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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonial I would like to congratulate Andrew on a fantastic event. Well organised and highly professional. The work he does for charity is tremendous. Andrew’s wealth clearly exceeds his bank account. Keep up the good work.Trevor Fordtestimonial

testimonialThis year’s seminar was full of wealth and life. It inspired me and it is the best thing that has happened to me in life. It lays the foundations for my breakthrough. Thank you Andrew!!!Edwin Osabuohintestimonial

testimonialThis program is excellent. I will recommend this to everybody that I know and even to people that I do not know. I am proud to be part of this. Thank you!Adekoyejo Beckleytestimonial

testimonialExcellent learning opportunities… Almost too good given the amount of information presented …. Will do some hard work to get all the learning under my belt.Gerald Gortontestimonial

testimonialYes Andrew, excellent seminar… This is the way forward! Very good speakers, you know where you are and I decided by day 2 what I wanted. What an excellent way to help those 2 wonderful charities. Well Done!!!Keith Byrontestimonial

testimonialThe course was great and fun too. The speakers were all interesting and even those who were not really relevant to me at present were interesting and could be filed away for future reference. I met some lovely and inspirational people, and enjoyed speaking to others trying to do the same as me… create a business. Andrew was brilliant, funny, knowledgeable and inspiring. I’ve got my wish list in place and some idea now of how to get where I want to go.Agnes Gillespietestimonial

testimonialI have found the Bootcamp really inspiring and motivating. I have found all of the speakers interesting and excellent speakers. You really get a sense of their power and wealth. The opportunities opened up to everyone, has opened my eyes, seeing that I have ideas for the near future. I leave for university in 3 years and for the rest of my life. The speaker’s knowledge is priceless and has made me think about what I really want to do after school and my A-Levels and beyond. A fantastic weekend! …Full of fun, laughter and creative thinking. I am 15 years old and my dad invited me to come with him and I’m so pleased that he did!!Mike Hansfordtestimonial

testimonial A great seminar for would be millionaires. You have not only been fired up but also given opportunity to prove what you have been taught. There is no room for failure. You are not taught theory but practical’s by real entrepreneurs.Victor Abetestimonial

testimonialThank you for the invite. It was really nice meeting you. I learnt a lot and feel I am now on the road to my first million. Thank you for showing me how to share the wealth with the community. I acquired more information than I have learnt the whole of my life. A thousand thank you’s for the invite and I look forward to the next meeting. I should be having a few millions by then!!Emmanuel Buwancautestimonial

testimonial The whole package is a well organised programme. Pat is a real motivator. Well done Andrew, keep it up! Keep up the charity work.Johnson Osonaiketestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely brilliant. I’ve spent thousands on seminars and this is the best one I’ve ever been on. Loved every minute of it.Christine Wessontestimonial

testimonialI was very much inspired by every speaker, I can’t wait for next Bootcamp. By then I will be a millionaire. Thanks to Andrews. God Bless!!Sigrid Kaino Nghifikwatestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was highly motivational. I loved it, sufficiently to sit on my butt for 3 days riveted by the inspirational reason for being there in the first place (Fantastic Andrew!!!). The speakers were first class and presentations equally so. I learnt a great deal and met many like minded positive attendees. Your Brighton Bootcamp was the fuse that lit my dynamite! Thank you.Alan Davistestimonial

testimonialThe 3 days have been excellent. Above all very educational on any business ventures. The establishment was very good in terms of presentation and speakers. Very convincing for ‘would be’ entrepreneurs. Make-A-Wish Foundation and the purpose of the event and proceeds was just amazing. Andrew, your work is just second to none. The whole workshop was very inspirational. I personally class you a great mentor and as a student for the past 15 months I feel that this seminar was just brilliant. Bringing someone with me also helped him understand what I am studying as a cash on demand student. Best of all I met you personally, as well as Tim Lowe and Nick James. Great stuff and in 3 or 4 years time I want to be in your inner circle! Thank you.Luciano Deuo-Russotestimonial

