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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialHi Andrew You have truly out done yourself again!! The second Bootcamp I have been on and it has been eye=opening to say that least I have gained so much valuable information from yourself and the great speakers that I cant wait to get back home and start my new life as an internet publishing entrepreneur!Warren Phillipstestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was very inspirational and reinforced the fact that everyday people regardless of age, qualifications or backgrounds can all make success out on internet business and this Bootcamp has given me very good information on how to progress to successHope to come in the future Bootcamps to keep s an eye on current trends & information.Tracey Hursttestimonial

testimonialThis has been an inspirational weekend. The speakers have all been excellent I have learned so much about direct marketing and internet marketing and will make good use of it in the coming months and years. Thank you, Andrew for providing this opportunityBrian Johnstontestimonial

testimonialI didnt really know what to expect when I arrived on the first day and t time my head was spinning with all content among from various speakers were good, I especially appreciated seeing Simon who has recently walked the talk and I intend to work with him. Derek Gelh for me brought it right down to the level I needed. You are to be serious about taking the next step and investing in a programBob Buckantestimonial

testimonialAs a newbie this whole Bootcamp was the best source of knowledge I have ever come across and the experience has made me determined to one day be up on stage presenting with all the other girls. It has been a big part of my self development and actually meeting the top guns in their specialist fields has been an unforgettable experienceSteve Tallamytestimonial

testimonialI had no preconceived ideas about what to expect having never attained a seminar before. I have been inspired, encouraged, entertained, exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed, but above all motivated to do something positive to change my life instead of reading about it, thinking about it, wishing and hoping. You and your excellent speakers have shown me that it is possible with perseverance and hard work to make this change, and for this I am very grateful. You have also given me the support I know I will need to take the first steps to make this all happen. Thank you thank you all. So muchVal Depledghetestimonial

testimonialThankyou Andrew, this is my first bootcamp and it has surpassed all of my expectations. The speakers have left me enthused and hungry for success. I cant wait to put this information into action and become another of your success stories appearing on the stage at a Bootcamp in the near future. PS. What are Bob Proctor and Ted Nicholas on?? I must be nearly half their age but they left me breathless just watching!Phil Humbytestimonial

testimonialThe Weekend has changed my life! Without doubt I have gained the MOTIVATION to succeed, but equally as important, I have received the TOLLS to succeed. My thanks to all the grat speakers and to Andrew and Jim Lowe for being so easy to approach, and for the advice they shared. I now have a clear idea of what I want and I KNOW I WILL ACHIEVE THIS.John Whelptontestimonial

testimonialI attended this weekend bootcamp, only to support my husband and his interest. I have limited knowledge of the internet, and to be honest little interest, also after quite a few years of family pain illness and tragedy. I also didnt really care about millions in the bank Just the rest of my loved ones would be healthy! However the freedom mentioned several times to allow a different take on life to allow me to contribute to charities, to employ my time with my family and friends. Perhaps to make a difference is inspirational, also it looks quite fun!!!Elizabeth Burdakytestimonial

testimonialI came as a guest and this gave me the opportunity to gain an insight into the world my partner is hoping to work in. I can now give him all the support he needs from me. Im no longer an outsider! But—this vent was also inspirational for me personally and I know I really do have options. The range of speakers was very helpful. Everyone could benefit from being mentored and after 3 days there was a mentor to sell everyones style.Excellent value, a very worthwhile 3 daysJan Hoaretestimonial

testimonialThanks for a fantastic 3 days Andrew. Without exception the best seminar of its kind I have been to, and Ive been to a few! Fantastic speakers and really useful information. Im primed and ready to rock!Mike Fordhamtestimonial

testimonialAs always, another brilliant conference. Great speakers, and some great ideas which I can immediately apply to my internet business to bring in more income. Many Thanks Andrew, and congratulations for raising so much for Great Ormond StreetMark R Jerramtestimonial

testimonialGood It was excellent Reading modules and they are very good, I like the event and shows everyone good and helpfulAkramur Rahmantestimonial

testimonialI had been thinking and researching starting a web business for over 12 months but felt I did not have the full information necessary. This stopped me from getting started. The speakers gave lots of great advice and filled in many blanks. I was also able to talk with the speakers in the breaks to ask specific questions that had not been covered. After attending the event I now have the confidence to start my business.Craig Eddingtontestimonial

testimonialA very stimulating 3 days Ive learned so many new things, although Ive used the internet for many years. I would certainly attend future bootcampsIrene Fordetestimonial

