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Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Wins Awards
for Business Event of the Year &
Best UK and International Conference

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“The winner of the Surrey
Business Person
of the Year Award
is Andrew Reynolds”

Rosie’s Soup Kitchen, Cape Town
Funded by Andrew Reynolds.

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating –
I was blown away.”
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Attendee

The highest profit on £10
was £410 an impressive 4100%
increase in a month.”

"The most exciting seminar I
have ever attended."
Andrew Reynolds Student

testimonialA highly enjoyable 3 days learnt a lot of very useful tips from all the very entertaining speakers who took part. Hope I can now take this to the next level and start my own internet business with the products that Andrew has so kindly given us for attending. I started looking into these businesses 12 months ago and hopefully now have the skills and mind set to crack on. Thanks again for a great weekend.Edward Aspinalltestimonial

testimonialI’ve been in cash on demand now for around 3 years and this has finally opened my eyes as to what to do and how to do it. I’ve read all the manuals, some more than once, but felt held back due to my computer illiteracy and lack of funds to progress this. Now I’m raring to go, and I will definitely be returning next year if invited to do so. My first task on Monday will be to have a personal computer and then there are no more limits. Thanks Andrew.Robert D’quesnetestimonial

testimonialThe 3 days have opened my mind and thoughts and it has been very interesting to hear other speakers. It has been a very valuable lesson. This has given me the courage to get things moving and hopefully things will stay working for me. Many thanks for inviting me here.K. Modessatestimonial

testimonialAndrew, I would like to say a huge thank you for this weekend. It has given me the insight to what I can and will achieve in the coming months. It is your inspiration and passion for what you do that has given me the push forward to the future. Your speakers have impressed upon me, that with the right mindset and focus what can be done.Steve Smaletestimonial

testimonialThe speakers you have gathered are magnificent, inspirational, great examples of what is achievable most beyond my present level, but the one who I think will help the most is Pat ‘the mad’ Italian aussie, as I have started studying Stuart Goldsmiths Midas method and I feel this is the block in my life.BJ. O’Sullivan-Sharigtestimonial

testimonialWhen I signed up for the Bootcamp I had absolutely no idea what to expect, no idea what I would be learning and no idea how I would feel when it finished. Well its just gone 11pm and I’m sitting in my hotel room on a Saturday night, haven’t even yet completed Bootcamp, yet I already know that when I leave tomorrow, everything I have learnt will have changed my life forever. As difficult as that maybe for some people to understand I 100% feel as though I have just one single choice and that is to go forward and succeed. I can’t even contemplate going back to how I did things and that is all thanks to you. The amazingly inspiring speakers you organised and this incredible weekend. From the bottom on my heart, thank you. God bless and I hope you remember my name in the future.Tejinder Bhogaltestimonial

testimonialThank you Andrew for a very enlightening and empowering Bootcamp. All the presenters were articulate and knowledgeable. The venue was easily accessible and scenic. . Knowledge is power only when it is put into action and I intend to put my knowledge into action and forever change my lifestyle, hopefully I will testify to my success very soon.Marion Cloetetestimonial

testimonialI have been very impressed by all the workshops which have given me much to think about and take action with. My decisions are to use the materials you have sent us together with the cash on demand booklets, plus notes taken this weekend and make a start with those. All in all a very positive 3 days. Brilliant to raise so much money for a very worthwhile charity. Thank you very much Andrew.Julia Sinclairtestimonial

testimonialAndrew it’s been a huge eye opener for me, I’ve heard things this weekend that I didn’t imagine were there. I’ve been searching for a way out for a long time and I believe you have offered this, thank you. I will see you next year as a wealthy man. Many thanksEdwin Kirktestimonial

testimonialThe whole thing was very informative…And yes I had tears in my eyes when the clip of Make-A-Wish Foundation was shown. It was very moving.Anthony M.Woodcocktestimonial

testimonialOverwhelming is the only way I can describe this Bootcamp. There was so much information that my head is full to bursting point and very entertaining too. I am still at a very early stage with the cash on demand course but I have picked up on many ideas. Brilliant, look forward too next year’s Bootcamp.Mangal Mistrytestimonial

