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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonial Not only has this course inspired me to take my current business to a new level, it has inspired me to create a whole new business and personal life. Even subjects which I thought would be either boring or of no interest the speakers have changed my whole attitude and actually sparked off ideas I didn’t know I was capable of. The whole event has been well organized and all the staff have been very helpful. The speakers have been interesting, informative and in some cases very amusing. Well done to everyone involved. Thank you.Annette Marshalltestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has been great and very informative. The quality of the host and guest speakers has been amazing. The greatest copywriters, marketers, info products from the leading experts in the world! How anyone can come here and not learn at least something is beyond me. Best weekend marketing Bootcamp ever.L. Marshalltestimonial

testimonialI have had a wonderful time and I have learnt a lot at my very first Bootcamp and I look forward to attending many more. I think all the speakers were excellent in their own way and each and everyone of them has taught me something I didn’t know before.Eleanor Tennettestimonial

testimonialEven after the first few hours of the event I was overwhelmed by the amount of information provided. Each and every speaker has a goldmine of advice and expertise.Keith Wilsontestimonial

testimonialThe weekend Bootcamp was a very informative, enjoyable weekend. The speakers were motivational, inspiring and approachable whish is what beginners in this business need, along with the support which was also in abundance.S. J. Tweddletestimonial

testimonialA great 3 days of valuable information to help build my business and help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.Ken Saunderstestimonial

testimonialAn excellent weekend, thank you. Very well organised with fantastic presentations from all the guest speakers. I learnt so much, laughed and cried.Richard Hughestestimonial

testimonial Boom-boom weekend from start to finish. Informative, exciting, made the days fly by. Thanks for putting it all together to give me one of my most enjoyable weekends ever.Michael McAllistertestimonial

testimonial I think the Bootcamp has been inspiring and enlightening. The calibre of the speakers has been exceptional. I have learnt of a whole new discipline despite being in sales for twenty years. Well done.Ken Holleytestimonial

testimonialThe sessions were fast paced and informative and it is a very good opportunity to chat with other ‘entrepreneurs’ to exchange ideas, experiences and info – not to mention making new friends. The presentations were brilliant and everything informative and very well rehearsed. Overall a delight to be here. Thank you.Kathy Cooksontestimonial

testimonial Thank you, thank you, thank you – have enjoyed every minute. We have found the content of speakers not only informative and entertaining but totally invaluable. It’s a privileged to work with people who want to help others. This is our dream!Dennis and Bren Beaneytestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed Bootcamp 2008. This event has been an eye opener for me. It has been a fascinating learning curve which I feel will take me on the most amazing journey of my life. I am looking forward to put into action all that I have learnt this weekend. There have been some extremely excellent presenters. Andrew, you are a real inspiration!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in this wonderful event.Valerie Clarketestimonial

testimonialThis has been a particularly inspirational and motivational event, with a procession of wonderful speakers all experts in their own field of business. If this doesn’t prompt you to take action in business then nothing will. It has been professionally managed and will benefit some marvellous charities.Kevin Whitetestimonial

testimonialIf you have an online or off line business or are a confused computer and internet user like me and want to set up a business you need to be here! You will find answers to questions that have been nagging at you for years!David Bradleytestimonial

testimonialSo much useful, genuine information it was hard to keep up. But unlike some seminars where I felt that the speakers held back the real info for those who bought their products, these guys gave us everything we need to get a business going. I am determined to take action and use my new knowledge to change my life finally after 20 years of messing aroundAndrew Granttestimonial

testimonialAfter being a customer of Andrew Reynolds for nearly ten years I have always found his products to be of great value to me personally. After having the invite to attend the entrepreneurs bootcamp in aid of the Great Ormond Street Hospital , have seen first hand that Andrew has heart of gold and is a genuine caring person. The circumstances that I have found myself in over the last 10 years have made it difficult to pursue my true desires and even though I have waited to take action have held myself back but now with Andrews over delivery with his package I have no excuses for failure. The programme was excellent and the event will be one of my life’s turning points. Andrew has also touched my heart. I feel so grateful.Vince Mullowneytestimonial

testimonialAfter attending one of Andrew’s seminars over 7 years ago, I went on to generate over 180,000 in 18 months as a direct result of putting the information I received into practice. Coming to Andrew’s most recent event has now put me in a position to move my income level from six figures to seven. I have no doubt this will happen within the next two years. Thank you Andrew for once again providing quality speakers, some real big names. You give us all the inspiration to improve and increase our lifestyle and financial circumstancesChris Dawkinstestimonial

