leader good teacher, and he practices what he teaches.I like his recommendations and his proof. Thats why I always follow his gatherings.Boniface Gtestimonial

testimonialDespite having spent the last past 6 years working as an EBusiness Director for a large Multinational and having therefore attended plenty of seminars and conferences I found the Boot Camp terrific and highly valuable.I thought I knew almost everything about the internet and I am glad to discover I was wrong!Well done Andrew.Fabio Pigotestimonial

testimonialWhere to begin? Five minutes with Tim was worth the entire cost of the weekend. From my personal point of view, the presentations on copy writing fit perfectly with my plans for the next year, and I expect to earn a pile of money over the next few months from this information.The entire weekend was organised perfectly and all speakers provided current, relevant and exciting information.A very big and personal WELL DONE! to you and your team.William Rice-Johnstontestimonial

testimonialThe quality of the speakers and the information they have passed on to us is such that one speaker alone was well worth the 3 days.A big round of applause for the amount you have collected for Great Ormond Street.Looking forward to further meetings with you.Mary Rice-Johnstontestimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers were first class with a lot of quality informationI was particularly impressed with Armand Morin and Derek Ghel as I felt they actually told you exactly what to do, step by step, to make money.Allan Claytontestimonial

testimonialYour speakers did a wonderful job in making presentations in 2 hours from their usual format 2-3 days abridged from their own conferences. I have ordered a set of DVDs of the whole conference because I realize that I have so much more to gain by repeating it, two or three times.Ian Fotheringhamtestimonial

testimonialI found the whole 3 days very interesting, inspiring and educational never a dull moment. I really do feel motivated and it has simulated my ideas for on and off line promotions and products.Dan Moodytestimonial

testimonialA very good presentation.Loads of good help and Advice and ordered newlines and experts should all gain from the three days.All the speakers were of a very high standard and were informative.I look forward to the next boot camp.Well done on arranging everything so well.M J Fogartytestimonial

testimonial Excellent in every way , Ted Nicholas was excellent, Armand was outstanding, Randy was outstanding, Many ThanksBill Mackenzietestimonial

testimonialHave to say Andrew the entire seminar was fantastic. I personally have learnt a lot from these 3 days I have spent here. It was well worth it. What I have learnt will be put into action when I get home. Thank you Andrew hope to see you again.Jamie Wyatttestimonial

testimonialThis is the first boot camp I have attended and have found it to be very informative. I only wish that I could have turned the clock back and have attended previous ones. As I am sure that my life would be different by now!I cannot wait to put the things I have learned into practice.Thank youLes Kubiaktestimonial

testimonialAs a newby to internet marketing I have found the boot camp both enlightening and exciting. I believed there to be opportunities on the internet but I never dreamt they were attainable. The speakers were great at putting their topics across in a manner that even the most internet illiterate (like Me) can grasp.Thanks for a great weekend Andrew.Paul Stringertestimonial

testimonialI thought Armands presentation was exceptionalTed, I am not a skilled writer, nor is it my passion, but I could listened to him for a week.Keith Woolleytestimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the multitude of information and advice provided.This weekend has really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available in the world of information provision.I am now more determined than ever to take charge of my life and make this happen in my life.Thank you for a very beneficial time and congratulations on raising a substantial sum for a most worthy cause.David Eggletontestimonial

testimonialAn enjoyable 3 days with lots of useful information. All the Speakers were informative and entertaining.The amount of money raised for great Ormond Street was incredible and I was delighted to have been part of this weekend.Thank you Andrew.Mr K Simmondstestimonial

testimonialIt has been very informative and have learnt so much, Extremely motivating to want to succeed. So much information given, that it is impossible not to learn and put the information to good use.Dean Cunninghamtestimonial

testimonialIt enabled a positive re-programming of the mindset to go forward and achieve your vision and goals in reality and not just a dream. The boot camp presenters all demonstrate such determination and positive attitude with action to make it happen for everyone. It shows all that the world has immense wealth and opportunity to take which will provide opportunities to financial freedom, Thank you Andrew for making it happen and your insight and action to support a Great Childrens Hospital Charity.Jonathan Margettstestimonial

