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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialA most informative weekend of top rate speakers. But more importantly it has been a call to action.Kyriados Fiakkiastestimonial

testimonialAndrew, thank you for a wonderful three days. Congratulations on raising a tremendous sum for Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity. Your actions are the true mark of an entrepreneur who is on the right track. Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success for the next 10 years. Thanks again.Mervyn McMastertestimonial

testimonialAn excellent 3 days with many very inspiring hours, jam packed with first rate information, guidance and inspiration. I specifically bought along my 18 year old son as an introduction to the practice and principles of wealth creation which I feel will be invaluable . Neither of us have been disappointed, in fact we are both of the opinion that the excellence of the event went beyond A* – Well done.Robert Worralltestimonial

testimonialA very insightful and mind motivating seminar, with inspirational speakers and plenty of millionaire making content – thanks a bunch.Charles Worralltestimonial

testimonialI have had a very nice and informative three days, during which I have picked up a lot of useful information which can only be of great benefit in helping me to go forward with my business. There have been some of the best speakers here at this event sharing their knowledge.Christopher Jacobsontestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, I first got to know you off the Entrepreneur channel where I purchased a CD/ DVD set which has inspired me to take action and attend your Bootcamp. I have learnt a lot from your speakers and I am delighted to see you have achieved your goal of raising such a vast amount for charity.Robert Hewitttestimonial

testimonialThis has been my first experience of this type of event and I have been completely bowled over by the quality of the speakers and the information they were giving. There is not a better place to be introduced into internet business. A definite inspirational time. I would personally like to thank Andrew and all the great speakers and staff for a great weekend. Congratulations on a huge success.Gary Hoopertestimonial

testimonialBeing a COD subscriber and having just recently attended a workshop with Andrews No1 student, Tim Lowe, I wasn’t expecting to receive too much new information at the Bootcamp. How wrong I was!!! The Bootcamp built on everything I learned so far, with new imaginative ideas and tremendous speakers. I would recommend everyone with a desire to change their life and make some money to attend without question. If you need to sell your granny to pay for transport up, do it. That’s if you can get a ticket of course. Well done Andrew, top notch!Chris Hourlytestimonial

testimonialFor a first attendee of this type of event, I will readily admit that I have gained more insight, knowledge and motivation than I had expected.Peter Savilletestimonial

testimonialFrom my point of view the best speakers were Simon, Alan, Derek, Dominic and of course Andrew Reynolds. Thanks for all the pertinent information.N. Thornetestimonial

testimonialI found it to be very inspirational. Realising that I personally need to take action to achieve my own financial success. The speakers were absolutely brilliant and I have learnt a lot of excellent, down to earth, practical principles that if I take immediate action and get mentored would seriously impact on my future success in a positive way.Steve Marshall-Pagetestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed my time during the 3 day Entrepreneur Bootcamp, listening to great internet marketing gurus. Their training tips and recommendations have opened my mind a lot and helped me understand internet business more. I have been paying various internet marketers on the internet for various materials but they have not been as inspirational for the last 2 years. Indeed I have now decided to start internet business online within the next month. I am happy having contributed a little amount of money to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and having gained a lot of training. Thank you very much Andrew Reynolds and god bless you.Abubakar Shafitestimonial

testimonialFantastic event! It has given me the belief that I can do this business. Phenomenal speakers! Ted Nicholas just blew me away – what a guy! You cannot fail to succeed after attending one of these events.Philip Murraytestimonial

testimonialIt was very enlightening to hear all the speakers. They all had their own angle on internet marketing. What I like the best was the wealth of knowledge and specific tools and websites available. What I get the most out of this Bootcamp is not if I could make money based on the internet but what way should I make money from the internet. Also I found that all the speakers were very encouraging like they want you to succeed. Although many were multi-millionaires, they were down to earth and approachable.Christine Du Bledtestimonial

testimonialVery useful. Absolutely Value for money.Theo W Fleurbaaytestimonial

testimonialI think that the weekend in Bournemouth (UK) was great.Sue Brennantestimonial

testimonialAn excellent 3 days. The speakers were all real power houses. I learned a lot about business development and more importantly how to improve my self esteem and confidence. Absolutely brilliant, I was buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm.Robert Batestestimonial

testimonialSuper informative packed weekend. As one would expect from Andrews Bootcamp, loads of exciting speakers who are experts in their field. One day I hope to join them in millionaire status. Well done Andrew, keep up the good work for GOSHCC.Liam Gormleytestimonial