testimonialA long hard 3 days that will change my life forever

  • Worth the journey
  • Worth the RSI from Writing
  • Worth staying away from home
  • Worth the lack of sleep due to my mind working overload
  • Worth using a days holiday from work
Thoroughly enjoyed the speakers, learned loads of stuff that I never even knew existed and will be back next year, with one difference, we will stay at a better class hotel! Thank you AndrewLinda Martintestimonial

testimonialI was touched by the Make-A-Wish Foundation video and I will take a tremendous amount away from the Bootcamp. The speakers have been excellent and I look forward to putting in practice what I have learnt these last 3 days. I strongly recommend if you are interested in internet marketing I urge you to come to this. Simply spectacular.Sukhjit Atwaltestimonial

testimonialIt was fantastic to be part of the fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Your incredible value for the best seminar I have ever attended with truly massive guest presenters, overwhelming us with content and informative of exceptional value, was exceptional. A most excellent 3 days. Many thanks.Paul Wattstestimonial

testimonialI was very impressed with all the speakers throughout the weekend. I have personally gained valuable marketing knowledge, selling tips and focusing tips.L.T. Thompsontestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic 3 days. The speakers have all been superb and all have given away practical useful information. The screens, graphics and displays have been brilliant too. One thing we would change is to have more comfortable seats! As we Bootcampers are moving eastwards- Bournemouth to Brighton- if you could continue this trend and arrange for the 2009 event to be in Eastbourne, that would be amazing as my parents have a flat there so we can stay there!Elizabeth and Gareth Brock testimonial

testimonialHi my name is Simon, I came as a guest and to help a friend get a kick up the back side, and to help him get going. At the same time I have been following your steps and after the second day it all fell into place. I only wish that I had signed up for it now. I will now help my friend with his products to get the best results following your steps and hope to be back next year with good results.Simon Trenchtestimonial

testimonialWe came to Bootcamp with very little knowledge as cash on demand or internet marketing and have been completely won over. All the speakers were enthusiastic (especially Pat) and the quality of the speakers (which we know you pay lots of money to see and hear) were excellent. We look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the next.Dean and Marie Haywoodtestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic 3 days, although not everything is for me, it was great to have my mind opened to other ideas. I am looking forward to starting next week with products. My list was written in the break after your speech on the first day and I am sorry that you didn’t do more time on stage. I think what you have achieved is awe-inspiring and look forward to getting similar results- to enable me to repay my parents for what they have done for me over the past few hard years. I am also looking forward to helping my own scout troops of which I am a leader. The amount of speakers was great although we could have done with longer with a couple- all in all a fantastic weekend, would love to come to the next one.Stuart Hintontestimonial

testimonialI am so grateful for being given the opportunity to become one of your students and for being invited to this Bootcamp. I have been so inspired by each of the coaches and speakers and have learnt so much. Furthermore, thank you for sending the DVD pack, I am looking forward to opening the box when I get home, putting together my package to market and building my web site. I will email you when I make my first salesTracy Hilltestimonial

testimonialThe speakers were excellent. All topics were excellentL. Barbara Singhtestimonial

testimonialYou have opened up a broad horizon of unlimited possibilities for me and I thank you very muchAngella Lambtestimonial

testimonialThank you, thank you, thank you! Not only have you given me the opportunity to feel good about myself by donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation but you and your guest speakers have opened my eyes and more importantly my mind to the infinite possibilities to change mine and my husbands life forever. The best seminar I have ever attended. We cant wait for the next year.Susan Townsendtestimonial

testimonialFantastic! Had a great weekend learnt lots! Cannot wait to get home to begin my new life!Joan and Pat Henyartestimonial

testimonialMy 1st seminar and thank you so much for a wonderfully inspirational and informative experience. Great choice of speakers and venue. I’m doing your cash in demand with my parents and fully intend being a success story in the near future! To be honest we couldn’t afford the Make-A-Wish donation and the seminar so to make sure those kids get our help I’ve slept in the car to save money!! Module 5 awaits me back at home and I look forward to seeing you next year. More power to you sir, Best wishes alwaysMrs S R Lymantestimonial