testimonialLearnt a lot, Great products. Have loads of ideas now to put to use to my website.Graham Cunninghamtestimonial

testimonialThis has been the most mind blowing weekend of my life. I cannot sleep because there are so many ideas going through my mind.The speakers that Andrew had were the best in the world and could not have been bettered.My advice to anyone is that if you get a chance to attend one of Andrews Boot Camps book up at any price and you are guaranteed success if you only apply what you have been told.Derrick Haigtestimonial

testimonialSo many thoughts and not enough space! Ill email you more detailed feedback which you are welcome to use however you want.What I will say here is that, as a former fundraiser for arts, environmental and children s charities your efforts and results in raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital are inspirational and spectacular.I will promise to intergrate charity support into all of my future internet marketing activities and will keep you updated on my results. Your generosity has reignited the generous side of me and, if you have had the same effect on everyone else at the seminar, you can rest assured that not only the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital will benefit from your action.Steve Webbtestimonial

testimonialExcellent value, great speakers (Ted Nicholas stood out for sheer sincerity and presentation, also in particular, Armand Morin)Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity, which I could never have afforded in the normal course of things.It has been a true revelation and inspiration, and very thought provoking throughout.Miss Rose Thomastestimonial

testimonialThis was my first event of this kind so I didnt really know what to expect but it was brilliant. So much great information so many ideas and where else do you get the chance to see leading speakers such as those featured? Was particularly good to see Ted Nicholas a long time hero and Frank Garon a kindred spirit I feel. And loved the idea that it supported such a good cause excellent.John Leetestimonial

testimonialDidnt know what to expect. The information Ive been given on methods and technicals I never knew exists. Can it really be that easy? Many people who have made it seemingly ordinary peopled prove the answer to be yes. So I know with a bit of patience and discipline that I can become successful.This seminar has opened my eyes and my mind in so many ways. Cant wait to try out what Ive learned Ive been given new confidence and net so many like minded people.Jonathan Downetestimonial

testimonialI really enjoyed every day at the Boot Camp. The last few days opened my eyes, changed my thinking and inspired me to truly change my life and to achieve my goals.I also would like to say a big thank you to you to make this boot camp event possible for me to attend through a simple donation for a good cause because this was the only way for me to afford to come here. Thank you for everything.Manuela Fulchertestimonial

testimonialWhat can I say? I came to your Entrepreneur Boot Camp to support my partner as she was interested in finding out more.I had my reservation even up to the start of day 1. By the end of day 1 I had lost those reservations, and had several ideas how to make money. End of day 2? I was hooked. The ideas are brilliant the concepts simple.I still have more to learn; some of the speakers were a little rushed, but overall for a natural sceptic, I am excited and really looking forward to working towards my future. Many thanks for such a great event.Peter Edwardstestimonial

testimonialBreakthrough Boot Camp with life-changing potential!Thank you for the life-changing opportunity you provided not only myself but the lives of those who are touched by Great Ormond Street Hospital. Raising over 300.000 for a special charity is a great achievement. However enabling 2600 to learn the money making strategies revealed at the boot camp is even more priceless.I now know so much and realise to change my life and that of others you just need to keep an open mind and meet the demands that are out there, solving peoples problems seems a lovely way to make money and I intend to do that right away.Claire Taylortestimonial

testimonialHmm! There are no words enough to thank you for the marvellous work you are doing for mankind. You deserve immediate OBA. You have really opened my eyes to entire world of riches, and happiness. I would highly recommend you for my country Gyana to become one of our village chief and thank you Andrew, we all love you.Fred Asaretestimonial

testimonialThe weekend event was a super success I was almost overwhelmed at the amount of free information that was available from the Super-Marketers. I have an A4 pad Jam packed with new ideas and Ive marked each with a light bulb, just as you recommended. I think Ill work through one idea at a time. In fact Im working on a product just this week. Ill contact you direct to discuss a possible JV.Howard Kevaltestimonial

testimonialI very much enjoyed my visit to the Boot Camp and have ordered the DVD of the event as there was just to much to take in in such a short time.All the best and thank you.John Vernon Kearnstestimonial

