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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialFrom no knowledge at all I now have everything I need to get started, know how to use the ideas I have and how to put them into practice using lots of insider tips.S Nundytestimonial

testimonialThis is my 2nd bootcamp and I brought my brother with me so he can learn Internet Marketing. This bootcamp surpasses the last one a thoroughly enjoyable and educational weekend for a worthy cause.Ushan Demeltestimonial

testimonialThis weekend was a real eye opener for me. I must admit that I was a skeptic. It was my wife who subscribed to Cash On demand. She encouraged me to read them. I will now! I didn’t realise the extent to which I have become ingrained into the system of trading time for money. Excellent seminar.Hans Olsentestimonial

testimonialI intend to use this event as the basis for my action plan. I found Derek Gehl particularly helpful in focusing my attention on a step by step action plan which I will link with the information in the modules.Gary Jonestestimonial

testimonialThis is second bootcamp I have attended. Filled with Practical and effective insight and guidance. How to start and build successful businesses on the internet. Now take action.Peter Stewarttestimonial

testimonialI cannot thank you enough for inviting me to this spectacular event the first I have attended. I had very little knowledge before I attended this seminar, but the information and tips I have collected from the speakers is invaluable. I will be able to go home and start using a great deal of information tonight and get immediate results. I had a positive attitude on arrival and I know I can achieve positive results from actions I will put in place when marketing the products you have made available at this seminar. I look forward to providing you with feedback on my success.Miss Susan Jill Robertstestimonial

testimonialThank you, very informative interesting, well organised.Eva Ohnesorgetestimonial

testimonialCongratulations on your 10th Anniversary of being a SOLUTION PROVIDER to countless number of people whose lives are being improved by yours. The Bootcamp was excellent & gave myself & others an opportunity to build on. It’s the story of what can be attainted through belief. Thanks for making a difference.OYIN JESUGOODNESStestimonial

testimonialI came here with my husband who is on module 8 of your course. I knew nothing of computors or marketing but now even I feel I could make this work. The speakers were very good, gave easy to follow information I have enjoyed this weekend and look forward to us having a brighter future thanks to you.JULIE JONEStestimonial

testimonialWow Mind blowing fantastic weekend what can I say! I will be one of the 10 % that will make it and you have certainly made this possible thanks to the C.O.D course and the person you came across as. Cheers Andrew. PS I certainly hope to work with you in the future.GM JONEStestimonial

testimonialGreat Seminar, good content, plenty of choice of which directions to go in, to make multiple sources of income.CG Hawksworthtestimonial

testimonialThe Conference has been fantastic. The organisation Superb. There was no time to waste and the information was powerful. Thanks for everything. I can always attend this conference again and again.SAMSON KIAMBItestimonial

testimonialExcellent! I really appreciated the way the complex and hitherto unapproachable world of internet % home based business was just simplified. I have tools to use. I cannot wait to get on the train and begin to apply.PTO PETROStestimonial

testimonialWhat an eye opener! This bootcamp has been extremely informative and motivated me to real action. I received ample info to get started. This camp took away the fear and the I can’t to confidence + I can.Ingrid Kiokowtestimonial

testimonialI never realized how many money making ideas I had in my TINY brain! This weekend has certainly taught me that I already have what is necessary to, at least, make a start. Now action is the key.Colum Monamantestimonial

testimonialAndrew Yet another inspiring meeting one after another. Successive entreprenuers giving their experiences most using technical information as supplied in you cash on demand system. Great Weekend. Great VenueSteve Cottontestimonial

testimonialThe technical and procedural information was very good and very comprehensive. In fact over whelming. The speakers really were qualified to speak their subjects.Bill Nunntestimonial

testimonialI felt the material delivered was very relevant to what has been promised. Many useful ideas and simple but little known techniques were shown, which has given me complete confidence that I can, for the first time in my life, actually go out and make a substantial amount of money, and enjoy the freedom that I hope will come with that. A once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to use it. Thank youAndrew Rothertestimonial

testimonialI know that I have learnt easy ways to change my life and financial security for myself my family and people who will be working for me.Tahir Mughaltestimonial

testimonialAndrew, you must have surpassed yourself in organising this wonderful exciting & genuinely informative bootcamp, touching all genders cultures and ages. I will start on the MSI (As so carefully explained by your incredible speakers on this great day).Helen Tennanttestimonial