testimonialThe event was well organised in all respects. A huge amount of information was put out by a series of experts. Each expert concentrated on a different aspect and went into it in detail. A great many nuggets of useful information came out that would normally takes years of trading to discover. In all, an experience well worth having.F J Cromptontestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp has been an enjoyable and very informative experience and particularly seeing and listening to people who have expertise and from whom I have purchased products. A brilliant effort Andrew, helping a wonderful cause.Bernard Reestestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has given me the courage to face up to the challenges I thought existed yet merely was the illusion orchestrated by society. I personally realised dreams of becoming what I truly desired is within the reach and all I need to do is simply reach out and make my own. Right now I can only say thank you Mr Reynolds for this weekend but when I make my millions I will lead by example as he did.Tourag D Martintestimonial

testimonialVery intense and very informative seminar. Great speakers who teach and guide you through various approaches to run a business, explain how to start up, lots of motivational tips. What a fun way to learn and grow. Thank you.Roger and Svetlana Shirleytestimonial

testimonialA great seminar, with some inspiring speakers who gave me some great ideas to increase my income. Thank you.Jon Meggitttestimonial

testimonialIm fully satisfied by all that was said by all the speakers. It was a genuine gold mine event. Keep it up Andrew. I’ll definitely be a multi-millionaire.Vincent NGyetestimonial

testimonialI am a student of the cash on demand course, now on module 17. This has been the greatest opportunity for me to attend this seminar as I have learned a lot and I will start my own business as soon as I leave here. I would like to say I am very pleased to be a part of raising money for the childrens hospital. It’s great.Elizabeth Ojuolapetestimonial

testimonialI would just like to say thank you very much Andrew. This weekend has opened my eyes. I came along to your Bootcamp as a guest as my partner has been getting your cash on demand modules. I will admit I was a bit sceptical even though I supported him after seeing all the speakers this weekend. I have completely reformed and now have so many good ideas my head hurts. I can’t wait to get home and get started. Thank you once again.Emma Hembrowtestimonial

testimonialI came here blind and now I can see. I have learned so much it will change my life forever.Benjamin Bowringtestimonial

testimonialThis was my first seminar, I found it full of very good content and the speakers were real experts. I learnt a very useful amount of information which I believe I can take forward.Ted Clarktestimonial

testimonialAndrew and his guests provided three days of valuable information. I have never been able to find anywhere before and the best bit was when it just clicked and it all fell into place for me. I now know my web based business is going to be a success. Thanks Andrew.Roland Mooretestimonial

testimonialMany thanks Andrew for your unselfish efforts to gather beginners like us all to start something new and have such tremendous support.Anthony Naidootestimonial

testimonialI found the whole weekend an enlightening experience and a lot of gaps have been filled in. This will be my first and last Bootcamp as action will be taken. My future seminars will be attended as a marketer – thank you for a great 3 days and also the little warm feeling I got when I saw the huge cheque to Great Ormond Street. What a nice feeling to feel that I had contributed to that seminar (however small).Mark Fostertestimonial

testimonialThe Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in Bournemouth kicks the hell out of the Secret!! 200% perfectly organised. It is going to be remembered and spoken about for eternity. I didn’t know you could fit so many great talkers in one event.Dan Williamstestimonial

testimonialMost enjoyable, I’ve had a great time. It’s been so much fun and very interesting with great speakers. A real eye opener. I’m so glad I came.Julian Bradfordtestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for the Bootcamp. My first one, it really blew me away, so much information and so many ideas to work with.Charlie Donnellytestimonial

testimonialA first class event. Very experienced and varied speakers. All top class in their field.Alan Dickinsontestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was wonderful. It was a long 3 days but the speakers were very motivational and enthusiastic. It was obvious from listening to them that they were all experts in their own fields. I have learned a great deal and hope to put many of the principles that I have understood into practice when I get home.Dale Blacktestimonial

testimonialThis is the first seminar I’ve ever been to and its blown my mind with the excellent things I’ve learnt. Hopefully it will help me get my family out of a rut. Thank you Andrew, You the man.R D Pricetestimonial

testimonialA fabulous array of speakers. I learnt loads of new things, my head is still spinning with all the information.Ian McDonoughtestimonial

testimonialA good event, first class.Patrick Nealontestimonial

testimonialI have found all of the speakers very inspiring and am determined to make this thing work. At last the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned on.David Eggletontestimonial