testimonialCertainly looking forward to the next Bootcamp as with what has been shown over the weekend has prompted me to get a move on and make my family financially secure. A well planned weekend with great speakers and brilliant offers and a good location.Jeff Colliertestimonial

testimonialThe seminar exceeded my expectations. The range and quality of the speakers were outstanding. I’m really fired up to start a couple of ideas online.Daniel Brittontestimonial

testimonialThe Entrepreneurs Bootcamp has simply been amazing!!! You under-undersell and over-deliver!!! Just the first day alone was well worth the contribution made to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you richly! Keep doing what you do! It’s AWESOME!!!Mavis Amouzou-Akuetestimonial

testimonialThis is one of the BEST and EXCITING conferences I have attended! Very instructive and inspiring indeed! Congratulations to all your speakers, organisers, support staff and attendees.P. Darteytestimonial

testimonialAndrew, I thank God for you and what you are doing to help the charity and community. I love the Bootcamp and all of your team as well as the professional way the speakers explain the internet business.Nola Ntimtestimonial

testimonialThis is my first time attending the Bootcamp and I must say it has been a brilliant educational experience for me. I’ve been like a sponge in water. I couldn’t soak up enough. It has been an uplifting event for me mentally. I am now motivated enough to be one of the next millionaires thanks to you and the other speakers with the information and knowledge and investments I have made. I can’t wait to get started and give back to people in need too. Thank you again.Amanda Haynestestimonial

testimonialIf you are looking to free yourself from your day job and work from home on your own terms, then coming to Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is for you. I say this from doing just that and taking action on the teachings from Andrew’s Bootcamp weekend. If you have been doing the Cash-On-Demand course and have not pieced it all together, the bootcamp is the perfect accompaniment for you and your business.Dan Mooretestimonial

testimonialIt’s the first time I have ever been to a Bootcamp. I thought it was great. There were a lot of good speakers who were probably just like me when they started out. Better still, all the money raised went to Make-A-Wish charity.J.D. Spoonertestimonial

testimonialThe 3 day Bootcamp was great. It was a pleasure to meet Andrew Reynolds and the other speakers. I will be back next year. It’s really nice to know that someone cares enough to do something for Make-A-Wish and other charities. So a deep thank you!Bryan Moodytestimonial

testimonialA feast of training for entrepreneurs worldwide…. Accessible for everyone… the most unmissable event of the year. The best opportunity to fill yourself up with rich tips, methods, hints, systems, ideas and inspiration for your online and offline marketing businesses. With thanks to Andrew and his brilliant line up of experts.Catherine Powelltestimonial

testimonialExceeded my wildest expectations. A brilliant, inspiring and life changing weekend.Bob Cullentestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely amazing! This weekend bootcamp has been like an epiphany for me. I found myself wishing I’d had this info years ago –and that was just the information given during the speaker’s presentations. My partner and I had set our goal to come back next year healthier, wealthier and in a better position to take advantage of all that’s on offer. We have learned so much and can’t wait to get started on our new business ventures and our path to true financial freedom. A big thank you to Andrew and all the speakers and people behind this bootcamp but also the Make-A-Wish Foundation for inspiring Andrew to do all this! Thank you.Stephan Dykestestimonial

testimonialI have attended at least 45 different career development programmes but the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp 2008 (the first I am attending) is simply the BEST of the all. Being at a career cross road now, the experience I have gained from the Bootcamp has re-enforced my deep conviction to believe in the infinite opportunities of life. Words cannot sum up my gratitude to Andrew Reynolds. A BIG thank you.Cuthbert Jattotestimonial

testimonialHaving attended several seminars, I have to say that this was the most valuable for me. I have total admiration for the work you do for charity and how you help so many and will emulate that with my growing success. A massive thanks, this was a truly remarkable event.S. Aryatestimonial

testimonialI have learnt a lot from Bootcamp. It’s not just about fame and fortune. Helping children have a better life and being happy for what we have because we take it for granted. I have learnt a lot, I just hope it helps me have a better life because my mum has breast cancer so life is too short to sit on the fence.Mark Hazelwoodtestimonial