testimonialMy experience is like a mountain top experience. Coming down this mountain today. I am fully loaded with several opportunities that awaits my future. Andrew, you have put together a wonderful team to teach us this weekend. I personally will not be able to recover from the explosive and intense sessions that have been delivered. My future is brighter. Slowly but surely. The best is yet to come.J Doetestimonial

testimonialAndrew it’s been a pleasure coming in contact with you and listening to you speak about how you got your breakthrough, I didnt know it could be this easy. Thanks for sharing. I was invited over by a brother and you know what by the end of the last day, I knew I was not here to waste my time. The speakers have been terrific and unselfish. I must not forget to commend your heart of charity, very touching. I will recommend your bootcamps to anyone planning to get there. Thank youAdeday Daretestimonial

testimonialAs this is my first seminar I’ve attended, I must say, it has been a worthwhile event. Along with my subscription of Andrews, Cash on Demand course, the various speakers have helped bring it to life and things are becoming a lot clearer. Considering I’m no whiz kid on the computer I feel I’m starting to understand more, as it goes on. My husband and I feel after this weekend, we have just as good a chance as anyone here in making a change to our life, our working life and that of four childrens lives. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to be hereLisa Gorsetestimonial

testimonialTerrific 3 days with many fantastic speakers. To hear people talk so fast with so much knowledge and enthusiasm is very encouraging to a newcomer to the business.R Fitzgibbontestimonial

testimonialThe quality of the presenters was first class. Their enthusiasm is very infectious. You feel you could go and sell anything straight away. They also make you think very hard about what you are going to do. But they also encourage you to doing great examples to you. Their knowledge is over whelming. Excellent 3 daysGeorge W Silsytestimonial

testimonialIt has been a wonderful opportunity for me to attend this seminar and I’m sure it’s going to be a turning point for my freedom. All lectures are well delivered.Abiodun Salamitestimonial

testimonialA mind boggling weekend of possibility. A fantastic line up of experts and mentors- but who to choose to work with! Great atmosphere, great information and many options to take anyone in the room on the road to being a millionaire. An event with professionalism, integrity and inspiration from those with a proven success rate. I also feel very happy to have supported needy kids at Great Ormand Street.Jacqui Tillyardtestimonial

testimonialSo glad it wasn’t London! Please pick venues like this again. Every moment has been excellent! I have been fired up by Bob Proctor and Ted Nicholas who have both given me such credibility to Seniors proving there’s still so much potential to earn the best money ever to supplement pensions and eventually make a professional pension look like back-pocket change! What inspirations! There has been much practical how to information given also with hands-on actual applications and examples as good supporting evidence. The whole area of public domain material is just one of the many areas I knew nothing about but now know where to look for inspiration.Marilyn Robertstestimonial

testimonialThanks very much for the Superb Weekend. I have lots of ideas for products and currently have one just about to roll out for the first time. This meeting has given me the confidence to progress forward knowing that this industry is real.Mike Richardstestimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds has been writing to me for 3 years. I wasn’t ready until recently to attend this fabulous event this charity and recognition of Bob Proctor from the Secret convinced me to attend. I wasn’t disappointed. This event was awesome!! Andrew was the best of the best speakers to this event, who are top in their field. It was a privilege to attend this event and I’m now a student of publishing. So much to learn on top of all the fabulous information over last 3 days. Thank you Andrew to you and your friendsRita Wellsteadtestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was very good. The speakers really gave away good tips to do internet business. Enjoyed it very much. Drawback:- Networking between people was not good. People kept to themselves. Thank you Andrew for your KindnessMr A Arulpragsasamtestimonial

testimonialI found the whole event most exciting and beneficial and I am most grateful for the opportunity. To be part of this potential life changing experience. I am particularly proud to have been part of it given the occasion for which it was held It was very professional done and speakers were excellent. I would be delighted to attend another.Paul Cliffordtestimonial

testimonialHaving great doubts about my ability to do any of this, being completely IT illiterate I now feel, I can make money as well as anyone here. I may be slow but I will get there in the end and Andrew has given me the confidence to do this.June Speighttestimonial

testimonialGreat Event great Speakers great ideas. Truly inspiring and motivational. Could be life changingRichard Hornertestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the 3 days, found it very informative, good speakers and enjoyed speaking to other people here for the same thing. Now I’m eager to put into practice what I’ve learned.Gwynfryin Saunderstestimonial

testimonialThe Abundance of ideas and information that I have received over the weekend has literally blown my mind away. I can’t wait to put into practice what I have learned today. I am confident of making a change in both my finances and well being with what I have learned. Many thanks to Andrew Reynolds for making this possible.Kenny Peterstestimonial