testimonialI found the seminar very informative and exciting. In particular I found the information very relevant to the Cash on Demand course. The speakers were very professional and also had a sense of humour. Above all having a chat with Andrew Reynolds was my personal highlight.Harvey Swamitestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was presented well and gave me an insight into how to start a web business from scratch. Furthermore, a massive benefit was in my learning which features were necessary to include and exclude in a web site and individual page.Peter Church testimonial

testimonialI have been a member of the Cash on Demand course for 5 months, but the Bootcamp in Bournemouth really enthused me so much.Valerie Unwintestimonial

testimonialAs someone who is a complete novice to the world of internet marketing I have been bowled over by the potential that this offers me in the months ahead to make a lot of money and freedom. I have gained very valuable insights into this and can’t wait to get started. I can’t thank Andrew Reynolds and his team enough.William Stewarttestimonial

testimonialI have been thinking for many months how to launch my own online business. I went to a few seminars to find out how to get started and also for some ideas. This 3 day seminar I would say is by far the best I have attended . I have learnt a lot, the speakers are great and they have provided so much information about online business. This has raised my confidence and I will definitely be starting my internet business in the next couple of months. Many thanks Andrew for making this happen.Germain Ekeuhtestimonial

testimonialMind blowing information which makes me realise how much there is to learn about IT marketing, and who better to learn from than the man himself – Andrew Reynolds and his friends. Thanks Andrew.Greg Gordantestimonial

testimonialThis was the first marketing seminar and the 500 mile round trip was well worth the time and effort. A superbly entertaining and informative program that had provided a wealth of ideas and incentives. Thank you for the huge effort it must have taken to make this all happen, Andrew and all for an entertaining worth while cause and charity.David Ecclestestimonial

testimonialIf you want to be a millionaire learn from those who have become a millionaire. I have learned. I am on the way. Thank you.C Williamstestimonial

testimonialI found the whole event mind blowing. The information I got will change my life forever. Me and my partner have so many ideas we don’t know where to start, but believe me we will and our success will all have stemmed from Andrews Cash on Demand and this weekend.Christopher Carptestimonial

testimonialThis was my first seminar and I really found it useful. There was a good variety of speakers on the same subject and different subjects. Actually I had tried before to run an internet business and I got in touch with Derek Gehl, but I chickened out because I just thought he was one of the several who claimed to be experts. I have completely changed my mind now.Costine Chibodotestimonial

testimonialThis event is the most value for money conference ever attended. Andrew drew the best speakers ever across the internet – USA, Canada and United Kingdom.Nicky Menakayatestimonial

testimonialIt was a good meeting because it made me aware of what the internet is and how it may be used.Mark Bridgmantestimonial

testimonialThis weekend was very intensive with lots of useful information.Daphne Boskeitestimonial

testimonialI’ve been here since the start of the Bootcamp and I have not missed a single word of any of the speakers, but the one speaker that really moved me is Simon Coulson.Errol Dixontestimonial

testimonialIn a word phenomenal, what a goldmine can’t wait put into practice.Jason Parkertestimonial

testimonialAll speakers were of a very motivating and highly entertaining standard. There has been a lot of quality information and opportunities to carry forward with.Alan Granttestimonial

testimonialI found the Bootcamp very informative and great fun. My head is spinning with everything I have learned, cant wait to get started! Thank you Andrew. Fantastic opportunity for those of us who havent been able to afford to attend such conferences before, so thank you for making it affordable this time.Glynis Masterstestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time I have come to Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp. I am only 19 years of age and have found this seminar quite interesting and helpful towards my area of study at university, which is property and management. I would recommend this to any young people who have had enough of this institutionalised poverty and want to be in total control of their own lives. Very interesting and useful information.Nyasha Chibuwetestimonial

testimonialAn inspiring weekend. Every speaker was of the highest quality and each had their own unique information and mode of delivery which in every case galvanised the audience. Exceptional information which everyone should be able to use to achieve success. All this, and the satisfaction of helping such a worthy cause as Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you Andrew.Tony Edwardstestimonial

testimonialIt has been an amazing weekend and the speakers have been one and all truly amazing. We have been so bombarded with facts and tips that one week would not have been enough to take it all in. The speaker have used humour to make it a fun way to learn and revealed details of their private lives to show us that they are not different to us and what they have achieved we can to with determination and dedication. Thanks Andrew and your friends.Bernadette Ugbomatestimonial