testimonialA very charged up programme. Great people on stage to help us through the metamorphous into millionaires!Mr R Thankitestimonial

testimonialThank you for a wonderful 3 days. I have learnt more in 3 days than in a lifetime, about starting my own business. You are a genuine and very trusted guy. I can’t wait to get started. I must add that all the others were also incredible and good mentors and teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I am glad I came. Thank you once again for giving me a great opportunity.Julia Nikolatestimonial

testimonialExcellent presentations for all the speakers. Thank you.Alexis Ojaratestimonial

testimonialFirstly, I want to thank you so much for all your generosity to ‘Make-a-Wish’. I work with palliative children, as I am the paediatric oncology chaplain at Royal Bristol Children’s hospital, and also Bristol’s oncology centre & Bone marrow transplant unit. I am head palliative care co-ordinator for the trust. Secondly, Thank you so much for a wonderful Bootcamp, it and you has been inspiring and I am looking forward to starting my business which I will use to help ‘my kids’ and their families. They all use ‘Make-a-Wish’. Your materials and speakers have been amazing. You are a genuine man. May god bless you in abundance.Avril Dafydd-Lewistestimonial

testimonialThank you for your time and the money spent on providing this opportunity of education for me to become a better person by your example and eventually become a millionaire, using the tools provided and my determined effort to achieve it. Powerful presentations of the speakers stir both conscious and sub-conscious.David Gittenstestimonial

testimonial A superb event enjoyed by myself and my son. Loads of ideas gained from your perspective; the light bulb was on many times. Cannot wait to get home to begin the journey. All down to you and the fabulous speakers all top of their game! Not forgetting the wonderful amount raised by the delegates for the children. I look forward to being invited to next years Bootcamp. Thanks again.Anthony James Silvatestimonial

testimonialAndrew, in your words how cool was that? … I really enjoyed every part of the Bootcamp. I have always thought that there was a better way of living and I have tried to help others all my life but realise that to help others up, you need to be above them. It’s hard to life another when you are lying beside them. After this weekend I feel so positive and so many ideas came into my mind… real light bulb moments. It was unbelievable. Thank you so much for a tremendous weekend my life will never be the same again. I have made a wish list and I know I can achieve all of the goals I have selected. I also know that you are a very special person and that you will be blessed beyond measure for you love and compassion to your fellow men.M T Beckerlegtestimonial

testimonialI though that the Bootcamp was a wonderful occasion and I am already thinking of next years Bootcamp. The speakers wee all very interesting and informative on their specialised fields.Steven Gilestestimonial

testimonialPowerful information Powerful presentation Powerful products Powerful messages Powerful energy Powerful networking Powerful drive Powerful inspiration Powerful people Powerful weekend Powerful cause (‘Make-a-Wish’ and Hospice)Steve Taylortestimonial

testimonialAs usual the Bootcamp was simply amazing I tend to learn more every time I go but unfortunately I couldn’t join the VIP programme as I clearly would like to. Even the guest speakers were remarkable, when you have the next VIP programme, please include me. I sincerely thank you for the entire weekend.Mike Baileytestimonial

testimonial Very useful information and practical. Attending has spurred me on to make drastic changes to my work life, giving me the courage of my conviction.Hazel Albontestimonial

testimonial Fantastic seminar, very professional but down to earth and very approachable attitude amongst all the speakers. I have booked several courses and with the help and support of the people already in the business at least I have a very good chance of succeeding.H M Grace Watsontestimonial

testimonialExcellent presentation with great information. Speakers very inspirational.Stan Crowthertestimonial

testimonialAn amazing, exhilarating, moving and highly motivating experience! A great privilege to see and hear many famous internet gurus live…John Attenboroughtestimonial

testimonialThis information and material provided has given me a greater vision, and a clear path to the journey that lies ahead.Shamoun Chaudhrytestimonial

testimonialI have gained a great deal of knowledge and inspiration from the Bootcamp and fully intend to take action to achieve my goals. Steve Wardletestimonial

testimonialI have very much enjoyed the weekend. But much more than that it has been of outstanding value.Howard Gilmoretestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew, you promised to teach us ‘how to’ and you certainly did that.Joan Gibbstestimonial

