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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialI have already purchased the cash on demand system and I came here this weekend looking for inspiration and I found it in lots of speakers but in so many different ways. Each person is different and some specialise in different areas but I most related to Simon Coulson. I’m hoping that this will give me the jumpstart that I really need. There were of course lots of tips that I’m hoping will prove invaluable in the future. The seminar has been very interesting and also talking to some of the people just like me has also been interesting.M ODriscolltestimonial

testimonialI came this weekend with my partner Denroy who subscribes to cash on demand. I won’t tell you how many arguments we had when he said he’s taking me away for a weekend. Where? I said. Bournemouth he said. I was dumb founded. Anyhow I came reluctantly listened to you speak and I was blown away. I listened to the other speakers and thought there is another way. My decision was made.D Robinson, K Daleytestimonial

testimonialI found the seminar very interesting and helpful. It helps me to improve my existing website and creating a new one. I recommend other people to do this seminar in the future. The information is clear. Anybody can follow even if they have no experience or knowledge.P Debernaditestimonial

testimonial10/10. I came now knowing what to expect glad I came. Good lot of speakers. Only 1 thing maybe to offer cheaper products as will or easy turn to pay over time. To get stand in similar way first. Thanks.A Savetestimonial

testimonialAn unbelievable array of quality speakers the best in their field in the world. If you put the information they give into action you have to be successful. Definitely the best, most useful seminar I have ever attended.C Domnicktestimonial

testimonialIt is a very brilliant event from the start to the finish. Great speaker who know what the internet marketing is all about. The best in the industry. Andrew is a real great and unique human being.S Udechukwutestimonial

testimonialAndrew Firstly congratulations for making so much money for such a great cause. Secondly the conference has not only inspired me to believe in myself and make dreams, that felt so far away, touchable. I learnt so much from all the speakers from web design to self motivation. I now understand if I want to change my life only I can do that and I believe I can. I have signed up with one of the speakers so here’s to my lst million. Thank you Andrew.Gayle Kifftestimonial

testimonialI have been to seminars/conferences/bootcamps before. But this one was awesome. No other one has given me the motivation to get started like this one has and I now feel ready to use this as my launch pad to success. I have benefited so much from this experience and would like to express my thanks to Andrew (and the other speakers) for the opportunity to attend this seminar. I hope one day to join Andrew in a life of freedom.P Buleytestimonial

testimonialWhat an outstanding weekend! For the opportunity of donating to the Great Ormond Street appeal Andrew has filled this seminar with speakers I never thought I would see. Ted Nicholas, Bob Proctor, Yanik Silver, Armand Morin, Derek Gehl. So much information has been provided that the DVD is a lifetime future reference. For me Armand Morins 3 day seminar delivered in a couple of hours was outstanding while Bob Proctor really inspired me. Thank you Andrew for all your help. It will take me the rest of my life to grasp what I have learnt in this.J Meesontestimonial

testimonialI found the quality of speakers to be excellent. The content of their presentations interesting and informative, if you are going to learn then it is as well to learn from the best. Personally this weekend has been informative and educational. I am taking away answers to questions that I needed and the knowledge of how to apply them. The opportunities to purchase courses and to work with the best in the business have to be considered priceless. Anybody serious about online marketing must attend these events.Bill Richardstestimonial

testimonialThis has been the most remarkable three days I can remember. The quality of the speakers was beyond anything I could have imagined. I came for two main reasons:- 1. I have reason to be grateful to Great Ormond Street 2. I knew you were straight as you gave me a full refund in Cambridge 10 years ago! My only regret is that one of my daughters refused to come with me! (Maybe next time).R Rigbytestimonial

testimonialAn outstanding weekend that enables anybody who truly wants to set up in business for themselves the opportunity of a lifetime for next to nothing. If you get an invitation to attend, make sure you do whatever it takes to be present. You will only regret it if you miss out. Thanks you so much Andrew.Tim Doddtestimonial

testimonialWe believe that the bootcamp all the proceeds which went to Great Ormond Street hospital would be great value for money at 10 times the fee. We are putting what we learned into action immediately to kick-start our internet business.D & I Harrisontestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic weekend I’ve met with and heard from some wonderful people. It has been a pleasure for me to attend this event.Mike Shawtestimonial

testimonialThis happened to be my first bootcamp with Andrew and his friends. Not only do they make you look at life in a different way, but they also make you realise what is actually on offer in life if you have not the drive to go and get it. The bootcamp was not only a real eye opener for me but with all the top quality proven speakers who also made it a fun time as well. I would recommend anyone who hasn’t been to a bootcamp of Andrew’s before to do so.Andrew Holdentestimonial

