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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialInformative, insightful, inspirational and motivational! I feel I am now more equipped with the knowledge that will enable me to make my dream a reality.Jan Macucartestimonial

testimonialWe are both grateful for the opportunities you have given us. You and your staff are a credit to society. Never have we experienced such fun, laughter and tears in such a short time. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and your staff for a fantastic weekend. Please don’t change – you’re the best, Andrew!Brian and Gillian Horsburghtestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp has exceeded all expectations. You have a talent for creating a wonderful experience by having exceptional speakers who are inspirational in the delivery of their presentations.Godfrey Stringertestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely fantastic! The most comprehensive, informative and motivational weekend seminar I have ever attended. Excellent content, inspirational speakers, just amazing and a must for any serious internet marketer or Cash-on-Demand student!Chris Hazelwoodtestimonial

testimonialA brilliant presentation and a very exciting 3 days.David Feldmatestimonial

testimonialI found this weekend mentally challenging and enjoyed the entire experience. The speakers were amazing (Pat Mesiti – where does that guy get his energy from?!). I am prepared to be bold enough to say that I will be in the top 1% of attendees in terms of results from this Bootcamp in financial terms. That will be down to two people – me and Andrew Reynolds!Philip Clarktestimonial

testimonialThank you for the gift of realising my potential. This weekend has been very exciting.Antoinette Walshtestimonial

testimonialThank you for arranging so many fantastic speakers. Anyone attending such an event has no excuse in not being successful. Thank you again!Omar Heathtestimonial

testimonialA big thank you to Andrew and all the speakers who provided us with so much valuable information.Danielle Fitzgeraldtestimonial

testimonialAn absolutely outstanding, brilliant weekend from start to finish – I loved every minute of it.Patrick Clarketestimonial

testimonialThe Entrepreneurs Bootcamp has opened possibilities which I would have probably not known about otherwise. 21st century marketing is an exciting place to be.John Ellnertestimonial

testimonialSome fantastic speakers with great information.Mark Buntingtestimonial

testimonialThis was the best ecommerce training event I have attended. The quality of all speakers was outstanding and the overall tone set by Andrew made this a friendly and highly informative event. Of even greater importance, the advice was practical and detailed and will help improve massively my own new business initiatives.Roger Haywoodtestimonial

testimonialWow, what a weekend. I’ve learnt so much and am excited to get on the road to becoming a millionaire! It’s been interesting, informative and motivational. I just can’t wait to get out of the miserable rut of having to work for someone else and being able to have the time on my hands to help others.Rebecca Jonestestimonial

testimonialI would like to say a BIG thank you to Andrew and all the other speakers for such an enjoyable weekend crammed full of information. I am feeling truly motivated and am on track in mind, to working towards my first million pounds. My head was left spinning from the wealth of information given over the weekend. I find you truly inspirational and a great mentor. Thank you, Andrew, very much for the opportunity to move the path of my life along a ‘coloured’ route instead of ‘black and white’../../p>Avril Daretestimonial

testimonialI think it has been a fantastic and inspiring event. I have never before had an opportunity to listen to and meet so many world class people who have a track record of achievement. Thank you for my invitation and I will look forward to the next event.Steve Roomstestimonial

testimonialThe content of the seminar and the presentations get better every time.N. S. Highfieldtestimonial

testimonialExcellent programme with inspiring speakersPiers Coryndontestimonial

testimonialExcellent presentations with very good inspiration. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a superb and worthwhile charity.Vic Hopkintestimonial

testimonialExcellent presentations with very good inspiration. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a superb and worthwhile charity.Vic Hopkintestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp has been an excellent event to help me in broadening my knowledge and understanding of the business world. I view it as the first step on my way to making my first business million! The speakers have been informative and entertaining.Adam Kaytestimonial

testimonialI thoroughly enjoyed the Bootcamp and learned a lot. The speakers were great.David Kaytestimonial