testimonialBeing 73 years old I wondered what this Bootcamp would do for me. I need not have worried as it has shown me that anyone can benefit from Andrews seminars, even if your mental processes have slowed down through old age. I can sincerely and truthfully recommend Andrews courses to anyone and everyone. I cannot praise his efforts in raising such huge amounts for GOSH. Simply Incredible! I do not know if I will be successful in this business or not, but I take away the knowledge that Andrew is a 100% genuine guy and is honest and sincere in his desire to assist people in achieving their goal. Thanks a million Andrew.Thomas McComaskytestimonial

testimonialTrue to form Andrew has again under promised and over delivered. A true professional. Down to earth, helpful and genuine. More than willing to give out top tips for your success onlineAlan Searingtestimonial

testimonialI came wondering if I was going to be faced with a number of smooth talking, slick salesmen with little depth or sincerity. I found a wealth of detailed information and know-how passed on by a group of dedicated experts with commitment and integrity. I know I can make a success of this business now and I look forward to next years course when I’ll be up on the stage with you!!Alex Unsworthtestimonial

testimonialOutstanding, brilliant, inspirational speakers. If we don’t make it it’s our own faultDavid Rosstestimonial

testimonialThe Entrepreneurs Bootcamp does exactly what it says on the tin. This was my first. It won’t be my last, the speakers were first class, as was the whole event. If you have any qualms about Andrew’s Bootcamp just attend one and they will all be put aside. Well done everyone. Thanks. PS it was good to help GOSH as wellAntony Scarahtestimonial

testimonialAs a retired Chartered Accountant, I can say without hesitation that the Bootcamp in Bournemouth was the best seminar/conference that I have ever attended. The speakers were brilliant and the information that was presented was so inspiring and helpful. This even has motivated me to start a new career in Internet Marketing. Thank you Andrew for organising such a superb week-end and for such a worthy charityDavid Wilkinsontestimonial

testimonialJust blown away! The quality of the speakers was fantastic from the inspiration contained in their messages to the insights and innovation that they not only revealed but detailed. I was particularly impressed with Andrew Reynolds… but I was also particularly impressed with the content and delivery of Bob Proctor, Armand Morin and Derek Gehl… I brought my 17 year old daughter to open her mind to ideas and inspire her. It has and I think she is the perfect candidate for Andrew’s book. I found the whole process to be truly inspiring for both the ideas and the opportunities presented. It was also nice to be able to contribute to a very good cause in this wayDavid Lloyd-Jonestestimonial

testimonialWe found our first visit to a bootcamp to be very inspirational. We came here looking for the missing bits and hopefully, with the aid of all the speakers, we found them. We’re most definitely going to this a go! Thank you very much for this opportunityJohn & Sally Simtestimonial

testimonialInspiring, valid but above all else usable. Having had an info-products and self-development site up for two years for a period of which we were trying to give away money on behalf of the European Economic Development Fund and failed, I do have some idea how hard it is to win peoples confidence, let along get them buyingNigel Sheppardtestimonial

testimonialReally enjoyed all of the 3 days… a lot of very good ideas and sayings from the speakers, to use in my existing business. ThanksTony Blisstestimonial

testimonialThe amount of information tips, secrets etc that is crammed into 3 days is mindblowing. To avoid making all the notes getting writers cramp and worrying if you missed anything buy the DVD of the event and then sit back and soak it all in.Mark Ellisontestimonial

testimonialVery refreshing 3 days, so many different ideas, opinions and marketing strategies, fantasticChris Doddstestimonial

testimonialDuring the 3 days event I was priviledged to witness an awesome compilation of world class masters, A staggering achievement of over £400,000 donated to an amazing benevolent course that is close all of our hearts. An internet marketing meta appearance of speakersChris Mullineuxtestimonial

testimonialI decided at the last moment to attend the bootcamp and had I not come along I would have missed out in a big way. I do subscribe to cash on demand but always felt I didn’t have the time, yet but this shows me I must find the time. I have decided to take actionAlcina Humphreytestimonial

testimonialKeep it up. Well done and congratulations on your fund raising achievementAdrian Michelltestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp content has been exceptional with tremendous scope and good depth and detail of material. Speaker presentations were of a very high standard and entertainingMike Gullifordtestimonial

testimonialI have just completed the 3 day Bootcamp in Bournemouth and feel more than happy to express my thoughts. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the information packed event and have learned so much more that I thought possible. I must congratulate Andrew on putting together an extremely well organised and professional eventAnn OHaretestimonial