testimonialAs someone who came here with no interest in this seminar. I accompanied my husband only. I have found parts of the 3 day event very interesting yet some parts not so However for anyone wanting to set up in their own Busines and to make a great deal of money this event has been ideal (great tips)Faye Griffintestimonial

testimonialThe event was organised well + effective friendly + helpful staff + speakers great opportunity to meet with inspirational speakers. Credibility (all millionaires + more). Substantial information given. Great offers for people who are ready for the next step. Thank you.Katherina Webertestimonial

testimonialGreat Wonderful I have learned so much more by being here than I did from reading about some of the subjects. Many Many ThanksCarmen Kearneytestimonial

testimonialBrilliant. Superb speeches and something for everyone. Thanks Andrew, an real eye openerNick Hammondtestimonial

testimonialAmazing array of speakers. It has changed the way I view marketing on the internet. Many ThanksJason Hammondtestimonial

testimonialThis was my first ever bootcamp which I must say was more then I had expected. The speakers were very sincere in what they were saying and it came over to me and many others I spoke to over the 3 days earnestly wanting to encourage and help others to take that first step and get started. I am at present just started the Cash on Demand home study course and found this bootcamp an add-on to this and of great benefit to me. Thank you Andrew for the invitation and the opportunity to help yours chosen charity.John A McKeaguetestimonial

testimonialI have learned a lot from the incredible speakers especially the wonderful Ted Nicholas and Derek Gehl, Bob Proctor blew my mind + I am certainly going to make some changes in my life. I am determined as I told you, that the next time you see me I will become one of your apprentices. Onwards and upwards!!Julie Sheppardtestimonial

testimonialThis is my first experience of a Bootcamp I feel so lucky to be here and gaining the insights I need to move forward n my life I run a small business but I can immediately see hoe it can be improved as well as starting numerous other businessesThank you so much.Hazel Mlister Brewertestimonial

testimonialExcellent bootcamp alot of informative information. Some handouts would have been useful as the screen was sometimes unreadable. I t has certainly been an eye opener I particularly liked My Nicholas a very genuine spoken Thank you Andrew I am glad so much money was raised for Ormands St Hospital. I look forward to learning more.Mary Baptietestimonial

testimonialThe weekend was a bit of an eye- opener, it was more than I expected. The speakers where all wonderful and olso it was nice to see the faces of the speakers as I only heard them on the audio tapes or CDs before, thank you, and in fact if you were not raising money for children I would not have come an for that well done, and I would have missed out, thank you again.Mr G. Sinaguliatestimonial

testimonialAlthough I am not a complete beginner to the internet and internet marketing. I have still learned a great deal at the bootcamp. It has been both instructive and entertaining, but especially instructive, and my brain is now overflowing with lots of new very useful information. Thank youAlan Lowtestimonial

testimonialThank you for your informative seminar. A refreshing bombardment of excellent speakers the G.O.S contribution was outstanding well done!May I say though and this is only a small compared to the whole event. Perhaps covering the volume slightly in the auditorium making the program sections smaller and finishing at a more conclusive time (for those with families and have to travel) Perhaps a simpler session/refresher for those who have not made that jump between computer literacy and making a webpage and beyond (e.g the need for broadband as opposed to dial up) Please do not view this as a cynic! I was a public speaker and used to organise events its been excellent!Bart Franklintestimonial

testimonialGreat Time Good Speakers Lot of informationRoger HIbberdtestimonial

testimonialWell who would ever thought I would come to a bootcamp seminar well not me Im nearly 50 years old, and enjoyed every minute of it listening to all the coaches and speakers I just hope I can take something back with me and start going. Thank you for a great weekend. I be backRoberto Salvatitestimonial

testimonialThe speakers go fast Except for Andrew Reynolds and Paul The ma , but the information thought is fabulous I would recommend the seminar to anyone.John Havshoytestimonial

testimonialI came not really knowing what to expect but was soon pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information which was bo9th useful and from outside of my previous thought process. Ive always been interested in sales and marketing since my teenage years and didnt realise the possibilities within my reach. It has been worthwhile.R McDowelltestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely Brill- Have really opened my eyes to business on internet and am looking forward to becoming part of it all ever at my late age.All speakers were eceptionly good and all were able to put fires in peoples soulsDavid Martintestimonial

testimonialI feel Privileged to have been here over the last 3 days, the speakers have all without exception been inspirational! And yet I have also learned many practical tips and techniques. I will leave the Bootcamp knowing I really can get going in the internet marketing business and be successful. Thank youVenice Marriotttestimonial