testimonialThanks for a wonderfully entertaining weekend! The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp proved to be far more exciting, far more informative and far more liberating than I had imagined. The organisation was exceptional and the three days flew by much too quickly. I cannot wait to launch my internet business, indeed I start my first e-book last night in my hotel room. Long may you carry on helping people just like me who have never done anything like this before.Gwendoline Coopertestimonial

testimonialInformation overload. Real information source, great speakers. No need to go to Harvard. It’s like drinking from the fire hose. These are real people doing business, showing me how to copy them, that’s terrific. What I got here is a proper VIP status. Cool stuff. ThanksBoniface Gumbotestimonial

testimonialAndrews Entrepreneurs Bootcamp has a win win situation where we help Great Ormond Street Hospital and we get to learn from the best mentors including Andrew Reynolds himself on how to have a bright future without working to survive a 9 to 5 existence.Poi Tsoitestimonial

testimonialI was sceptical, the good cause was the clincher. It’s been exhausting and mind blowing but very valuable and more than worth it!!Jonathan Parkstestimonial

testimonialThe conference was well balanced and very intensive. It was also very illuminating and I would recommend it to anyone.J L Needhamtestimonial

testimonialAndrew, this was brilliant. It was like my dream come true, especially when I met you and talked to you in person. It was fantastic, now is the time for me to move and get started on business. I now have the knowledge and tools to do that.Caleb Dubetestimonial

testimonialVery good weekend, all for a worthy cause, Great Ormond Street Hospital. Speakers were all excellent and gave freely great information.F Pottstestimonial

testimonialWell as this is my very first Bootcamp experience I didn’t know what to expect. I must say that it was a great experience for me, lots of very valuable information by people you just know had the knowledge because of the way in which they said what they said. I know something about this topic however I am very glad that I was able to attend and benefit from being here. Coming to this Bootcamp has raised my understanding and confidence levels. Big thank you and very well done to Andrew Reynolds and crew.Ivan Thomastestimonial

testimonialThis is my first sales seminar and have found it an extremely interesting and enlightening experience. Thank you for your time in organising this event.C Framptontestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has been worth every penny and has proven to be the inspiration that I have been searching for. Good luck with your fund raising efforts Andrew.G T Jonestestimonial

testimonialI must admit I was blown away. Being a postman I was shocked to discover one of my customers were used as an example to show this method of earning an income really works.Brendan Higginstestimonial

testimonialI came with my wife who agrees that we enjoyed the 3 days with anticipation. The knowledge that with the info we received this weekend we will only move forward to a healthy and profitable future and freedom for my wife and three children for the better.Neil McCartneytestimonial

testimonialThe millionaires Bootcamp was a real eye opener. In the first half hour I learnt something which would have saved one of my old businesses at a stroke. Throughout the 3 days the messages were succinct, inspirational and amazingly doable. Thank you Andrew, I feel like a millionaire already.Duncan Andersontestimonial

testimonialIn life some people are gracious enough to allow us to share their passion, for that I thank you. I’m committed but scared I will strive to achieve my desires and one day be the gracious one. Bless you Andrew for being one of the great givers, charities everywhere have loved what you have given.Med Evanstestimonial

testimonialGreat venue, great speakers, excellent information. This Bootcamp was organised by a very genuine person and for a very deserving cause. Thanks for a super weekend.Alan Turnertestimonial

testimonialI find the Bootcamp very very informative and I am sure I benefit a great deal. All the speakers are full of knowledge in their fields.Azim Nizamitestimonial

testimonialVery informative clear and concise with some great ideas.Leonardo Gentiletestimonial

testimonialI have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. All the speakers have been most informative and interesting. Each one confirming everything you describe in your modules – extremely useful and continually familiarising oneself with all that is necessary to start up the Cash on Demand business. The more one absorbs the more simple it becomes! A little way to go yet to become really confident! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and the donation you presented to Great Ormond Street Hospital – for the children!Gwyneth B Christietestimonial

testimonialI can see why people pay £5000 for a Bootcamp. I feeling so humble being at your seminar not because it’s free but does give ordinary people a chance to do something for themselves and their family and others less fortunate. I certainly related to Ted Nicholas I’ve never been ashamed to cry because there is so much sadness in this great world of ours. If everyone were taught by the speakers in our schools and in our work place who knows where we all would be today? I’m not religious but do say thank God for people like yourself and like minded people of who I hope one day to be like. God bless you all from the bottom of my heart.E Elliottestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, I couldn’t have thanked you enough for this tremendous, fantastic and eye-opening Internet Marketing and Publishing opportunity weekend.Gideon Ilesanmitestimonial