testimonialHaving seen the videos of the last Bootcamp I thought I would attend the next one and am glad I did. I found the speakers to be very good at what they say and the way they were teaching us things. It has been a very enlightening three days in which I have learnt a lot. I believe that what I have learnt over these three days will stand me in good stead for what I am about to start. I would definitely recommend the Bootcamp to anybody. All the speakers were free and easy to talk to at all timesUmarr Sesaytestimonial

testimonialExcellent 3 days. I doubted my ability to create saleable product but I now realise it is much easier that I thought. Possibly my eyes have been openedS Bantontestimonial

testimonialYou changed my life. I come from a direct sales background and was really at a low point in my life. I felt that nothing I did in business would ever work. This week has seen me take a change in my life. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you AndrewT Akinside-Obonyotestimonial

testimonialIt has been a great experience being amongst like minded people at a professionally organised event listening to the speakers give their words of wisdom and experience freely to the benefit of all those prepared to listen and take notes. Thank you Andrew and all your team, I look forward to being a part of your team in the near future. Well doneRay Brocktestimonial

testimonialComing to a professionally organised seminar or Bootcamp helps me to keep it clear in my mind that this a perfectly logical, ethical and worthy new career for me. One that is perfectly suited to me, a 42 year old female excited to be given the chance to change track and take control of my own financial lifeRachel Goodalltestimonial

testimonialRange of speakers outstanding! Range of offers amazing! But the main benefit was the vast number of golden nuggets within the presentations eg some internet viewers are impatient so I make sure the full sales message can be scanned through the headings and sub headings leading to order form absolutely invaluable. Great fund raising for GOSH. Thank you AndrewSimon Lewistestimonial

testimonialAll my fears of being taken for a ride have been squashed. Superb speakers on all topics. Highly interactive across the board. Very entertaining. I now feel much more confident in taking an interest based business forward and actually achieving my goals. The info that has been shared is incredible. That mystery ridden dark path to success is now highly idea illuminated straight Highway where I’m happy to travel. Thanks very muchMichael Tickletestimonial

testimonialThis is my first bootcamp and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Having travelled 250 miles after being up since 3.15 am I fully expected not to survive until 7.30 pm. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the quality of both the speakers and the content of each presentation was excellent. Throughout the weekend I have gained so much information and encouragement to go away and begin a new career in Internet business. There have been lots of excellent products/training courses available which can help people move their business forward or help people start up initially. Thank you for an excellent weekendLynn Tickletestimonial

testimonialAll of the speakers were certainly impressive and got across their knowledge, experiences and ways of thinking very well. Derek Gehl being particularly impressive and informative. I look forward to improving my memory skills with my eight-CD set and work book in the next few monthsJohn Vinertestimonial

testimonialA life changing weekend. Have learned so much from all the speakers who have been of great benefit. Thank you Andrew it was phenomenalJaye Selfetestimonial

testimonialFantastic!Warwick Bloomfieldtestimonial

testimonialThis most surely must be the best way to get anyone who needs money, to be motivated. I thought it would be the way to start my business, but now I am 100% convinced.That all of the speakers are so successful, yet prepared to share their experiences and secrets to get others on the road to success has been fantastic. I will now be able to get out of the huge debt I am in, by starting in a definitely successful business. I just want to say thank you, thank you and thanks again Andrew for giving me the opportunity to be here. That so much was raised for GOSH was they cherry on the top. It was fantastic! It was good to see so many females there tooSue Wilkinsontestimonial

testimonialThese bootcamps are getting better and better. The speakers were superb, Andrew is an inspiration in so many ways. Keep doing what you do Andrew its greatJean Wilkinsontestimonial

testimonialSeeing as this was my first bootcamp I was really impressed with the amount of information received. I will go to as many as I can. The speakers gave a lot of information which I can relate to as I am doing a computer course after work so I am very impressed. All the best for the next one. I was really impressed with the charity absolutely wonderful. I am hungry for information and to learn how to get this off the groundJoanna Millertestimonial

testimonialI have to say that I was a little sceptical when I came here but in fact this has been one of the most enjoyable and valuable events that I have ever attended.The quality of the speakers has been amazing both in the information presented and the entertaining method of delivery. The sheer quantity of valuable information has been staggering and I am quite sure that peoples lives will be changed by this event. Congratulations to you and the whole team for a superb eventEdward Browntestimonial

testimonialA thoroughly well presented seminar with top world-class speakers making it well worth attending and very informativeDavid John Stonetestimonial

testimonialThe bootcamp was amazing!! I was totally shocked at the amount of business ideas that could be created using internet tools. The speakers all had so much to give!! It was an information packed and extremely inspiring weekend. Definitely, I would attend another and also be more prepared to take actionArinola Adebekuntestimonial