testimonialHaving just started the cash on Demand Course and attended the Bournemouth Bootcmap – with little knowledge of the enormity of the internet business. I was blown away by the presentations my only concern was cast of the courses, however after the second day I was in turmoil during the night as to whether I could afford any of them. Emotionally arriving for a last day I left probably for the first time I would take that decisive step and do it. Many ThanksJohn Halltestimonial

testimonialI have witnessed some very wonderful speakers at Andrews seminars have gained so much knowledge he is my ophidian a wonderful teacher and a true professional.J R Follentestimonial

testimonialAndrew you excelled on that you delivered over the bootcamp weekend. The calibre of the speakers was exceptional and the valuable contribution to my future internet career. Making the speakers available at the breaks also enhanced my experience and enthused me to take action and generate and develop a web based business. In particular it was beneficial to hear from individuals that have taken your advice, followed your system and recommendations to become internet millionaires. Thanks for the opportunity.Paul Greentestimonial

testimonialExcellent Weekend packed full of so much information that the brain is in overload. Despite various notes the DVD set will be invaluable in refreshing the knowledge gained will definitely get started now that the bootcamp has fleshed out the Cash on Demand courseN Faulknertestimonial

testimonialThis is the best seminar, I have had the pleasure of attending, seeing some of the best internet programs on the planetSodhi Bainstestimonial

testimonialThis being the first time I have visited a seminar, I have really enjoyed it. I cam with no knowledge of internet marketing only bits I have read and am going away having learnt quite a lot. I must admit I am a slow learner but with anything if you keep at it you will get your own goal Lots of things are going through my head after what I have heard this weekend mostly positive. I must admit thanks to the people I have listened to. Would love to do this as a living lets hope I have the confidence and obtain the know how and it can stay in my head. Taken step one by buying the memory CDs from Dominic OBrian. What a life it could turn into many thanks AndrewCharles Craig Bradshawtestimonial

testimonialBootcamp is the best way to get the information and ideas the information simply is the best the speakers are terrific especially not boring. As Tina Turner says Simply the BestJames Taylortestimonial

testimonialExtremely informative, I was totally inspired and felt II needed my laptop to get started whilst at the seminar!Patricia Cudjoetestimonial

testimonialVery good weekend Thanks very muchRay Smythtestimonial

testimonialA very inspiring and motivational three days. With a number of exceptional speakers. One thing that would have been of interest would have been to have heard of a women who had managed to use your strategies to succeed. It seems very much to be a mans world but hopefully no not hopefully I will return home and put the theory into practice, whop knows maybe I could be your women speaker! Many Thanks for a good weekend.Susan Huntertestimonial

testimonialIt was an exceptional 3 day seminar. The 3 days left meet enlightened, inspired and hungary to take action to meet my goals. This can all be achieved with very little cost. I recommend you MUST attend the next bootcamp. See you thereDavid Pattletestimonial

testimonialA really good 3 days spent with a great list of fabulous specialist speakers. Much more than I expected and as a complete novice I now know that I need to get my act together and move on in this industry. Cant wait to get on with some of the wonderful information provided. Hopefully in a short time this experience will be a life changing event for me!! Up to me now.Nicholas Biddletestimonial

testimonialWow! What an unbelievable weekend. Andrew certainly delivered on his promised, and more. All his speakers were dynamic and a complete inspiration. I came away with a clear plan on how to make my fortune on the internet. No Question! I look forward to getting these techniques implemented into my business. Thanks, Thanks and thanks again for one of the most motivational weekends of my life. Andrew, your pleasure to know Thank you againJoe Fernandeztestimonial

testimonialA Roller Coaster of a Bootcamp. Information of the highest order presented by a number of movers and shakers in the business opportunities and internet business community & will be getting straight down to make use of the wonderful business tools and have at my disposal as a direct result of this wonderful event Im fizzing with excitement.Andrew NH Graytestimonial

testimonialA most thought-provoking and stimulating week-end. Have notes to work through for several weeks all good stuff!!!Andrew, as usual you have over delivered both on content and stature of the speakers, well done for great Ornands Street Hospital Children Charity and for waking up our minds and shattering out comfort zone.Anthony David Parrtestimonial