testimonialExciting, informative and an excellent platform to build a successful business from. It showed the ABC’s required to build a powerful business. I’m very, very excited to start implementing the knowledge I gained at this event. Many thanks to Andrew Reynolds and all the speakers.Anila Nalktestimonial

testimonialWhen I got my invite to attend the Brighton Bootcamp, I couldn’t get my ticket fast enough! I thought the event was just fantastic; the speakers were superb and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much for this insight into all the different ways there are to make money. I really had a great time and can’t wait to get home and get started on my business.David Mallinsontestimonial

testimonialSUPERB WEEKEND! Best seminar I have ever attended. Great coaches and speakers, and all in the aid of a great charity. I look forward to working with you soon.Martin Burttestimonial

testimonialFantastic collection of professional, dedicated, highly motivational speakers. Two days into Bootcamp and I have not met a single speaker that I would not want to learn more from. This weekend WILL be a life changing experience for me. Thank you!Steve Robertstestimonial

testimonialExcellent seminar. It opened my eyes to diverse business opportunities especially that of Andrew Reynolds. Thank you!I. Offiahtestimonial

testimonialThe speakers at the weekend filled in the gaps – with the information I have now I cannot fail to succeed.Martin Faddloughtestimonial

testimonialProbably the most comprehensive information package that I have attended in 15 years of working for myself.Derek Kemptestimonial

testimonialThis was our first Bootcamp, we found it very encouraging and enlightening. We are very positive and excited in what we have heard from yourself and the other speakers. I myself have been in a technical corporate environment for the last 20 years and have now reached the glass ceiling. The Cash-on-Demand system will be what can set me free from my current corporate life. Thank you from myself and my wife for putting together such a great event.Ron and Siew Perkinstestimonial

testimonialI thought I knew a bit – how wrong I was – back to the drawing board with some fantastic tools for future prosperity!Margaret McMullintestimonial

testimonialThis is my first time at Bootcamp. I didn’t know what to expect but it has been a real eye-opener for me. The info that has been passed on this weekend would have taken me a lifetime to gather together. Now I can start to market my new business and start living my life before it’s too late. I would recommend to everyone thinking of coming to one of your events to get it booked QUICKLY! It has changed my way of thinking about life and work. My life was in a rut before Bootcamp but now I’m looking forward to the future with a different state of mind – I will succeed at this!N. D. Whitworthtestimonial

testimonialA valuable 3 days. The free content alone was worth the trip!Sally Rawlinstestimonial

testimonialA fantastic weekend all round. Hope to see you next year to tell you about a successful year!Jon Kanetestimonial

testimonialVery impressed with the event.Richard B. Doddtestimonial

testimonialThe 3 days are excellent. A variety of topics to cater for everyone’s needs.Stephen and Pauline Bishoptestimonial

testimonialExcellent! Thanks to all the speakers. You are a great inspiration. I wrote lots of notes and will take action.Arthur Ralphtestimonial

testimonialCongratulations to you and your team – excellent! A chance to improve the life of me and my family. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Bootcamp.Sonya Lewistestimonial

testimonialWhat a great collection of speakers who really know their business. An abundance of really useful information, very well presented and an exciting weekend.C. R. Frenchtestimonial

testimonialFirstly, I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to Brighton for your Bootcamp. I very much enjoyed every minute and learned so much. It was breath-taking to see how much money was raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I would recommend Bootcamp to any other person, family or friend who wanted to become an entrepreneur. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the future.Sanjeen Kumartestimonial

testimonialI think many of the speakers have been very useful, especially Andrew Reynolds. I have learnt a variety of tools that will help start up a business.Daniel Winnertestimonial

testimonialAndrew! If there is more people like you in this world… our world would be a better place. To share all this info, it is an eye-opener. Thank you!Tolleck Winnertestimonial

testimonialVery informative weekend. There are so many ways of making money out there but it is up to us to take action. There are so mentors willing to educate us to make us financially free. Well organised event and a diverse range of speakers.Tanakatestimonial