testimonialVery well done again for hosting another superb conference. Most informative, inspirational, educational and most important motivational. Many thanks.Christopher Dorantestimonial

testimonialFirst class presentation. Head buzzing with ideas. Things now clicking in place.George Boothtestimonial

testimonialThis has been my very first seminar and found it mind-blowing to say the least. The quality of speakers were outstanding and highly motivational.Peter Mackenzietestimonial

testimonialI attended with a healthily cynical attitude to what I would hear but it is certainly inspirational to hear from such enthusiastic and successful people who just like their audience started from ordinary working class backgrounds. From the three days it seems to me that the only difference between them and us is self belief and focus and that is the main thing I hope to take from the bootcamp.David Richardstestimonial

testimonialI was staggered by the abundance of essential information given by the speakers in the 3 day seminar. Never a boring moment in any of the 11 hour days and wonderful offers to cap it all. Many thanks Andrew superb value.Glyn Holthamtestimonial

testimonialI was very sceptical about coming to a seminar like this one. But it has been a great experience to see some of the top entrepreneurs in the business speaking on their subjects and ideas. Some of which I will be hoping to use to get my internet business up and running.Chris Tobintestimonial

testimonialSuperb! I never expected such a line-up of world class speakers. I have learned more that I could have possibly imagined. There is absolutely no excuse now for not becoming a millionaire. Thank you so much Andrew.Trevor Eudontestimonial

testimonialExposure to top line speakers who in one short weekend showed me mistakes I’ve been making for 3 years or painful and expensive struggles. Fantastic value for money. Definite over-delivery. Well run, no smoking, punctual, good venue, raised money for good cause.Joy Healeytestimonial

testimonialDespite my 7 hour car journey from Kent to this lovely venue in the pouring rain and hold ups on the M25, I thoroughly enjoyed every speaker and was most impressed with the people you had pulled in to teach us their techniques and give us their secret tips. I learnt a heck of a lot and seeing it all live made everything much clearer to me. The tools and web sites mentioned to assist us look fantastic and I can’t wait to get started now. I will be taking action with the confidence I have now gained from attending this event.A J Sheehantestimonial

testimonialI found the 3 days very intensive but also extremely informative. There were a lot of gaps in my knowledge. These gaps are now complete. I now have the tools to achieve the high results that I want. Thanks to Andrew and his guests.Andrew Pieviaartestimonial

testimonialThe entrepreneurs bootcamp is and has been mind blowing wow the information that was powerfully given and expressed in such a clear albeit very fast, conveyed in a language we could all understand. It might take a few months to digest it all and get on it (in my case) but I will act on it definitely. I come from a trade where I work for money (building industry) and add to that a few clients who don’t want to pay; it has been a lifetime of hard efforts for little pay. I am now 69 (yesterday) and looking forward to a new career that I can pass on to my sons and grandchildren. The future will be very interesting and I trust rewarding. Keep me informed.Berwyn Evanstestimonial

testimonialExtremely well presented and run seminar top marks to all involved. Surprised at how much info was just given away, wished I could’ve written faster!! I am thankful to all for the info laden weekend and would not of missed it for the world. I will see you all soon when I get up on that stage and its gonna be real soon. God bless you all (US and UK).Ian Austintestimonial

testimonialPacked with information. High density benefits. Mega opportunities there for anyone to seize. I would come again like a shot.J B Scotttestimonial

testimonialI have found the positive can do attitudes of the weekend very inspiring. I work in a negative, draining environment (teaching) and can use this time as fuel to move me into a different career path.G Colebytestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time I have attended such a seminar. Great show! Wonderful to hear legends of internet and direct marketing but also from the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Thank you so much Andrew.Jonathan Graytestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was well presented, fascinating, information-packed weekend. Thank you for putting it all together.F M Barrington-Wardtestimonial

testimonialThe conference has been excellent and have learned so much, and I am 40 years old and hope like Andrew to be a multi-millionaire before I am 50 years old. Blessings to you Andrew and everyone else involved.Emmanuel Pattersontestimonial

testimonialThis has been my first bootcamp and I have to say I’ve been blown away by the breadth of information I’ve received and even if I left without learning a thing (which is impossible) at least I have made a difference contributing to the £400,000 raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you Andrew.Alistair Mtestimonial

testimonialThis has been a great weekend. We’ve had first class I’ve been there and I’ve done it speakers. I know that I will go home and put this information to work. All the speakers have been good and it’s difficult to pick a stand out but for sheer vitality and joy I would choose Ted Nicholas. Thank you Andrew for putting on this great event.Mike Fachertytestimonial