testimonialGreat event.John Perrytestimonial

testimonialThe weekend has been very informative; I have been overwhelmed with ideas. From today my life is going to change for the better’Dale Underwoodtestimonial

testimonialI found the Bootcamp very motivational, and more importantly it gives me the push I needed to start this business now!!!Ronald Mark Astburtestimonial

testimonialI have been inspired to change my future. The speakers were all world class experts in their field and it truly was amazing and a privilege to be on the receiving end of their advice.Steven Turnbulltestimonial

testimonial My eyes have been opened to so many sights, my ears to so many sounds and my mind – that is buzzing with ideas and the realisation that things can get better.Jill Shilcocktestimonial

testimonialWe have just been through the most astonishing three days I can ever remember. A platinum opportunityEdward Woodtestimonial

testimonial A truly inspiring event. I would urge anyone looking to start their own business to invest in this event.Neil Allentestimonial

testimonialIt has been the kick start that was needed. Everyone has been inspiring and I have taken lots from each speaker. Well done to everyone who organised this great event.Gail Robertstestimonial

testimonialHaving being impressed by initial reports I have found this weekend one of the most invigorating and exciting seminar I have ever attended, the speakers gave excellent presentations which were very informative. The speakers arranged were of the highest calibre and most of all knew what they were saying. I have taken so much away from this weekend and believe this weekend has changed me and my way of thinking and I will be trying my best to achieve my goals.Brett Bibbtestimonial

testimonialAnother good spread of speakers, giving a lot of content away. I enjoyed the (bonus) presentation on property investment in that it allowed people the option away from the internet, if that is what they would prefer to do.P. N. Hipwelltestimonial

testimonialThis has been my first seminar and the information I have gained to start my business from zero is priceless, whilst at the same time as raising money for such a great charity.Craig Kennedytestimonial

testimonial Thank you for putting this together. I really enjoyed the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. I will highly recommend it for anyone who wants to start a business and don’t know how and where to start. I particularly enjoyed Pat Masiti’s talk about changing my mindset.Helen Fawehimmitestimonial

testimonialThis was my first Bootcamp and I have been privileged to attend. Honestly, I have been blown away with the high calibre and professionalism of the various contributors.Jim Woodstestimonial

testimonial I really can’t wait to get started. The ideas have been inspirational and the speakers so down to earth. I came to this event to see if all this millionaire lifestyle was possible (it is) and something I would get into straight away (I will!) I now look forward with an abundance of enthusiasm, optimism and sheer single- mindedness to changing my lifestyle and that of my family. Thanks a million for the opportunity Andrew. I’d really like to think that I will be on the Bootcamp stage in the near future helping others to help themselves.Dave Chesleytestimonial

testimonialEnjoyable experience! Fantastic to know another way! Fantastic speakers with a wealth of knowledge. It gave me lightbuld moments e.g. ideas to start on Monday! The weekend was the start of my new life. It has inspired me to one day speak on stage myself. I want to raise enough money to help charities that are close to my heart. What made me sign up to this Bootcamp is that Andrew Reynolds has not only a big bank balance but also a big heart! Many thanks for steering me on the right path!Michael James Flynntestimonial

testimonialI have found the Bootcamp well worth travelling to Brighton for and learnt a great deal.Peter Wensleytestimonial

testimonialExcellent Well organised Great speakers Informative and entertainingSimon Coytestimonial

testimonialThis is the first Bootcamp that I have ever attended and I am amazed at how much value I received. I am very inspired and can’t wait until I get home so that I can use the information I have learned, I think that seeing these people in the flesh has made me realise that I too can have success online. I would like to thank you Andrew for the wonderful opportunity that your invitation has offered me and congratulate you on a top class Bootcamp and all the great work that you do.Teresa McCuskertestimonial

testimonialHere is someone who wants to make you a millionaire. What more could we ask for. He’s a ‘God-send’. Andrew is just amazing.Mr Melvin Egwuatutestimonial