testimonialI came here as a virgin as to speak and feel as though I am leaving as a past master if you like. Every speaker had their own expertise and style of presentation and I have certainly had my eyes open as far as the amount of avenues and opportunities which are available to me and other boot campers without singling out anyone in particular I thought The Master Ted Nicholas and also Armond Morin were exceptional .I thoroughly enjoyed myself these last three days and would recommend to anyone who wishes to get out of the rat race and find what I suppose every one of us is looking for in life. Financial Freedom Both my parents and myself sleeping accomodation was in Wembley Car Park we were that desperate to attend. P.S. not recommended!Arthur Murphytestimonial

testimonialThe couple of presentations was as varied as they were great. In fact we were spolit for choice. The products available were awesome – the problem was which one do we choose?Nevil Speechleytestimonial

testimonialI do not know how to thank you for this. Great life Changing opportunity you given me. Up until I attended this seminar I was of opinion that Dreams do not come true, but this Seminar showed me that you can dream and make that dream happen. I learnt tons of inside information into internet business that I might not have learned if not for this seminar. Thank you for that.Kiran Kumartestimonial

testimonialThe boot camp brought together some superb speakers with even better ideas and strategies.The nice thing about listening to the different speakers was the reaffirmation of the different techniques by the various speakers. This meant that not only was it obvious which techniques are the most successful, We were given slightly different ways to implement the strategies so we can mix and match and build our own successful strategy.Apart from the pages of strategies and information, it was good to put faces to names familiar on paper and, in some cases, to meet and bounce ideas off them.Denis Bresnahantestimonial

testimonialBoot camp Comments1. Organisation and administration very good2. Content and quality of presentations excellent. As a newcomer to internet marketing the experience has been fantastic. Ultimately it is up to each attendee to take from the event what they will.For my/our part we will heed the call to action. Anyone failing to heed the call does themselves a high dis – service.Thanks for the opportunity to participate in raising money for a wonderful cause (G.O.S.H.) and, as a bonus, to attend a memorable event.Bryan Coventrytestimonial

testimonialThis was our first Internet Marketing Seminar. Fantastic, – So much information just for us Internet Virgins. Everyone I spoke to we blown away by the quality of the information being delivered no matter what their experience. Andrew thanks for all your hard work in putting on this event. Thanks for getting such wonderful charismatic speakers, all so approachable. Thanks also for making us feel great about helping Great Ormond Street Hospital. We have met some wonderful people who will remain friends for years to come and thank you for giving us the tools to change our lives forever. We will keep you informed of our progress and look forward to working with you on cash on demand.John & Pauline Naylortestimonial

testimonialThis has been a really brilliant Boot Camp All the speakers have been clear in what they have been telling us although at times a bit hurried and I really appreciate all I have learnt. I must admit to being somewhat pleased with an overloaded of information and advice which I hope will become clearer with the reference information obtained from the video/ dvd. You are really to be congratulated on producing a magnificent presentation, quite apart from raising cash a large sum for GOSH Gt Ormond Street Hospital. I hope someone has the chance to give to you a very hearty vote of thanks for your achievement.Martin Stenningtestimonial

testimonialWhat a truly inspiring weekend. All the speakers were immensely passionate and motivating about their own particular area of interest. The content was superbly presented throughout the whole weekend. All the speakers are first class presenters as well as experts in their own field. A very rare combination. And to top that, it was all for such a worthy cause. Truly excellent Thank you!Warran Taylortestimonial

testimonialI am here as a quest of my son but having been in sales all my life(now retired) I have found that these 3 days very enlightening. A lot of what has been said is new in line with todays environment but also a lot of what I learned years ago but with a new hat on. I worked with the great JOHN FENTON and his associate JOE WINDSOR who were as inspiring in their day as the weekends speakers were. The speakers certainly inspired and motivated this audience. Congratulations on putting this package together especially with such an admirable sum of raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.M W Taylortestimonial