testimonialThis has opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are available to the ordinary person and also revealed a lot of the mistakes I have been makingJ A Frankstestimonial

testimonialAn amazing weekend. You have opened my eyes to what is really available for me to achieve freedom. A truly awesome event I would recommend to anyone who is really looking to move on and change direction in life. Thank you so muchMichael Welshtestimonial

testimonialThis seminar has been excellent. I have learned so much during these three days which I know I could not possibly have obtained in this concentrated form anywhere else. Thank you so much AndrewPeter Rogerstestimonial

testimonialWow!! What can I say absolute mind blowing if this doesn’t get me started I must already be dead. I just didn’t realise how easy this stuff could be to start, I’m out of excuses now due to a big kick up the rear from all the speakers. Andrew absolutely brilliant and wow Ted Nicholas what an incredible guy. What an icon. Bob Proctor, Yanik Silver, Derek Gehls from the Internet Marketing Centre – what a mind full of information I got from them all. Did I mention Ted Nicholas. Ted was there for god sake how incredible was that. Congratulations Andrew and thank you for the greatest opportunity of my lifeStephen Hawkestestimonial

testimonialVery informative almost too much information but not quite. A great vibrant atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone starting a businessSteve Halltestimonial

testimonialMind blowing definitely. Life-changing-almost certainly. Two unusual words come to mind integrity and, more surprisingly spirituality. Bob Proctor, who actually used this word in his presentation, and Ted Nicholas, were totally uplifting as well as very practical, and showed convincingly that wealth creation was not just for the personally greedy. The presentation of a cheque for nearly half a million pounds to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children rather proved this pointDavid Griffithstestimonial

testimonialMost fascinating. Given me a lot to think about and many ideas to put into practice. The speakers were excellent and very up front! Andrew is a very approachable and helpful in his commentsS Perrytestimonial

testimonialVery interesting and certainly informative. Some of the seminars are good, some are amazing and exciting. This time next year we will all be millionairesScott Taylortestimonial

testimonialGreat 3 days of cutting edge information which I am sure will become a massive profit in my future business activitiesAndrew Dysontestimonial

testimonialA lot of information of great value. The energy in the room was very positive. Thank you Andrew, for arranging the event.Paul Graham Mercertestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew. How on earth did you get that line up together in one place and the same weekend. The amount of information and coaching was awesome. You certainly over delivered. Thanks again.Anthony Palmertestimonial

testimonialA lot of information to digest, but very informative, professionally presented and at times highly amusing. I would recommend another visit.Edward Murraytestimonial

testimonialThank you for an informative weekend. I plan to put into action a lot of the things I have learned over the weekend and would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to change my life.Mark Thomasontestimonial

testimonialThis was a really enjoyable Bootcamp. Excellent speakers, many useful tips to start in business. Many thanks.Valerie Hibberdtestimonial

testimonialA lot of information presented at a cracking pace in a lot of instances. But given by very experienced and knowledgeable presenters. More important they are all millionaires and that is what made the difference. As they say, there is no substitute for experience. Most enjoyable and hope I get another change to attend another I will definitely attend if invited to do so. Thank you Andrew.Martin Robinsontestimonial

testimonialAndrew thank you a truly incredible weekend. World class speakers with a fountain of knowledge. Thank you again.Mark Reddentestimonial

testimonialA really good experience one which I am determined to follow up on. Great people and great speakers.P Searletestimonial

testimonialI cant believe how down to earth Andrew and his team of speakers were, some of the information they have shared with everyone this weekend can only be described as priceless. I now have pretty much everything I need to start making a serious income and I cant thank you enough for this opportunity.Richard Greenawaytestimonial

testimonialMy first seminar. There was lots of useful information I can use straight away which is important and it was easy to understand.J Hanstocktestimonial

testimonialBootcamp marvellous, eye-opener.K P Gillespietestimonial

testimonialAn extremely informative weekend and great fun to boot! Thoroughly recommend to anyone starting up in the internet marketing business. Most importantly Great Ormond Street childrens hospital benefited from the event. Well done.Mike Tapselltestimonial

testimonialBrilliant event in Bournemouth organised by Andrew Reynolds really delivered first class speakers from the best in the field. Will now put what I learnt to use. Thanks again Andrew and Bournemouth for the best weekend ever.Philip Fletchertestimonial

testimonialPhenomenal weekend! So many extraordinary entrepreneurs under one roof. This weekend has really given me the motivation and drive to change my life. I am fed up with slavery and wish to have total freedom so look out Mr Reynolds Im after your crown.Alan Willettstestimonial