testimonialA very informative and enlightening weekend. I came along to obtain information that would help me understand the concepts of this method of marketing. I am extremely happy with the information I have received.Peter Tindalltestimonial

testimonialI had been invited to Andrews conferences previously but I could not afford the £5,000 fees. However this Entrepreneur Bootcamp just could not be missed because it offered a very unselfish opportunity to benefit sick children. It is also an opportunity which I had only hitherto imagined to be unattainable. It’s big thanks to all the team and all the speakers whom I had only known their names from the emails I received from them when I have now seen in the flesh and heard speak eg Derek Gehl, Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe. I am going to use all the material to start getting an income from the internet.A S Osibotestimonial

testimonialConsistently high quality speakers. Tremendous amount of useful information. High quality back-up administration. Excellent venue. All in all an excellent 3 days.M Bamfield-Dillontestimonial

testimonialThis was my first bootcamp or seminar of this type and I found it extremely useful and full of information that will help me to further my career and ambitions to becoming an internet marketer. All the speakers were brilliant and I would like to thank Andrew and his team for putting on this great event. Thank you.H Zamirskitestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic weekend. Dynamite, just what I needed to kick start me. I know by this time next year I will be making lots of money with my on-line businesses. Thank you.Stephen Cordnertestimonial

testimonialGreat venue truly awesome cast of experts. Has moved me into action. It has been like a massive awakening despite my vast conventional business experience. The net result is that although I have had an exceptional introduction to internet business, I find myself desperately hungry for more and more detailed follow-up. Job done!! My mind had shifted before coming along now I have to go and catch up with it. Magic and thank you!Les Johnstontestimonial

testimonialAn avalanche of information, professionally delivered, nugget after nugget of solid, real world advice, tips, how to’s (how not to’s!) One web source alone was worth three days away from home. A magnificent amount of essentially free information and resources.Andrew Taintestimonial

testimonialA great show! Good organisation, loads of useful information, excellent speakers, comfortable location. I am spoiled for choice but this will encourage me in the Cash on Demand course. Thank you Andrew.Ian Starktestimonial

testimonialExciting, motivating, a fantastic weekend of knowledge, experience, friendly approachable people.Carl F Evanstestimonial

testimonialThis is my first bootcamp and it has been a fantastic experience for me. The set-up, speakers, ideas are mind-blowing. I will definitely be using the information from this event for my business.John Turksontestimonial

testimonialAt the age of 21, I am now one of the youngest here learning the tools needed to become an entrepreneur. The bootcamp has inspired me 1. to start my own online business within the next 6 months 2. to pay off my student debt in 3 years and 3. to develop the multiple sources of income needed to make me a multi-millionaire while I am still in my 20s.James Montgomerytestimonial

testimonialVery happy with the seminar 2007. Hopefully I can now get on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire. All the speakers have been wonderful; have enjoyed my weekend at the conference centre. Look forward to being on the stage with you next year. Was a very good cause where the £400,000 went. I am sure they will put it to good use.Sam Cordnertestimonial

testimonialExcellent. Thank you so much for the bootcamp. I was present at Wembley and this has been brilliant. Thank you again.Arthur Ralphtestimonial

testimonialFor the novice to internet business, a great chance to be with greatest in business. How scared I was and how enlightened I am now. 3 days changed me and my thinking on life and money forever. Thank you Andrew.V J Misteytestimonial

testimonialI just had to get to this seminar. Andrew’s reputation is well known and the chance to learn from such an expert was unmissable. I travelled 500 miles and slept in my car for the privilege what was delivered was mind blowing and well worth the hardship. I am in information overload now. The next seminar I attend will be first class all the way if I can take full benefit from all I have learned this time. Thank you Andrew. Here’s to the future.Ian Halltestimonial

testimonialSeveral of the speakers recalled their life changing moment when things fell into place and they started making money. I found this weekend to be my life changing moment both in terms of my business and personal life. The speakers were very motivational and it was very inspiring to hear from people that started out with very little and now run multi-million pound businesses. This is the spur I needed to put my Cash On Demand learning into practice. Also, on a personal level I have realised that everything is down to me and I can do whatever I want and the law of attraction will occur!! Fantastic weekend. Long tiring days but highly recommended.Elaine Talbottestimonial