testimonialThank Andrew for giving me this Golden opportunity to source all this wonderful internet material which will give me every possible chance to make money from the internet to hopefully become self made financially free. Being a single parent of 3 boys 1 on which is Autistic this w/end has given me hope, encouragement, belief to work from home and also be there for my boys. Thank you again Andrew.Patrick McIntyretestimonial

testimonialBefore attending the Boot Camp I was at a total loss of what to do next. Id tried, without much success, other seminars and products. But the information received in just one afternoon has got me excited beyond belief. I was dying to get home and start implementing what I had learned on Friday and Saturday Im glad I stayed. Sunday blew me away. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity my future is bright. Many many thanks.Darren Smithsontestimonial

testimonialWell Im blown away with seminar. Excellent, excellent ,excellent, from beginning to end. I could have stayed for a month if it was possible. I have enjoyed all your monthly modules with so much excitement I believe my future is very bright and I believe that all my dreams will be fulfilled. I look forward to achieving the rewards so that I can invest in one of my goals in life to provide Adventure Camp for children. Thank you Andrew, all the best and excellent health to you and your loved ones. P.S. GREAT JOB, once again excellent and thank you.James Emmtestimonial

testimonialWhat can I say? Wow !!!Well done that man for raising so much for a worthy cause and creating a win-win situation for speakers and Audience alike.Much food for thought also to generate energy for action of course! One thing struck me though – All the guest speakers were men. Are there any successful women entrepreneurs out there to act as an inspiration to women to show them they can realistically aspire to such dizzy heights? It was just a passing thought.Deeply grateful to you for all your hard work to make it all happen.Val Rogertestimonial

testimonialLife changing potential is very true. If theres one thing Ive learnt is that potential stays potential unless, you take action. The speakers at this boot camp are all experts, but what is great is that they are all ordinary people who started work with nothing. They are living proof that you can do whatever you want with a little effort and application. I hope to aspire to them over the next few years and enjoy the fruits of my labour. 3 days isnt really long enough to learn everything there guys want to teach you but its a good start! A must for anyone interested in starting an internet business.Jonathan Paynetestimonial

testimonialIts been an eye-opening event. The information I have gathered here has been what I have looking for over the years. I started trying to make money on line since 1999. I attended large seminars, but one thing was always lacking, The how to do it factor. I was fed with so much information but never details on how to do it. So far I have already drafted out my strategic plan to follow as soon as I get back home. Hopefully, I will be making some good amount of money within the next few years. Intend to be one of the success stories in your next boot camp when ever that will be. Thanks very much for the opportunity of listening to men who have actually done the work and not just the talkMrs Henrietta Telkmantestimonial

testimonialSo many Masters under one roof. While raising money for GOSH you gave us so much amazing affordable cost. If this had been promoted in the traditional pricing of such as seminar I would not have been able to afford it. Ted Nicholas to see him was fantastic. Derek Gehl – Great presentation and products.C M Lyletestimonial

testimonialI found the weekend extremely valuable in as far as now having the knowledge of where to go direction wise. I am much clearer in my mind of how I want to use the information provided by the case on demand programme whereas previously I had no firm ideas. This workshop has opened my mind to so many possibilities thank you. We are currently going through the motions of my husbandss bankruptcy which is not pleasant and at present we are unsure of the final outcome. Having seen speakers who have turned their lives around from bankruptcy really inspires us to believe we can come out of it successfully. My husband came along with me as a complete skeptic but admits that he was wrong to predjudge this seminar and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so muchAmanda Chapmantestimonial

testimonialA massive amount of information available which I am sure will be of enormous benefit in the exciting months ahead.There is a lot to learn and take in however the boot camp has been thoroughly enjoyable and the information available would no doubt have cost thousands of pounds to acquire elsewhere.I can now appreciate the potential of the CASH-ON-DEMAND SYSTEM.M D Cumminstestimonial

testimonialWell Andrew, I am totally inspired !!! I just have realised that I have attended a life changing 3 day seminar. Thank you Andrew from the bottom of my heart.Andrea Bensontestimonial

testimonialI am half way through your Cash on Demand Program and still have no clear way I will proceed with my internet business.I have enjoyed the Boot Camp enormously and now have so many more ideas to work on. I havent brought any programs from your excellent speakers but now know where I can get help as my business develops.C Kendall-Torrytestimonial