testimonialAndrew thank you so much for this exciting opportunity. I have spent 18 years in the British Army and seen the poverty and disadvantages people have around the world, so your raising money is a credit to you. The whole weekend is pitched just right and all speakers were good. This was a brilliant weekend, thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working with you!Paul Corkhilltestimonial

testimonialEvery speaker offered a direction, myself and my partners wanted to go. We have bought into you as a person and I know you get this all the time, but what you are doing for children’s charities’ is something special. We would like to do the same. We have never been on anything like this bootcamp and can’t imagine ever bettering it. Until the next one!!Steve Sheppard and Lyndsay Fostertestimonial

testimonialI want to earn enough to say to my partner ‘you can give up work now’ that would make us both very happy. £30 k should do it, that’s per annum not per month. With your cash on demand course I can see a real genuine chance to achieve that. I have found the first 2 days stimulating and brilliant. When I phone my partner I’m on such a high she thinks I’m on drugsNorman Freegardtestimonial

testimonialNot only has the weekend been full of wealth of information- not only has it contained world class speakers and mentors but it also greatly helps a couple of good causes. Andrew you have a great skill and generosity of spirit and I look forward to continuous education with you and enabling me to grow significantly wealthy.Gavin Williamsontestimonial

testimonialHaving just started the cash on demand course and attended the Bootcamp I now have a clear direction for the rest of my life. I am 52 years young and still have a lot to give. Many thanks to you and your team as this is the start of the rest of my life. I will be very successful. I will be back. This has been outstanding.James Carlintestimonial

testimonialThank you thank you I have had the most enjoyable time at this 2008 Bootcamp it was a pleasure to help make a wish and at the same time learn some more valuable info on your cod system. I would not hesitate to recommend your Bootcamp to anyone trying to setup a home business that is so easy to set up once you have the know how.John Newberytestimonial

testimonialI simply could not afford to miss this event and get updated on various things. If you make an effort to network and take advantage of many of the opportunities presented at Bootcamp- even if it just a single one- and consider the charitable spirit in which the event is held, then you will be doing yourself, and your family and your community a big service. Add to that the privilege of listening to Pat Mesit funny presentation and humbling experiences of his life and work. It gets no better than that!Palle Pedersentestimonial

testimonialI really enjoyed my trip to Brighton for the conference. It was very interesting and insightful; I would definitely come to a similar event. I am taking action tomorrow on what I have learnt. I would personally like to thank you for making the event affordable to me as another great opportunity would have passed me by. You really do want to help the little man achieve his dreams and for the Bootcamp I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.Brian Mintertestimonial

testimonialBootcamp isn’t just about the insanely powerful systems that pave the way to success and financial freedom. It’s about the people, real people, just like me! Ordinary people with truly awe inspiring personal stories that reach out and touch every one of us. Stories that motivate us into action and ignite that inner spark! 6 years ago my online business became fully automated. I essentially retired aged 28 but then did nothing. I made and spend £500 every week. It is now time to take things to a new level. Bootcamp is the kick up the backside I was desperately seeking and I know with total clarity and 100% reality that is so close I can literally taste it. And for that I am truly grateful. But, when your story reaches out to touch someone, it doesn’t end there. That touch is passed on like a Childs game of tag. It is all about the moments. Cash on demand eliminates stress. It opens us up in more ways than many people realise and I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of that. Thanks to you and all the speakers and organisers for an incredibly life changing thoroughly needed ‘kick up the arse’ of a weekend. Take care and carry on what you do best.Steve Halltestimonial

testimonialVery professionally organised event. I have been inspired to tackle 2 projects as a starter. And yes I have written a wish list which includes giving you a positive report on my success this time next year!Michael Stankistetestimonial

testimonialThis was a very intense Bootcamp with lots of excellent and in-depth information to take away and use to better self in any chosen aspect of business life and changing mind set. I really enjoyed Pat. He kept me thinking at all times and questioning myself of my mind set and how to develop. Great Bootcamp.Laurence Faughnnutestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed this weekend. I have learned so much even with brief lectures of speakers.M S Uddintestimonial