testimonialThis has been the first seminar I’ve attended where I felt I was getting good value products made available from sincere, honest, credible individuals.A. Radvánszkytestimonial

testimonialHaving stumbled upon a ‘scam’ site prior to the event, I arrived with a smidgen of scepticism – had I not been paying directly to charity I may not have attended at all! However, I have been staggered by the information presented over the weekend. The speakers have, without exception, been superb…… Anyone that leaves this weekend feeling that they’ve not been presented with a fantastic opportunity quite obviously shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I will invest – to improve – again next year. Thanks Andrew.Stephen Atkinsontestimonial

testimonialIf you receive an invite to Bootcamp – accept it. The days are long and tiring BUT the speakers and the information provided is exceptional. There are so many ideas on how to use the internet to provide you a business. My only suggestion is take a cushion!Lorraine Allentestimonial

testimonialBless you Andrew for the priceless opportunity given to us this weekend. The three days were extremely educational and loaded with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for the free business opportunities sent to us. I promise you I am going to put 100% effort to also become a success story. Thank you for your ticket. God richly bless you, Andrew.Mrs. Margaret Akotiatestimonial

testimonialAn absolute must for anyone serious about starting their own information marketing business. Great speakers that just got better and better. Amazing business opportunities and a professional and well thought out presentation production. Well done Andrew (and the team) and thank you!Shelia Martintestimonial

testimonialDear Andrew Reynolds, I thank you so much for inviting me to this Bootcamp. I am glad I came, for the knowledge I have acquired is an asset I can treasure for the rest of my life. May you have a good life. God bless you.Melinda Mcabamtestimonial

testimonialAnyone wanting to climb the ladder of success MUST start here. This has been a wonderful weekend – informative, inspirational and invaluable – Thank you.Mark Bradleytestimonial

testimonialMy friend brought me to Brighton for a weekend break. When we got here she told me it was a 3 day business seminar. ‘I thought I’d been stitched up’. The 1st day I was a bit bewildered but I think it’s a great opportunity with huge potential for increased sales. An absolute explosion of new information! New ideas! The weekend has opened up a brand new path to walk. Great atmosphere – very positive people, all 4,000 of them – the speakers were very inspiring. The program was really fantastic.Diane Marie Opokutestimonial

testimonialI think the Bootcamp was great. As it was the first one I attended wasn’t sure what to expect but I learnt loads and was able to put a lot of it into practice straight away.Neelam Kandatestimonial

testimonialThe 3 day conference can be summed up in one word “BRILLIANT”Anonymoustestimonial

testimonialThis Bootcamp has fast tracked my thinking and focused my mind. Giving back to charities gives the millionaire status huge credibility and a sense of amazing worth. To see the look on the faces of the individuals in the videos said more than a thousand words. To become a Millionaire and to make a difference not only in the life of my own family but to give others and make such a huge difference in theirs is the ultimate gift. I am on my way and nothing will stop me now. Thank you Andrew and then Team at Bootcamp 2008!!! See you at the top!!!Andrée Nolantestimonial

testimonialThank you for an informative weekend packed full of information which will get us going on our cash on demand business. Fantastic offers available and looking forward to your DVD products arriving.Sally Simtestimonial

testimonialWhat a fantastic event!!! Congratulations to Andrew and everyone who was involved in putting such an exciting, professional and inspiring event together. I have enjoyed watching and listening to all of the speakers with their wealth of knowledge which they are willing to share with everyone for the good of all. I am just starting on my journey with Cash-on-Demand and this event has given me a lot of ideas. I can’t wait for the 2nd module to come. Thanks for the opportunity.Gary Steeletestimonial

testimonialI have found the weekend very informative and fulfilling. The speakers have been exceptional and their offers fantastic. I hope that in the months to come I can carry through with these ideas and have success myself. Giving donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation is something very dear to my heart as well as the Downs Syndrome Association which will be our main charity. I would like to thank Andrew for a fantastic weekend.John Muirtestimonial

testimonialVery motivational and inspirational. A wealth of knowledge. The tools to start and run with my business.Stephen Krygiertestimonial