testimonialI’m amazed…another great event by Andrew Reynolds! Great speakers, splitting plenty of copywriting, marketing, knowledge. Andrew covered the basics (step by step) and also demonstrated how easy getting started can be. Andrew and other speakers will reveal the insider secrets of this business. I have just started applying what I learnt and started several streams of income. At Andrews’s events you learn several business strategies. I recommend anyone starting a business to attend one of Andrew’s events to begin with.Boniface Gumbotestimonial

testimonial I found the Bootcamp overwhelming. Lots of good tips.Evelyn Connelltestimonial

testimonial I first saw Andrew Reynolds on the entrepreneur channel on sky TV. I was in awe of his humble beginnings and great achievements. I was impressed with Paul interviewing Andrew and I now turn the entrepreneur channel daily to motivate me. I applied the laws of attraction and stated that I will meet Andrew before the end of the year 2008. Within six weeks I have received my invite fulfilling my stated goal. The event was absolutely awesome, motivational and life changing! Thank youCynthia O’Connortestimonial

testimonialHaving flown in from Uganda I cannot say in words how the Bootcamp has been inspirational. I am going back fired up. The experience has been ear pulling and butt kicking! Right now, I hate my old self… Because I’m a changed man, my problem, I realised has been focusing on wanting money. Now my focus has changed now to ‘why I want money’. Thank you Andrew.Kennedy Javurytestimonial

testimonial I have never attended an event of this sort before, this is my 1st experience. The Bootcamp has been really useful and very knowledgeable.Sunita Bhikhatestimonial

testimonialThoroughly enjoyed all the presentations and the whole experience. Amazing range of subjects were covered. Andrews support and focus to generate money for charities is wonderful. The Make-A-Wish Foundation will benefit greatly.Stan Ashtontestimonial

testimonialI currently run a successful business in Bournemouth but work 80+ hours a week. I want to do the VIP programme but cannot make the dates currently available. The bootcamp experience has been amazing and certainly exceeded my expectations. You have lined up some truly inspirational speakers with some fantastic opportunities and products. I will definitely attend another Bootcamp and will bring my wife and sons next time. I would also have no hesitation in recommending Bootcamp to anyone looking for business opportunities, inspiration, lifestyle change and financial freedom. In the words of a popular TV programme, This time next year……!.Steve Worthtestimonial

testimonialOverall a very good experience. It was my first Bootcamp and I didn’t know much what to expect. Excellent idea about activities, in this way not just speakers and students benefit but also all those sick children and elderly people.Patricia Malickatestimonial

testimonialSuperb Bootcamp your intro and other speaker info was great all I need myself is a kick up the backside and put all my info into action. I have had my wish list for 2 years and now have 2 years left to put it into action by the age of 46 which was the top of my list I would be making £1m a year. I don’t need to keep my fingers crossed; I need to make it happen! No more moaning. P.S. I hate wingers and I been turning into one myself no more (GOOD TIMES!)M Hymerstestimonial

testimonialI thoroughly enjoyed the Bootcamp. Though I already subscribe to cash-on-demand, I came here to see what was available out there, and I have to say, I was blown away with the quality + content of your speakers I am a G.P (have you had any on your course yet?) and fed up with the way general practice is going in this country…. More money orientated (spending less of it on patients that is!) and less patient orientated. I started off as a surgeon, and changed to General Practice for a better lifestyle + now the government has left me no option. Your course offers me a way out of this rut and the chance for a new beginning.Jack Fernadestestimonial

testimonialThank you for the opportunity to meet the most successful and moving people on the planet! I was very pleased with the workshop. Each day we listened to the life stories and presentations of your guest and even given opportunities to learn, look inside those businesses and allowed to copy and start them like ours! Amazing! I am 25 years old and come from Lithuania. I live and work in Farnham, actually I work as a care assistant with elderly and know the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice very well. I deeply respect and admire you as a person and hope to work with you in near future. I think you are doing a great job and I’m glad I had a chance to participate in your event. My best regards to you and your team.Ms Jurgita Griskonytetestimonial