testimonialVery impressed with number of speaker, because of their different styles and different offerings. Each seemed to be better than the last. A newie I felt that the packages offered were sometimes too much information to start with (not negatively) I feel a smaller pack-with less info-for beginners could be offered to those attendees , MANY of whom were new to this. This would be so much less overpowrering.R Coopertestimonial

testimonialI was impressed with the different styles of presentation. It has encouraging that different speakers actually indirectly Poo-Pood some of there O thers process. This convinced me that people can be successful with one method that another person clearly does not rate or use. IE there is obviously more than one way to skin a cat.Sean Cunninghamtestimonial

testimonialThis has been an amazing bootcamp loaded with useful information and strategies to make my business expand to the nest level. The information from the top internet marketers and speakers was invaluable and seeing the u person is a bonus. It was one of the best events I attended with insights from many successful speakers who walk the talkMr Pravinda Kapiadiatestimonial

testimonialI was personally impressed with the quality of the speakers used to give information in the 3 days. I am with all these guys and know that they are all multi-millionaire. Anyone starting an online business would be willing to 1,000 for this event. Thanks Andrew for such valuable information you have provided over the yearsAnthony Marriotttestimonial

testimonialI have been amazed at the amount of information given out during this week-end. My head is spinning & I glad that I have made notes when listening to each speaker. The speakers have been amazing and have inspired me and impressed me. I have total respect for them. I will go away and digest all this information and put it to very good use. I only wish that other people I know would have the same millionaire mindset & join me on my journey to success & fortune! I thank Andrew for giving me the opportunity to be here and guide me closer to realising my dreams!Carole E Garciertestimonial

testimonialVery nice experience and lords of information on web-marketing, etc. The quality, style & experience of various speakers was quite impressive your use of front-end charity for back-end products was ingeniousSujuta Vaidyatestimonial

testimonialThe speakesr were excellent and the information second to none. I have gained sop much in the past few days and met and spoke to some of the bgest mentors in the business. Much more was provided than expected. But for me being computer illiterate I need not only the what to do but also the the how to do it That is not a criticism of the seminar only something that would be helpful to me personally. The only criticism if you can call it that was there was not enough time for lunch. Perhaps 1 hours? One thing was that when videos etc were projected on the screens for me the music was far too loud, even with the blocked ears and I felt the vibrations from it in my chest. That said, I wouldnt have missed it.Chris Nicollstestimonial

testimonialWell learned, well organised and enjoyable during the three days. Speakers were excellent and provided a useful, entertained in a variety of ways and were suited to this style if presenting their own product. At times the speech was a little bit too fast and parts of their speaking lost. Difficulty experience of taking notes because the images were only on for a few seconds but this was because they had so much information to conway. The bootcamp was a success.Eric Dickenson testimonial

testimonialThe speakers who have talked to us during this weekend have been men who their are3a of expertise and without a doubt delivered their content exceptionally well. Ever for a newbie like me I was able to keep up with their lectures. Excellent material delivered by men of exceptional talent + knowledge. When I use what I have acquired in the next year months, I will be stage next year giving us testimonialsEugenie Matthews testimonial

testimonialAndrew this is the first time I have attended a Bootcamp and it has amazed me. The number of genuine and wonderful speakers you have brought together. Its like listening to your best friend telling you something you need to know. I am 67 years old and I work in the building trade as a painter +decorator it feels like Ive been in the jungle all my life and Ive just found the real people. I cant thank you enough for this weekend Andrew I will attend future bootcamps. Thank you most sincerelyJames Shawtestimonial

testimonialI just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful and amazingly informative weekend in Bournemouth. As a newbie to selling and marketing on the internet, both your Cash on demand and your speakers have been a revelation to me. I suppose, like most people in the world these days. I was somewhat sceptical about whether this was another con to separate people from their hard earned money. It is so pleasing to find someone with such integrity and a fundamental nature to treat people fairly & with respect. My only regret is not being able to take advantage of your VIP license offer, But with everything I have learnt here with my own desire to have freedom to spend time with my young family. I just now I will be seeing you again. With the greatest of respect & gratitudeBarry Jonestestimonial

testimonialAs a Chinese whose first language is not English, this Bootcamp wide opened my eyes. Although I wont compete directly in the UK market, at least in the near future. I will proceed Cash-on-demand system in another market which Im familiar not yet been quite developed. Thank you Andrew and all the quality speakers. I believe may hard work and creative thinking will lead me to the next Andrew and Ted in ChinaYiwei Wangtestimonial