testimonialI have enjoyed the Bootcamp more than I thought possible. The techniques I have learnt are a step by step process to create my own money making machine. With follow through and hard work if I do not end up making large amounts of income from here then I can only blame myself. Thanks Andrew and all the speakers for the opportunity to become financially free.Robert Murraytestimonial

testimonialHaving tried many times to get an internet business off the ground I came to this Bootcamp with high expectations. I can safely say that what I learnt during those 3 days far exceeded those expectations. If there was such a thing as a platinum nugget this would be it. Apart from the vast amount of information, tips, experience, know how I have never felt so inspired and motivated. I am putting what I have learnt from this bootcamp into practise tomorrow. A big thank you to Andrew and all the speakers for a fantastic weekend.Richard M Waltontestimonial

testimonialMany many thanks for a mind-blowing weekend. Coming here was the best decision I’ve made for many years. Anyone who is in business or is wanting to be their own boss should make attending an Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp their first priority to ensure success.Peter Singyardtestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely fantastic. Well worth 3 days of my time. Loads of great ideas and can’t wait to get started. Never done anything like this before and was very sceptical. Completely blown away by some of the speakers.Sean Browntestimonial

testimonialI had 2-3 real concerns or fears before coming to the bootcamp about the easiest and quickest way to get started as I originally felt I was on information overload. However the tips and strategies that have been given over this weekend had helped me to identify where I am at now and exactly what I need to do when I get home. I am clear and excited about the next year ahead.Tony Carter.testimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp which has been held in Bournemouth was fantastic, far far beyond my wildest expectations. It has nearly blown my mind. Thank you so much Andrew.Jenny Williamstestimonial

testimonialThe event was just a great one that seeing is believing. You have to see what a great enjoyment the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2007 at Bournemouth Int. Centre was. It was fantastic. I recommend it to everyone.Nicholas Fagbolatestimonial

testimonialAt Andrews 10th Anniversary in Information Marketing I realised at the 2007 Bootcamp it was also my 10th Anniversary of learning my way in my career path. My search has taken 10 years and now I have found, thanks to Andrew Reynolds and the other speakers at the bootcamp, exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.Deena Craigtestimonial

testimonialThis was the first Bootcamp that I have attended and it will not be the last. I thought the speakers were excellent. I picked up relevant information which I needed to start up my internet business and what made my day Saturday on one of the breaks, I met the man himself and shook his hand, Andrew Reynolds, and now I can’t wait to get started. After this weekend I know that my life will change for the better.Michael Iddontestimonial

testimonialAn amazing opportunity to learn, develop, grow and market your business in one event. Great networking opportunity and location to practise new skills learnt. It’s like being in the cafe/bar in Cheers where everybody knows your name. Over delivery with information and an impressive list of speakers much better than expected. An amazing event had more fun than expected but most importantly I realised a number of goals just by attending a worthwhile event. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of brains. Very friendly and generous with knowledge. Having to spend 2 evenings in the rain, no sleep, unable to get accommodation, the early starts and the travelling to and from London was worth it. I would attend another bootcamp most definitely and would recommend it/them to anybody and everybody. Still working on Andrew to mentor me. Thanks guys, I had an amazing weekend. I appreciate it. I see you at the top.Miranda ODonoghuetestimonial

testimonialThis has been the most eye opening and best seminar I have attended yet by far. Each and every speaker was fantastic in their own way. There were many highlights including seeing in person Ted Nicholas and Andrew Reynolds on stage. I have gathered so much knowledge and new information these past few days. Each of the three days were better than the last! I am raring to put it all to good positive use. Thank you Andrew Reynolds.Jugraj Sidhutestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely brilliant! The best seminar I have attended, amazing speakers, incredible value, worth every penny for charity! Thank you Andrew for this opportunity.Andrew Holgatetestimonial

testimonialMy first Bootcamp, certainly not my last! So much amazing information given in a short time. Looking forward to the video when I get home to recap. Great idea! Great weekend, worth every penny. Thanks.Thomas Campbelltestimonial

testimonialBootcamp was unlike anything I have ever attended before. Every speaker had something new to share and share they did. All very upfront with their information. I am so glad that I will be able to purchase the DVD of the event as there has been so much information given. Will no doubt wear it out watching it again and again well done Andrew.Lilias Campbelltestimonial

testimonialI had a couple of ideas before I attended. I know there is a way to make money online. This weekend has blown my mind. It has made the couple of ideas turn into a whole stack and shown me the missing pieces in the puzzle. I now have a clear picture on how to make that money! Thanks Andrew. P.S All of the speakers were fantastic. Perhaps that will be me soonAndrew McArthurtestimonial