testimonialThis weekend has been a mind blowing event that has held us captivated throughout. Whilst we’ve been aware of the opportunities that the internet provides we’ve never really looked beyond the I’ll do it one day mentality what Andrew has provided over these 3 days has been an affordable event for anyone to be able to make a huge difference from where they are today and where they could be tomorrow – with the fee that was charged all going to make a wish- absolutely tremendous!!!. We’re really excited at being able to make a huge difference to our lives and look forward to telling everyone all about it.Eileen and David Gilberttestimonial

testimonialI was pleasantly surprised at the level of product and services offered at this Bootcamp. As a first timer the last few days have been beyond all my expectations and after purchasing most of the products I would shock myself if I do not make some serious money. The Bootcamp has comprehensively provided me with a new industry that I am sure will give me and my family the type of lifestyle that we have wanted and dreamed about all out lives. It’s true when I say that I am so exited and cant wait to get back and launch my new business and watch the money come in I would just like to say a massive thank you to Andrew Reynolds for the best 3 days of my life so far.Avais Khantestimonial

testimonialExcellent, I especially like the way you encourage people to give to charities.Catherine Favalitestimonial

testimonial I think that 2008 Boot camp at Brighton was very inspiring and I would love to come again. I will also be making a determined effort to take forward a lot of the Information I have learned this weekend. Within the next few months I will be positive that the DVD’s you have sent me will start bringing in an income I will start the process within the next 2 weeks. Again thank you for a brilliant weekend.Philip Tosinitestimonial

testimonialI have had most inspirational experience. I came here to learn more than I already knew and you have delivered. I have so many ideas sparking my brain! Thank you and see you next year.Paul Marshalltestimonial

testimonialWith all of the specialist speakers that attended, it really did give you all the basics you needed to know to start your own business and increase motivation. I will leave this boot camp 100% confident that I will succeed in whatever I will turn my hand too.David Cooktestimonial

testimonial I thought the weekend was a Total success with different speakers who each gave an insight into the entrepreneur’s millionaire I personally have taken away a new outlook on life and look forward to making a lot of money.Stephen Cooktestimonial

testimonialWhat can I say… a boot camp with a fountain of knowledge, highly motivated mentor and most importantly for a great cause! I would highly recommend this to anybody wishing to change their lifestyle but they must be prepared to put in the initial time and effort to succeed!Mr Paul Mocintestimonial


  • conference speakers all gave sufficient information to make a difference to working practice and personal lifestyles.
  • Presentation/ media etc very professional and attention capturing- making learning easy and fun.
  • Charitable focus was refreshing for a commercial event.
  • Only room for improvement in provision of break facilities even though breaks only 30mins no times to buy drink in timescales unless you left presentation early.
Edward Allentestimonial

testimonial Great Event will be back again Bring it onM Wiggantestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was inspiring from start to finish and I for one will be getting on my bike as soon as I get back home. Thank you very much for the opportunities that were presented to me.Lloyd Shawtestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely brilliant. The package supplied by Andrew Reynolds is the most valuable package I have seen @ all levels. I will become very rich from what he has taught me. Thank You.R.J. Goowrie testimonial

testimonialExcellent and very informativeAnne Gallowaytestimonial

testimonialWell done Andrew for putting together an excellent array of speakers. But most importantly thank you for raising money for the Make-A-Wish Charity.Alan Billtestimonial

testimonialI jumped at the chance to meet some of the greatest minds of the inspirational speakers you have bought together. Wow, just couldn’t miss the opportunity. And have not been disappointed from the moment that, crazy loveable Auzzie guy, Pat Mesiti jumped on stage you guys have been continuing to blow me away with quality, sound advice. I have signed up for a few things that have been presented to me this weekend and I think I feel the way you must have felt coming away from you seminar in the states. Pumped. You have given me the tools to succeed in my dreams of financial freedom and I now know I will succeed I promise you. I will without question and that is thanks to you kind invitation. I thank you. Andre Hallastestimonial

testimonialSuperb overview of many opportunities for experienced and novice Entrepreneurs.Tony Fostertestimonial