testimonialI would like to tank you for a most enlightening weekend. What I have heard and learnt has certainly inspired me to enter this market place. The calibre of the speakers has been exceptional and to a new and prosperous career. Once again, huge thanks for an inspirational seminar. Just one more thing, It is also amazing to have been involved in the raising of so much money for such a deserving cause as the Great Ormond Street Hospital.D P Barnestestimonial

testimonialAll the speakers are experts in their own field all has genuine desire to help people start talking action. 5pm too late to finish ideal will be 17pmMr G Pattentestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp empowered me greatly. Before I came to the bootcamp, I was so much afraid of going into internet business because I was afraid to fail and didnt know how to start. Every speaker equipped me with the right knowledge, information and resources and confidence that has caused me to go straight away start implementing most of the staff. The Bootcamp was not only about money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Most speakers also encourages changing lives. I am on my way to gaining my financial freedom. Thanks Andrew for the good work. You holding hands of other people to gaining their freedom.Miriam Munyurotestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, Thank you for providing a wonderful and though provoking seminar. This is the first of this type , that I have attended and I wish I had heard of you and the teachings of yourself and colleagues many years ago. I have had to pass up on the opportunities on offer over the course of the weekend purely because I am currently bankrupt and had to scrape together every penny to get here. That said, I feel it has been worth every bit of it and I believe this is a turning point for me -Will keep you posted on that one!Well done for the HUGE cheque to Gt Ormonds Street and thank you for opening my eyes to another world. a world that I WILL BE PART OFP.S Where are the lady speakersValerie Dealtestimonial

testimonialI have a sick child at home, so Ive going back to London everyday. Ive been doing this because theres no way I was going to miss out, on this fantastic opportunity. As some one, just about to start out, this weekend was the most interest I have ever had, so much information, that can be used.Ive been wanting to come to your seminar for along time, But couldnt afford it, but thanks god this time it was so cheap.I Cant thank you enough for this weekend because you gave me a head start, by giving me some products start with, I want to be your next success story many thanks.Sayon Nazirtestimonial

testimonialGreat info, professionally and inspirationally presented. Felt empowered and inspired.Mike Longtestimonial

testimonialMy first time here or too any seminars for that fact found it very informative product sales and templest well put togther. Repetition in respet to each ones held can be a bit much.Product one time only 1,000,00 Day two 2000.00 And so on until the expected target or bid starting off from 1000 first come first serve.Id like to thank Andrew Reynolds for all hes doneMr Nicholas Gonzalestestimonial

testimonialI have been subscribed to many different systems over the last 20 years or so and they have all failed to deliver. Even having subscribed to Cash on Demand and wanted the DVDs and read the first 4 months I still did not believe that the Bootcamp would tell me anything I didnt already know. However, as the entry cost was heavily discounted and for a charity I decided I had nothing to lose and if it did deliver it would be a once in a lifetime chance which I couldnt afford to miss. I believe that the Bootcamp has, for that first time met my expectations and has exceeded them 100 fold. I have been given me the tools to make my first 1m which now intend to do. I am holy grateful for this opportunity Thankyou very much AndrewMr J A Harristestimonial

testimonialI am know on module 19 of your Cash on demand course and really understand & enjoy it. This bootcamp has extended my knowledge and given me renewed energy & ambition. I am lucky to be here as Ive had a brain hemorrage & breast cancer and your information has lead me down a totally new path in my life for which Im gratefulEileen Harleytestimonial

testimonialI wasnt quite sure what to expect when my husband invited me to join him at the Bootcamp. I was thoroughly impressed by the calibre of the presenters all internationally renowned experts. It was amazing to listen to the presenters who are living my dream, and sharing with me step-by-step how I can achieve it too! Having the opportunity to speak with some of them one-on-one, was incredible. Knowing that all proceeds are going to charity makes it definite value for money.Heather Reidtestimonial

testimonialHaving had a printing business for 6 years I can say how applying the fact I have learned this weekend I can certainly move forward very quickly.As well as applying the principles of product finding and marketing. Thank you very muchDavid Trimtestimonial

testimonialTruly fabulous the presentations were terrific the information gainedPriceless and the overall format simply superb. Many ThanksRobert Merrytestimonial