testimonialI was overwhelmed at times by the quality of the speakers, their passion and knowledge of their subject. I enjoyed the huge contrast in style of each speaker, there is something to fit everyone here. I thought some of Armand Morins strategies were brilliant and I don’t think he had even scratched the surface, he seems to have an endless labyrinth of knowledge at his disposal. I have already taken info and ideas that I can take home and use straight away. Recording this event is essential There is just so much good information it cannot be taken in. Well done AndrewVictor Harroptestimonial

testimonialI came to the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp not having a clue of Internet Marketing. The many speakers that I listened to helped me to get an idea. I really want to start my business rolling and with the support of Andrew everything will be successful.Joyce Jacobstestimonial

testimonialOverall the three days have been fantastic, lots of new ideas, technologies and methods which can be applied to existing business online and offline, as well as new businesses. The sections on internet advertising for me, and product building have been invaluable.D J Milestestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew, I think that raising £400,000+ is absolutely amazing and I feel good about being a part of this event. As for the content of the weekend it has also been great, a bit mind blowing and loads to get your head around. The speakers here have all been outstanding and I am sure we will be able to keep the enthusiasm that this weekend has brought to the surface in us buzzing long enough to get us started. Looking forward to sending you our success story before the end of the year.Yvonne Hoopertestimonial

testimonialI have not been here before, Between forest and shore, Where the conference centre, Held the Reynolds Arena, Here information is flowing, And the delegates glowing, With satisfaction, Soon to be turned into action, This creative benefactor should In my opinion receive a knighthood!!Gordon Pricetestimonial

testimonialMy 1st bootcamp everyone was extremely interesting, time went quickly but the information I gleaned will help me tremendously in the future. I can take with me bits of everything Ive heard and put them into practice. Thank you for a most informative weekend and for all the good work you do.Christine R Frasertestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the seminar and found it very informative. The speakers were very good at putting it over. I hope to get underway myself with what I have learned this weekend. I have found it a confidence booster and would recommend it to anyone wishing to attend future seminars.Geoff Pearsontestimonial

testimonialI found Andrews event to be very informative and interesting. The speakers were very clear and precise, an excellent effort made by everyone involved. I would love to come to another seminar.Tracy Noakestestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has turned procrastination into determination. We have run out of excuses for not doing anything and now look forward to working with you closely to duplicate your business. Our first job on the internet on Monday will be to access eBay to sell our Harley Davidson Electraglide. Believe us, we cannot be more serious than this! We can buy a better one when we make it. The speakers have been an inspiration and it is clear that the only difference between them and us is they have done something, they have taken action. We will no longer live history but are going full out to make it. Thank you to all the speakers and your team. Cheers Andrew.Richard & Jacky Allentestimonial

testimonialSo much useful info that I will be able to cherry pick repeatedly. A great cause supported by a great event contributed to by great people / gurus. Education which everyone could benefit from experiencing. My son benefits from GOSH I’m sure we as a family will benefit from this event. The CDs, DVD will be a serious resource.Tina J Webbertestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Bootcamp. I found it interesting and varied. It allows me to make decisions on whose ideas I feel will assist me. It was well presented and organized and seeing and listening to people personally allows you to evaluate their views and their opinions in a clearer light. Thank you it is good to see successful people working like you did for such an important charity.Stanley Crightontestimonial

testimonialI would just like to say a massive thank you to Andrew Reynolds. Before I came on this bootcamp I had traveled and trained with some very influential people in my business as a life coach and hypnotherapist. Just want to say it has been the most rewarding of them all because now I can go back home and know with certainty that I can apply everything I have learned and succeed. One day soon I will be one of the first female speakers. I am also a NLP Practitioner and already know a lot of what some of the speakers were saying.Helen Hewitttestimonial

testimonialThree days of mind-expanding information full of truly inspirational and caring speakers, professional presentation and fantastic organization. I would be happy to pay full price and make a donation to GOSCH. This was an event that I would not hesitate to attend again. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.Jane Murraytestimonial

testimonialFantastic weekend! Loads of brilliant information. Andrew is genuine in helping people. I thoroughly recommend entrepreneurs to attend.David Murraytestimonial

testimonialA real eye-opener this Bootcamp seminar. Fantastic speakers, great motivations and many brilliant ideas and concrete simple and clear instruction for gettingI Oberskitestimonial

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