testimonialWhat an awesome 3 days. It has given me the kick in the pants Ive needed to get started. I can’t wait for your products arriving. In the meantime I will look and put into practise all I’ve learned and check out the websites I didn’t know even existed. What a journey. Delighted at the amount raised for Great Ormond Street. Thank God for Andrew Reynolds. Really nice speakers too.Philip Pickeringtestimonial

testimonialFantastic! What more can I say amazed by the array of speakers and calibre. Hope to be up on that stage next year with my success. Thanks for making it possible Andrew.Jacqui Harristestimonial

testimonialIt’s Sunday morning and I have had a fantastic 2 days (so far) of the most entertaining and informative business building techniques I have ever seen. I sincerely hope Andrew selects me as one of his apprentices as I am determined to be a millionaire in the next 12 months using this teachings.Ray Bannistertestimonial

testimonialThis was a very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable event for such a good cause. Congratulations Andrew on such a professionally put on seminar. Again you surpassed your best from the Wembly Bootcamp!! Well done!!Daoid Byromtestimonial

testimonialI thought the 2007 Bootcamp was brilliant, I have learnt a lot. I have also gained a lot of information from your cash on demand course over the last 26 months and have made enough money to buy a villa in the Indian Asian Island of Sri Lanka. I am hoping to boost my earnings substantially this year. Thanks again Andrew for all your help.John Newberytestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was brilliant so much information in one place it was mind blowing. I cannot wait to get home and put what I have learned into practice and re-run the DVD. Thanks again.Mike Rylancetestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely smashing conference. Andrew I am glad I came. I feel it in my bones that my life will change from here on.Chim Egembahtestimonial

testimonialBloody Brilliant! Fantastic speakers, all inspirational. They all have a different take but the basics are true for all, research, test, dont be afraid to fail and try and try again. Well done Andrew, you have shown it is possible to get the life you owe yourself.L J Espietestimonial

testimonialAgain Reynolds has exceeded expectations on every level. He continues to fill the gap in the market for the right information. Reynolds for Prime Minister.A Mearstestimonial

testimonialI have not been disappointed in my expectations of this event it has delivered in full measure by using high calibre speakers the content has been extremely practical and stimulating. Would not have missed the experience for the world!David Wetherspoontestimonial

testimonialAndrew Reynolds delivers on his promises. I just want to take a minute to thank Andrew for over delivering at this event not only did we raise £400,000 for GOSH but also got loads of vital information to allow us to get started and make fast progression in this fantastic business. Thank you Andrew.S & R Dalglishtestimonial

testimonialJust a great weekend over delivered in every aspect.A Mortlocktestimonial

testimonialThis course has given me the tools to make my brilliant ideas fly!Ian Harlandtestimonial

testimonialWhat an absolutely incredible experience! Andrew has over delivered on this one! A great mixture of speakers, who have offered and provided not only huge encouragement and support but also some real nuts and bolts info on how to get started. I’ve been wanting to create an online income for sometime now and this has moved me to action at last. I have no doubt that this weekend has given me the enthusiasm and passion to succeed. I only hope I become one of Andrews seven apprentices because the man is a living legend in my eyes.Will Morristestimonial

testimonialI found the Bootcamp very enjoyable and very informative. All the speakers gave excellent information which I hope to use to start my own business.Daniel Blaketestimonial

testimonialI was truly enlightened about what I learned didn’t realise how easy it was to make a lot of money on line. Excellent would recommend your seminars to anyone.David Haugheytestimonial

testimonialThis Bootcamp is simply awesome. Not only are you given the opportunity to listen and interact with numerous successful and ongoing marketing heavyweights but you are given a wonderful opportunity to create a successful business by joint venturing etc with creative mentors who are very keen to teach you the secrets that made them successful.P Harirmtestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Bootcamp. My husband promised me a weekend away, late on I realised that the weekend away meant sitting in a seminar from 9 am 7 pm! As you can imagine, I was not looking forward to it. However I must admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. My head is spinning with ideas, and I cannot wait to get home and start my empire by putting the strategies I have learnt this weekend into practice. Thank you for arranging this Andrew.F Esakji Sadaktestimonial

testimonialThe seminar held at the BIC has been one of the most educational events of my life! My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what anyone can easily achieve when tutored by the right people. The speakers each have been worth the 5 hour drive down. The information they have given me has pieced together all the ideas I’ve every had and have allowed me to know how to action them in the most amazing seminar I’ve ever attended and I would have paid ten times the amount of the tickets if I knew it was going to provide such priceless information and tutoring. Big thanks Andrew!Chris Jakubowskitestimonial

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