testimonialA great weekend. It wasnt quite what I expected, but the quality and vanity of the speakers was incredible. The wealth of their experience and the tips and techniques that they all shared has given me much food for thought and inspiration to go back and really get my multiple streams of income up and running profitably. After playing around for many years I now feel I have some good relevant information that will help me get on track. Thank you Andrew for putting on this event providing an affordable opportunity to rub shoulders with many of the internets tops marketers. It cant be help but make a big difference.Neil Stevenstestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic event! We came to the event not knowing anything about internet business ( except that other people have them!) and also only being at the stage of having parts 3 of Andrews homestudy course, not yet confident enough or having enough expertise & knowledge to start that. Weve been blown away! The speakers were excellent. I am sure that every person in the audience had at least one speaker who appealed to their own inner calling. I am astounded at Andrews generosity with the event- great speakers, great offers, great information that can enable anyone who attended, the means to get a business up and running RIGHT NOW!! Thank you AndrewValerie Daytestimonial

testimonialVery informative, a whirlwind experience need more time to digest everything, cant wait for the DVD to go over so man things again.Harry Balltestimonial

testimonialExcellent stuff, thank you for re-vealing the secrets that rich people know. God bless you and see you when I get to the top like you. Be careful! might just overtake you. P.S Do publish this Its the Truth!Bertha Msipatestimonial

testimonialI was totally amazed at the quality of the speaker and also the professional way in which the Bootcamp was organisedMany ThanksDavid Wilsontestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp just blew me away! I have never seen so many excellent entrepreneur speakers under one roof! I will definately comeback next year when I have made some money to buy some licensesSuggestion: If you have made the bootcamp DVD cheaper almost everybody (attendee) would buy it.Godfrey Bwalyatestimonial

testimonialThe Seminar/Bootcamp gives you inspiration to have a go. The speakers, have taken action which have resulted in life changing experiences. The biggest thing I will take away is if you do not try any of these things then you will always stay where you are. Be challenged and this results may surprise you.John Donovantestimonial

testimonialI have attended several different Seminars during my previous sales career, however none have come close to the Bootcamp experience those guys just blew me away with obvious enthusiasm and energy. Motivation for the highest order, the days may be long, but what the hell it was worth every minute. Many thanks to Andrew and crew I can sum it up in just one word Outstanding watch this space.Simon Fishertestimonial

testimonialGreat speakers with great knowledge imparted to usMalcolm Foytestimonial

testimonialB=Best O=Option O=Offered T=Tempting and C=Cultivating A=Anyones M=Money making P=ProspectA wonderful exciting weekend. What a better way to gain knowledge powerful information but more importantly a way to make moneyA N Kealohatestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was the most amazing event I have ever been too. Listening to the most successful people in the internet business share their success strategies was priceless. But none more than it was being able to mix with positive like-minded people. Absolutely great 3 days learnt lots of tips on how to improve my business.Anita Unsworthtestimonial

testimonialIm going to need a week to allow my brain to recover! The weekend has been awesome, over delivered in every sense. Awesome speakers and all for an absolute bargain price!Ive seen the video presentations you have put on before, it is however nothing like being here liveLong may you continue to succeed Sir!Gary Spencertestimonial

testimonialThis weekend for me has been an epiphany. Lots of things have conspired to get me here, it is a story too long in the telling but the business have been removed. The mist has lifted. Now I have a direction a goal. Thanks AndrewPaddy Welshtestimonial

testimonialThis has been amazing. It has shown me the error of my ways. I intend to make them right!Tony Griffintestimonial

testimonialA thoughtful seminar was very good, to have all these internet millionaire experts sharing their techniquesThe only setback I though was there should have been a schedule for when the speakers would appear. Breaks were too short for the amount of people attended.Nelson Lewistestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew The cash on demand course (now@no1) has been good however its like a jigsaw without the pictures on the box, ie do I start at the edges or proceed to the centre. This Bootcamp has provided me with the picture to enable me to complete the picture. Extremely helpful information explained in various formats from peoples different views and own personal proven experience.Meeting and seeing people from all walks of life help to understand that following the formula anyone can succeed with this business. Thank you Andrew for showing me this great opportunityPaul Goodwintestimonial