testimonialSuperb overview of many opportunities for experienced and novice Entrepreneurs. Absolute fabulous wealth of information. We have decided which path to take that suits our needs and desires. We are both 100% sure this will lead us to complete freedom and super wealth all thanks to you Andrew.Jeanette Hornertestimonial

testimonialA great mix of inspirational speakers from far and wide. Internet Entrepreneurs showing what’s possible with some innovative work and smart thinking.Stephen Walsh testimonial

testimonialWOW! WOW! WOW! Andrew I promise to make this work, I promise to work hard, and I promise to achieve my wish list. Thank you for giving me the chance to change my life. In a recent email to you, I ended by saying I wont let you down I won’t let either of us down. Thanks Andrew.Steve Smithtestimonial

testimonialA superb weekend great speakers and incredible compassion and generosity shown by Andrew Reynolds in his various charity involvements. It is very encouraging, that although I am just and ordinary guy, the potential to become financially free is not just an illusion but is a very definite future reality. Thank you to Andrew and all his guest speakers for showing me the way forward.Mark Hughestestimonial

testimonialVery informative and inspiring weekend. It was great that the mentors had travelled across the world to share their knowledge in order to let other people prosper and grow such as myself. It was thought provoking and made you look at business approach not only from other people’s perceptions but from self perceptions as well.Angela Blakeytestimonial

testimonial My First Bootcamp, so much quality information and support made it sometimes difficult to take all in, but hit all the right buttons, you are to be congratulated, everyone positive. This event meant a lot to me, after three years of stalling I’m up and running, website in place but more importantly “belief” in place, thank you Andrew.Colin Stubbstestimonial

testimonialI just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great Bootcamp. It has been interesting, fun and most importantly an inspiring seminar, yourself and the other speakers have been 1st class, offering some great hints and tips and have shown it is possible for anyone who really wants to make some money how it can be done. I have just launched my 1st cash on demand style business and have picked up some great ideas, I will be using myself.Michael Paintestimonial

testimonial Fantastic being here has shifted my mind although I am a subscriber of Andrew Reynolds modules, this has made me more determine to succeed. Watch out I am on the rise and soon be working Joint Venture with Andrew.Dilda Alltestimonial

testimonialYou have made my weekend, yes I have spent lots of money but my god, I have invested in a future. Thank you.Ben Kiwanukatestimonial

testimonialExtremely exciting information, opportunities to make my life fantastic, with ease the speakers were great very motivational, honest and generous with their kind knowledge. I have met so many people during this boot camp, I have been inspired and also inspired others, I have been given great opportunities that could only be offered here! Its been fast and furious, I felt like I needed to wear a seat belt at some points. A not to be missed seminar so excited about my future now thanks!Mrs Donna Fostertestimonial

testimonialI thank you and Salute you Andrew, you gave me the inspiration that I needed and you have given me a licence to write my dreams so that I can get them.Angela Kellytestimonial

testimonialThey say that you learn the most in the first 4 years of your life, walking, talking, eating etc. I believe this to be true but I have to say that Bootcamp follows as a close 2nd , my husband John and I have used good credit and signed up for the VIP retreat. Were so excited. Thank you Andrew, you the man…Lea Davistestimonial

testimonial This Bootcamp has enabled me to take serious the mindset that I need to have in making millions. I am going to take action I am taking action on my past investment to follow through all instructions to make profitable business. I will have money in the bank to let my wife know that doing business this way, plus all the different ways revealed to me is a good decision. By the grace of god I will be able to give back to charities form this year onwards.Henry Atigogotestimonial

testimonialThank you for the opportunity to attend such an excellent, well planned event. I have been both impressed and influenced by all of the excellent speakers. I have made many, many notes and will use what I have learned and will learn in the very near future to open up opportunities for a better way of life. The weekend has been jam packed with advice, support and guidance. Thank you once again for all your time and effort. Jane Powell I found this weekend very knowledgeable which has changed the way I saw things in life and the potential I have missed out on.M. Sparkestestimonial

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