testimonialVery knowledgeable and interesting.David Scotttestimonial

testimonialEvery penny for Make-A-Wish Foundation is worth a lot more than I can say. This is the one charity that has a great meaning to the kids and should continue indefinitely.Ignatius Bukumunaetestimonial

testimonialThanks Andrew, was very impressed at the set up. Learnt loads. Brilliant, great weekend.David Toueytestimonial

testimonialI have really enjoyed myself this weekend. I have been so impressed with all the speakers. It is really good to hear so many positive people instead of so much negative everywhere. I will be putting your course to full use when I get home on Monday. I will meet you again next Bootcamp if not before with good news on your email.Pat Goodardtestimonial

testimonialI started the module in April 08 and I was that impressed and motivated on Friday night. I made my wish list and set a date for 16th December 2011. The only thing I couldn’t decide on was a car. I am 36 years old and have never been so positive in my life.Geraint Goddardtestimonial

testimonialI thoroughly enjoyed myself and the speakers at the Bootcamp. I would like to thank you for the invite and I am looking forward to working with you in the very near future on Cash-on-Demand.Nita Pateltestimonial

testimonialAndrew an excellent Bootcamp, the speakers were quite clearly top notch.Roy Registestimonial

testimonialI was sceptical about coming to this Bootcamp with my husband because I thought he needed somebody who is in the know of computer and Internet business as I am not computer literate. This weekend has changed my whole concept of entrepreneur Bootcamp. Thank you for making this happen.Ann B. Sodeindetestimonial

testimonialOnce more you have created a Bootcamp to beat all boot camps. The speakers you invite always produce the information that the audience are looking for. There is always something for everyone. Your commitment to putting something back is without a doubt admirable and the support of the audience must be a source of great praise for you. I will most defiantly attend future Bootcamps.John Hilltestimonial

testimonialI came here looking for a challenge and have found that. Thank you. Maybe one day I will tell you my story. Look forward to coming back next year and sharing my success story. Well done on a great, well presented and well organised boot camp.Bernie Allentestimonial

testimonialVery inspiring, enjoyed every aspect of the boot camp. Guest speakers were excellent! We are now thanks to Andrew Reynolds, and his inspiration, looking forward to starting the Cash-on-Demand system and achieving our dreams as soon as we get back home. Can’t wait! We love you Andrew… With the knowledge we have acquired whilst at the boot camp we feel we can now move mountains.. watch this space..Richard and Angela Fuisdaletestimonial

testimonialThis Bootcamp has provided the glue to put this all together and brought me to the realisation that I should be putting my skill set to use 100% for ME.Steve Rowlandtestimonial

testimonialWhat you have promoted this weekend has been most worthwhile and something that I am glad, in fact, proud to be a part of. I would like to thank all who took part – particularly yourself. The opportunity to help people less fortunate than ourselves is something that will remain with me for a long time. The course was exciting and thought provoking and extremely helpful. I look forward to module 5 of Cash-on-Demand and setting about marketing the new licences that we will receive shortly.Archie S Rowantestimonial

testimonialThis is the first time I have attended such an event. I came to this through having subscribed to the Cash-on-Demand system. All the speakers have been impressive but Andrew Reynolds has been exceptional. His values in importing knowledge and sharing his business ideas are rare indeed. I keenly look forward to the rest of the Bootcamp seminars. I will put into practice the Cash-on-Demand system. I look forward to coming back next year having started the business.Nasar Maliktestimonial

testimonialAndrew, what a great collection of speakers that you have put together. How you have managed to persuade them to come I don’t know, but you have done a first class job.Tony Roetestimonial

testimonialFantastic! Absolutely wonderful speakers. Truly brilliant. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to put it into practice. I would love to attend another Bootcamp in 12 months time to gage hand monitor my progress. After the things I have heard I know that I will succeed. Thank you Andrew Reynolds you are an inspiration to us all.Alan Warrtestimonial