testimonialI have found that over the entire 3 days, Andrew has supplied a constant stream of detailed, useful information through the uses of inspirational speakers, not only at the very top of the industry, but also relatively recent start ups who have done precisely what most people here are hoping to achieve. Even though the time spent listening to the speakers was approx 30 hours & I will no-doubt suffer from info overload. I found it all flew by & I was equally fascinated by the last speaker as I was the first as they all supplied different takes on the subject. Having attended al also feel it is necessary to purchase the DVD set as it is impossible to take notes on everything. Some of the slides were a bit blurry from the back. Im glad I didnt have 50kas I would have bought everyones products, I just like to maintain my enthusiasm now & take action when I return to everyday life which the DVD set should help with It would be better if the others were extended after the event, not just for that day.Gavin s Cattotestimonial

testimonialHi Andrew Thanks for an action packed weekend positively crammed with vital information something for everyone regardless of their background to inspire and galvanise into productivity. Giving the money to Great Ormonds St. gave everyone a great feel good factor to be part of that & bet a brilliant example of balance in business. Really valuable to hear the individual success stories that we can relate to seeing just how much shrew hard work and determination starting with simple ideas just growing them on with strategie planning is bringing a fantastic do-able rewardsMarilyn J Duncantestimonial

testimonialIts the first bootcamp seminar I have been to and find it eye opening and exciting and I hope to transform my life with its help, heres hoping that this time next year my life will have changed for the better. ThanksD A Inklestestimonial

testimonialThis is my first entrepreneurs Bootcamp experience and I have to say that it has blown my mind apart from the obviously well organised and slick presentations the content and information that I have gained from the wealth of excellent speakers has given me so much that I needed to go away and build an internet business that I know will be successful.I will also be able to enhances my existing bricks and mortar engineering business to be more profitable. As will as a anew internet company that I have recently started.John N Entwistletestimonial

testimonialI was very happy to make the donation to the great charity like Great Ormond Street hospital childrens charity and I expected any benefits from the course would be just a plus. In fact the three days were fantastic presentations by excellent speaker giving practical advice to make a successful business on the internet. This course delivered well beyond my expectations and I am happy to endorse it.Bruce Armstrong MIoDtestimonial

testimonialI found the information a further insight into online business success, which has been very interesting which will enable me to take action. Also I feel that every speaker was a Down to Earth person that contributed with us for such a good human cause.Mr Basil Goslintestimonial

testimonialFor any individual that ever considered doing something different breaking the mould or escaping the rat race, then you need to come to this seminar/Bootcamp I have taken points from every single speaker that I will use. I was so excited with all the fresh ideas that I have been given that it kept me awake until 3am last night, I look forward to putting the ideas into practice and taking control on my destiny.Tim Prescotttestimonial

testimonialI have been to the previous seminar on product licenses (not held by Andrew Reynolds) and left feeling lost and confused. After attending your 3 day seminar I feel happy and confident in starting my own internet business. All of the speakers have been excellent this truly is the best most worth while seminar. I have attended. The knowledge in which I have gained is life changing within itself. Thank you Andrew Reynolds for making this possible, you will most defiantly be hearing my success.Raheem Khayyamtestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time I have attended such a seminar and I must say that I have found more confidence and meaning to this business. I am still on the Cash on Demand system and I found that though I am only on the 5th course it has tied in very well with what I have heard.I still do not know why you are helping me to make money for free it still beats me I persuaded my wife to come along and she is enjoying herself although we have a lot to learn on copywriting etc. We are not broke at present just about managed to get here and get cheap accommodation but we will be a success story thanks to you.Tichakunda Msipatestimonial

testimonialI really enjoyed and learned tremendous amount of knowledge and information from the three days seminar. Its great motivation to see so many excellent speakers. I recommend to anyone who whants to.Simo Popovskitestimonial

testimonialAndrew Fabulous Seminar- gained a lot of valuable information that I needed to move my buisiness forwardEach speaker was able to provide a piece of the jigsaw to what at first seemed a very large puzzleThis weekend has also been great fun many thanks to you see you at the next oneLawrence Hursttestimonial

testimonialI have found the information from all speakers extremely knowledgeable. However it has put the grey cells into overload with the variety of products which often has been repeated by all speakers.The idea of the DVD being available reiterating the content of the 3 day seminar will be an added advantage of looking at the materials in my own time though expensive. Personally I feel that the seminar could have been run over 4 or 5 says as by 3pm I noticed that audience becoming restless eleven hours of intensive listening is extremely tiring mentally. I hope this positive criticism will be of benefit which has been taken on board and will definitely be put into action within the following year.Christine Witherstestimonial