testimonialAmazing, my first time at one of your seminars and I was really pleased with the whole production. The quality of visuals, presenters, information, sound, all fantastic. Pat Mesiti – fabulous – should have been there for the last day!D.A. Williamstestimonial

testimonialAnother great Bootcamp with some excellent speakers. Thanks Andrew, look forward to the next one.S. Burtontestimonial

testimonialMy husband and I were motivated before we got here. We are focused, if a little chaotic, with our plans. This weekend was not easy for us to get to as we have a large family and not a lot of money but we were so inspired by you we begged, borrowed and stole (not literally) to enable us to get here and WOW – what a reward. Thank you. This weekend has proved what we already knew and given us the tools to allow us to put order to our dreams and wishes. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make a difference – not only to our lives and that of our family but to help other not so lucky people.Deborah Laketestimonial

testimonialWhat a phenomenal and powerful weekend. Yes, the days are long and yes the seating is uncomfortable after a while but boy is it worth it. I cannot wait to start building my business tomorrow morning. Pat Mesiti was so inspirational, you yourself give so much inspiration and take away the fear factor and Armand just blows you away. I truly believe that this weekend has and will continue to change my life. Fantastic! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend – I look forward to working with you into the future.Jonathon Laketestimonial

testimonialVery useful, informative, interesting and fun! I am very sure that this event has taken my business to the next level.Dave Rileytestimonial

testimonialVery educative and inspiring. I only regret that I did not know about this sooner!Alan Devetestimonial

testimonialA professional and stimulating seminar. The Andrew Reynolds video was especially powerful. This seminar confirmed my belief that I am already a millionaire; I just do not have the money yet!John Chapmantestimonial

testimonialThe seminar was both exciting and a great opportunity to see and hear very successful people putting on a great show for all the people that attended. Superb… brilliant… and an eye-opener many times over. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you for the opportunity, Andrew!!! Cheers.Michael Twiggtestimonial

testimonialIgnore the skeptics, dismiss the critics, come and experience Bootcamp for yourself. It’s been one of the best things I have ever done in 44 years. You just don’t want to Get off the ride. I cannot thank you enough Andrew & Tim and all the people involved in organizing Bootcamp – You have changed people’s perceptions and lives.Beverley Burnetttestimonial

testimonialI learned a lot from just taking in what the speakers said, and was excited, really excited – so much I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours when I got into my hotel bed on the first and second nights. I know I’m going to do great things out of all of this.William Molloytestimonial

testimonialI would just like to say a massive thank you to you, sir, for inviting me along to this incredible weekend. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and would recommend it to and like-minded individual. I have a huge amount of respect for who you are and what you do, so thanks again.David Wrighttestimonial

testimonialI am shaking with excitement at the prospect of starting a new episode in my life. All the presentations have given me confidence and belief that they can make me a millionaire. The speakers convinced me that with the right mind set and education you can achieve your wish list. Thank you, Andrew, you are a constant inspiration. I am ‘proud’ every morning from now on.S. Szeiferttestimonial

testimonialI am motivated and inspired by this event and it’s only the second day. The speakers have given lots of information. The standard has been extremely high. It’s wonderful to know that this event raised so much money for a fantastic charity. I now know what I need to do to make that mental shift in my life. I will be financially free and focused. I have already made an action plan to start once I leave and I started my vision book. Fantastic event, Andrew.Carol Thomastestimonial

testimonialExcellent speakers; Loved Pat, he sure woke us up and truly moved me, Armand was brilliant, Paul Hartunian’s info was amazing. This weekend changed me, I’ve worked on the reasons I’ve not done anything before and have invested well in my future. It’s been great to donate to Make-A-Wish and I am looking forward to contributing to the hospice with the profits made from your licence offers, in memory of your father, lets make him smile on us even more. Excellent presentations, loved it. Thank you for my future.Michael Baileytestimonial

testimonialThank you for organising one of the most amazing weekends of our life. We have been Cash-on-Demand students for some time now and have challenged ourselves with many reading materials to increase our financial education. However, this weekend has truly given us a financial kick-start to action. Your speakers have inspired us, motivated us and have shown us that the lifestyle we want is totally achievable and that it is only up to us to take our own first steps and be committed to making it happen. Thank you once again, AndrewShaun & Gail Gibsontestimonial

testimonialVenue was good; ideal location for the beach. Donating admission fee to worthwhile charity is unusual and is of benefit to the charity and donor. I have been offered some well needed teaching work within days of signing on to the Bootcamp. I am convinced this was not a coincidence…… The inspiring first speaker was amazing. I have needed a good laugh for ages and he supplied it. Presentations have been first class.Hardwin Osbournetestimonial