testimonialI accompanied my husband who is studying your Cash-on-Demand Course. I have absolutely no background knowledge but what I have learned this weekend has inspired me to consider what I could do, I already have a couple of ideas to develop. Thank you for giving me the insight whilst supporting a good course. Great, inspirational weekend.Pat Kendall Torrytestimonial

testimonialThank you very much for the chance to do something for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and the choice of speakers and the presentations were awesome. I was totally blown away. I will get my bandwagon online A.S.A.P. Tremendous value and time well spent.Ashvin Pateltestimonial

testimonialThank you for the opportunity to attend your 3 days entrepreneurs Seminar.!! The quality, knowledge and enthusiasm of all the speakers that made a presentation was impressive. Most of them were also new to me which was, useful. There was an excellent cross-section of in house marketing topics covered and some excellent bargains on offer.John S Whittakertestimonial

testimonialMy thanks and congratulations on setting up and arranging such a wonderful event it was a truly brilliant achievement of which you must be extremely proud.Ive learnt a huge amount both from the speakers and my colleagues attending the event. My hope is that I will have the freedom to work for organisations such as the WHO Im a medical doctor, whilst still being able to look after my family.You allowed me to start on that path. Thank you again Andrew.Malcolm Barratt- Johnsontestimonial

testimonialHey Andrew congratulations Well Done An amazing weekend. A 3 day Cornucopia of really fresh interesting and USEABLE information for both the complete outsider or seasoned pro. There was plenty of information for every Attendee and delivered to us by the best guys in the business, terrifically entertaining and productive A Whole range of tools for everyone to take away in all, an absolutely fantastic event and you deserve full respect for pulling this all together to help give the special children at Great Ormond Street Hospital greater hope and change of life on their behalf and from my wife and I Thank you!Jeff Burdentestimonial

testimonialAn excellent 3 days !! I have picked up lots of great ideas and tips to help me to really start to make money through my websites. Ive been working slowly to get my online Business established, whilst still working on a full- time job and now after this weekend I feel confident that this 3 days is the spring-board I need start generating some income. I have signed up with Frank Garons Mentoring Program and I am confident that by January 2006 I will be able to give up the day job and concentrate full-time on making my website successful. Thank you Andrew!!!Tania Bartriptestimonial

testimonialThere was a hell of a lot of information in a short space of time by an excellent selection of highly experience speakers, all of which was relevant and extremely useful. I can confirm no excuse for not following it up, as soon as I get home. I have every confidence in using what I have learnt to escape from the RATRACE. I thank you very much for the opportunity to experience and learn from this. I have ordered the DVD set of the conference and will watch it over and over again.Mr Kim Coopertestimonial

testimonialFirst my congratulations Andrew for your time and effort put into the Entepreneur Boot Camp It has been a very worth while event Two- Fold. We have enjoyed the long 3 days full of very useful information. G.O.S.H. are very caring saving my friends sons life 25 years ago when our local hospital had given him up to die. May your good work go on Parents will always be proud of people like you who help to give their children back to them- well again.Nigel Ingletestimonial

testimonialAs a beginner who was afraid to dip his foot into the pool because of the fear of failure , this boot camp has alleviated most of them and I firmly believe I can now go forward and make my first profit. The amount of information you really need to get started has been conveyed in an easily understood format. Thank youAnthony McCaatestimonial

testimonialMy first ever boot camp which I thoroughly enjoyed.The information the knowledge that I have gained is worth gold. I can actually go home and put into practice what I have learned to start a business from scratch and get tons of traffic techniques I have learnt at the boot camp and turn that into wealth. This boot camp has actually changed my life for the better and I would recommend it to anyone Thank You.Mohammed Majidtestimonial

testimonialThis has been the biggest eye-opener I have had. I have friends that are very negative about me going into this type of business, I wish that they could had been here this weekend. I came here looking for someone to mentor me. I have signed up with Frank, it was very scary decision but I see the potential of internet marketing, that I feel I have made the best decision of my life. Thank you for inviting me, I have learnt so much.Miss Sabina Huffatestimonial