testimonialA fantastic 3 days if a little mind blowing the information is priceless. It has given me the direction and that final push! Needed to go out there and succeed for both me and my children. Thanks Andrew and I would like to shake your hand when I make my first million.Gary Hilandtestimonial

testimonialA wonderful cocktail of great minds and ideas, a success alround. Display of a true Philanthropist one who uses his own achievements to affect the lives of others in a positive way. Well done and thank you for the free gifts which are to proceed this seminar.Lynn Daviestestimonial

testimonialMy partner has been telling me there has got to be a better way of making a living. So I decided to join him for the entrepreneurs bootcamp. The day before attending I received some bad news I was made redundant (from a highly paid job). Thanks to you, I have hope and tools for a better way of life!Joanne Butlertestimonial

testimonialAndrew this is my first Bootcamp I have been to, I am on module 8 of you excellent course, the speakers have been brilliant, I have been inspired to no start my business. Now that you have kindly given licensed products to sell. I will be getting craking soon as I get home. I am tempted to do your platinum V.I.P package as I feel I will get excellent Backup. It would be nice to be one of your apprentices, You are a brilliant guy, keep up the good workAlan Woostertestimonial

testimonialCongratulations this has been an amazing event where many wonderful ideas were placed. No will no Hype, just genuine online business offering great opportunities, presented by highly motivated and professional speakers.The product offered were in my view good value for money which included guarantees of money refunds if not found suitable.Please accept my good wishes for the future. May you prosper.David Jessoptestimonial

testimonialAndrew It has been a privilege to listen to so many world class speakers giving an abundance of helpful information.The way in which you all deliver your presentations with humanity, humility (in some cases) and humour as well as amazing single mindlessness and obvious total commitment to your own business as well as to helping others, has been totally inspirational.Many congratulations to you.At 74 years of age, I still intend to make a start.William Wheelertestimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds delivered excellent quality and variety of speakers very information and well put across. All speakers very professional in their chosen niche and all delivered. Bootcamp has beyond my expectations and the bonus has to help contribute to a great cause in Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity. Organisation by Andrew and his team has spot on and we were kept that busy that the disappointing weather did not feature. Bournemouth 2007 is the Beginning.Andrew Thompsontestimonial

testimonialI cried when I realised I was late to book my ticket on your last Bootcamp before this which was also meant to raise funds for Great Ormonds Hospital. You rubbed it in when you sent the new letter about how much you raised. This Time Im not only extremely excited to have contributed to Great Ormond hospital and save the lives of those little children but I am also overloaded with information and have butterflies to get started by this time next year, Ill be one of your testimonials. Thank you Mr ReynoldsMr Nomcebo Maphalalatestimonial

testimonialWow! Where have I been How come I never new there were such Bootcamp. Recommend this for anyone sitting there thinking I want better life for my children. These where to start, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I had to come and brought my 3 months daughter but gosh it was worth it. Next time you see this space I will be a billionaire if not for myself for my 3 month old daughter who sat quietly in the meeting while I learnt all this.Dumsile Manbuzatestimonial

testimonialWhen I attended the Bournemouth Bootcamp with my wife we both approached the weekend with an open open mind hoping that we would learn something that we did not know.The biggest surprise was just how much valuable information was imparted. We thought that we knew a fair bit about marketing before Bootcamp however we soon learned how little we actually did know an absolutely mind blowing torrent of amazing systems, techniques and secrets.Our minds were open- they were now full to capacity!! All we have to do now is put this into practice. I cant believe just how much of an advantage this weekend has given us and our future business we genuinely believe the if anyone actually follows the information given, with all the tips & techniques, they would be heading for success. Great Success!Malcolm Somnertestimonial

testimonialThis is my first bootcamp experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. We all are always learning and it is good to hear how other people have solved the one thing that bother humans money matters. It is good to hear from those who have made it how easy to become when you know how. It is also interesting to to know that they all had the same worries as us before that made it big. We are grateful to Andrew and the all the other speakers that came. May the Lord bless you allMr Nathaniel Onigbotestimonial

testimonialHi Andrew, the last few days have been wicked I am a complete novice, this Bootcmap have really opened up my eyes to making money, I have signed up with one of the speakers to learn how to make money quickly- And get out of being a wage slave!!) thank you very very much for inviting me to the event.Guranran Saundtestimonial

testimonialIve found it alot more valuable than I expected. Well worth the value for money. Ive got a lot of ideas, very useful information, valuable weblinks to use.James Maguiretestimonial

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