  • Great conference with skilled and talented speakers who are in the business and making millions
  • Invaluable advice, tips and encouragement by successful and innovative multi-million speakers who are teachers in the business.
  • Packed information sessions which have taught me and broadened my thinking and knowledge base
  • Thank you for giving such insightful and wonderful learning opportunities at the Bootcamp!!!
Diane Goodenoughtestimonial

testimonialThis Bootcamp has been, for me, one of the most mentally energising and motivating 3 days I have ever experienced. The layout was fantastic; you will have a job to better this weekend. I was really moved watching the Make-A-Wish and Phyllis Tuckwell DVDs.Peter Mooretestimonial

testimonialAndrew, excellent Bootcamp once again, thank you. Good variety of speakers with good content and offers.Martin Waltonstestimonial

testimonialGreat seminar with lots of information. Highlights of Friday and Saturday were the very entertaining Pat Mesiti, Matt and Amanda, and of course Andrew. I have found the seminar to offer fantastic opportunities……. I think I speak for everyone in the room when I say we will all go home with sore bums but it has all been worth while.S. J. Krywaldtestimonial

testimonialBootcamp has been a turning point for me. I will ensure I make a return on that investment and I have an ambitious wish list so want to make the most money quickly. I have been struggling with 2 websites and the internet marketing tips I have picked up have been like a million light bulbs flashing. There are so many opportunities!!JV Myttontestimonial

testimonialWell done, Andrew – a very good event. It was well conceived and professionally presented. I gained a while lot of information about how to do things differently and how to shift the paradigm. The Bootcamp gave me a ‘big picture’ view if the possibilities for creating passive and residual income. Stimulating, thought provoking and positively challenging.Bill Alexandertestimonial

testimonialThank you, Andrew, you have inspired me to act. The way you had your material written – brilliant! I think it’s great, how did you manage to get such top names? Dan Kennedy, Armand Morin, etc… and the fact they’ve brought such fantastic deals with them has been amazing.Miss G. Clarktestimonial

testimonialIt’s the first time I’ve been to a Bootcamp and think it’s a must for anyone wishing to pursue a successful career in this field. Where else could anyone have access to such a wealth of expertise and experience from the speakers in their own specialised field? For me it’s been most beneficial and sometimes entertaining three days. Many thanks.M. Sivyertestimonial

testimonialAbsolutely fantastic! This weekend was like having a golf lessons with Tiger Woods or a tennis lesson with Roger Federer! I am so much closer to my goal of having an abundance of money and to live the life I deserve. Many thanks!John Littlefordtestimonial

testimonialHigh quality speakers and a good range to cover all abilities and levels of knowledge. Now I have no excuse not to get going with marketing on the internet.Helen Harracotttestimonial

testimonialAndrew… You were right! You and Tim Lowe were not the only ones with tears in their eyes. I also had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye after watching your video about the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Because of you, I not only want to succeed in my own internet business but also be able to contribute to my own local charities in a more substantial way in the future. Thanks again for a great Bootcamp!D. K. Melvintestimonial

testimonialThis is the first Bootcamp I have attended and all I can say is FANTASTIC! The speakers have opened up a whole new world to me. The drive from Prestonpans (5 miles east Edinburgh) to Brighton has certainly been worth it! Many, many thanks.Rick Aitkentestimonial

testimonialAndrew Thanks. Excellent weekend as my late father always said You can’t hold what you don’t have in your hands. You certainly held our hearts in your hands very moving and at the same time exciting. Once again big thanks.Mr. Michael Howietestimonial

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