testimonialThe 3 days Entrepreneurs Bootcamp meeting was an eye opener, quite marvellous, educative, and worthy of its cost ten times. I congratulate Andrew Reynolds for his sense of purpose, passion and creativity in bringing together a well behaved audience of over 2000 people for such a memorable weekend seminar given by well acclaimed international experts in all fields.Joseph Pitantestimonial

testimonialAn unbelievable opportunity to listen and rub shoulders with the very best in the internet marketing industry. It is also an opportunity to get even further involved with seminars and coaching courses being offered at greatly reduced prices. Thoroughly recommended.Martin Dawsontestimonial

testimonialI was very impressed. Every speaker was on top of their game and really knew what they were talking about. What made it fun was that everyone added some humour into their talks so it was enjoyable being here.Andrew David Norristestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for a superb event. Not only have you managed to raise a phenomenal amount of money for Great Ormond Street but you have brought together some of the foremost marketers on the internet today who have not held back anything. Anyone should be able to get started right away after this weekend.Trevor Greenfieldtestimonial

testimonialI found Andrews Entrepreneur Bootcamp extremely interesting. I learnt a great deal in the three days which has encouraged me to go forward. I also found the guest speakers gave valuable information. Altogether a great weekend.Mrs Brenda Noakestestimonial

testimonialAn incredible weekend! I have been on the learning curve for about three years so I understood all of what was being taught. I have even had some success with electronic products and have already purchased many of the tools being sold. I am on every speakers mailing list but I have failed to take enough action and that was partly because I still lacked one or two crucial elements. I have got them this weekend.Stephen Thompsontestimonial

testimonialWe have been impressed with the quality of speakers that had helped practically and with training and development. Bob Proctor’s presentation helped us to understand how our brains work and how we fail to take action on what we have seen and heard. Thank you very much for inviting me up to a well organised informative and profitable weekend seminar. P.S you dont always get this much help for FREE!Janet and Jim Johnsontestimonial

testimonialVery positive three days. Enjoyed all the speakers and what they had to say. We will definitely be starting with our business on Monday as soon as we have got home. Everybody needs to get on this event. Each day you learn something different.Sandra Jean Thompsontestimonial

testimonialI have to say this has been one of the most worthwhile events I have attended. I have picked up some fabulous information and tips that I will be applying to my internet business the minute I get home. A couple of those tips are worth ten times the cost of the event which has made it very worthwhile. I look forward to receiving Andrew’s products with eager anticipation and will certainly take the action required to be the next success story.Ian Jacksontestimonial

testimonialThe three days I have spent here have been some of the most valuable days of my life. I have never encountered anything as amazing before. At last, something which will actually work ! The speakers were well selected and complemented each other as well as being more than inspiring! Thank you Andrew, not just for a great three days but the prospect of a great lifetime!Harriet Taittestimonial

testimonialA truly tremendous exhilarating and inspiring experience which has turned on lights and opened many doors for me due to the many top flight inspiring speakers. Andrew, you always deliver such great value. You are a truly great man, kind, down to earth and generous and so human! And easy to relate to. Your great generosity to your fellow men is awesome!Dave Strydomtestimonial

testimonialA very well organised event. Great speakers, brilliant information expertly expressed.K Rexstrewtestimonial

testimonialCongratulations Andrew for putting together such an informative entertaining and eye-opening event. If I was unsure of my future before I am resolute now. And for anyone thinking about going to such an event don’t think just do!! When I am successful I will be glad I did and so will GOSCH.Daniel Woodtestimonial

testimonialI found this an excellent seminar with so many enthusiastic speakers and much useful information. I particularly liked listening to The Brits and Canadians. It was a real eye opener to see all the different variations on a theme and to realise that I already had much of the knowledge in place to act on them. I look forward to making my first million and will of course contact you when I do.Mr Andreas Andersontestimonial

testimonialThis bootcamp has been your gift to us. What you and the team have given us is nothing less than freedom. Freedom from everything that has been restricting and holding us back. I hope to make it to Ted Nicholas 120th birthday bash. Thanks for showing us the escape route!!Roger Gilestestimonial

testimonialThis bootcamp did what is said on the tin! Educational, inspirational and I know I am going to take action!Stuart Rainstestimonial

testimonialThis has been a brilliant three days. It has inspired me to take other actions to improve our existing business and given ideas for starting new ventures. Each speaker gave many good suggestions and points to assist me in doing this. We will definitely be moving forwards and taking action, and have ordered the tools to do so. I am already receiving your Cash on Demand System and this Bootcamp has been a bonus.Shirley Reevestestimonial

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