testimonialI am here for the beer, opps no sorry (Joke) I am a single mum of 3 beautiful girls ,9.7.5. I am successful at my job which is hair dressing from home which I love, but will not make me a millionaire. The logistics of getting here was a mine field. Friday morning driving here to Wembley, I thought I was mad this course was way way over my head . By Saturday I know I can do this and will and there is still today Sunday to go.Josie Keoghtestimonial

testimonialVery well organised. Great range of speakers. Great value of packages and offers. Lighting video/screen presentation all good.H M Tatetestimonial

testimonialGreat event and a real privilidge to listen to such quality speakers!John R Wickhamtestimonial

testimonialFantastic ! What a great Weekend. The turning point in my life. My mind is buzzing with ideas I cant thank you enough for your prodigious efforts. Please continue with your mission to help me and others. We havent met yet, but I regard you as my friend and confidant already. Keep up the good work. RegardsAlan Weekstestimonial

testimonialExcellent 3 days. Although the long days did create some information overload, however the DVDs of the event should balance that – good stuff. Some excellent packages available and to purchase prices were attractive Im looking forward to progressing with the help of all the new resources. A one day event for Absolute Beginners might have been a useful introduction. One final thought – where are all the female entrepreneurs/presenters?Anna Drummondtestimonial

testimonialAs an absolute total beginner I feel that I have learned a lot this weekend about internet marketing and (offline as well) I missed lots of info so I have purchased the seminar on DVD to Watch again and fill in the blank spaces in my note book. My only concern is that I dont know any thing about computers at all but I will learn So I can make the money for my family to enjoy themselves with it. I didnt even know what spam was when everyone apparently did !! but I do now (HA HA)Paul Olivertestimonial

testimonialThe quality of the speakers as the methods used to convey the information ideas etc was excellent, easily understood and informative even for the subjects that I was not as experienced with compared to others. The speakers themselves were the Best of the Best in their help so far as I was concerned. They were a pleasure to listen to and learn from and I would like to thank you Andrew for giving me the chance to attend the seminar. Help a worthwhile cause and increase my knowledge and understanding of what I need will do to succeed in the great business.Edward Newmantestimonial

testimonialImpressive and very creative seminar ,with many exciting opportunities available. We have benefited by just being here and reinforcing in all our minds all the constructive and profitable tools available to use.Richmond Estatestestimonial

testimonialFirst boot camp thoroughly enjoyed it, too much info at once.Excellent speakers, Ted Nicholas was absolutely fantastic but did not finish the work book. Ted Nicholass workbook idea was great. I have learnt so much in the last 3 days than I have ever have. I have invested in Randys Package which will help get started in my business and enhance my knowledge for the Cash on Demand Course with your self. I have tried anything and everything in the past 15 yrs and this is the only Business that I feel totally confident in seeing and achieving true success. With time and more freedom.The knowledge I have gained in the 3 days is going to change my life forever, Thank you for making it possible for me to take advantage of this fantastic opportunityMr Yogesh Davetestimonial

testimonialThank you so much for the invitation to the boot camp. Although I was not in the market for another system, as I had not long purchased your millionaire training course, and didnt think it wise to have to juggle two systems. I found the whole weekend brilliant, and every speaker outstanding.Would have liked for you to have spoken for longer over the weekend. Well done, outstanding, and thank you again.Chris Cadmantestimonial

testimonialNever in my 44 years of existence have my eyes been opened up to such a lucrative opportunity. My mind is already in overdrive. I just want somebody now to assist and guide me on a business opportunity what I was already working on and has already caused me sleepless nights. Within 48 hours of listening to information my thoughts were now thinking silly £ pound signs.Rob Browntestimonial

testimonialUnbelievably educational, I marvel at the content, knowledge and staying power of the speakers. This is from a researcher of over 35 years experience. I could never talk in the classroom for the lengthy periods that I have witnessed this weekend. ILLUMINITATING, LIFE-CHANGING, ONCE-IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, Thank you so much Andrew, may god bless you and yours.Maureen Lewistestimonial

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