testimonialIt was very interesting and informative. I am trying to start early and already have 2 products. Top marks, would come back again.Peter Egertontestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp has given me the determination to start my own business. I’ll go through the whole Cash-on-Demand course and who knows, I may be counting millions of cash in the next few years. I have never done any business before but I know that with the knowledge I have acquired at the seminar will give me an opportunity of doing something very different. I have always dreamt of managing my own business but I just do not know where to start from or how to start. I am determined to do this hoping for very good results.Mavis Annantestimonial

testimonialI loved it very much and I am a positive person and know that anyone can be anything they chose to be. You believe and speak over yourself and focus. I am excited and motivated. Amazing speakers and mostly very genuine and down to earth people. I can trust to be trained by people like that.Emma Leytestimonial

testimonialI have been blown away by what I have learnt this weekend! I know 100% that the journey I am now about to embark on is going to radically change my entire life.Carl Parkertestimonial

testimonialA remarkable weekend.Ray Smythtestimonial

testimonialThis is my first Bootcamp and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I have attended various internet marketing workshops and this is by far the best. The reason for this is you have got something for everyone and products at different price ranges.G. Nelson-Williams testimonial

testimonialJust want to say that it has been wonderful and a privilege to be there this weekend. The speakers were fantastic and most of all your work with the charities is amazing and encouraging.Prince Emmanuel Anaeletestimonial

testimonialThe best Bootcamp so far, for the quality of the speakers, the content and the apparent quality of the products. In particular the advice and information they provided was valuable, inspiring and motivational. In addition, the ideas which it stimulated made it worthwhile for this alone.Simon Hoxtontestimonial

testimonialCongratulations to you and everyone concerned for putting such a superb event in aid of such a worthy cause. The whole thing I thought was very professionally executed. The speakers were very informative and entertaining. The screens and sounds system- excellent. The venue was just right.Roger Fishertestimonial

testimonialI thought the Bootcamp was very enlightening, uplifting and educational. I found each and every speaker easy to comprehend and follow. I know for sure I can use the system of Cash-on-Demand to change my life and help out my family.Richard Browntestimonial

testimonialThis was first but not my last! Bootcamp has been an experience that I will repeat! The information that I received was excellent. All the speakers were excellent but the mad Aussie Pat Mesiti stood out for me. He was very entertaining and the most passionate guy about his subject I ever heard.Simon Giddenstestimonial

testimonialVery good and interesting. Great for anyone wanting to make a change in their life. Extremely well thought out giving all 4000+ attendees something that can change their life. I have been enjoying every part of the seminar. You would be mad not to attend, either that or not interested in changing from being a nobody to a somebody. Well done Andrew- great idea.K C Midghalltestimonial

testimonialAfter attending last year’s Bootcamp I was compelled to attend this year as well. To listen and meet internet marketing experts in one weekend and learn from them has been an eye opener for me. Andrew Reynolds has once again organised a magnificent event and I am glad to be a part of it and on the name of the charity has donated the proceedings to.Elias Baditestimonial

testimonialAttending for the first time your 3 day Bootcamp was an eye opener for me because I have learnt so much that I never knew existed. Thank you for your vision and passion.Rev Domingos Fulatestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was my first experience of a live business Bootcamp. The list of speakers was impressive and because I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and a broad spectrum of internet marketing skills, particularly copywriting. It was great to see Andrew Reynolds in the flesh and to understand that he is as decent and generous a guy in real life as he is on the virtual side of the fence. I am sure I would return to Bootcamp.Michael Cartertestimonial

testimonialThe Bootcamp was really educational and inspirational. The information was second to none. There was a varied programme it was nice to meet people of who I have seen on the entrepreneur channel in person. Entrepreneur skills should be taught as part of the curriculum at schools and what you actually did with the school children with regards to the ted pounds was truly remarkable. I believe that if children were taught this at school then they would respect and understand as they progress into adulthood. I will promote this boot camp as I had so much out of it. You are a tremendous leader and regard you a valuable mentor.Graham Phillipstestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for such a change of life.Janis Jamesontestimonial

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