testimonialA sexy enlightening weekend (Pity about the wet weather) I didnt know much about computer internet but now I cant wait to get home to try to start making some money The speakers were all excellent Ted Nicholas was amazing brought the audience ALIVE + also made me feel special. A truly wonderful weekend, worth travelling from Scotland for. money also going to a wonderful cause! Back to work tomorrow (A Macmillan Nurse) in community in life BUT Next year I will be richerA D Forsythtestimonial

testimonialAndrews Bootcamp weekend has been what he promised it would be and so much more. The speakers have all been amazing, with the knowledge, & quality of the information that have shared, the inspiration + energy they have given. I will be a success and Andrew has helped make that possible. Thank youNicola Fernandeztestimonial

testimonialWhat a great weekend Bootcamp my first but not my last. Great to meet and be with a group of Down- to Earth speakers who started their business in the same position were I am toady at the bottom! Just received module of Cash on Demand and am excited to get started in my business. This knowledge leant from this bootcamp is about to be put into practise thanks to you Andrew and Friends Looking forward to my next bootcamp with you and to be able to share my success on periencesDavid Broughtestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was full of valuable and inspirational material. The speakers were wonderful and friendly and available to answer many questions. Thank you Andrew for this wonderful opportunityM. Cairnstestimonial

testimonialAs before at Wembley this seminar came up with all the answers to setting up an online business that gives the ultimate earning potential there is not other fully automated business that compares! This Bootcamp as before was first class! And for such as worthy cause, Andrew you have excelled yourself again.Ray Prossertestimonial

testimonialWell Worth attending some high-calibre speakers who really know their stuff lots of very useful information subject of fulfilment still to be covered (as at 11am, Sunday) has helped us think of niche markets with potential for us, sessions too long concentration goes at 5pm! Looking forward to the next instalments of Cash-on-Demand (Wish it was quicker!) Well done and ThankyouGraeme Cockburntestimonial

testimonialAll the speakers have been jam packed full of information, all about the bare bones of the industry. It has been an amazing weekend and I have learnt a great deal, of which I will be putting into practice as soon as I return home. Many ThanksKenton Nettletestimonial

testimonialI found the Bootcamp very informative and inspiring to actual make you take action. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about started a internet businessB Lapouretestimonial

testimonialI have sent three of the most enlightening days ever in the attending the bootcamp. I have learned so much about the internet and internet marketing from the fabulous speakers if you can take a bit from everyone and formulate your own ideas it canomy be a good thing. Thank you so much for the invitation to attend great Ormond street is also close to my heart as my handicapped sister has spent time there.Malcolm Rossertestimonial

testimonialThis is my second attendance at one of Andrews charity seminar, and I think it was even better than the first one. I felt that I have learned so much information form the excellent speakers and I cant wait to get home and put it all in to practice. I can confident that by the time I come to the next one, my life and circumstances will have changed.Pat Higginstestimonial

testimonialI am most grateful to have attended this opportunity and have leaned more than I can assimilate in 3 days!!! But will need to inwardly digest it all over time. All the speakers were amazingly inspiring. I sat upstairs at the back and would preferred the sound to be turned down. Also During intervals the music is so loud that it is difficult to sit in your seat and have a conversation! BUT the whole experience will stay within me forever as one of the best & most challenging of my 75 years!!Janet Cross testimonial

testimonialI came to the book camp looking for answers to just 1 question. Financial independence and how to get there. To me this would mean no more jobs and time to do what I really want. Two members of my immediate family (Mother 7 Brother) have battled cancer and maybe one day6 I will who knows I would like to help raise money for various cancer related charities. Financial indipendence would give me the time needed to do this. The best bootcamp has given me the ideas & options and I thank you for all that. All the speakers were more than expected once again many thanksAndrew Cowleytestimonial

testimonialThe past three days have been exceptionally informative + enciteful. I would like to thank Andrew for inviting me to such a well planned % though provoking event. At present I am an internet virgin but able proceed with confidence.Malcolm Garfieldtestimonial

testimonialHi Andrew I came on this bootcamp for the 1st time very sceptical about internet marketing. I have been brought up to believe the only way to make money is work long hours and work for someone else as security. The bootcamp has opened my eyes to another way. It was been inspiring & motivating to both me & my partner. We feel excited about where we can take our internet marketing careers. With our 1st baby on the way, working from home & having freedom to work our own hours sounds like a dream come true. One small criticism: I prepare presentations in my current job as a PA in a top London Ad agency & I felt the presentations on Saturday were not dare very well & missed a lot of attention to detail e.g: Different fonts, overlapping images, inconsistent sizing. I feel that these things are important in selling $5000 packageMelissa Oioneilltestimonial

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